Belichick hints at more changes to come


The reduction of NFL rosters to 53 per team hardly means that NFL rosters are set.  A churning at the bottom of each team will start today, and it will continue until the season ends.

For the Patriots, one specific item of churn needs to be addressed soon.  With long snapper Danny Aiken released, the Patriots currently have none.

Said Belichick on the absence of a snapper, via Mike Reiss of  “Lot of things potentially in transition with a number of spots on our team.”

One of those things could be quarterback Ryan Mallett.  After all, how can Belichick justify his “super-genius” label if he doesn’t get something of value in exchange for the 74th overall pick in the 2011 draft?  Praised at the time for stopping Mallett’s free fall, some believed Belichick eventually would flip Mallett for something more than the third-round pick that was invested in him.

Now, it’s become a game of chicken.  How long will Belichick refrain from cutting Mallett in the hopes of getting a decent offer?  How long will a team that may want Mallett wait to call the Patriots in the hopes he’ll be cut?

“We’re fortunate we have three good players there,” Belichick said of the quarterback position.  “It’s a good situation.”

It’s great to have Tom Brady as the starter, and it’s pretty good to start getting rookie Jimmy Garropolo ready in the event that Brady gets Mankinsed st some point over the next few years.  But it’s not ideal to devote a roster spot to a player who undoubtedly will leave in March via free agency.

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  1. With Rob Ninkovich seemingly having to go wire to wire this year at DE, there’s no way they’re going to not pick up a long snapper at some point.

    As far as Mallett, it was worth a shot with the pick. But he’s had a few years now and it’s the player’s fault that he’s not shown any improvement to the point where he’s either a lock for the #2 spot behind Brady or bait for another QB-hungry team. That’s on him, not BB.

    I’d say after the first game, we’ll see a whole new type of veteran free agency with contracts being guaranteed on a game to game basis.

  2. Comparing the Mankins situation to anything Brady is as idiotic as it comes. Seymore, Branch, Mankins, Milloy, and Samual all had public contract problems with Belichick. Brady is like his clone- it will never come close to anything like those cases

  3. Belichick is actually known for releasing his high draft pick failures much earlier than other coaches. A fact that doesn’t quite mesh with “He’s holding onto Mallet out of desperation to be seen as a super-genius”.

    Sad that we are resorting to turning a potentially exciting rumor into yet another petulant attack piece.

  4. Belichik justifies his label as a genius in many ways, and whether he gets anything for Mallet has zero impact on legacy.

    He justifies it with 12+ wins and the playoffs every year.

  5. Mallet could be traded, I guess, but keeping three QBs with a rookie on the roster is not unheard of for BB. Also – at this point the potential for a decent-ish compensatory pick situation.

  6. Pats missed their chance to trade mallet to the browns when banner and Lombardi were there. Those two worshipped the pats and they probably would have given the best offer NE ever could have hoped for….but in the end, BB was too arrogant for even his most ardent worshippers.

  7. Belichick already got value out of Mallett – 3, maybe 4, years as a low-cost, problem-free leader of the Scout team and backup to Brady. Anything more from him is gravy.

  8. They did the same thing in Hoyers last contract year when they drafted Mallet.
    If Mallet plays out his contract and signs elsewhere next year it will also help the Patriots in the compensatory pick formula.
    One of the reasons the Patriots win so consistently is that Belichick keeps the best team he can and really, really, really doesn’t care if cutting a player will get his drafting or trading acumen ridiculed by media people like florio or web site posters like me.

  9. I think it is a very good idea to hang on to Mallett a few games into the season.
    Every year there are two or three teams that lose their starting quarterback early on.
    For any GM encountering that situation, calling the Patriots who have three quarterbacks in their roster would be a no-brainer.
    I am not worried about the long-snapper situation.
    They can create the roster spot for a snapper by letting go of some other player week to week.
    The Patriots have been adept in the past at adding/subtracting to the roster throughout the year, keeping a gentlemen’s agreement with certain players. Austin Collie last year comes to mind, Nate Ebner is another guy that has been part of the “extended” roster.
    Now, if they end up having to trot out Ninkovich in the fourth quarter to snap the ball for a winning field goal, then Florio would be more than entitled to pound his chest and brag about how much bigger his brain is compared to Belichick’s little acorn.
    Until then my friend, try to stay humble.

  10. Sounds to me and the rest of the NFL fans from 31 other teams that the plan for Mallet backfired and your just making cover up reasoning. It helps that the Writer is a Pats Homer. Everything he types is considered the Gospel to you NE Fans. Try having a rational thought for yourselves.

  11. It has amazed me with the media constantly inventing a crisis with Ryan Mallett and trade issues. I’ve heard Boston beat writers for two years saying Mallett is about to be traded. Now I’m hearing he’s third on the depth chart and there only keeping him for the compensatory pick when he leaves in free agency after the 2014 season. This is the most asinine statement yet. I find it hard to believe Jimmy G. after four months on a team with a extremely hard playbook to learn will have enough time and experience (had no playbook in college) against defenses that are complex and game planning against him. His preseason showing has been very good against vanillia looks, but the game plans he’ll face in the regular season will make his head spin. If Mallett is on the team in the 2014 season he will be the backup, I trust B.B. to make the decision. Regardless I can’t wait to see Ryan get a reasonable shot to start on any team and prove the media zealots to be the fools they sometimes seem to be.

  12. When did people start speculating on a QB depth chart so hard, especially for a guy who’s never played? He was a 3rd round pick in a draft, if I’m not mistaken, that the Patriots had 12 picks in. Big deal. Ron Wolfe believed in taking one every year (go look at the depth chart in Green Bay behind Favre back in the 90’s) and many of those players (Warner, Matt Hasselbeck, Aaron Brooks) went on to good careers. Did you have all of this hand wringing on them being late round picks by Wolfe?

  13. Pretty sure Belichick doesn’t feel he has to justify any of the labels you choose to give him.

  14. I LUV the roster Belichick has built this year. IMO it’s the strongest he’s assembled since the last glory days of the ’04 season.

    Loved the Mankins move. Was calling for a trade of an OL or DB all summer. Mankins was badly on the decline— take a look again at how Pot Roast Knighton demolished Mankins and Wendell. An upgrade needed there… plus tghe Pats get to rejuvenate, save money for other positions, get a great looking move TE AND a fourth rounder. Excellent move.

    This lineup goes way beyond the usual ho-hum AFC Least Division winners… on paper at least, this looks to be a SB championship squad. Add Gronk into the mix and the fire power is pretty overwhelming, complemented by a pretty stout defense.

    The parts all have to mesh on the field, of course. But usually BB and TB have a handle on that.

    The only sour note is the Aiken roster cut. The LS is an obscure but obviously crucial position. There may be something we don’t know about, but why wait until a week before the season opens to look for a LS?

    Pats should have made a move a lot earlier. They surely had enough body of work to know whether or not they liked Aiken .

  15. Every time I read a media guru’s criticism of BB I think, “And how many NFL games have you won as HC”?
    Doubly so for the posters who love to criticize the winningest active NFL coach.

  16. The Texans are dumb because they now have Mallet right before the seaon when he can’t work with his new teammates in the last year of his rookie deal. Not rocket scientists over there.

  17. Remember a few weeks ago when Pats fans thought the Texans could be snookered into trading Andre Johnson AND their first-round pick in 2015 for Mallett?

  18. “…how can Belichick justify his “super-genius” label if he doesn’t get something of value in exchange for the 74th overall pick in the 2011 draft?” OK, class, one more time, Belichick already got the value out of the pick, he had Mallett as the primary backup for the past two years. The fact that Brady didn’t get hurt doesn’t change the equation. Belichick used a 3rd round pick on a QB that was on the team for 3 years, served as the primary QB backup for 2 years and then was traded for a conditional 7th round pick. That’s called getting value for the pick. Understand?

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