Cornerback-needy Jets claim McFadden

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s “we can’t do any worse so why not give it a shot?”  Or something.

Per multiple reports, which PFT has confirmed, former Browns cornerback Leon McFadden has been claimed on waivers by the Jets.

The 68th overall pick in 2013, the Browns selected McFadden one spot before the Cardinals picked Tyrann Mathieu.  The choice was made by former G.M. Michael Lombardi, who now serves as a consultant to the Jets’ most hated rivals, the Patriots.

McFadden appeared in all 16 games last year with two starts.  He now bolsters a depth chart depleted by injury and the bizarre circumstances surrounding veteran Dimitri Patterson, who was cut on Saturday.

25 responses to “Cornerback-needy Jets claim McFadden

  1. Saw this coming. Needed someone and the guy has spent the summer learning a system that should be very similar (Ryan, Pettine). Also still young with upside. Very glad Idzik didn’t go in the opposite direction with Bailey (a total Tannenbaum move)

  2. Oh and nice job with calling who the Jets pick up trash when he was drafted but these vets let go being picked up by other teams and there is no such comments.

  3. One man’s trash is right.. he single handedly lost us the Patriots game last year that we had in our hands in the final 2 minutes.

    Rob Chudsinski can blame this cat for loosing his dream job

  4. McFadden was responsible for 80% of the Browns defensive penalties and 45% of the receiving yards given up.

    Nice pick-up!

  5. You guys are talking like he is a seasoned vet that has been in the league a while. He was an early 3rd rounder, and cut after 1 year. I repeat! Cut after 1 year. I know a lot of great players who had bad rookie season. I mean a lot.

  6. Is it any wonder the Patriots win the AFC L east every year? The Jets and Bills are looking for starters at QB and CB at the end of pre-season.

  7. Idzik is running the show, Ryan is just a puppet. I know Idzik wants to do it the Seahawks way, through the draft. The Jets are, in my opinion, depending if Geno is as good as he looks? It all depends on that! If Geno can play at a high level?!! Big if!!!’ But if he can!? We have the O line, and with that D line! The Jets are one or two pieces away from winning!

  8. Cornerback needy???? Didn’t they have some all-world guy named Revis on their team? Who by the way now plays for their divisional rivals/enemies!

  9. In addition to what I said above.. for those of you saying “how can we cut him after 1 year..”

    It wasn’t that he was bad.. it was the way he was bad.

    He is SUPER sloooow
    Constantly penalized bc he was beat almost every play and had to hold..

    He was a terrible Lombardi pick

  10. McFadden is a penalty machine. Under the new rules, no team can afford to allow him on the field. If he plays every down of one game, he will set the NFL record.

  11. Meanwhile, at Belleview hospital the morgue has noticed a missing cadaver being wheeled out of the freezer in a Jets uniform. As the vandals ran down the hall with the gurney they were heard to yell ” I’m not Rex Ryan, by the way, I like your feet!”

  12. @bobby927

    No cornerback is worth 16 million a year, I’m glad he’s gone, he’s the Patsies problem now. If anything, the Jets should have restructured Antonio Cromarties contract.

  13. The way the league is going it doesn’t matter who your cornerback is. There will be a flag thrown on 90% of incomplete passes anyway.

  14. The NFL has gone way overboard on the defensive holding penalties this preseason. It has made the games unwatchable at times and crappy DBs like McFadden look even worse when the refs are looking for a reason to flag you.

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