Jones would spend a lot for a Super Bowl

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In a lengthy video profile of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to bookend the lengthy written profile of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, the man in charge of America’s Team talks among other things about the lengths to which he’d go to achieve ultimate glory in America’s Game.

“You wouldn’t want to see the size of the check that I would write if it would for sure get the Dallas Cowboys a Super Bowl,” Jones says.

That attitude reconfirms the importance of a salary cap to the ongoing competitive balance of the league.  If/when the spending ceiling ever went away, guys like Jones would try to buy a Super Bowl win.  And then others would join in.  And then teams that don’t make the same amount of money wouldn’t.  And then the better players would end up with the teams spending like crazy to compete.

And then football would become baseball.

The NFL caught a glimpse of life without a salary cap in 2010, when the league reportedly told the teams to respect certain unwritten procedures that operates to cap the otherwise uncapped year.  It’s no surprise that the two teams run by the men most driven to secure multiple titles — Dallas and Washington — were later smacked by the league office for treating the uncapped year as being actually uncapped.

It’s still unclear whether the unrestrained ability to buy players would result in a team that would achieve automatic success at the highest level of the sport.  The NFL has no interest in testing that theory, however.  Even if Jones would surely love to give it a try.

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  1. He can still write a large check to get a real GM. That is not covered by the salary cap.

  2. And then football would become baseball.

    You mean how the Yankees and Red Sox win every year and teams like the A’s and Rays can never compete? Wait…

  3. Yes, let’s ignore the fact that the Giants owner was the one doling out punishment against his rivals in that case and blame the greed of Jones and Snyder. I’m no fan of either of those men, but when Mara is pulling the strings in the NFL front office and using his influence to damage his main competition, that’s a far bigger issue. If you want to clean up ownership, I’d suggest starting with the corrupt Maras and working your way down to Jerrah and Snyder.

  4. Well, we already know how poorly he hosted the Superbowl. Did those people who bought seats in the bathroom every get their money back?

  5. Pretty ignorant cheap shot at baseball, there.,.

    Please expand on your statement. I would like to know how not having a salary cap helps a sport….

  6. I was attending a college football game last year when during a break in the action someone brought up the name of Jerry Jones.
    Though most were complete strangers to each other, I was really surprised on how everyone voiced dislike for this man. I guess it means that he should clean up his act.

  7. Please expand on your statement. I would like to know how not having a salary cap helps a sport….

    The only way a salary cap works in sports is if their are no guarenteed contracts.

  8. We caught a glimpse of this in the early 90s when the NFL decided to be “lax” with enforcing the cap, because if they did enforce it – then popular teams like the niners and cowboys would’ve had their rosters wiped out.

  9. It’s nice to know that on this site you can make a well thought out post about Jerry never having been big on signing big name free agents and it gets deleted while numerous comments whose sole content is ” Duhr, Jerruh is teh sucks” get t0 remain. Its tough enough for me to type as is with retinopathy blurring my vision. And then having to deal with you guys bias is enough not to frequent here any longer.

  10. As a Dallas fan of over 30 years, I am neither surprised or pleased to hear this. It’s in fact terrifying, as it indicates exactly what so many people have joked about:

    1) Jerry is a Clownshow of a GM.
    2) he is running (or is that ruining??) this team like a FF draft.
    3) he is confusing desire and intent with skill and discipline.

    I understand that the fallout with Jimmy Johnson haunts him to no end, and he is convinved if he somehow manages to win a SB trophy without Jimmy, it will validate Jerry was correct. He’ll get to feel like he finally gets the credit he thinks he so desperately deserves.

    Unfortunately, he hasn’t learned a damn thing, certainly not that SB winning teams are built through great drafting, leadership, skill, and a little luck. You CANNOT buy a championship team. It didnt work for the Eagles (dream team), Pats (Moss), or the Seahawks (vs Pittsburgh).

  11. What have the Patriots done since spygate? The same as the Cowboys. Neither team has won a superbowl in the last decade. The Cowboys will win another Superbowl because the team is getting much younger and building the team on the OL and DL where all great teams start.T.Smith, T. Frederick and Z.Martin on the OL and the DL is currently a work in progress.

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