Chiefs extend Alex Smith


Alex Smith was prepared to pull the plug on contract talks if they ever became a distraction.  It never got to that point.

After an intense and largely secretive day of negotiations, the Chiefs and Smith have worked out a four-year, $68 million extension.

Per a league source, Smith gets $30 million guaranteed at signing.  Another $15 million in injury-only guarantee vests in March 2015.

Smith, who is still only 30 years old, was traded to the Chiefs last year for what ultimately became two second-round picks.  He performed very well in his first season with Kansas City, leading the team to the playoffs and having one of the best days of his career, which has become overlooked via the second-half defensive collapse that blew a 38-10 lead in Indianapolis.

Coupled with his 2014 base salary of $7.5 million, Smith gets $75.5 million over five years, an average of $15.1 million.

The first overall pick in the 2005 draft, Smith was regarded as a borderline bust until Jim Harbaugh arrived as head coach.  A very strong 2011 led to an equally impressive 2012.  But a concussion gave Colin Kaepernick a chance to play, and he played well enough to send Smith to the bench — and ultimately out the door.

Now, Smith has a contract that is much, much (did I say much?) better than the team-friendly deal that Kaepernick signed earlier this year.

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  1. Kudos to Smith and his agent……….never has a more mediocre QB been paid so much over the life of his career…..

  2. My Chiefs got smith sigbed for a reasonable deal. Way to go Reid & Dorsey. Great job. And you avoided a dreaded cutler type deal.

  3. This is why the chiefs aren’t going anywhere. Bad teams over pay and cycle players the good ones manage the cap. Alex , the cat of the NFL (9 lives) is not worth this money, and lucky to have a loser team like chiefs give up 2 2nd round picks and $10s of millions on a mediocre QB. Book KC for a max 6 win season.

  4. Over the past three seasons, only 17 of Smith’s 1,171 passes have been intercepted, giving Smith the lowest interception percentage (1.45) of any QB since the start of 2011. Smith also ranks fourth in win percentage over that span, trailing only Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady.

  5. Good for him. Alex Smith has become a better QB than a lot of people give him credit for. He’s a very good leader, he’s very accurate, & he doesn’t turn the ball over. There’s no question that I’d rather have Smith than Cutler.

    Unbelievable job by Jim Harbaugh in turning Smith’s career job.

  6. Jimmy Johnson approves of this extenze. He doesn’t need a ring of fame in Dallas, just make sure all players get extenzed.

  7. Good move. He’s one QB nobody really talks about but has the skills to make things happen. KC may be a team to watch this year. Almost put money on them in Vegas. I’ll be watching. Good for them. Not a fan and haters gonna hate.

  8. He may not be great and he surely didn’t get “Great” Qb money…but ask any fan of a franchise where they have had to endure a revolving door of QB’s for an extended period of time…having that security is nice and well worth the investment. Plus no one is fooled. That offense lives and dies with Charles.

  9. Smith has turned into a pretty good QB, but that’s not “pretty good QB” money. This is an utterly insane deal in every conceivable way. It makes the Flacco deal look sane.

  10. Now go enjoy 4 yrs or whatever of MEDIOCRITY Chiefs fan. And you wonder why TEAMS like these you never see challenge for a Superbowl.You get down by couple of SCORES and this kat DOESN’T have the ability to bring you back.

    The chiefs were RANK 21st in the league on OFFENSE last season .On passing OFFENSE they were rank 24th just 7 positions from DEAD LAST . but hey.. lets go give the guy that produce that BIG money.
    You can dress Alex Smith up and put lipstick on him he is still chucky the backup doll.

  11. SF going to be heart broken when the realize Kapp is gonna fall flat. If you can’t sit in the pocket and read a defense you are not a QB. Alex Smith is a real QB. Anyone who wants to watch a great youtube video on Alex Smith, type in the alex smith story. SF fan wishing the niner’s never got rid of him.

  12. milkmandanimal says: Aug 31, 2014 7:55 PM

    Smith has turned into a pretty good QB, but that’s not “pretty good QB” money. This is an utterly insane deal in every conceivable way. It makes the Flacco deal look sane.

    uh no it doesn’t

  13. Now THIS is a contract that is reasonable. Flacco’s got his with superbowl momentum so can’t jump on him or his agent for knowing how to abuse timing.

    However Romo? Dalton? Kaepernick who just became a started a couple of years ago? Their contracts are crazy. This here isn’t, Alex earned it.

  14. Chiefs got a bargain if you compare to the QB market inflation.

    He’ll get less than QBs who play at the same level as him like Cutler, Kaep, Stafford and Dalton, all close to 20-million dollar men.

  15. Smith is now the lone-member of the middle class of QBs contract-wise given that the Rams will get rid of Bradford’s awful contract and the 2004 trio (Eli, Ben and Rivers) signed before the inflation.

  16. Heckuva QB twice dissed from the Niners. And for what? Kapernick has been figured out; great athlete but diminished going forward. Had the NFL been good with other than pocket passers, it would have been figured out long ago. Get it people. Look: Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Andew Luck, Aaron Rodgers. This is where it’s at. Pocket passers. Look at these: Donovon McNabb, RGIII, Geno Smith, E.J. Manuel, Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel. How long do they last? Oh, let’s count Super Bowls? Get real folks.

  17. Harbaugh is going to get the SF fans ire quick. All thought he was this great coach, but it’s more clear to the SF fans that Harbaugh is a zilch for picking Kapp over Smith. Do you think a zero TD pre-season is a fluke? Not! Look out. The fumble/run/interception machine is gassing up.

  18. I fail to understand the hatred for Smith. Granted the guy was a borderline bust for a few years-I think largely as a result of a revolving door of coaches and OCs.

    Through it all though, guy has managed to carve out a respectable NFL career and from what I have heard out of both SF an KC is a pretty decent guy. Face it, is he a Manning/Brady level talent? Nope, but he is capable of delivering solid QB play and winning you some games. If KC gets 10-11 wins every year with him starting I am pretty sure they will not be complaining about “having” to pay him $17 million a year.

  19. SF gave away the better QB? Alex has been in the league twice as long as Kaepernick. Yet Kaepernick has already played in the SB, averaged a HIGHER QBR rating than Alex and quadrupled the amount of playoff victories in Alex Smith’s ENTIRE career. Kudos to Alex on getting paid, great person, but above average QB.

  20. Kaepernick has played 1.5 seasons compared to Alex’s 9. Smith completely sucked for 6 years at the start of his career. He was terrible and it wasn’t just the team/organization. He actually is really lucky he had that excuse because he could learn how to get better under that cover. I think I will Kaepernick a little more time before concluding he can’t pocket pass. Kaepernick also has more road playoff wins than Montana and Young combined. He was one of the greenest qbs ever to start a Super Bowl and came within one throw of beating Seattle in Seatlle, the team that destroyed Peyton Manning on a neutral field.

    I never really warmed up to Alex as a 49er fan. He just doesn’t seem to have that determination to win. He is satisfied with mediocre results and padding his stats.

  21. The Chiefs’ record this year will be more a reflection of how their OL and WR corps hold up, than an assessment of Alex Smith’s chops as a QB.
    Bottom line is that they will win the games they
    ought to win and be very competitive in the others.

    As for Jim Harbaugh’s Lazarus capacity relative to qbs, the real challenge is Rex Gabbert–Harbaugh had a lot more to work with when he tutored Alex Smith.

  22. And this is why I have a considerable amount of money on the CHEFs season win total. Oh dear, did I just mention gambling and the NFL?

  23. A lot of money for average, but the money NFL teams make this is pocket change. The Chiefs may become like Cincinnati make the playoffs regularly but that’s it.

    How many QB’s improve at 30 ?

  24. I think if you gave Alex Smith 4 tries at goal-to-go in New Orleans, he (and the rest of the team) would be wearing a ring. I don’t know if he would have been good enough to beat Seattle, but he could have done that much against the Ravens.

  25. Have you haters not been watching Smith over the last 2-3 seasons? He’s been in some big games and performed very well. But of course you guys will only bring up his early career where he was repeatedly put in difficult situations.

    And this is coming from a Ravens fan.

  26. I’d say this is a good move for the Chiefs. When you look at the league, the importance of the QB can not be understated. There’s only a handful of top tier QBs, and that handful is spoken for. The second tier is pretty good, but there’s only a handful of them too. Smith has shown to be one of them. After that, the quality drops dramatically. Pinching dimes here would prove to be a disaster.

  27. Looks like the Chiefs haven’t learned from their recent history…and history has a way of repeating.

    Like Smith, they gave up upper-round draft picks for Matt Cassel. I remember that Cassel initially looked pretty good for them (even going to the Pro Bowl) before the bottom fell out. And now that Smith has had a decent initiation with K.C. and has pocketed a ton of guaranteed coin, I fully expect a Cassel-like deterioration (even with Charles as their RB).

  28. So happy that the Hindenburg, Fat Andrew Reid,
    is in KC. Best of luck Chief fans.

    dang, that’s mean … funny though!

  29. All the “game manager” comments are funny. Guess what, not throwing picks is kind of important.

    Smith is better than Kap and I’m afraid SF fans will be made painfully aware of that this year.

    Having said that, KC had a ridiculously easy schedule fueling them last year; not so much this year. They won’t even make the playoffs.

  30. Thats alot of money for just a very average NFL quarterback. I guess we will have to wait atleast 5 more years before we will have any hope of a Super Bowl visit. A game manager such as Smith isn’t going to get us there. In the really big games he just doesn’t come thru.

  31. The structure of the two contracts tells me that Smith is viewed as a much more accomplished quarterback than Kaepernick.

    Kaepernick got a contract that says the team doesn’t really think he’s worth serious money but, on the off chance that he turns into a QB, they’ll pay him.

    Smith won in the end…..

  32. Pleassse just stop it with the Smith is worth the money and better than Kap talk. He has had THREE 300 yd gms in 10 yrs. (eagles, Buffalo, Colts) Guess what all those teams had in common, they were TERRIBLE on D.(all ranked 20th or higher) Colts last yr gave up 900 yds and 10 TD in two playoffs gm.

    AS average 6.5 per pass last yr that’s horrible!!!! No receiver last yr had 100 yd gm until the playoffs. And he played with a full deck of healthy receivers and the easiest schedule in the league. If he doesn’t have what Russel and Kap have which is great D and a running gm he is average. Running gm and super D hides his flaws, it’s no excuse to have Dwayne Bowe and he puts up the second worst stats EVER in his career. No receiver has EVER had 1000 yds with AS under center.

    And y’all talk about Kap… Kap has accomplished more than AS in 1.5 yrs as starter than AS has in 10.

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