Case Keenum out in Houston after Mallett trade


It didn’t take a crystal ball or a deck of tarot cards on Sunday to tell that Case Keenum’s time in Houston was just about up.

With Ryan Mallett arriving in a deal with the Patriots, Keenum looked like the odd man out. Adam Caplan of ESPN reports that the Texans have, in fact, dropped him from the roster to make room for their new acquisition.

The trade for Mallett gave the Texans four quarterbacks, Ryan Fitzpatrick had lots of starting experience before running the first team in Houston this summer and rookie Tom Savage a few months removed from being selected in the fourth round. Keenum was a holdover from the Gary Kubiak days and coach Bill O’Brien said recently that Savage was gaining on Keenum in the competition for the No. 2 spot on the depth chart.

Keenum made eight starts in Houston last season, completing 54.2 percent of his passes while throwing nine touchdowns and six interceptions. He could draw interest as the quarterback carousel takes another spin.

13 responses to “Case Keenum out in Houston after Mallett trade

  1. rajbais says:
    Aug 31, 2014 2:54 PM
    He’s a better backup than Charlie Whitehurst.

    What did Whitehurst ever do to be considered good???
    Clipboard Jesus

  2. Ya’ll putting Keenum down need to keep in mind that for a backup, A BACKUP, he is alright.

    9 TD’s to 6 INT’s and he only threw an INT on 2.4% of his passes, which is very good.

    Case had a 78.2 QB rating last season.

    Flacco’s was 73.1 last season.

    Two other seasons Flacco’s was 80.3 and 80.9 so not all that much better. That’s 3 seasons right around Keenum’s effort.

    Oh, Joe threw an INT on 3.6% of his passes last yr and he’s at 2.5% for his career.

    Again, Keenum is NOT a starting caliber QB, but for a backup, you can do worse.

    Eli Manning has had 5 (FIVE) seasons with a QB rating lower than Keenum’s 78.2 last yr.

    Eli tosses picks a lot more than 2.4% of his throws too… both last yr and for his career.

    Case’s a good young backup to spell you for a few games.

    If Case has to start all 16, you’d like better…

    OF course the Giants would have loved their QB to only throw an INT on 2.4% of his passes last season instead of 4.9% of his passes.

  3. Case Keenhum is the worst QB in Houston Texans history. 0-8 in his starts, the lowest rated qb in the league with the lowest completion pct in the league. Good riddance to this bum. Bob Mcnair fell in love with him and it trashed the Texans season, he will never see an NFL roster again. The guy had 8 games to prove himself and did nothing!

  4. Someone will pick him up as a Backup!QBs that actually play a few games seem to last forever as Clipboard toting Backups so Keenum will be OK!

    The Texans will still suck, Mc Nair is a Billionaire Boob that passed on VY, Reggie Bush and Johnny Football for Defensive Lineman as the # 1 choice!

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