Stephen Hill’s agent disappointed in Ryan and Idzik, thinks Browns will be interested


The Jets cut wide receiver Stephen Hill, a 2012 second-round pick, on Saturday and Hill’s agent Alan Herman was less than thrilled with the team’s decision.

Herman argued that the team’s quarterbacks and offensive schemes were to blame for his client’s struggles in his first two seasons. Hill had 45 catches and four touchdowns in 23 games for the Jets.

“He didn’t have a chance that first year with that whole Tim Tebow-Mark Sanchez fiasco,” Herman said, via USA Today. “His second year, Geno Smith was learning how to play quarterback. So they never threw the ball deep because they wanted to simplify things for Geno.”

No one will argue that the Jets have had good quarterback situations the last two years, but Hill’s hardly blameless. He had too many drops and too hard a time staying healthy to be a reliable part of any offense.

Hill’s big and fast, though, and that should land him other chances. Herman says he “would think” the Browns will be interested because of Josh Gordon’s suspension and head coach Mike Pettine’s previous relationship with Hill when both men were with the Jets. Herman also told Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer that he thinks Panthers wide receivers coach Ricky Proehl would have a positive impact on his client and much has been made this summer about the thin receiver depth chart in Carolina.

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  1. Even with terrible QB play, you should expect a second round pick to average more than 2 catches a game, particularly considering the state of affairs of the Jets pass catchers. I’m not sure why this agent feels that manufacturing a image of victimhood will help Hill’s cause, but whatever. Different strokes for different folks.

  2. We’ll see in a week. Right now, he’s out of the job

    But I think he’ll catch on somewhere else, probably be buried on the depth chart until next year because he won’t know the offense, and be given a shot to earn time next season

  3. Some of that statement simply just isn’t true. Geno was one of the best deep ball passers in the league last year. Hill was given more than enough chances. Runs lazy, sloppy routes and can’t gain any separation. Catches with his body, if he is even able to make the catch at all. Salas outplayed him all throughout training camp. Goodbye. Not sorry to see you go.

  4. Came down to this, Stephen Hill is just not a natural pass catching, subtle nuance receiver, yes he has elite speed, but he has poor football smarts and doesnt know how to get open… so…..

  5. God would look average with Sanchez and Geno throwing him the rock so his agent does have a point. But then again, not too different in Cleveland so good luck with that.

  6. yeah cause tim tebow and mark sanchez split all the reps in practice and during games. lets be for real now….

    mazenblue says:
    Aug 30, 2014 5:44 PM
    Geno doesnt look very bright either. Good release for Hill. There are 31 other better starting QBs.

    watch some jets football since the end of november 2013. say that again to the qb who threw over 68% on the pre-season, no sacks, one pick that wasn’t his fault this pre-season.

  7. If he’d done a good job with crappy QBs instead of using them as an excuse, he’d be on the roster.

  8. three years was enough. time to go. hope he does well elsewhere but i’m glad his time here is done regardless.

  9. Another example of a player you never hear of all season then teams are awed by physical attributes at combine, a crappy team drafts him, then everyone wonders why he turns into a bust.

    He would fit right in with the Browns other crappy WRs that can’t catch.

  10. The agents are kinda right, all these Jets fans talking about his drops. Look up his stats! A few drops, but hardly any targets! Give the man some chances deep downfield and itll pay off!

  11. Dude would jump for everything…except through hoops to learn routes, how to catch with his hands, or how to hire competent management.

  12. Maybe the Browns WERE smart not drafting Sammy Watkins and paying him a lot of money, while knowing they’d be getting out of having to pay Josh Gordon HIS money – they’ll have their pick of other team’s cast-offs for pennies!

  13. Dude came from an option offense. He knew two whole routes – streak and a hitch. That is all he ran in college. Any team picking him should have been planning for him to take awhile to develop. Drafting him to start right away was foolishness on the Jets’ part.

  14. I really liked Hill! He just couldn’t figure out how to win off the line if scrimmage? If he ever does, and can learn how to hold on to a pass? Look out! Good luck Steph I hope you go on to be great!! But, it was obvious you did not like being a Jet! Time for a change brother! Prove all the haters wrong Bro!

  15. Who keeps making all these post about Sammy Watkins? I’m not a hater, I hope he does well! But, from what I’ve seen in the pre-season? He really hasn’t been all that impressive? I know, there QB hasn’t looked that great ether, I can’t remember his name off the top of my head? But, they both need a lot of work, from the little I’ve watched, Sammy Watkins needs a lot of work?

  16. Don’t get me wrong, a part of me says Hill had to go. Another part says, ah, maybe another year and more targets? What’s with all the hate though? I hope Mike Sam does well, along with Hill and everyone else who was let go today!

  17. Hill sucks.

    His hands are not as suspect as people like to say, as demonstrated by drop % (better than Brandon Marshall’s last year – that criticism was worn out after his rookie season), but he’s pretty much demonstrated no improvement in route running or beating jams since he came in as a rookie. Given where he was starting in those departments, yikes. He’s pretty much the opposite of a natural hands catcher, jumps often when totally unnecessary, shows no ability to jump and ‘go get’ a ball out of the air despite his great athletic talents, has not YAC ability, and offers nothing on special teams.

  18. Said it before, and I’ll say it again:

    Falcons should sign him and release Stone.

    Yes, that would be seven Receivers on the roster but Weems/Roby won’t be on offense anyway. And he could be a devastating fourth option.

  19. His problem isn’t hands.

    His problem is route running and understanding of an NFL offense. (from a Patriots fan… like Josh Boyce)

    He’s a plus-blocker at WR. He has plus-athleticism. He has serviceable hands. But he has made almost no development in the last few years and is basically still a height-weight-speed project.

    Someone will pick him up hoping to get a gem in the trash, but I wouldn’t worry about that if I were the Jets. He isn’t going to be anything on their roster so it’s best to cut ties and move on.

    He doesn’t play special teams and offers little in the passing game. I really doubt NE would even bother with him.

  20. Not a surprise. A player plays terribly, fails to utilize his God-given physical attributes, and doesn’t come close to living up to the 2nd round billing put on him, yet he & his agent are “disappointed”? That sounds about right in today’s Obama-driven, hand-me-out, entitlement world we have been living in for the past 6 years. Our leader has cultivated & approved of a culture where people feel entitled to everything. Why work hard for anything when you have someone giving out free health insurance (ObamaCare), funded debit cards (BamaBucks), and cell phones (BamBamBlackberries)? I guess it has seeped into the NFL now, too.

    On a football note, the Jets thought they were pulling a quick one, grabbing Megatron 2.0 in Hill. This is what happens when you draft a guy who plays in a college offense that was successful in the 1980’s: the friggen Flexbone Triple Option. Let’s see… You can draft an All-SEC, 6’3, 210 lb WR in Alshon Jeffery or you can draft a 7th team All-ACC (embellishment) WR who amassed a whopping 28 receptions his last year at Georgia Tech in Hill… Who do you pick? 31 teams select the former, only the Jets select the latter. They would be in far better shape, possibly noise-making shape, had they drafted Jeffery & would roll out Decker & Jeffery at WR, Geno at QB, and CJ at RB. Gee, what could have been. Lol.

  21. In what world, in what UNIVERSE does Hill or his agent think that he can replace Josh Gordon? He couldn’t even beat out such immortals as Greg Salas and Saalim Hakim. Stephen Hill can run. Stephen Hill can catch passes. He just can’t do one while he’s doing the other.

  22. “watch some jets football since the end of november 2013. say that again to the qb who threw over 68% on the pre-season, no sacks, one pick that wasn’t his fault this pre-season.”

    Geno Smith is garbage. Bengals have a legit defense and look what he did against their first stringers. The pick he threw was his fault. Lol@ Jets fans grasping at straws.

  23. Both Hill & his agent should be thanking Rex & the Jets for releasing him.

    The NY Jets is a team where offensive talent goes to die.

  24. Who do the Browns have that is a better wide receiver? Miles Austin? The Browns are desperately thin at wide receiver. They have nothing to lose.

  25. This guy has the speed and size, but not the hands. He likely had his last chance for the Jets in that last preseason game and STILL dropped a pass. Sad it didn’t work out, but not sad he is gone.

  26. Excuses excuses excuses..

    If Hill would of learned not to jump before every ball thrown his way and to actually catch it with his hands he would of been a good wide receiver. He showed no development and felt entitled even after being a complete failure for the NYJ.

    Oh also to Mr Herman you should look across from Hill and look at Jeremy Kerley who developed and is still developing into one of the best slot receivers in the NFL and he was put in the same QB situation as Stephen Hill 🙂

  27. . . . Stephen Hill can run. Stephen Hill can catch passes. He just can’t do one while he’s doing the other.
    Well said, my man, well said.

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