Champ Bailey “fully healthy” and “definitely” wants to play this season


The Saints parted ways with cornerback Champ Bailey as they dropped to 53 players this weekend, leading some to wonder if this is the end of the line for a likely Hall of Famer.

Bailey has spent 15 years in the NFL, but was bothered by a foot injury this summer after missing 11 games for the Broncos because of a similar problem last season. That run of health problems and his failure to make the Saints paint a bleak picture for the 12-time Pro Bowler’s future, but Bailey’s agent Jack Reale says his client isn’t ready to hang up the cleats.

“Definitely, and he is fully healthy now,” Reale said, via NFL Media. “He had a plantar problem, which is resolved, but he just missed too much time for the coach’s evaluation to be complete and unfortunately in the last two games they didn’t throw at him, so he couldn’t show his stuff. He is fine.”

Teams are always looking for cornerbacks — the Jets come to mind as a team with a real need at the position right now — and Bailey’s resume is the sort of thing that makes teams pay attention when he’s on the open market. That won’t help him if he can’t stay healthy enough to be productive, though, and it certainly feels like the curtain is coming down on Bailey’s decorated NFL career.

47 responses to “Champ Bailey “fully healthy” and “definitely” wants to play this season

  1. Hang them up Champ and ride into the sunset healthy while you still can. You’ve had quite the career and will almost definitely be in inducted into the hall of fame. Much respect to one of the best shut down corners to play the game and an even better person.

  2. Oakland always takes old nfl rejects so why dont they grab Champ to go along with Woodson,they would make a great pair of greybeards in the defensive backfield.

  3. I’m healthy and I want to play…also a check wouldn’t hurt either. Check out my stats and holla at my agent. We are talkin madden, right?

  4. The Bears could add him, and it’s possible they wouldn’t even notice he arrived….

  5. He couldn’t stay healthy, he even hurt his hand when he finally played in the third preseason game. He may give a team somewhere 2 or 3 good games this year, but no more than that.

  6. Bailey’s problem is going to be the veteran money he will need to sign up with a team needing his talents. His agent can say what he likes but it will be hard for any team to take a chance on him so early in the season.
    We may see him a few weeks from now if a team faces a depleted secondary. Miami may be a good spot for him if they show any offensive improvement. They are currently suspect at both LB and DB positions. If they can mount any credible offense, he may help shore up the pass defense.

  7. These guys never know when it is time to go. Champ has had a great career, why would he want to tarnish it and embarrass himself, just for a couple more paychecks?

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong (as if I have to ask) but didn’t Ed Reed say something similar before the Texans gave him a 15 mill deal. We all know how that turned out in the end.

  9. father time is a real SOB and catches up to everyone. with that said no one can take away all the great games he’s had. retire with knowing you didn’t just hang on to get a paycheck

  10. The Jets need to sign him. I know he ain’t the same player he used to be but he can still contribute and everyone knows the Jets CB’s are a mess

  11. An old, injured Champ Bailey is still twice the CB that Patrick Robinson is. This was a bad move by the Saints. Champ’s experience, intelligence, & instincts would mean a lot to this CB group that has Keenan Lewis and then …..nobody. Hope they’re scanning the waiver wire.

  12. 15 years is a very long time for a defensive back, even at safety. It is a long time for anybody in the NFL except for maybe a kicker. He should have plenty of money from a long and storied career. These guys just don’t know when to hang it up. I understand that everything after football will be just a postscript to your life but with lots of money, you can do whatever you find interesting or fulfilling. I wish that I had had such an opportunity. He was a great player and will surely make the HOF.

  13. In order to play DB in the NFL, you MUST be able to cover receivers. The plain & simple truth is Baily CANNOT do that. Hang up the cleats, your time in the sun has passed.

  14. Skins fan and reminds me of what was given up for Portis. Lives Clinton and his toughness but horrible trade. What puts this in perspective though is the TWENTY year HOF career of Darell Green. Incredible. Both serious and comparable talents.

  15. Paychecks are good! I don’t understand you people who think he wound be “embarrassing himself” by getting a few more. Would you retire from your positions at the 7-11 because your Big Gulp pouring efficiency is suffering?

  16. Oh all of the sudden his plantar is “resolved”? A plantar isn’t as twisted ankle, it takes much time to heal. He’s done.

  17. Dunno how much the old vet has left in the tank. But the Lions could use him for a year. At the very least could help teach their young CB’s a thing or two.

  18. Come on over to the Bucs, and help us take the division from Saints. Not to worried about the Panthers. And Ryan doesn’t have his security blanket with Gonzales anymore.

  19. Champ. thank you for all the great years you gave Denver. Much appreciated. But dude, it is time. You are not the player you used to be. Bow out gracefully and know you were one of the best of all time!

  20. Healthy NOW, but hasn’t stayed that way in 2 years. If he could still play New Orleans would have kept him. He was great, past tense. His body isn’t going to get better during a 16 game season, it’s only going to get worse. Some team could pick him up if they are short at CB or safety (if he’d make the move) heading into the last few games of the season, but to expect him to help your team for an entire season and/ or post season is silly.

  21. The problem is that he’s not a starter. Back up CB’s should contribute on special teams and old players don’t do that. Hang ’em up Champ! BTW, the idiot that says that he should have remained with the Saints because he could bring a lot to the team is a moron. The Saints have the deepest and most talented defensive backfield in the game (yea, yea, shut up Seattle, let year is over). Also, coaches are paid to teach technique, and players are paid to play!

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