Jimmy Johnson says old boss “comes across as a rich a–hole”

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It’s clear that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones doesn’t want former coach Jimmy Johnson getting too much credit for winning Super Bowls.

And it’s just as clear how Johnson feels about his former boss.

Bob West of the Port Arthur (Texas) News apparently tried to broker an interview between Johnson and Don Van Natta for the recent ESPN magazine story on Jones, to no avail.

But Johnson made his feelings known to West after reading the piece.

“About like I expected,” Johnson said in an e-mail. “Jerry comes across as a rich a–hole.” 

Jones has always been more partial to “glory hole,” but it’s obvious these two have no use for each other.

It’s almost like there was a little too much testosterone (or something) in the room for these two to ever co-exist for long.

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  1. Jerry can’t escape the fact that despite his non-football business success, he’s been an absolute flop as an NFL general manager while Jimmy was an outstanding head coach. Jimmy orchestrated the Cowboys’ 1990’s SB wins; Jerry merely signed the checks. End of story.

  2. Jerry is a desperate 71 year old who acts like he’s 18.

    Time for manchild Jerry to hand it over to his son and ride off in the sunset..but he won’t.

    And the Cowgirls ride on..

  3. Jones should put the Vikings in their ring of honor. Let’s face it, without the boneheaded trade for Herschel Walker,, Dallas probably wouldn’t have become team of the decade.

  4. The more press he gets or Tv time he gets the biggers his ego gets….who cares…the players and their fans know who was the brain behind those teams…Jerry take your billions and get a new wig and another face lift.

  5. Speaking for Eagles, Redskins and Giants fans everywhere, may Jerry remain in charge of all Cowboys decisions for the next twenty years.

  6. Jimmy isn’t exactly the most likable person. But he is a peach compared to Jerry. How long before the NFL does to Jerry what the NBA did to Sterling? Pretty sure Roger Staubach could put together a group to buy him out. I loathe the Cowboys, but this is getting ridiculous.

  7. All the credit should go to Johnson. He made all the moves and draft picks. Jerruh has been a disaster as a GM since he took over so to try and say he was part of the reason for building those super bowl teams is a joke.

  8. Neither of those guys will ever win an award for modesty.
    Two very large egos, no organization could contain both.

  9. Jerry is a petty egomaniac. I wonder what he is going to say when he puts himself in the Cowboy’s Ring of Honor. He wasn’t on the field either.

    As a huge Eagles fan, I thank God every day that Jerry Jones owns the Cowboys. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

  10. I am a Cowboys fan and have been for years. It doesn’t matter what Jerry says, Jimmy was the one who orchestrated those super bowl wins and everybody with an ounce of common sense knows it. The win with Barry was with Jimmy’s leftovers. Jerry is making a complete fool of himself, and the Cowboys are the laughingstock of the NFL now. There is nothing Dallas fans can do but wait on Jerry to die and pray that Stephen knows better.

  11. Ironically, I think Jones would actually get more credit by taking the high road and highlighting Jimmy’s extraordinary accomplishments – even admitting his mistake in driving Jimmy out.

    By opting for the current path (an untenable position in the court of public opinion), it actually makes Jones look much much much worse. Jones come of as petty, insecure, narcissistic and butt-hurt.

    But if Jones had built Jimmy up, Jimmy might have actually have a kind word or too for Jones. And it could have been a big kumbaya moment — but I think it’s too late for that now.

    The toothpaste is out of the tube. The genie is out of the bottle. One can’t unring the bell. Spilled milk. Lots of metaphors are out there to underscore that Jones didn’t just misplay the Jimmy break-up, but he’s misplayed all the years since in the context of Jimmy.

    Jones, as shrewd as he may be in other contexts has really blown it in basically every move from 1994 onward. Public perception is that Jimmy was the KEY cog in assembling that Dallas juggernaut of the early to mid 90’s, and that Jones was little more than a passenger along for the ride.

  12. When Jimmy Johnson was around, the Cowboys kept winning and the entire league feared the Cowboys.

    Since Johnson left and Jerrah took over as GM, the Cowboys have kept losing and they’ve become the biggest circus west of the New York Jets.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  13. 1) Jerry Jones comes across as a ‘rich a-hole’ because he IS a ‘rich a-hole’

    2) How to be a good owner – pick the right people, sign the checks and GET THE HECK OUT OF THE WAY

    R. Kraft

  14. The late great Tom Landry was too classy to ever verbally voice something like that about Jones (despite the classless way he was fired) but I think the fact that his widow says that he rooted for the Giants in his last years speaks volumes.

  15. Jimmy Johnson is the man. He made the Canes a dynasty, and he would have made the Cowboys a dynasty if it wasnt for Jerry Jones ego. Dumbest decision every made in the NFL was firing Jimmy Johnson.

    Jimmy built the Cowboys because he was a great talent evaluator and built a great team.

    While i admire Jerry Jones for not throwing any of his players under the bus, ala Jimmy Haslam, its one of his faults.

    I sense the Cowboys are on the country club plan of accountability. When you keep around a coach that keeps making bonehead decisions, and a QB that can never win clutch games, theres no sense of urgency for anyone else.

    Jimmy Johnson should be on the ring of honor.

  16. Go back to when they won the Switzer Super Bowl….they are on the podium and Jerry literally snatches the Lombardi trophy out of Switzer’s hands!

  17. Translation of the pic above:

    Jerry: Jimmy you are gonna give me credit to the media right?

    Jimmy: with his pissed off face above thinking to himself, you didnt do jack to win these Super Bowls, Jerry.

    Jerry: Without me Jimmy, you wouldnt even have this opportunity.

    Jimmy: Jerry this isnt gonna work

    Jerry: ok you’re fired.

  18. Johnson has never won a SB without Jones, and Jones has never won a a SB without Johnson.

    I don’t think you can really blame either one alone.

  19. I’m a Cowboy’s fan, and I personally am not really fond fond of either one. However the non-stop bashing of Jerry by some is funny, as is the praise they give Johnson. I say this because most of those fans (non-cowboys fans) were the ones who bashed Jerry AND Johnson back when he was coach of the Cowboys. Everyone who bitches about him being too involved tend to answer their own bitching and questions of why he involves himself so much and pushes himself up-front. Should be obvious to some of you when you say Jerry has NOTHING to do with the wins and it was ALL Johnson etc etc…

    The fact of people not willing to give him credit if they win, but if they lose whether he is in the “spotlight” or not he will get blamed in some way shape or form. In that case he probably feels media publicity with him actually IN it and not just his name being thrown around is the better choice. I personally could care a less as I won’t just abandon the team I like, because they are not winning the superbowl every year. Want to bash Jerry? Sure anyone can and will most likely do so if that is what they want to do. The Jerry bashers are just taking the opportunity to suddenly “back” Johnson because it suits their current bashing, if he were somehow the Cowboys coach again he would be in the bash list with Jerry. How someone can sit there and say Johnson did it all and not Jerry is beyond me. If all you people bashing him think he should just sign checks as the owner then he should get credit for building the team and winning. Facts are that Johnson couldn’t of built that team without Jerry on the other side of Johnson. In reality of they made a good owner/team combo whether they liked each other or not. Lastly when it comes to those players (ones Jerry and Johnson put together) I personally feel they should get a large sum of the credit . There is much more that could be said and personally I think I have typed far too much already, and I apologize for that.

  20. Only because he IS! And a fool as well! Garrett has just proven to me that he’s as worthless as an HC as he was as an OC. COACH? He’s a cheerleader at best!

  21. Jimmy always was perceptive.

    Jones is not with the times. His Cowboys have been woeful on defense seemingly forever. His offense is erratic in recent seasons. He hasn’t fielded very good teams since Switzer was there. He won’t give up control of his team to current football minds which is regrettable since he doesn’t have one.

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