Alex Boone expected to report to 49ers with reworked contract


49ers guard Alex Boone held himself out of the team’s offseason activities, training camp and the preseason in hopes of landing a new contract with the team.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, that holdout is about to come to an end. Schefter reports that Boone is expected to report to the 49ers in the next 24 hours.

Boone will reportedly be returning to work with a reworked two-year deal rather than a new contract. PFT has learned via a league source that Boone’s total pay over the 2014 and 2015 seasons will go from a combined $3.7 million to $6 million. Boone also cannot be franchised when the deal is complete and all fines and forfeited money from his holdout have been waived.

The timing of the decision to find some middle ground with Boone strongly implies that the 49ers, who reportedly resisted trade overtures for the disgruntled Boone, didn’t feel all that secure about going into the regular season without their incumbent right guard. Joe Looney filled the position during the summer, but Boone should be back in the starting lineup before too much longer after the 49ers offense scuffled its way through the preseason.


31 responses to “Alex Boone expected to report to 49ers with reworked contract

  1. He nearly doubled his pay, gets all his money back, and doesn’t have to pay any of his fines. All this for a slightly above average guard. Colin Kaepernick should be asking Boone for his agent’s phone number.

  2. Semantics really. They caved… calling it a reworked contract is just face saving. They needed him so they made it happen. Much along the same lines as my Seahawks did with Marshawn Lynch. Good teams do that

  3. That’s good news for the Niners offense but this Ray McDonald situation may be the final dagger for their defense. If this team makes the playoffs again then Harbaugh will prove that he deserves every cent he’s asking for.

  4. Haha, he played the 49ers and won. Called their bluff and they caved. Good for him. Didn’t have to practice and play in meaningless preseason games, got his fines waived and almost doubled his pay. The only thing that could make this look even worse on the 49ers is if they rush him out there and he gets injured because he’s not in shape.

  5. Romo is going to make Kaepernick look like a JV backup. Dez Bryant is going to destroy that secondary.

    And Kaepernick going up against that awful Cowboys’ defense? How will that work out. This game is by no means a ‘gimme’ for the 49ers, but will you come back onto these threads and admit what an idiot you are when they win?

  6. Hilarious how people like to spin things to satisfy their own desires.
    Sorry fellas, the Niners are not going anywhere any time soon. Get used to it. For the people talking about “he nearly doubled his money. Ha Ha! Niners lose” or some jibberish like that….
    I can spin it and say he got barely more than 1 million more dollars per year. It’s not much to “double” 1.7. And we now have him locked up for 2 more years at a bargain basement price for a guard of his caliber.
    Good deal for us. Expect other signings such as Crabtree or Iupati now that we don’t have to worry about this guy. They’ll keep prepping Looney or grab another guard in the draft and let him walk in two years with no detriment to the team.

  7. Kamthechancellor:

    Are you really going to make a post each week hoping the 49ers opponent has a good game? Nice tunnel vision Seasterisk fan. Some other team is going to come along and knock you out while you were so focused on your hate obsession with the niners

  8. Open roster spot since McDonald beat his pregnant girlfriend.

    Who has better than us? The ravens

  9. I also suspect Boone profited at the 49ers’ expense due to the McDonald issue. It’s hard to present a unified front when it’s obviously crumbling behind you.

  10. Let the guy skip all of training camp and you punish him by doubling his pay? Nice standard

  11. Here are the details of the deal. It’s sort of similar to what the Seahawks did for Lynch.

    His incentives (which were going to be earned anyway) were turned into base salary, plus just a tad more. So, if he had remained a starter (an incentive he obviously would have earned) he’d have earned $5.75 mill over the two years. Now he’ll earn $6 mill. And reportedly if he’s an All-Pro for two years that will bump up to $8 mill.

    So, it’s really not costing the 49ers a whole lot more, if anything. I guess that Boone gets some protection in case of injury, where he’d still collect his guaranteed salary. The deal is still way below ‘market price’ for a guard of his caliber. Finally, he can’t be franchised in 2016 (after this contract), but it’s doubtful that the Niners would have done so in any case.

    I know that idiots on this board, which includes no shortage of Niners-haters, want to declare how the Niners ‘caved’. Judge it for yourself.

    On a slightly related note: The Niners should just cut McDonald. I can’t believe that they just re-structured his deal. With Carradine and Dial healthy, they simply don’t need him.

  12. So the team that says theyNEVER negotiate a contract with a player not in camp, just negotiated a contract “rework” with a player holding out? Shoulda stayed strong and held out like Richard Sherman told you to do Vernon. Boone got paid! Team lied to you!

  13. What Kramthechumpster and the rest of the Seachicken bandwagoners don’t understand is miner fans are pretty immune to the trolling as Raider fan has been trolling us for 30 years. Whenever they are on work release anyway.

    Enjoy your Starbucks hipster bandwagon followers

  14. Both sides made out when you consider he’s also good enough to play either left/right tackle positions and filled in nicely last year when Staley went out. He’s the first guy they will turn to if either tackles get hurt.
    Surprised nobody traded for this guy and made a LT out of him (6-8, 335 pounds). He was awesome at Ohio State as a tackle. He just needed to grow up. Looney played well in the last few regular season games and has earned a start next week in Dallas. Overall, just means our line depth is as good as ever. Kilgore will kick butt at center. Much stronger than Goodwin. Nice upgrade there too. If Davis can’t go don’t be surprised if Boone is the starting RT next week. Quality tackles make a lot more than 3 mil a year. He’s a bargain when you consider his versatility.

  15. All u clowns are funny all yr long u been talking smack about niners not having boone …..well now hes back and now the niners lose???how he was a undrafted player who is easily one of the best o.g in the league! And don’t get caught up in the Ray macdonald too much… we have replacements on back up!! Quinton dial and tank carrideine have been great in preseason….
    49ers 5 time superbowl champs!!!!
    Seattle 1 superbowl….lol

  16. Forget how much dollars on the new contract..

    What does he Rap Sheet look like? Less than two pages – Balkee and Harbaugh might toss him out building for not enough street cred.

  17. He doubled his salary, nice! Also had all his finds waived? Nice! I’m always happy when Union worker gets a well deserved raise!! “Overrated?!” I think he’s “underrated!” and I’m not a 49ers fan! That fact that he is winning the battle against his disease of Alcoholism is more reason to have him on the team!! 49ers, have to do it the next 2 years though, I’m worried there window may be closing.

  18. Boone was seriously underpaid for his talent. He had out played his contract. I think the biggest win for him is he can hit the free agent market without worrying about the team franchising him.

  19. I’m glad to have him back on the team at still a bargain for his talent. But what’s the point of fining these guys if they always get waived. He got to sit out all summer while the rest of the team worked their asses off. He deserved more money but he went about it the wrong way. Or maybe it was right way because it ended up working in his favor.

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