Jerry Jones: I don’t plan to put Jimmy Johnson in Ring of Honor

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Jimmy Johnson, the coach who led the Cowboys to two championships before leaving the team after a falling out with owner Jerry Jones, has said that he has an assurance from Jones that he will eventually be inducted in the Cowboys’ Ring of Honor. Jones apparently doesn’t recall giving Johnson any such assurance.

In an interview on Outside the Lines, Jones became visibly agitated when he was asked about Johnson, and Jones said he has no intention of giving Johnson the Cowboys’ highest honor.

“I don’t have plans for Jimmy to be in the Ring of Honor. The criteria that I’m interested in have more to the guys that were on the field making the plays,” Jones said.

If the Ring of Honor were solely for Cowboys who had made plays on the field, Jones’s comments would make sense. But former Cowboys coach Tom Landry and former Cowboys G.M. Tex Schramm are both in the Ring of Honor. So why no space for Johnson, who twice hoisted the Lombardi Trophy along with Jones, and whose personnel decisions played a large part in a third Cowboys title after Johnson left the team?

Jones doesn’t have any real answer to that, other than that the decision belongs to Jones, and Jones doesn’t think Johnson is worthy of the Ring of Honor.

“To have that kind of recognition for a coach, I know that’s there, on the other hand, I get to make that decision,” Jones said.

The bottom line is that Jones doesn’t want Johnson getting too much recognition, because Jones wants the credit for those three Cowboys championships in the 1990s. Giving Johnson a permanent place in Jones’s football palace would be a little too much like giving Johnson the credit for building those championship teams. And Jones would rather have that credit for himself.

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  1. Jones proves once again it is all about him. Owners like Kraft understand you can’t let personal animosity, especially animosity that arose between strong willed individuals, trump history. That’s why Ty Law is in the Patriots HOF and Logan Mankins will be as well after he retires. I don’t particularly like Jimmy Johnson as a person but he was a great football mind and coach and deserves the honor.

  2. I hope Jones inducts himself into the ring of honor for posting so many 8-8 seasons. Truly, an incredible feat.

    Best part is that he’ll go up and introduce himself with a funny joke, run back to his chair get up and wave. Walk to the podium and stand in front of it while he shakes his own hands. Then go up and thank himself for giving himself the opportunity to be consistently average for so long.

  3. I’m a Bills fan, so JJ’s achievements came at our expense and I’m thus not a huge fan of his, but how the heck can they keep him out of the Ring other than for Jones’s pettiness and vindictiveness. Mind-boggling….

  4. Is anyone really surprised by this? Jones’ insecurity, his inability to share the spotlight, and his irresponsible handling of the Cowboys have run that franchise into mediocrity (at best) and consistently right out of the playoffs.

  5. And this is why the Cowboys will never win a Superbowl in Jones’ lifetime. In fact, don’t be shocked if the Cowboys finish below .500 this year.

  6. Last paragraph summed it up perfectly. Everyone who has ever paid attention to football knows that Johnson built those teams in Dallas. His player, his philosophy, his system. Even the 3rd they won was only because the roster was still all of Johnson’s players. Jones will never admit that, and wants people to believe (and probably believes himself), that he was the driving factor behind those teams

    Jones is a good, not great owner. He has no problem spending money, if anything, he loves doing it. Exactly what you want in an owner. But he also wants the story to be about him as much as about the Cowboys. Exactly what you don’t want in an owner

    However, he is probably the worst GM in the history of the NFL, and seems to be getting worse year after year

  7. Jerry is all about loyalty, and, right or wrong, Jerry feels Jimmy betrayed him.

    Jerry has not been stellar as a GM in the post-Jimmy era, but, to be fair, he has also not been atrocious. Given the zero sum nature of wins and losses, a .500 record puts him right at the median of GMs over a large sample size.

    Jerry is very human, figuratively speaking. He has passion, and is loquacious, ballsy, very generous and full of spirit. But Jerry’s also clearly carrying a deep wound he believes Jimmy played a major, if not entire, role in creating.

    If I’m Dallas fan (or a fan of any other team for that matter), I cringe that some guy can accumulate wealth, buy a team and just make himself essentially “un-fire-able” for the indefinite future.

    Jerry has been the GM for a quarter century and counting, with no end in sight, and appears to have it set for his son to take the reigns somewhere down the road.

    The Jones family may be running that team our grandchildren’s grandchildren are going into senior care. That has to be tough for the proud Cowboy Nation after so much amazing success from the mid-60’s to the mid-90’s.

    That stated, I find Jerry to be likable, admirable and charming. But even though Jerry may be a good guy, it would be hard to not want more results out of your GM — and that fact the GM is “un-fire-able” has to be chilling, depressing, frustrating to many who love the team with the star on the side of the helmet.

  8. This is about two egomaniacs: Jones, who is desperate for everyone to acknowledge that he was an integral part of those championship teams, and Johnson, who can’t stand to share even a bit of the glory with him. The sad part is that neither has had much success without the other, and that no one sees that the most important part of putting those teams together was that there was no salary cap. If they needed a player, they went and got him. Johnson couldn’t do that in Miami, and had a mediocre team, and the Cowboys’ record speaks for itself.

  9. I hear Jerry is going to annually induct himself every year.If he could he’d change the Cowboys to the Dallas Jerry’s and his face would replace the star at midfield.

  10. What a ungrateful & jealous bastard!! If not for Jimmy the Cowboys would be the Cleveland Browns literally! Jerry is the definition of a piece of s#it human being.

  11. Jimmy Johnson is a blowhard. Highly over rated. Just ask any Dolphins fan of which I am not one.
    I’d like to see Jones put former Vikings GM Mike Lynn in the ring. He’s the one who made that early 90’s cowboys team possible.

  12. As a football fan and a student of football Jimmy Johnson one of the most underrated coaches of all time and definitely in league with Vince Lombardi-Jerry Jones not so much, not even in the same universe. No one thinks of Jerry Jones like Jerry Jones does.

  13. .
    As Bill Parcells once said, ” you are what your record says you are. * Jimmy has his record. Jerry too.

  14. It would be one thing is Johnson was an unproven coach who was promoted to the NFL. He made those teams at the U as he did in Dallas.

    He knows how to build a team and it has shown in two different formats.

    It is and will ever be, Jerry’s party and he hand writes the invites.

  15. As long as the Redskins continue to give up their future for Mediocre QBs and Jerry continues to run the Cowboys, things will be okay. I couldn’t be happier.

  16. The more I learn about Jerry’s character the more I think him and Manziel were made for each other. Neither have a shred of humility, and both the largest egos in Texas (which is really saying something). I can’t believe he passed him up, and still think JFF ends up a Cowboy someday.

    As to Jimmy Johnson – he has more football knowledge in his pinky than Jerry could ever hope to have.

  17. Honor lies in honest work ….. can Jerry Jones really deny Jimmy Johnson because of his own vanity? The worst deluded are the self-deluded. It’s not too late to right a wrong.

  18. This is just one more sad commentary on Jerry Jones’ pettiness. Switzer only won the little that he did by riding Johnson’s coattails.

    How good a coach was Jimmie Johnson? Well, he was good enough to run Tom Landry AND Don Shula out of their jobs and that’s some elite-level talent when it comes to coaching.

  19. While Jones had a not of success in his first ten years owning the team, it has been going on 20 since their glory days. While Johnson did not coach as long nor has the mystique around him that Landry did he deserves to be in the ROH — he was as much the architect as anyone. Johnson, Aikman, Smith and Irvin will all go down as Cowboys legends in any Cowboys fan’s mind!

  20. Jerry still can’t deal with the fact his college room mate was better at the business of running a football team than he ever will be!

    The Cowboys are in large part worth what they are worth, built on the foundation of what Jimmy built………………..Jerry has been riding on those coat tails for years. Well that and peddeling his “America’s Team” line.

    Jerry is more interested in running it like, sell everything and anything football just gets them in the door and puts it on TV.

    He did do a nice job on the Stadium gotta give him credit for that.

  21. Now that my friends is what money does to the ego. I don’t particularly care for either Jimmy or Jerry, but taking a team to 2 super bowl victorys is important stuff. Mike Holmgren is NOT in the ring of honor at Lambeau but we did name a street in the stadium district after him as a courtesy.
    I think Jerry should have said nothing. What he did say sounds like sour grapes.

  22. Jones owns the team and is never going to put others in the limelight ahead of himself. He feels the power and puts himself as almost a god. If he was around during the hayday of Rome he would be another Nero.

  23. Yup Jerry, you’ve been doing amazing without jimmy. The delusion is proven year after year running the plug romo out there. You have Garett as your head coach just because he’d never question anything you say

  24. Well, it’s Jones’ Ring of Honor and he can keep Jimmy Johnson out if he wants. He can also take out Roger Staubach and Emmitt Smith and put in his mother-in-law and his plastic surgeon.

    However, nothing’s going to change the fact that the Cowboys won their 3 ’90s Super Bowls because of Jimmy Johnson – if Johnson had never left the Canes, the Cowboys would only have the 2 Super Bowl trophies Tom Landry got them and the 49ers would probably have 7 Super Bowl trophies at this point.

  25. The only ring Jerry Jones belongs in is a circus ring.

    Johnson deserves a place in the ring…

  26. Jerry, If you are not going to put Johnson in the ring for excellence, then may I suggest you turn it to the ring of mediocrity? Then you can add the Ginger and GM.

  27. he is so delusional about his knowledge of how to build a team. he and Snyder are great for each other. what he ought to be doing is self reflection and say I suck at this. a smart leader knows his own limitations and gets the best he can get to fill in for his Inadequacies. he should be saying I haven’t won one in almost 20 years, what was the difference, ohh yeah I wasn’t making the decisions then. this is why they will continue to be 8-8 or worse, because he wants the next splash player and not interested in making a team

  28. Looking at the Cowboys schedule this year. Aside from a game vs St Louis, which with Bradford out now becomes an easier game for the Cowboys, and a split against a terrible looking Giants team, I see no wins for this team this year. Here’s a question. If the Cowboys don’t win more than a couple games this year can we finally put Jerry Jones in the Matt Millen category? He’s terrible.

  29. Jerry Jones has proven he doesn’t know how to run a team. I am pretty sure I could do a better job than him. All Jones hires is “yes” men. It’s sad many Texans can’t bring themselves to even watch the Cowgirls anymore. He has ruined America’s team. Sadly he doesn’t give a flip.

  30. Everytime this guy brings his ring of honor up as some type of personal kingdom achievement….- the press needs to tweek JJ. I would love to see him go off every once in awhile.

  31. I give Jones credit for one move, hiring Jimmy Johnson. Letting him go was criminally stupid. Then hiring a buffoon to replace him was idiocy times two.

  32. There isn’t a day that doesn’t go bye that Jerry isn’t saying something to the media. I mean how much attention does this guy need.

  33. I have been a Cowboys fan since Dandy Don was quarterback. Jones is by far the worst owner, the biggest buffoon, the biggest jerk and #1 ego maniac in all of sports. The Boys will never, EVER see success as long as Jones and his son are involved. And that is just fine with me because I, along with so many other Cowboys fans, just don’t care anymore.

  34. What Jones can have credit for is causing the Cowboys to lose a shot at four straight Super Bowl wins. Cry as he might, credit for those three Super Bowls will always belong to Jimmy Johnson. Jones is the only person in Cowboyland who doesn’t seem to realize that.

  35. I love the guy who said they will “probably” finish below .500. Ha, They had an all-time worst defense and then they lost the top players off that sad defense so its more like that will prob finish below .250

  36. I love listening to losers who didn’t make the lucky sperm club….look in the mirror at some of your own selfish decisions… or if you are spiritual…take the spike out brothers!!!

  37. Just think plowboy fans, if this idiot could have kept his ego in check, your boys might have won 2 or 3 more during the glory days. Shoot, Switzer was even able to win one with Jimmy’s team before he screwed it all up in typical Switzer fashion. The doughboys will continue to be bad as long as the geezer is making football decisions.

  38. As a Cowboys fan, this constant Jerry Jones barrage of news is making me sick. What we are clearly dealing with here is a man going senile, and the media eating it up with a silver spoon. Much like the NFL should have stepped in and demand that Al Davis not be involved in football decisions, we have now reached that point with Jerry. Between the bathroom pics, Orton/Ratliff, the Adrian Peterson situation, and now these rantings of an old bitter man, he should not be in the position of making any decisions that are impacting a football team and by proxy the careers of all of his employees.

  39. Alas, despite his failings, the Cowboys are the highest valued franchise in the NFL and that is what Jerry cares about first and foremost.

  40. Neil O’Donnell had more to do with the Cowboys getting the 3rd Super Bowl than Jerry Jones.

  41. What a Jerk, it was Jimmy’s teams that last won anything for the ‘Boys. I think most Cowboy fans would just wish he would go back to AR. Proves having the money doesn’t always mean anything. A once great ball club has passed its days.

  42. I’m the furthest thing from being a cowboys fan, but you’ve got to give Jimmy Johnson the credit, being the head coach, for three consecutive Super Bowl wins.

    Every single NFL fan who can appreciate the history of the game knows this.

  43. Jerry Jones is the reason why Dallas will never amount to anything ever again. The star has now become the Cowboys only relevancy. Without it, within’ this decade, they are no more accomplished than the Jacksonville Jaguars of the league.

  44. It’s certainly been working out great for you since you essentially fired Johnson in the middle of perhaps the most dominating run for a team in the modern NFL. The Cowboys are exactly .500 since 1996, lol. The Cowboys, from America’s team to the definition of mediocrity.

  45. A long time Dallas resident, I was at the game when Landry, after 10 years of having nothing to do with Jones and the Cowboys, agreed to be inducted into the Ring of Honor. Many legends, Ring of Honor and HOF recipients were on the dais, including Roger Staubach. As each spoke the cheers grew louder. Then, as Jerry step forward to present Landry the boos were so loud as to drown out everything he said. To this day Dallas still considers him a punch line.

  46. Jones is no different than guys like Richard Sherman, Rex Ryan and Terrell Owens. Outwardly brash and confident, inwardly insecure and self-doubting. JJ can’t bear the thought of receiving less than full credit for the success of the ’90s. It is actually a little sad.

  47. Jones may be the owner on paper but it’s the fans who buy the tickets and ultimately have the voice about who their heroes are. Season tickets holders especially need to let their voices be heard, as Jones needs to get the message that they can stop supporting a franchise at any time, whose owners is a petty individual with a God complex. Of course, Jones has no respect for the Dallas fans either and dismisses them as a necessary means to an end…so, the ball is really in the fan’s possession!

  48. here is the problem with that Jerry. You haven’t done a damn thing since Jimmy and the players he picked left.

    You have taken a proud franchise and turned it into an ongoing seasonal joke. All because you are an incredibly insecure egomaniac.

  49. Of course not Jerry, for Jimmy is only responsible for guiding your team to SB’s. Hey, then how’s about placing photos of you in comprising photos with women young enough to be your grandchildren around the ring of honor instead? Those R honorable right?

  50. Without drugs and alcohol those Cowboys teams would not have won anything. Teams like the 90’s Cowboys aren’t around anymore the league made sure of that.

  51. Not a fan of this team, but Jimmy needs to be in the ring of honor. Maybe the Vikings logo belongs there too.

  52. Jethro strikes again! He’s turning into All Davis Light before our very eyes! Sad that an insecure, ignorant yahoo with billions can run a once great organization into the mediocre zone! They may as well be the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Browns!!

    Jimmy was a Football genius, Jethro is Rich!!!

  53. The only coach Jerry has had worthy of the honor was JJ. With that said if winning a Super Bowl is a requirement for a coaches name to be on the Ring of Honor Jerry Jones will never put a coach in the ring of honor as long as he runs the team although I won’t be surprised if he put himself up there.

  54. Jerry Jones should be eternally thankful for Jimmy Johnson. Without Johnson’s Herschel Walker trade, Jerry’s sole claim to fame would be as the owner who fired Tom Landry (one of the all time great HCs) in a disgraceful manner.

  55. I read something many years ago, I wish I remember who was being quoted or who wrote the article to give them credit, but it is as true as it ever was. To paraphrase, “The issue with Jerry Jones is that he expects when the Cowboys win a Super Bowl, the team will carry Jerry Jones off of the field on their shoulders.”

  56. This is laughable of Jones but it reveals what a small minded man he his. Jimmy Johnson was the right coach for that team, no offense to Barry Switzerland but the reality is Barry won the Super Bowl with Jimmy’s team and some credit should go to Neil O’Donnell.

    The Cowboys have not had any success since Jimmy left. Period.
    If Jerry had his way it would be his own name engulfing the entire ring of honor.

  57. Jimmy Johnson is the reason the Cowboys won all those superbowls in the 90’s and Jerry Jones tried to take credit for it.

  58. I know this is going to irk some Raiders and Browns fans but the Cowboys literally have the most loyal fan base in the world. We constantly deal with a mediocre team and we know full well what the problem is. 20 some QB’s, 10 or more head coaches but 1 GM. He is defiant, refusing to ever give up that part of the business. We know things will never get better yet we sit here, year after year and deal with it. All out of loyalty.

  59. Maybe this is the reason for the team’s lack of success since Johnsons left…

    Obviously Jones isn’t the football guru he pretends to be or they would have been more successful in the years since those last championships…

  60. I can totally imagine Jerry Jones putting himself in the ring of honor. That’s just the sort of guy he is. And the older he gets, the more he starts to resemble what Al Davis had become by the end: Bitter, making crazy decisions on strange whims, everything being other people’s fault, etc.

  61. This article (below) is Reason #999,999,999,999,999 why I despise JerryJones.

    It was JimmyJohnson — NOT JETHRO — who deserves the credit for those 3 Super Bowl wins in the 90s.

    We’ve seen Jerruh’s incompetent decision-making (piss-poor drafts, idiotic trades, cap-unfriendly contract signings, dumb coaching hires, and the like) after he stupidly fired The Real JJ.

    And the numbers don’t lie. Without Jimmy’s players, The DallasCowboys have won a whopping ONE playoff game.


    Skeletor is the only ONE who is in denial.

  62. Wanted:Multi billionaire in the Dallas area to purchase a once proud NFL franchise from a neglectful owner who is now only interested in nonsense.Apply forthwith.Serious buyers only.

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