Vikings set Fred Evans free

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An early surprise on 53 day comes from the land of 9,947 more lakes than that.

The Vikings have parted ways with veteran defensive lineman Fred Evans, per a league source.

Evans has served as a key member of the team’s defensive tackle rotation since 2007.  In 2013, he appeared in 14 games with three starts.

His departure should be regarded as good news in one respect.  If Linval Joseph wasn’t expected to be ready to return from getting shot in the leg after a preseason game, Evans probably wouldn’t have been cut.

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  1. In other news, the Vikings annual offseason world dominance only continues for another 5 days. Unfortunately for them, the actual season starts at that time and they must reclaim their usual, and rightful, place at the bottom of the barrel. So let it be written; so let it be done.

  2. Oddly enough, I was watching the Vikings 4th preseason game the other night, (yes, I don’t have a life), and the camera found Fred Evans on the sideline, and the announcers were talking about him.

    “Fred Evans?” my wife, a football genius who once asked me if Marshawn Lynch and John Lynch were brothers, said “Why, I’ve never heard of him.”

    “He’s a fixture on the Vikings sub-in packages,” I replied. “A fixture…”

  3. PFT – could you possible make some kind of mute tab? There are too many posters on this site that have nothing constructive to say, and it would be nice if I could choose for their comments never to show up in my feed. Thanks for what you do, I love the site, but starting to look for info in other places because of all the trolls.

  4. I hope my Pack sign him. He is a quality player and would start along side Letroy Guion on our DL. Considering our last couple of picks on the D-Line have been complete busts (Datone Jones, Nick Perry, Jerel Worthy, etc.)

  5. Evans got cut because late round draft pick Shamar Stephen beat him out for the job. He played virtually the entire 3rd pre-season game and had a great game. He’s impressed in practice as well.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the Packers pick up Evans, who need help at NT in a big way after Raji went down.

  6. Evans doesn’t stink. Sounds like a salary/age decision more than anything. He’ll catch on somewhere else.

  7. I’m sure it’s difficult for the Vikings to figure out who to cut given the trash on this roster from top to bottom. The Vikings front office just pulls numbers out of a hopper like the lotto to help them decide knowing that there is no wrong answer.

    And I do find it funny how the Vikings talk about the Packers picking him up when it’s the Queen’s who have a huge history of signing Packers castoffs.

  8. Fred has never been spectacular, but he’s always been dependable. When the rest of them were hurt Fred was always there to fill in. I sure hope these youngsters are as reliable as he has been. Green Bay could do a lot worse! (like who they currently have)

  9. Whatthehellisgoingonoutthere would be my first mute! To be honest though I look at the names now and once I see a repeatedly boorish troll I don’t even read/thumbs down their comments since they’re so useless.

    As surprising as it may seem, the Vikings defensive line is the strongest unit on the team and top to bottom has exceptional depth after releasing two Hall of Famer’s and both the starting nose tackle and his quality/superior back up!

  10. Fred was a good, but average player for the Vikes, and I wish him the best. If he moves on to the east, there will be two interesting things to follow: (1) how the Pack fans spin the signing of a measly Viking cast-off; and (2) how long before he gets hurt under the lousy conditioning, training and medical staff/procedures that team employs.

  11. This happens with new coaching regimes. A multi-year vet thinks he has a spot made and just uses the preseason to get in shape and try not to get hurt. Young guys impress the new coaching staff with their energy. Old reliable gets cut. He will be on a NFL roster after week one.

  12. This team isn’t good.

    I don’t really have to put any bells and whistles on it.

    Facts are facts.

    The Packers have cut more talent than the Vikings had on their entire 90 man camp team.

  13. He was a viking through and through.

    He was there with Adrian Peterson when Brett Favre actually won a playoff game for the vikings.

    He is very proud that the vikings won 24 games in the last 4 seasons.

    Oh, for the good ol’ days of Brad Childress!!

  14. yourfavoriteteamstinks says:
    Aug 30, 2014 10:06 AM
    Actually theres just under 12,000 lakes in Minnesota… just sayin
    Or about 3,000 fewer than in the state of Wisconsin.

  15. How is cutting him going to put an end to us finishing in last place the last 6 seasons!!!!

    Funny. I never knew last place teams made the playoffs. One time the the NFCCG. Just sayin’

  16. Good Luck in Wisconsin Fred, We’ll miss you.
    I think all these Cheese head TROLLS are really Closet Vikings fans. Must be it, seems there are more of them here than us.
    This wont be the same team they faced the last few years,
    Your equipment folks better put some extra padding in your players pant seats, they will be needing it!

  17. A very solid veteran DT who can play the run and also generate a little rush up the middle. Played very well in the KC preseason game. Looks like the potential shamar stephen has flashed this preseason was too much to pass up.

  18. How can you say Fred Evans was a solid contributor? to what? the Vikings finished near the bottom in most defensive categories and nearly every team ran the ball with ease against the Vikings front 7.

    It wasn’t all Fred Evan’s fault but he was a part of the crummy performance. And to suggest that he will catch on somewhere else is delusional When your defense finishes nearly dead last and you were a big part of that, it spells the end of the line for your career. That’s true of most Vikings that are cut but especially the defensive stumps.

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