Bills’ Eric Wood blames ESPN for lack of interest in Michael Sam


Michael Sam, the first openly gay player drafted in the NFL, was cut by the Rams on Saturday and passed over by all 31 other teams on waivers on Sunday, and so far he hasn’t even been able to land a spot on a practice squad. So are NFL teams avoiding Sam because he’s gay?

According to one NFL player, the answer to that question is yes — but not because teams are homophobic. Bills center Eric Wood says teams are avoiding Sam because they don’t want the ESPN hype that would come with having Sam, the only openly gay player in football, on the team. In response to a question from Ross Tucker about Sam’s lack of practice squad offers, Wood said ESPN is to blame.


Last week ESPN apologized for a report that quoted an unnamed Rams player as saying that Sam hadn’t showered with teammates in training camp. But even aside from that report, Wood’s view is the most sensible explanation for why Sam remains out of work: NFL teams just don’t like seeing one player singled out for any reason other than his play on the field.

Although there were some questions before this year’s draft about whether Sam would be a good fit in any NFL defense, Sam played well enough in the Rams’ scheme during his four preseason games that it’s surprising the Rams haven’t added him to their practice squad. It’s even more surprising that no other team has picked Sam up. It would be nice if some team had the guts to give Sam the chance he deserves, but Wood may be right that Sam is paying the price for teams being scared of distractions.

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  1. Gotta say be may be right. Who wohld want tbat media circus there? I also think that ESPN is one of the reasons that Tebow can’t get a look (I know a lot of it has to do with Tebow not being a very good qb, but he can’t even get a tryout)….ESPN has gotten to big for it’s own good.

  2. he played ‘well’ against 3rd and 4th stringers in garbage time…..hardly an impressive resume….

  3. Name another 7th round pick ever that got the media coverage he got. If he can play every GM in the league saw him. They didn’t follow anyone more than Sam. He got more than his fair share….and will prob get another shot…but face it he’s a rook who doesn’t play special teams….sorry if you are 7th round you are expected to play special teams. Wood is a fool for his comments IMO

  4. Blame PFT and NFL network as well, all turned it into a daily play by play circus that 98% of NFL fans were absolutely fed up with.

  5. Could it be…………could it possibly be………….that Sam is flat out not good enough to play in the NFL?
    Why is this extremely likely possibility flat out ignored by some?
    He’s gay, so that alone should guarantee him some kind of roster spot? Really? Was his preseason THAT impressive that it is obvious that teams are avoiding signing him?

    ESPN’s fault? Uh………lol………..sure.

  6. cdrion21 says: Aug 31, 2014 9:48 PM

    He’s 100 percent right, it’s the same reason a guy like Tebow isn’t in the NFL as someone’s back up.
    No Tebow isn’t in the NFL because he’s not good.
    He made the Lions secondary look like Gods when he played them.

    Think about that, the Lions secondary.

  7. Tebow isnt in NFL because he can’t play the position…Sam can play as a situational player but brings too much attention to himself and to the team… He didn’t help himself with all the drama after being drafted

  8. I couldn’t agree more… ESPN had a Michael Sam roster watch on Sportscenter on Saturday. Enough is enough. Please report on sports and not try to cross over to reality tv.

    ESPN didn’t have cameras at my draft day party. We had wings, pizza, cases of beer, bottles of Knob Creek but then again.. we didn’t have two dudes kissing…

  9. ESPN talking about his shower routine is over the top.
    They have damaged sport in countless occasions. Too often at that network they follow their agenda rather than report the facts of the game.

  10. Michael Sam is average and he himself knew it.. He tried a gimmick angle to get notoriety and sympathy etc… let it go, he is a non-story.

  11. He’s right ESPN doesnt build up careers they destroyed them. Mone Davis,Tim Tebow and o wait Johnny Football your next.

  12. He’s 100 percent right, it’s the same reason a guy like Tebow isn’t in the NFL as someone’s back up.

    He’s right about Sam.

    Tebow isn’t a backup in the NFL because he can’t throw.

  13. The kid wanted the limelight and got it. He even had a reality show lined up to follow him in training camp until the Rams nixed it.

    He had a visit lined up on Oprah before he ever reported to training camp all the while saying he was completely focused on making the Rams.

    Then after every preseason game we had to hear how well the 7th round pick playing against 3rd strings did, every tackle, because Sam was special.

    Then the media told us he played well enough to make the team.

    When he got cut, the national and local news reported it.

    Then the media predicted he wouldn’t clear waivers.

    Then the media predicted he’d make the practice squad.

    Now the media is speculating that he didn’t make the practice squad because he is gay.

    How the heck could an NFL team operate in that environment? The media treats him as a special needs kid where he’s the victim if anything negative happens to him.

    Not good enough to make the team? There must be another reason besides talent because he’s openly gay which means he had to be good enough to make the team.

    In my opinion the Rams were the brave ones to even draft the kid, knowing the media storm that would follow him.

  14. Those idiots at BSPN would be pelting the team with shower questions and other irrelevant nonsense.
    I’m sure he’s right on the money.

  15. I like ESPN, for the most part, but the coverage has been ridiculous. I DON’T need to know every detail of this kid off the field or in the locker room, I only want to know about his on field play. Enough already. ESPN is no different than the media in general. They run on something until there is nothing left, and they over hype, or drown the readers in coverage until they puke.

  16. I’d much rather talk about how ESPIN is an unprofessional circus act with less integrity than a supermarket tabloid than Michael Sam.

  17. “the first openly gay NFL player”

    Why do we need to read this every time? How about, one of many rookie NFL hopefuls or something. The media is going to ruin this kid, and keep teams from wanting him.

    I’d hope that Michael Sam only announced his orientation to serve as a role model and inspiration for others, specifically children or young adults struggling to find themselves, and it was entirely for good reasons. Not to just announce he is gay, or make headlines, because the average person does not care. If the latter, he is to blame as well.

    You want to do this kid a favour though? Stop reporting on him 24/7 and stop reporting him as a gay player, and report his stories as a NFL player…

  18. johnnycash19 says: Aug 31, 2014 9:51 PM

    No Tebow isn’t in the NFL because he’s not good.
    He made the Lions secondary look like Gods when he played them.

    Think about that, the Lions secondary.


    Tebow also made Dick LeBeau look like a high school defensive coordinator. Think about that.

  19. being a mediocre player and a one man media circus is a lethal combination. He played adequately against players who no longer have an NFL jersey and will be moving on to the next phase of their lives.

  20. Nice work, Rams.
    Make yourself look good by drafting the guy, then releasing him because you are already deep in his position. Built in excuse. Bravo.

    Now the finger pointing can go anywhere but back at St. Louis.


  21. He’s absolutely right. Incredibly, when Michael Sam was cut by the Rams it made “breaking news” on the major cable networks. No team wants to deal with all that extra hype and attention.

  22. It’s funny that in PFT minds Tebow was a ridiculous distraction because he was a christian. And Sam isn’t a distraction because he is gay…. The hypocrisy of the coverage of these two is ridiculous. Tebow actually did something in the league.

    But the same is true and Wood is exactly right.

    The NFL wants 0 distractions from their jobs.

  23. While I agree ESPN takes the openly gay player hype to the maximum Sam has to take his share of the blame. I mean he is the one who wears his sexuality on his sleeve. If Sam kept his sexual preference to himself and not touted himself as “openly gay” there would be no story. It’s one thing to be OK with who you are and your sexual preference but when you announce it to society and not expect certain consequences is very naive.

  24. Dungy was right.

    Obviously, the NFL is not ready.

    Michael Sam just set coming out in the NFL back 10 years.

  25. Clicks count and here we are providing more…

    Sam was an above average college player who is good enough to play in the NFL but only in an extremely limited role…For most teams, that won’t be enough to use a roster spot and given the media circus, why would they bother?

  26. Sam was simply a great college player who couldn’t translate that talent to the NFL.
    Had he NOT been gay and had he NOT came out publicly, he would be a mere footnote as yet another SEC talent who didn’t have the ability to play in the big leagues.
    The media and Sam’s own savvy got him this far, but the ride’s over.
    I predicted in a few earlier threads that not only wouldn’t he make the Rams’ roster, but that he also would not make their practice squad.
    Even a national media spotlight and national media cheerleading section gets you only so far in the NFL.

  27. I think if he was good enough then the media garbage wouldnt matter. but he is a below average player for the NFL and you combine that with the Media crap and its just not worth it.

  28. ….That makes no sense. Maybe it’s true for the Tebow hype, but Michael Sam was not a distraction at all in St. Louis. He just wasn’t a good enough player.

    I do hope he gets a chance elsewhere, but I disagree on the reasoning Wood used as to why he hasn’t yet.

  29. Blaming ESPN for everything negative in sports is a tired act. Sports fans crave more and more information and ESPN has a lot of air time to fill. The alternative is Fox Sports 1. Last time I checked they had about 10 viewers.

  30. Maybe the guy just isn’t good enough to be in the NFL ….

    Did you ever think about that ?

  31. Let’s not forget that Mr. Sam decided to make this a story himself. Yes, the media went overboard with it. Is anyone surprised about that?

  32. Here’s a thought….

    He could have entered the draft….performed at camp…and in preseason games…made the team….THEN…..make his announcement of who he is…right before Game 1 of the real season.

    Ask yourself how many great players were cut….and this is the only guy that anyone is curious about?

    Let me be clear…I support anyone out there with “differences” from the supposed “Norm”….

    But this is a joke….the media….is a joke….and this particular player….had a platform to things right…in the right order….and he failed miserably.

  33. Chomp on this one. ESPN put the shower reason out there as a lame excuse, and the bait’s been taken. Yes, it was a planted excuse to blame someone else. Oh yeah, let’s all blame it on the phobics, instead of the real reason: Mike Sam’s play didn’t rise to the level to be selected for the roster or the practice squad. Just like most 7th round draft picks. The whiny libs need to deal with it.

  34. It’s fine to take a jab at your competitor. Nobody will feel sorry for ESPN. But I entered “Michael Sam” on the Search box for this site, and multiple pages came up – so an undrafted rookie has as many articles on this site as Johnny Manziel.

  35. johnnycash19 says: Aug 31, 2014 9:51 PM

    Tebow also made Dick LeBeau look like a high school defensive coordinator. Think about that.


    “There’s no way they’re going to run that same route again,” Polamalu says he was thinking during the game. “As a safety, part of your job is to eliminate certain routes that you don’t think they’re going to run. I would line up and say, ‘They ran that the last time, there’s no way they’re going to run it again.’ Then they did. The next time, ‘There’s no way they’re going to run that again,’ then they did.”

    Basically, the Steelers couldn’t believe that the Tebow was only capable of running 1 passing play. They gave the Broncos and Tebow to much credit. If they had just stuck to defending the one pass that Tebow could throw it wouldn’t have been close.

  36. He’s right. I think the NFL doesn’t care about him being gay nearly as much as the media does. The NFL is about productivity–if you’re a productive player, it doesn’t really matter who you are otherwise. I’d say the fact that I got news alerts on my phone from CNN, Fox News, and the Drudge Report about Sam being cut shows that the media has gone completely total over-the-top. He’s not good enough for a team to believe he’s worth the circus.

  37. Only an idiot blames the NFL, the phobics. If Sam played like Blake Bortles, there would be no conversation. But he didn’t. Oh wait, that’s probably why Sam was a 7th round draft pick–he’s not that good. And I’d bet Sam himself knew he was on the margins, so he came out of the closet to start with. Oh yes, send me to Hell for that one.

  38. Here we are talking about a 7th round pick of marginal talent who got cut while a talented NFL starter, Ray McDonald committed domestic assault against his pregnant wife.

    Which is more important and the more relevant news story?

  39. Absolutely!

    If it wouldn’t have been so confusing, (since there already is one), I’m sure ESPN would have changed their name to MSN.

    Sam is not completely blameless himself. If he wanted to come out after he made it as a football player, fine. He would have had to make only as a football player and be as unnoticed as many other kids who have dreams that die or become a reality. This was his call.

  40. The Rams dealt with the distraction and haven’t signed him to their practice squad. Either he’s not good enough or perhaps he’s holding out for more than a spot on a practice squad.

  41. johnnycash19 says:Aug 31, 2014 9:51 PM

    cdrion21 says: Aug 31, 2014 9:48 PM

    He’s 100 percent right, it’s the same reason a guy like Tebow isn’t in the NFL as someone’s back up.
    No Tebow isn’t in the NFL because he’s not good.
    He made the Lions secondary look like Gods when he played them.

    Think about that, the Lions secondary.

  42. Like all the players that did not make it, I hope they do well in Canada or their next career.

  43. It’s Sam’s fault, not ESPN. He would’ve been better off keeping quiet and letting his play on the field do the talking….not playing the “look at me I’m gay” card. And…if he was really good, teams would’ve signed him, but it isn’t worth the circus for a player who is marginal at best.

  44. johnnycash19 says:Aug 31,
    No Tebow isn’t in the NFL because he’s not good.
    He made the Lions secondary look like Gods when he played them.

    Think about that, the Lions secondary.
    Brandon Weeden is in the NFL, Brandon Weeden. Think about that. Also I don’t want to turn this into a Tebow debate cause I’m not really a fan of him but to anyone saying he isn’t in the league because he can’t throw please see my Brandon Weeden arguement

  45. Haha to the person saying the nfl isn’t ready and it sets things back 10 years lol.

    Come on man,

    I love how the nfl always comes down to production. And that they do not stand for any distractions. Exactly why Kluwe is out as well.

    I’m sure Sam will be suing someone soon enough. Then florio can tell us all about the legal process …..

  46. Sam made himself the story with his “announcement”

    If he can’t find a job, he has himself to thank for making himself a mainstream news story.

  47. Sam has nobody to blame but himself. There was no reason to let the world know he’s gay.

    You know there was a problem when the media only cared to talk to Michael Sam after every Rams game this pre-season. In fact, didn’t Sam Bradford tear his ACL and will be out for season again? Don’t bother to talk about who’s going to start at QB, let’s hear Michael Sam’s thoughts on how “he” did in the game. LOL!

    Sam should’ve cut the media off until he made the team or not. But that was never his intention. He wanted the attention.

    Now he’ll always been known as the first openly gay player to not make an NFL team. Nice accomplishment. Cool story!

  48. Most people on here called that one. The PFT writers share some of the blame in this as well… You made this process about his sexuality, not his playing potential, though you tried to obfuscate it as much. He showed positive flashes and deserves, on talent alone, to be on a practive squad or maybe an active roster. Good call Barrier-breaking warriors.

  49. Well the good news is that at least the truth is coming out. Hopefully Sam will be a figure not for social or politically correct reasons, but a figure that was a catalyst to get certain media types to evolve.

    More statements like Wood’s are needed to get media people to evolve. Most regular-people fans that comment here and other places predicted that Sam would never be a distraction, but that media would be a distraction given that cable and print media are the only dinosaurs left that can’t join the rest of us in letting everyone just be a regular person. The problem is that they don’t understand that they’re not forward thinking but they’re actually the ones stuck behind the rest of us in society evolving.

    As usual, cable media people are the ones trying to invent a victim so they can be Superman. It was obvious except to cable media people that the only hinderance Sam would have would not be the NFL or fans or teammates, but the truely unevolved.

  50. So now everyone agrees with Tony Dungy?? All the criticism he took was pathetic, now he’s proven right.

  51. So. The media blames a guy who blames the media for messing up a football player’s career…who woulda thunk it? And when Johnny Football’s career as a perennial backup QB instead of a starter because of the ridiculous media hype gets blamed on the player instead of the media and Manziel becomes the next Ryan Leaf, the media will blame Manziel, of course…

    The media is like the overly militarized police–totally unaccountable!

  52. So why doesn’t anybody complain about every other 7th rounder who got cut? The phone isn’t ringing, hello Oprah is on the line… Oh ya, wait, the phone ain’t ringing…..

  53. The real reason he can’t get a team is because of Tebow’s phony “Look at me I love Jesus” routine. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Religious Right (financed by the Koch Brothers) is behind all of the publicity to make sure that Sam couldn’t get a team to pick him up.

  54. So now everyone agrees with Tony Dungy?? All the criticism he took was pathetic, now he’s proven right.

    The coaches and GM’s of the league agreed with what Tony Dungy said and they were very happy, privately, that he said it so they wouldn’t have to. These guys want to put together and coach football teams they don’t want to try and fix the world’s social issues.

  55. Sam cranked up the volume on the media circus when he kissed his boyfriend on national TV. Not saying he shouldn’t be allowed to, but when culture is shifting you have to make sure you don’t get caught in the gears by moving too fast.

  56. Cool kid and brave young man. Unfortunately it was not a great business decision to come out before making a team. The NFL has proven time and time again that you can away with murder if you’re a viable talent but they don’t give real chances to those with baggage prior to having a legit career. I hope he makes it somewhere!

  57. Did big bad ESPN force him into making sure his bf was there for the on-screen kiss? Did they make him sign a contract for a reality show before even signed his NFL contract?

    Every team in the league knows what would be in store– Reality show nonsense, Kluwe-type legal entanglements, unhappy teammates. All for a mediocre talent? No chance.

  58. I want the first SUCCESSFUL openly gay player in the NFL to be someone who says “I’m gay, so what?” Not the guy who signed a deal with Oprah.

    Speaking of, I wonder if he gets his reality show now?

  59. This whole carnival sideshow is really a shame. It should be about nothing about Sam’s playing ability.
    So who was it who made this a big deal by “outing” Sam?
    Who was it?
    Why it was Sam himself, wasn’t it?
    Well, there you go.

  60. It’s so true you can’t tell me the cowboys or jags don’t need some extra DE help atleast for the practice squads and normally jerah loves extra attention but even wants nothing to do with it.

  61. Michael Sam is entirely to blame for his failures.

    He brought up being gay. He sought to profit off it – he accepted a tv deal and endorsements – not because he was a great athlete, but because of his sexual orientation.

    At every turn, Michael rubbed the nation’s nose in his sexual orientation. Instead of us knowing him for being a marginal defensive talent, we learned of his calculated effort to leverage his sexual orientation for profit.

    I am a gay man and I am embarrassed and disgusted by men like Michael. He wants us to believe his decision was a brave one.

    It wasn’t.

    In 1969 during the Stonewall riots where gays were fighting to just be kept out of jail, that time was a time where brave men and women fought for gays to just be left alone. None of them did this for profit or for personal gain. And in those days being gay was a queer.

    America has evolved to where it doesn’t matter what your orientation is – but America doesn’t want your sex acts before us as a greeting card. We are prepared to let you be gay and that is how it should be. But America loathes jerks who think that they can leverage their orientation for profit and to rub our noses in it. And it seems that only the third rate athletes are “brave enough” to come out because they seek to acquire an elevation in draft and hiring that they would not have earned on sheer talent.

    ESPN’s story on showering is dead accurate – I know how I felt as a gay man trying to shower with straight men – running in and out – trying not to look – arriving early or late – just to get over this and to be done with it. Nothing about the ESPN story is a lie. In fact it is so true as to make those who discount it idiotic with ignorance.

  62. Stated last night I thought Sam was a gamer and someone would give him a shot. I was wrong

  63. It’s a combination of everything. The media (all of them) for focusing on him due to him being gay, his performance falling short, people’s continue fascination with the subject mainly to rip the guy or support him, and the teams not wanting to be under a microscope because of one player instead of the team.

    What about Sam? His role here has served to making it easier for the next guy who needs to learn from this and make sure the media does not use him like some wet rag. Refuse their tantalizing offers to being some poster child and just be a football player.

  64. like every other player who did well in camp and did not make it he just did not do well enough but it’s all because he is gay right? tebow was banished because of his christian views but that’s ok because he sucked even though he actually won games bad form and all..

  65. Sam will get on someone’s practice squad. Tebow is not an NFL caliber QB that’s why he’s out of the NFL. He had several chances. Terrell Pryor will have the same fate as Tebow but Pryor is a much more accurate than Tebow.

  66. midwestmindset2014 says: Cool kid and brave young man. Unfortunately it was not a great business decision to come out before making a team. The NFL has proven time and time again that you can away with murder if you’re a viable talent but they don’t give real chances to those with baggage prior to having a legit career.

    A lot of players who have baggage get chances in the NFL. The difference between the ones who make it and all the others who don’t is that they are talented. Some guys make the most of it, some don’t. Bruce Irvin is a guy who had baggage, but the Seahawks gave him a shot, and he’s doing pretty well with it.

    I don’t feel the least bit sorry for Sam. He wasn’t “brave”, he was scheming. He didn’t want to be “just a football player” until he started getting blowback.

    We can blame ESPN, and Oprah, and NFLN, but the bottom line is that Sam is experiencing the consequences for his decisions. He wanted to make a statement, and he did. He wanted the spotlight, and he got it.

    He doesn’t “deserve” to be picked up on any team’s practice squad, and more than any other player who got cut deserves it.

  67. I’m curious what Jon Stewart, the allmighty yet constantly ill-informed and out of touch one has to say in response of Wood’s tweet; given that he chose to participate in the exact same way ESPN chose to participate regarding Sam…..

    What say you, people, should we expect a response from him or his he hiding behind his desk.

    Offer a response Jon Stewart because Wood by proxy is calling you out as well…

  68. Lots of late round picks played well in preseason, got cut and didnt get ps offers. There are only so many slots available. Maybe he just isnt good enough. Maybe the rams just drafted him for the free media attention.

  69. he couldn’t be more correct.even after the entire NFL and even most fans have gotten over it, way over It, ESPN and other news sources won’t just leave it alone. Its really not that big of a deal. if you played any amount of football in high school or college you have probably played with a gay player that everyone on the team knew about you just didn’t say anything for this exact reason. The same thing happened to Tim Tebow who is absolutely not a top 10 quarterback but is good enough to start for at least 2 or 3 NFL teams. Way to go ESPN you did it again,and probably discouraged anybody else from following suit.

  70. First off I’d like to say that the media is the second most reason why he is not playing in the NFL, having said that Michael Sam himself, is the main culprit. Who advised this poor misguided kid that coming out of the closet would be in his best interest as a football player? Say what you want about his life style choice, he was the SEC defensive player of the year. This says alot, that the most outstanding defensive player, from college footballs most prestigious conference, cant make a NFL team… Not even its practice squad. Its a shame but Michael Sam is going to be a great example for gay and lesbians in all walks of life. No one cares about your sexual orientation as long as you dont put it in someones face. He not only put his sexual orientation in the NFLs face, but he rubbed their nose in it. He should have went about his life and once he was established as a quality player, if he was outed then he should have addressed it, not a second before. Why did ESPN make such a big deal about it in the first place? The answer is that they knew they would win no matter what the consequences were. If he made it, they could hype the hell out of it about how great and inclusive sports are compared to the rest of society. If he was cut, they could cry about how bigoted mens sports is, and make him into a martyr. Win win situation. They cared not one iota how it turned out as long as it was a great story.

  71. Sam did well enough to make someones practice squad. the reason he didn’t, shows that the NFL is not ready for a openly gay NFL player and probably never will be….

    Tebow had 2yrs with Denver was traded to the Jets for a yr and brought to the Pats camp and couldn’t make the team because he was not good enough…Sam will never get that opportunity….

    ESPN is not the reason but they didn’t help the situation any

  72. Did anyone notice that Rams also cut their 6th round draft choice and didn’t sign him to practice squad, even after though he was a quarterback- a definite position of need? Anyone notice that he wasn’t picked up by another team either? Why is no one reporting on him? Bigotry?

    I suppose so….

  73. I’m sure ESPN will offer Sam a role as an in studio expert, just like Tebow. I hope Sam remembers that ESPN did him more harm than good when it came to his playing career, especially if another network approaches Sam with the same kind of role.

  74. Do Sam and Tebow have the same agent? For a backup qb and a 7th round draft pick-they sure have sold a lot of jerseys.Maybe they will join the circus together so all the gays and Christians can mingle together-THAT would be a REAL interesting story for ESPN to cover.

  75. I know of only one organization….one team….one coach…that could have this guy on the roster and make a non-story out of him in a matter of two days.

  76. Michael Sam and the people around him share some of the blame also. They seem to mistakenly believe that being the SEC Co-defensive player was a guaranteed ticket to the NFL. Nevermind that 9 of his 11.5 sacks came against bottom dwelling SEC schools, and that even Heisman trophy winners get cut.

    Sam also had too many people with their own agendas and not enough FOOTBALL PEOPLE around him. Football people would have had him in those pre-combine prep workouts. They would remind him everyday how important the combine was. They would have reminded him that his lifelong goal was to play in the NFL, not jsut get drafted. But Sam had people just using him for their own purpose. Gay rights activist and Oprah reps cared more about Sam’s story than they cared about Sam.

    And who was his agent? Does he have any more clients? He or she did a bad job of preparing Sam for the NFL. Sam would have been better off without the gay rights groups, without inviting ESPN to his draft party and without Oprah. Because in the end the activist got their message promoted, ESPN got their multiple stories, Orpah will probable get her show, but Michael Sam gets chewed up and spit out and eventually kicked to the curb.

    I’m sure he will sit back one day and say to himself “All I wanted to do was play football!”

  77. What publicity???

    The broncos, jets, and pats took on Tebow.

    This guy can at least play.

    This lack of practice squad addition makes me want to root for Jeff fisher’s failure because he raised this kid’s hopes up and then just slaughtered them unrighteously.

    Fisher is a loser anyways. All he did was have employment long overdue.

    He’s nothing special.

  78. So who is Eric Wood? Is he a pro scout? In talent acquisition? Management? No? Is he a media critic? No? He’s what? A player. Oh, he’s a player on a different team with his own personal guess, er, opinion. Well, that all the credibility I need. Print the story!

  79. I think most teams are weighing the pros and cons of adding Sam. Just like they did on draft day. Listen the Rams gave him a chance to compete fair and square that’s all you can ask. ESPN would be called out if they DIDN’T report on Sam, so using them as a scapegoat doesn’t make sense.

  80. I love that the Tebow fanatics bring him up. Here’s why Tebow isn’t in the NFL: Career Completion % 47.9. Last NFL game at QB: 9-26 for 136 yds in a 55-10 loss. Case closed. He can’t throw. In case you didn’t know, that’s an important part of the game for a QB in the NFL. Idiots.

  81. Has anyone given any thought to who was really behind this whole thing and orchestrating it from the beginning? Why isn’t anyone placing blame on the NFLPA? They started this mess last year with the announcement of four current players coming out…which made sure they didn’t. They knew about Michael Sam and thought “Hey, let’s throw this guy out there first and see what happens, and IF it works then more current players may follow”.

    Michael Sam was coached by them, spent time with former NFL players who came out later in life, etc. I have no doubt he was used as a sacrificial lamb, and certainly was told how important his role would be to other closeted people everywhere. I truly believe he thought this was going to be a good thing, but any of you who believe Michael Sam ON HIS OWN decided to schedule a press conference back in Feb and create all of this drama isn’t thinking about the agenda that the NFLPA has been trying to promote for a couple of years now.

  82. Man, can we please stop all this Michael Sam nonsense???
    I mean, c’mon! Sam’s problem is the same as many other guys who can’t make it in the NFL. He doesn’t have a position. He’s too small to play the line and he’s not athletic enough to play LB’er.
    Hats off to Laserw, who said it better than anyone I’ve heard, and said he is as gay as well. If you haven’t read his post up above, please read it.
    It’s awesome that another gay man can put things in perspective so well that even the most ardent chain rattler about Sam being cut can understand the truth — that Michael Sam got cut because he wasn’t good enough to make the team, not because he’s gay.

  83. “I think the media has been very desirous that a gay linebacker do well. They’re interested in gay coaches and gay linebackers doing well. I think there’s a little hope invested in Sam and he got a lot of credit for the performance that he really didn’t deserve.”

  84. The last line is the worst of this story.

    “It would be nice if some team had the guts to give Sam the chance he deserves, but Wood may be right that Sam is paying the price for teams being scared of distractions.”

    It would be nice, what about the other 700 or so other players that didn’t make the team but did something against 3rd and 4th stringers. Should we be nice to them too. It would be nice to give….Sam isn’t the first person who made plays during preseason and not make the cut. He won’t be the last. Being gay had little to do with other than make it stand out more than the other 700 or so.

  85. I would think he should go to Canada and play in the CFL. His smaller size and quicker speed will work well in the larger soccer pitch sized field they use in the league. Also there will be no ESPN frenzy for a foreign legion player in another country and the local media usually doesn’t get into salacious details of a player’s life unless he is arrested by the police.

  86. “It would be nice if some team had the guts to give Sam the chance he deserves” So whoever takes him knocks off some other kid from their PS? Why is Sam’s dream more special than the other 320 practice squad guys in the NFL?

  87. If John Simon, who has had his share of accolades and played better than Michael Sams in the preseason, cannot make the sack-challenged Ravens team, why is it so odd that Sams can’t make the Rams with their awesome defense? Maybe we should be blaming Simon’s issue on the fact that he is White on a team that has had virtually no White players on defense for years. Why isn’t that a big story?

  88. The media says we should look beyond his sexual orientation and judge him by his play, but the only reason the media keeps talking about him is because of his sexual orientation. Why the obsession with it, media???

  89. Blame it on the rain if you want. Talent is what gets even troubled athletes a chance and sometimes 2nd and 3rd. The irony in the story is epic.

  90. This situation has been an issue from the time he made it known he gay.the media,although they’re doing their jobs,tend to focus on material like vultures,on it till there’s nothing left.the results of all this unnecessary attention plays a role in which direction some of these players career goes.but the ultimate blame has to be on the players themselves as well as ourselves.first no player who isn’t beyond average should want that kind of media coverage,& it is our reactions & responses to this coverage that is the ultimate end or beginning of these athletes careers.

  91. It’s ridiculous to claim he is being avoided by all these teams because he is gay. The real reason they are avoiding him is because he is a Negro! Or it could be because he is a Protestant.

    (It’s so stupid to suggest the reason Sam is not pursued by professional football teams is because of his religious, racial, or sexual proclivity. Has anyone even thought he may not be of interest to any teams because he isn’t good enough as a football player? Anyone???? Does competence even come into the discussion?)

  92. You have to be a special kind of ignorant to think that michael Sam announcing he is gay is the reason why he isn’t on a practice squad. He didn’t come out publicly for the spotlight and he had every right to come out. If you think he should have stayed in the closet then you’re part of the actual problem with America. While I believe the media has focused a lot on it, it is to be expected. Having an openly gay player in the nfl goes a long way towards not only equality but helping others who are hiding their true selves. Some of the comments on here are so astoundingly ignorant and hateful that it shames me that they come from football fans.

  93. How much of a distraction has he been so far? A couple of press conferences that’s it.

    How much distraction would he be buried on a teams practice squad and rarely sighted. I’d say negligible. Maybe even a nice distraction teams can use after a bad loss.

    The guy should be judged purely on football ability because the other stuff is so irrelevant and will become less irrelevant day by day.

  94. Can we kick-off the 2014 season already!

    It will be a refreshing change of pace when soap opera season for the NFL once again ends and this thing called games where they play football actually begins.

    The soap opera can resume shortly after the Super Bowl.

  95. Bottom line… Sam did make some nice plays in pre-season games,but it was against 2nd and 3rd stringers in garbage time. That will not get you onto a roster. His announcement of being gay was his agenda,and that blew up too. As for ESPN, well we all know how they obsess on one athlete. I used to watch Sports Center just to count how many times they would say “Tim Tebow,Tiger Woods,Peyton Manning, Brett Favre”,or whoever was making news. They always take it to the point of making you nauseous. It was a combination of all these things to leave Sam with nowhere to go.

  96. You know who created this problem for Michael Sams? MICHAEL SAMS. If it wasn’t for his coming out party…He would not have been drafted, and the SEC co-defensive player of the year is all but forgotten by now. He took a PR risk to give himself media attention and name recognition, it worked. But HIS PLAY failed to get him on a roster and now none of the other 31 teams want to deal with the media circus constantly hounding them about the status of their seventh round practice squad player.

  97. They think they are special, all the interviews, cameras, award shows, But the hungry Media does not care a thing about you. They are a parasite feeding off you till your interest dries out then they move on to their next host to devour. Some people love the ticks feeding off them and need it (think Chad Johnson, TO) so they act out and make a fool of themselves. But a few other see what they are and avoid the feeding (Marshawn Lynch, Arian Foster) it disgusts them these people swarming them sucking and feeding off their work, so they keep them away. Oh, but this angers the parasites so much and they attack and insult what will not let them feed. Fear not the media will not starve, a new fool every year will come around to let them suck and feed just for a flash of a camera 30 seconds on TV.

  98. Did anyone even watch any of the Rams preseason games? He was pretty bad. Yehe had moments but for the most part, he was beat yp, thrown around and looked lost the entire time. Even as a situation pass rusher he’s not very good. Not a single other commenter or writer ever mentions his ability. Everyone is so concerned with either liking him or disliking him that you have forgotten that this is football, not some reality TV show.. football is about playing and winning and putting away all the nonsense. Winning doesn’t discriminate

  99. I don’t think there was a lack of interest in Michael Sam, I think there was too much off field interest in Sam.

    He’s a less than mediocre player, so ESPN focused on the showering habits of a gay football player.

  100. If their blaming espn, then all that means is that they should blame Sam himself. To me comin out the way he did was just a way to get attention, to make his name known. All it did was backfire. He should honestly at least be on a practice squad but he brought the wrong type of attention to himself…

  101. I don’t blame the media for putting Sam on a pedestal. Special interest groups run this country and if you voice an honest opinion about Sam, gay rights groups will ruin your career. It’s not worth it. Just say the “right things” and the process will work itself out. If he was a really good player, he would be on a team. It will happen one day. Eventually an openly gay player with truly elite talent will arrive. Just not now and not this player.

  102. for the one millionth time… he’s just not good enough. Fine college player. END OF STORY

  103. Michael Sam is responsible for Michael Sam. Coming out of the closet is a huge story and the media will run with it. The next guy who come out should also be a great player not a below average one trick pony like Sam is.

  104. It always boggles my mind every time I hear someone say “It’s because they don’t want the distraction”. Seriously? Are the powers that be in the NFL that wimpy? Apparently the distraction that a player is gay, or even an outwardly Christian guy is too much for them to handle, but the distraction that a player beat their wife, drove under the influence of alcohol, is a drug addict, or served time in prison for killing dogs doesn’t bother them at all.

  105. This is insane. Some idiot above actually posted that Tebow is the reason behind no one picking up Sam.

    Tebow?? The guy who has so much pull he can’t even get himself back in the NFL???? Pull-ease!! Let’s stop all this insanity now!!

    Tebow is not in the NFL because he stunk, not because he’s religious.

    Sam is not in the NFL because he is not good enough, not because he’s gay.

    And Johnny Manziel is not starting because he is not ready, not because he’s a little arrogant, rich- kid brat.

    I have an idea. Why don’t Kluwe and Sam start their own football league for gays? They could wear uniforms like they wear in that womens’ league. You know, frilly underwear. That way we’d never have to hear again that someone from their league was cut because they were gay. They could have cool names too, such as the Chicago Chiffons, or the Buffalo Beauties.

    And Tebow can start one for religious people. They could wear uniforms modeled after religious clergymen and have cool names like the Boston Baptizers or the Collection Plate Raiders.

    I’m joking folks, so don’t get your shorts all twisted. It’s just that I’m so sick of all this politically correct crap dominating the sports news.

  106. I agree with Eric Wood on this one. First Sam was the “first openly gay guy in the NFL, ,then its the first openly gay guy with a sack in the NFL, then its the first openly gay guy to get cut in the NFL, next it will be the first openly gay guy to record a tackle in a regular season game”. Gets exhausting after a while so I understand why teams will shy from it.

  107. It’s sort of ironic. He’s the first gay NFL player to be done in by over-eager LGBT activists in the media.

  108. Uh…NO… He blew his own career up.

    When you are this hyped and not that good…

    I wonder if he was any good on special teams… THAT is what makes or breaks those who are marginally talented.

    It’s a 53 man roster!

  109. Sorry but Sam brought some of not most of this on himself.

    I’m sure he and his weird little partner thought it was cute and very avant garde to stage their kiss and cake in the face for the cameras, but it may have helped usher him out of the NFL.

  110. Sam isn’t on a team because he is not good enough to play in the NFL. There are hundreds of other guys who were cut from rosters that land in the same category.

    If Sam works on some things over the next 10 months or so, he can get another shot. No one cares that he is gay. If he can play, his sexuality means nothing.

    Same needs to work on his agility. He looked clumsy out there on the field. He needs to work on his burst speed. He is slow to react to what is happening around him. He needs to get faster. Players passed him up moving to the play.

    It is time to quit blaming everyone and everything about Sam’s inability to show what is required to play. It is no ones fault. Sam simply needs to get better. If Sam wants to play the blame game because everyone else in liberal land is playing it, he will not get better and never realize his dream of playing professional football.

  111. This is not news. It’s the same reason Tebow can’t get a job either. And, it’s the reason most stayed away from Sam on draft day even though the pro gay faction didn’t believe it. It’s the reason why many fans thought the same on this site. His talent level does not outweigh the distraction level he brings. That being said, I thought he performed well enough to make the Rams. He should be on someone’s roster. And, I think it’s funny that no non sports media outlet is covering Sam being cut like they did when he was drafted. Where’s Oprah?

  112. I’d like to know how many (rookie or not) Defensive Ends are signed to 53 man rosters with less than (what?) 11 tackles and 3 sacks in three partial games. He was all over the ball. I thought he gave a good (rookie) showing (especially for a 7th round pick) and deserves a shot at least on a practice squad.

    He would have probably best served himself by “coming out” after he made a team… or maybe keeping his sex life to himself. I really don’t care to hear about it either way. I’m in it for football.

    That said; the media creates hype because it sells and they really hyped this one.

  113. ESPN has become MSJM – the Michael Sam/Johnny Manziel Network. Sam has some skills and could land with a few teams, but Wood is 100 percent right – now one wants the distraction.

  114. Espn is a plague on journalism and media in general. They ruin careers and regurgitate the same stories on a daily basis for sensationalism. Michael Sam on the other hand did himself no favors by drawing attention to himself because of his sexuality though and is also partly to blame.

  115. Sam played adequately. He did well enough as a pass rushing specialist, even though teams looking for something from a low round pick prefer versatility. That’s how come guys who aren’t as good as Sam are still on rosters.
    As for Eric Wood’s comments, he’s right but wrong. ESPN is in part to blame for no one wanting to take a chance on Sam, but certain other outlets also engaged in over-the-top hype on this subject. The problem is, people like reading and hearing about this stuff and ESPN (and NBC, CNN, FoxNews and the NFL Network, among others) knows it. Not hardcore fans like us, but the average person who makes up the rest of society. You thought the 120 million people watching the Super Bowl were hard core football fans?
    If you want to figure out the bigots, those insisting Tim Tebow is a quality QB while saying Sam isn’t NFL-caliber is a good start. Tim Tebow had no business starting in the NFL, much less being a 1st round pick.

  116. Que up Mike&Mike, The Herd, and especially VanPelt to spend hours denying ESPN had any effect on Sam. I can just hear Greenberg denying everything.
    ESPN jumped the shark on that Thanksgiving day when Mrs. Woods took a 5-iron to Tiger’s head. That is the day ESPN went from just sports to TMZ/Sports.

  117. The chance he deserves? He had that chance, it’s called the 4 years scholarship he had, it’s otA’s, training camp, scouting combine, making the decision to tell everyone he’s gay before the draft, do heterosexual players announce they’re heterosexual before the draft?

    He has only himself to blame, move on.

  118. Did it every dawn on the media boobs that this guy just may not be talented enough to play in the NFL. His lack of taalent may well be the reason he announced to the world that he was gay so as to put pressure on the NFL to draft him. I see many posting hear claiming he deserves a chance. First of all, he got a chance and second, why does he deserve any more of a chance than the thousands of other talented players that would like tko play in the NFL.

  119. Listen it’s always been this way. Unless your t.o., randy moss, or day Lewis type talent distraction = release. Even for two of those three their distraction caused their release after their production dropped off. Te is should still be in this league. I mean come on tarvarius Jackson, Christian ponder, Blaine gabbert, etc are still in this league then tebow who won more than the three combined should still be in the league. Production level is key.

  120. He’s not on an NFL roster because he’s not a good enough football player………….PERIOD!

    Maybe the CFL or Arena League is a better fit for Sam and his limited abilities.

  121. A couple of have brought it up, but I’ve only heard Eric Davis say this (and it’s accurate).

    Practice squads are usually staffed with:

    – 3rd string QBs
    – Back up 0-linemen
    – ST guys (whether they be DBs, WR or LB)

    Practice squads are usually leveraged for the starting QB injury (2nd string guy becomes starter, 3rd string guy on practice squad becomes backup because he knows the playbook) – ala Green Bay. And of course, when you have injuries on D. ST guys have to start on D, so practice squad guys move up to become core ST guys – and usually those ST squads suck. This exact situation happened with the Bears last year.

    So, it’s not surprising he didn’t make a practice squad. He’s an undersized, slow, relatively weak situational pass rusher that might play 10-15 snaps a game tops. If you are a 7th rounder and can’t play ST, you have little chance.

    If he TRULY wants to play in this league, he should commit himself to ST. Lose 15-20 pounds, increase speed and focus on that aspect. Heck, I’m sure he can train with Brandon Ayanbadejo. He played that role perfectly and made the gay rights thing his personal platform.

  122. My opinion of ESPN is they are suffering from what I call the hip-hop generation syndrome. It’s a syndrome where people can’t communicate to other people without being “hip” or acting like a wise guy (or gal).
    I’ve been watching ESPN since its inception when the only shows they broadcast were rodeos (I kid you not). As it grew, they brought in hosts who were veteran sports reporters and who had class and acted professionally.
    But once they started veering away from that professionalism and pander to the shock jock crowds by having their hosts become unfunny comedians and loud mouth blowhards, they became a farce.
    They are so full of it now that they can’t even run a highlight video of a game without having their hosts describe the action while trying to sound like a smart assed wise guy (or gal).
    Speaking of their women hosts, Tony Kornheiser was suspended a while back by ESPN because he made a remark about Hannah Storm’s dresses being too short and her blouses being too tight. What no one admitted was he was right.
    Look at the women on their shows. They look like they are dressed to go out to a bar and look for men.
    I’m a man, so I enjoy looking at them too, but the point is, you don’t see any ugly, over weight women hosting their shows, do you? Are they trying to tell us that there are no women out there who are not beautiful and are fat that don’t know sports? I mean after all, there are plenty of fat ex-jocks on their shows. And a lot of them can’t put a sentence together that makes them sound intelligent.
    So how hypocritical are they?
    It’s too bad ESPN gave in to that, because it really wasn’t necessary. They used to have it right.
    What they did was what the networks have done, allow their hosts to be part of the story instead of just reporting the story.
    Howard Cosell was the first to do that and Chris Berman made his career imitating him. Even Berman became an over-the-top buffoon and ruined his voice in the process.
    So, why is anyone surprised that ESPN, the networks, and sites like this are constantly bombarding us with stories about Michael Sam, who’s nothing more than a marginal player without a true position to play?

  123. Why single out ESPN?
    Seems like plenty of the Media can’t leave this alone.

    The guy definitely loves the attention though i.e kissing his boyfriend on National TV, doing the money dance after sacking Manziel etc. He should have just tried to be one of the guys and refused to talk to the media about anything other than football.

    Unless you are upper-tier talent, no team is going to want the distraction.

  124. A few points

    1st. Coming out as a gay man is NOT seeking attention. It was going to come out anyway because he has been open for years, I think he just wanted to do it on his own terms and not have some reporter sneaking around his windows.

    2nd. People saying he can’t play ??? Looks to me like in th elimited action he saw in pre season he did everything he was supposed too. 3 sacks in 4 games ?? isn’t that pretty good ? To sit here now and say he can’t play in the NFL is silly. When he hasn’t been given the chance. He looked like he can play to me.

    3rd. For all the bigots with the ” hetero’s don’t have to announce their straight” bs, I know this is hard for you to do, but try putting your self in the shoes of someone who is gay. Please try. I understand your probably just a bigot but give it shot. In fact try putting a rainbow bumper sticker on your car and where a rainbow ribbon for just ONE week and see how you feel after. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes please.

  125. Hardcore liberal here, totally agree with Wood on this one, but I also don’t buy into the whole “THE MEDIA IS EVIL” comments that always occurs on this site.

    If Sam would have either waited until after he made a team or retired it would have been much less of a deal, but there’s a stigma surrounding him now.

    That said, he’s a freaking awesome player and I hope he makes it somewhere after all this dies down.

  126. If he isn’t signed to the Rams practice team, the team that knows him best. It tells me he is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

  127. There is a complete disconnect between the media and the fans on this and a variety of topics including the use of the Redskins name. The media is continuously driving a narrative that is contrary to the views of the fans at large.

  128. The SEC defensive player of the year, who had as good a preseason as any rookie, isn’t even good enough to make the practice squad of a single NFL team?


    The guy worked his butt off, shut down every distraction as soon as it came up, and let’s be honest – the Rams didn’t suffer one negative effect from the extra publicity. Publicity that would have died down immensely once the first openly gay player ever turned into an average, non-headline-making player once actual play started.

    No excuse for some team not to pick him up. Plenty of teams need more defensive help, whatever their schemes. Don’t tell me he wouldn’t make the Cowboys better, for example.

  129. He came out because his college teammates already knew he was gay and wanted to make sure it wasn’t just leaked out there by the media. He found the courage to come out to the world and did. He didn’t do it for the publicity and there is no evidence to support that. The Oprah deal got offered after the fact and every last one of you are damn liars if you say you wouldn’t have jumped on any tv deal when you were twenty years old that could net you millions. Now I’m not gonna blame the media for him not being on the practice squad or blame teams for not picking him up because he is gay. Chances are he will eventually land somewhere. However, I can call out most of the people on here who post nothing more than evidence to their ignorance of the world around them in this day and age. The lack of empathy or even attempt of empathy is sad and shows me America still has a lot to learn regarding how to treat our fellow man. Ignorance leads to fear which ends up controlling your lives.
    These commenters make me sad

  130. You’d think sacking Johnny Football twice would have warranted someone picking up Sam on their practice squad. Doesn’t matter if it wasn’t against the first stringers. So yeah, the idea that Sam got Tebow’d makes sense.

    But, Tebow openly courted all of the media attention far more than Sam. The circus in NY was out of control. This idea that Tebow was persecuted for his faith is nonsense. I regularly see players cross themselves, point to the sky, etc., after scoring (as if …).

    If Sam gets signed by the CFL it’s a win/win. He gets to keep playing football and developing skills. The CFL gets publicity in the US.

  131. The “media distraction” excuse is a poor one. Is there any NFL team that doesn’t have media swirling around them all the time?

    Good luck to Sam, and every other player struggling to make a squad.

  132. ESPN has destroyed sports. It’s all about getting on the nightly highlights. Athletes today think that it’s more important to be well known than a winner and that’s because of espn.

  133. I think that if Sam’s boyfriend had taken a step back when Sam was drafted and refrained from hugging and kissing him at the announcement, it would have been less of a media circus. But the guy was ready to pounce the second the announcement was made, which turned it into an “in your face” moment publicized around the world. Announce you are gay and then shut up, get drafted, and go play football. I don’t blame ESPN, because they are just following the big news stories – that’s what they do. Ultimately, if Sam was a top notch football player the team wouldn’t care anything about his sexual orientation and he would have been a starter.

  134. Not sure if this was said, certainly have no come across it yet.
    I believe Kluwe has much more to do with this. Kluwe used the boneheaded comments of a few Vikings employees to assert that he was discriminated against. It is obvious that they parted ways with him because his talents were not worth the distraction he bvrought. For that they had to pay.
    Teams realize that they cannot police everyone in the organization and some guy in this testosterone filled environment is going to say something at some point which these guys are going to file away and bring up in a greivance to claim that there was discrimination.
    When Sam already seems to be headed the same direction as Kluwe in advocating for rights, they shy from the issue.
    When a team knows there’s a guy who is going to be firmly entrenched in the lineup and a starter, they will take the chance. But as Kluwe showed, if you bring a marginal player in and there are things said? When he is cut it is too easy for him to bring up the transgressions of a few in the Organization, who bring their beliefs from outside, with a claim of harassment atc.
    Kluwe with his greed and big mouth cost Sam a shot. Of course Sam did not help himself as he showed that he was heading down the same path with his agenda.

  135. Why do gay people find the need to tell everyone who they sleep with? I can see your proud I guess but it’s really not a big deal.

    Are they so excited because they may be doubling their wardrobe? That’s a nice benefit I guess. ….. I guess sometimes you need a shortstop who’s good with his own equipment. Lol

  136. It became a circus with Sam making out with his BF on live TV. Did we really need to watch that? Followed by the poor taste attempt at a shower story by the same sports network.

    They just can not get out of their own way when it comes to a story. Happens all the time actually.

  137. Re: “It would be nice if some team had the guts to give Sam the chance he deserves, but Wood may be right that Sam is paying the price for teams being scared of distractions.”

    No bias here. Sam got his shot and wasn’t good enough, period. Get over yourself.

    As far as distractions, Sam brought this entirely upon himself. He was the one that was going to have the reality show. The media was just all to happy to lap this PC garbage up.

    If Jadeveon was gay, he wouldn’t have drafted in round 7 nor would he have been cut.

  138. Why is everyone so negative? Just like sheep following along. Looks like ESPN was feeding the right grub to everyone after all.

    Sam can play. His story isn’t over yet. He can get to the QB, and he has the drive.

    Where was the distraction? Being a Ram’s fan, I didn’t see one.

    Many teams can use him- it’s kind of sad to see no interest. As long as someone is wearing your same jersey – you are brothers and are going to war together.

    “Potential Distraction” just doesn’t add up to me. Good luck Sam.

  139. curtopialivecom says: Why is everyone so negative? Just like sheep following along. Looks like ESPN was feeding the right grub to everyone after all.
    Sam can play. His story isn’t over yet. He can get to the QB, and he has the drive.
    Where was the distraction? Being a Ram’s fan, I didn’t see one.
    Many teams can use him- it’s kind of sad to see no interest.

    Sad? Why? As a Rams fan, would you rather have kept Sam on your roster than the kid who was faster, more versatile, and played on special teams? (How sad is that, that I know Sam’s name, but not the name of the better player?)

    If you were a GM on another team, which player would you cut in order to put Sam on your roster? Because that’s the reality.

    Honestly, I think YOU are the sheep being led along by the media. So many people here say he deserves another chance, and you appear to be one of them, even if you didn’t use those precise words. Why? Why does he deserve another chance? Because he’s gay?

  140. I expect this controversy will die down just in time for NFL Pink Month. The attention paid to things that have little or nothing to do with football is astonishing.

  141. No Mr. Sam ruined his chances of being in the NFL. He knew the media storm that would follow him. His family knew, his agent knew. It was just a gimmick. The kid’s a burn out. He’ll be on VH1 in no time and that’s exactly where he belongs. You want to be a professional? Keep your personal life out of the work environment. It’s that simple.

  142. It wasn’t just ESPN that made Sam a distraction , it was ALL media who did it! You can’t blame them though, that’s thier job & how they get ratings & keep thier own jobs! Besides , Sam is too limited in his production that he can provide for a team! He can only play DE & he’s an in-between player at that! He can’t play special teams or be a long snapper or do anything else ! Well, not enough to make an NFL team anyway! Just another good college player who can’t cut it in the pros! There are thousands of those guys out there just like him! Gay or not!

  143. ESPN is getting the attention here (and rightly so), but what about the NFL Network? This is a holiday weekend – lots of free time to watch TV. For the last 3 days, it’s been Michael Sam – all the time, most of the time. Non stop.

    By comparison, the Rams have a MAJOR problem, not only this season, but going forward at QUARTERBACK. The most important position in sports. Not 4th string DE. The Rams went from a wildcard contender (toughest division in football) to a ‘no chance’ with Bradford’s ACL. Instead, the focus about the Rams? Michael Sam.

    Also cut was Champ Bailey – one of the best DBs to EVER play the game. A first ballot hall of famer and 12 time pro-bowler. 12 TIMES! He was cut (as expected – he’s at the end of his career).

    Eric Winston was also cut by Seattle. Why is that relevant? Well, he’s only the president of the NFL Players Association.

    All three of these players/situations are significantly more relevant than a bottom of the roster 7th round draft pick who can’t do the one thing that 7th round draft picks are asked to do – play ST.

    It’s simple – you know what 7th round NFL draft picks do? They get cut!

  144. Let’s just say, for augument’s sake, that Sam is good enough to make a few teams. Let’s say those teams already happen to have a few semi-closeted players on their starting rosters (c’mon non-believers, it’s the truth). These franchisers must be protective of their existing players, especially is they’re important to the team and aren’t ready to be outed to the public – even if their coaches and teammates know.

    Adding Sam to those teams would also invite 100 the media coverage of people’s personal lives, speculation about that team welcoming gay players…resulting in the media relentlessly pursuing other players on that team and their personal lives to out them.

    I’ve heard the hundreds of jokes about how he’d be perfect for the niners, which is exactly why they can’t afford to take him. This is a club that is notoriously protective of its players and Jim Harbaugh – say what you want about him – would not potentially expose outing one of his players by adding Sam to the roster. Jonathon Martin? No problem, because the press had tired of that story line.

    And for the uninformed out their, Adderal is not only used as a performance enhancer, but also to curb sexual interest. Top players who the media already follows can’t risk being caught on camera with the wrong gender, so why not just curb the urge altogether? Ever wonder how Seattle got SO focused and SO good SO quickly? These two college coaches understand young guys today, and would rather protect their gay players than put out the message to stay in the closet.

  145. I really wish CBS, FOX and NBC sports channels get rolling a little faster, ESPN wants total control over the NCAA, NFL and any other sports they can corrupt and control, I am surprised though that ESPN can do what it does considering all the Yankee meat they have down their throat.

  146. The guy played the second most snaps of any Rams defender in preseason and was narrowly beaten out by Ethan Westerbrooks, who plays on all three special teams units. (Sam was only on kickoffs and wasn’t very good, a bad sign for someone with his skill set).

    If the distraction is a problem, and it is, then he should hop on the next plane to Montreal, suit up and dominate up north for a season and a half. There’s no shame in it and, most likely is his next best option, rather than waiting for a Taxi Squad spot.

    If I owned a CFL team, I’d have him in uniform tomorrow. He has great potential for the Canadian game.

  147. What team would want to go through the hassle every time the gay guy was not put in the game, draws a penalty, or a coach says he played poorly today? Nobody would. Your Liberal, self-serving sports media wrecked his career. But it’s all in the interest of getting views and ratings, isn’t it, ESPN?

  148. The Sam media circus reminds me of the Redskins name thing. People are getting really tired of it.

  149. Let’s get the facts correct before we condemn someone. For those of you that say that Sam did this as an attempt of some sort of sideshow is incorrect. If you recall, Sam came out to his teammates last year at Missouri before the season started. The reason that there was zero talk about this during his senior year was because his teammates and coaches kept that info to themselves so they were the only ones that knew.
    Sam only made this public before the NFL combine because he knew that it was going to be discovered. With all of the background checks and invasive cavity searches that these NFL teams do now to try to dig out every skeleton in a potential players’ closet, they would have found out rather easily of Sams sexuality. So at that point, he only had 2 options: get ahead of the story and reveal his sexuality publicly or, let the NFL personnel discover it.
    Could you imagine how much worse if that would have happened? If , like me, you are tired of hearing about this story, choosing the latter would have made this Sam story 10 times worse. I’m not saying that Sam is totally void of blame because of the reality show that he failed to tell the Rams about that they had to tell him to turn down, or him having parents with 5 and 6 year old kids watching the NFL draft explain why a man is kissing another man. As a parent, that should be done when I feel that my child is ready….not when Mr. Sam tells me to.

    With that said, I believe that Wood is correct and that the media that keep reporting on Sam, thinking that they are operating in his best interests are actually hurting him. There is no 1 player that is above the league and teams do not want that distraction.

  150. I don’t know, the fact that all the teams in the league did not put a claim in on him and that the Cowboys who are decimated on defense only got him on the practice squad tells me that perhaps….just a smidgen of chance here…that most talent evaluators think that he just doesn’t have the talent.

    I would like to know who was in the “NFL circles” that a report claims says he played well enough. Apparently nobody on the Rams thought so. Apparently nobody else in the league thought so other than the Cowboys.

    I didn’t see his other games. I only saw his first one that got such a glowing play by play article that you would have thought the second coming of Reggie White was happening. His first play “he made” DID NOT result in an interception. It resulting in an incomplete pass. His ONE tackle he “MADE” was only after he met a RB at the line of scrimmage, got run over, dragged three yards and manages to swipe the guy’s ankle before 3 other Rams defenders swarmed the RB under. He got a free run on a QB, completely whiffed, got back up to chase, got faked out of his pants, and then after that the QB made an incomplete pass only after the rush from the other side of the line got to him.

    Just because he got 3 sacks in garbage time against other bubble players doesn’t mean he’s good enough.

    Now he will get what he deserves in Dallas. He’ll get a chance to earn a spot on the roster on a team that needs depth at his position. He’ll get another shot, just like any other NFL long shot. If he doesn’t make it on the field for them, I think that will go a long way in telling you about his talent level.

  151. personally I’m still sic from having to see Sam kissing his boyfriend at the draft…. Sam choose to make this gay crap an issue

    I am sure Goodell “ordered” the Cowgirls to take him, just as he asked the Rams to draft him

    this said, the kid does deserve a chance……. though he does not appear to have NFL talent

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