Pats get only a conditional 2016 seventh-round pick for Mallett


There apparently wasn’t much of a trade market for quarterback Ryan Mallett.

Despite talk that the Patriots might get a mid-round draft pick in trading Mallett, they gave him up today for only a conditional 2016 seventh-round pick. That’s what the Texans gave up to acquire Mallett, according to ESPN.

It’s unknown what the conditions are, but the deal likely includes provisions based on Mallett’s playing time or how long he remains on the Texans’ roster, so that the Texans could end up sending New England a sixth-round pick if Mallett becomes Houston’s starter.

Bottom line, teams just weren’t interested in giving up anything of real value to acquire Mallett, whom the Patriots drafted in the third round of the 2011 NFL draft. A late pick a year and a half from now isn’t nothing, but it’s next to nothing. And that’s what the Patriots settled for.

In Houston, Mallett will be reunited with head coach Bill O’Brien, who coached Mallett as an assistant in New England. O’Brien may see something in Mallett, but Bill Belichick didn’t see enough in Mallett to make him worth keeping, as long as the Patriots could get anything of even moderate value in return.

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  1. This is essentially getting him for free. The writing was on the wall. I really like Mallett and I think it’s rad that he’s avoided all those “character concerns” that made him fall to the 3rd round. That said, Jimmy G looks like Taum’s replacement, and while Mallett was serviceable, Garappolo looked too good. I hope Mallett can shine in Houston. Even if he doesn’t, it’s not like the Texans lose anything.

  2. If the Patriots wanted something better than a conditional 7th, they should have traded Thomas Brady. I’d say hes worth a fourth, maybe even a conditional third!
    Brady can really produce in an extremely micromanaged dink and dunk offense that covers for his rag arm and inability to read defenses.

  3. 87hollywoodhorn says: Aug 31, 2014 5:48 PM

    If the (…random stupidity…) read defenses.
    Please don’t breed.

  4. Where are the clowns at saying Houston was gonna give up a 2nd rounder or Andre Johnson at?

  5. Just one more question colonel Jessup…
    If Bill is so smart and is such a genius, why would he have to cheat to win?
    Wouldn’t a genius know what the other team was going to do before they did?
    Answer the question…

  6. They better hope Tommy stays healthy. That rookie that they wasted a 2nd rd pick on – is not too good. What’s with Belichek wasting these low rd picks? Desperately reaching to find Tommy’s replacement.Big mistakes!

  7. All you genuises chirping now, look back at your cards from Manning/Leaf Or Bledsoe/Mirer.

    Or the first five rounds of Brady on the board.

    Sometimes, you have to realize a mistake and move on from it.

  8. Belichick is a draft genius. He transformed a 3rd round pick and years of development and work into… A conditional seventh-round pick! Brilliant!

    Not many people like to say this (especially in NE), but the Patriots have drafted SO MANY busts in the last 5 years that you can only wonder how many years of dominance in the AFC East they have left. Of course, the rest of the division is a mess, but you can’t help but wonder what will happen when Brady retires. Hate the guy, but he has done so much with so little to work with.

  9. Texans still trolling for someone’s reject. That’ll do the trick! Big mistake not taking Vince Young number one out of college. Mistakes like that come back to bite you in the butt. How many teams haven’t made the SB? This one never will with other teams rejects.

  10. This is what sets Belichick apart from other coaches

    Other coaches have ego and pride that prompt them to keep players who don’t deserve a roster spot (lest fans here assert they “can’t draft”)

    He will give a roster spot to an undrafted free agent rather than keep a highly (well 3rd round) drafted player, which is why he has great teams ( not that using a 3rd round pick to have a backup QB for 3 years is a waste – thank goodness Brady stayed healthy.)

    As Mallett would have likely been cut, by trading him even for a 7th rounder Belichick keeps him out of his division.

    Smart move.

    If Mallett becomes a starter he joins Cassell, Hoyer, and Brady as one of FOUR QBs drafted by Belichick to become starters our of 32 teams – and if Garoppolo joins those ranks it’s FIVE!

    Which is of course cited as evidence that Belichick “can’t draft” by the haters.

  11. It’s funny how Belichick is still regarded as a genius, even though they have won zero superbowls since spygate. I guess video taping other teams practices and signals really did help them.
    Either way, the pats tainted dynasty is over. The Seahawks dynasty has just begun.. #12thmanisheretostay #dynastybeforeyoureyes

  12. It’s the going rate for 26 year old quarterbacks with 1 completed NFL pass in their career. All that crap written about trading Mallett Head for second round draft picks.

    A “CONDITIONAL” seventh rounder. Probably has to win League MVP next year to make it c0me into effect.

  13. In 2014, getting anything for a guy that was going to be cut is better than nothing. Too bad the only thing the Pats really got for that third round choice was a cheap clipboard holder for a couple of years. Garoppolo showed more potential in his worst quarter of football this preseason than Mallett did in his best quarter over the past three years. That being said, as long as Brady stays healthy, all the potential in the world won’t matter for Jimmy G.

  14. Aug 31, 2014 6:04 PM
    Belichick is a draft genius. He transformed a 3rd round pick and years of development and work into… A conditional seventh-round pick! Brilliant!

    Not many people like to say this (especially in NE), but the Patriots have drafted SO MANY busts in the last 5 years that you can only wonder how many years of dominance in the AFC East they have left. Of course, the rest of the division is a mess, but you can’t help but wonder what will happen when Brady retires. Hate the guy, but he has done so much with so little to work with.

    Wrong. We know how many of our draft picks have been “busts” so lets not say we don’t admit it. On the other hand, we’ve taken a lot of players unsigned or from a practice squad that has helped us to continue winning every season. So, that said, Belichick is still awesome.

    Love Mallet, but the Pats had to get at least sometbing in return for him.

  15. Sign me up for the O”Brien in over his head club. Really do not understand this deal especially since pre-season is over..

  16. The Pats draft maybe worse than any other team in the league. That team has bust after bust after bust. Brady has allowed them to get away with it sort of but I really can’t see them hoisting another Lombardi during Brady’s window.

  17. Sounds like a very good deal for the Texans. Pats had to trade him or lose him at the end of his contract this year. At least they got something for him. Mallett’s concerns were character issues but I do not remember hearing about a single issue since he was drafted. He has plenty of skill but he may not be a mensa candidate. If he understands his new offense the Texans may have acquired a very serviceable pocket passer for a throw-away pick–but would need to sign him long-term or lose him after this year.

  18. Hate to burst your bubble, but it’s a 7 th round pick that can conditionally become a 6th round pick if Mallet plays 40 % of the snaps. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a feeble attempt to be critical. It’s not the Pats that traded for a QB thats had 4 snaps in three years.

  19. They must really like Garapollo. That’s as close to giving a guy away as you can get.

  20. canetic says:
    Aug 31, 2014 6:26 PM
    When was the last time Belichick came out ahead in a trade?


    LeGarrette Blount says hi.

  21. That’s just the way the league works these days. Pats only wanted to carry 2 QBs, everyone knows that. They drafted him as a developmental QB and got 3 years as a backup to Brady, then got what they could instead of nothing.
    He’ll be a backup in Houston (at least at first), which means Keenum’s gone. I like Keenum’s attitude, but he never really showed much.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Mallet and Savage get playing time this year, considering the Texans situation.
    Only people looking foolish are the ones that were screaming for Houston to trade Johnson for Mallet; and the ones think Brady’s washed up.

  22. Mallett was definitely not a wasted pick. A backup QB is somebody you hope to never use, and fortunately they never needed him. He would have walked after this season anyway, and Jimmy G has looked good as the new backup QB so far.

    Ignore the haters. New England has made it to the third playoff round or better 8 times in Brady’s 12 seasons as a starter. No other QB in the salary cap era comes close to that.

  23. Love reading all the Patriot haters patting themselves on the back.

    Patting oneself on the back or other means of self reassurance is of course almost always a sign of worry. In this case that worry is warranted. I mean we are talking about the team that has won more games than any other team this century and more SBs than any other team in the last 20 years…and for the first time since the season of their last championship it appears they have a defense.

    If you’re a Patriot hater…UH-OH!!!

  24. I think Bill is pretty happy that Mallett became expendable.

    His options were – keep him on as the #3 for this season and let him walk as a free agent

    Or – dump him off right now for what he can get and use that roster spot on a position player.

    This all became possible because of hitting on his #2 pick this year, yet trolls are rejoicing that he can’t draft.

  25. As for Mallett… he was dealt because he was beaten for his job. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Nice to see BB let the kid get a shot somewhere else that he will never get in NE as the 3rd string QB…

  26. Pats fans thought the Texans’ front office could be robbed blind the way the Pats robbed Tim Ruskell blind with Deion Branch.

    In the words of the great philosopher Nelson Muntz, “HAAAA-haaaa!”

  27. canetic says:
    Aug 31, 2014 6:26 PM
    When was the last time Belichick came out ahead in a trade?


    LeGarrette Blount says hi.

    1 1 <<<<< as expected an ignorant Patriots hater boasts their ignorance with the thumbs down.

    It really is amazing how little Patriots haters know about the NFL…on second though maybe it isn't.

  28. @JoeSixPack

    “If Mallett becomes a starter he joins Cassell, Hoyer, and Brady as one of FOUR QBs drafted by Belichick to become starters our of 32 teams – and if Garoppolo joins those ranks it’s FIVE!”

    Ummmm… NONE of those QBs are ANY good outside of Brady. Castle and Hoyer BARELY beat out ROOKIES.

  29. The only reason Houston traded for Mallet instead of waiting to try and claim him off waivers is because Dallas was in negotiations to trade for Mallet.

  30. Mallett stunk of the place. It didn’t help that he stunk it up when he replaced Brady in a regular season game against the TEXANS a couple years back.

  31. “The New England Patriots are the gold standard franchise of the NFL”
    —-Shannon Sharpe


  32. Rams should have traded Sam or done the same deal. Anyone got a legit thought on what the Rams should do?
    I never ever thought I’d recommend Mark Sanchez for anybody, but I think he’d be the best fit for the Rams with his skillset. Plus he’s still young, and maybe a better offensive coach could get something out of him.

  33. As a Pats fan BB Got three years out of Mallet as an inexpensive backup, (decent insurance is never cheap) I would not call it a waste of a 3rd round pick even if all they get is a low 7th round pick.

    That honor belongs to Kevin O’Connell, a 3rd Round pick in the 2008 Draft who could not catch on anywhere, BB definitely deserves raised eyebrows on that one.

    The bottom line, as a couple astute posters have pointed out that this is all possible because it “looks” like BB got this year’s 2nd Round choice of Jimmy Garoppolo right.

  34. @joesixpack

    About those QB’s you listed… they all suck, plain and simple. It’s the offensive system where these QB’s thrive, nothing more and nothing less. Brady just has a few more intangibles (Pocket Presence, Leadership etc.) that make him who he is. And if you are grading BB on that, then Brett Favre will become the next Coach/GM genius. Hasslebeck, Brunell, Brooks, and Rodgers all backed him up, they only went on to have careers that included a SB title, a Sb appearance, a few Championship game appearances and playoff success, more than what your four-some has to offer (outside of Brady, of course). If that 3rd round QB would have panned out they wouldn’t of had to spend a 2nd this year on one, and used it to shore up the aging core of their offensive and defensive interiors. I know, I’m a biased Bills fan, right? While I may be a Bills fan, I will always be a football fan first, and from a football standpoint, the Pats lost, and have lost on more than one occasion when it comes to those “genius” draft trades/picks. Once Tom and Bill are on the same timeline, as once Tom retires, Bill’s success will cease to exist.

  35. I doubt it, actually highly doubt it, but I wonder whether this was a “Thanks for your years of service, good luck” trade from BB to his minion, BO. In a league where teams would trade the left nut of every player on the team just to have a franchise QB, I can’t believe that Mallett on garnered a conditional late rounder. I like Mallett, I always have since his freshman days in Maize & Blue (yes, Mallet first enrolled at Michigan before transferring to Arkansas; he left after Lloyd Carr was replaced with Rich Rodriguez at UM, bringing along an offense that was not suited to his strengths) all the way to Brady’s personal assistant. I think Mallet has the chance to be a franchise QB. He has the size (6’6, 245), the arm strength, and now the knowledge of how to be a QB after watching one of the best ever execute ahead of him, and having a football genius coaching him. That doesn’t mean he will be a great QB because accuracy has always been a knock on him, but he certainly has just about all the elements needed to reach that level. If Mallett reaches his full potential, this trade could go down as one of the best steals ever & could completely change the fortunes of the Texans. If Mallett reaches his ceiling, he could win multiple championships; if he doesn’t, eh, it was only a seventh round pick.

  36. A lot crying and whining on each NE thread. The only time I’ll worry is when the trolls stop wringing their hands with frustration. NE will always contend no matter who is at the helm…and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  37. I swear you could toss a bunch of popcorn to a flock of pigeons and the birds would have more football knowledge than the Pats haters do.

    But that’s why they have cried, gnashed their teeth and pulled their hair out for years thinking they actually know something about football while Belichick keeps the Pats winning like a machine.

    Here’s a clue. Belichick flushes more football knowledge every day after his morning sit down than the Pats haters here collectively have.

  38. “Bottom line, teams just weren’t interested in giving up anything of real value to acquire Mallett…”

    So the thing we all said when presented with this situation seemingly once a week for the last year? Glad that’s settled.

  39. Any of you people talking draft genius stuff are kidding yourself, if the NFL put stock in 6th or 7th rounders, they would have drafted them earlier, its a crap shoot, like they really thought Brady would turn out this good.

  40. Love the haters here, the Pats have managed to have the best record for drafting players (Bleacher Report 2013) look it up. That is especially interesting because they are always one of the last teams to draft, unlike the really crappy teams like Seattle that have done so poorly they have had several years to pick first. Smile, trolls troll because they are scared. Can’t wait to see the smiles when the Dirty Birds fail this year. Be nice now, we all can’t be winners.

  41. BB, Mallett and O’Brien are frauds IMO…

    as are Kraft and the Pats

    still don’t see where Pats have won anything since being caught cheating, or where BB has been a winning coach w/o Brady, or where Kraft has any integrity whatsoever

  42. “NE will always contend (??)no matter who is at the helm…and there’s nothing you can do about it.??

    Pretty short memory on this one. Look it up, pats were AFC East doormats for decades.

  43. SHAZZAM – What a trade!! – Conditional 7th rounder IN 2016?!?!

    Wow, Bill Belichick – you are SOME dealmaker….! IMPRESSIVE….. Way to hold those cards, “Mr. Vegas”…..


  44. In the end Mallett was nothing more than serviceable Brady insurance which thankfully was never needed. He was never the heir to Brady.

    The compensation the Patriots got for someone of Mallett’s profile, skillset and experience was appropriate.

  45. What’s strange is that NE could’ve gotten more for Mallett when the Texans were looking for QB help post-Schaub. So yeah, the trade market dried up one week before the start of the regular season once starters were established. Oddly bad move by Belichick.

  46. No matter the circumstance surrounding who got what in this deal,Ryan Fitzpatrick has yet to hold onto a starting job with any team. Mallett can’t do much worse. He will start eventually. I hope he does well. It’s not like the Pats are the first team to cut bait on someone and not get much in return

  47. All the fools attacking Belichick must be betting big that the Pats don’t make the playoffs, never-mind win the super bowl. Talk is cheap. Come on boys and girls, bet against the Patriots winning (not the spread) every week and bet on the team(s) you think will win the super bowl before the season starts. You’re chicken, aren’t ya.

  48. Losing your job to Garoppolo > losing your job to Tebow. At least Mallett can say that.

  49. No matter the circumstance surrounding who got what in this deal,Ryan Fitzpatrick has yet to hold onto a starting job with any team

    Only judging what I saw in Buffalo- Fitz is or was definitely a serviceable QB. Not a guy that can take you to a SB, throws too many Ints but he does have some talent….

  50. LOL, did you become a fan on the Pats in 2007? Dumpster fire for 40 years before they lucked into Brady.

    Yeah the Parcells/Carroll Patriots were really terrible huh?

  51. last time I heard this much caterwauling was over Jim Plunkett, only then it was warranted.

  52. Bill got market value (clearly, no other team wanted him so he would have went to the Texans for nothing if cut) for a player he did not feel earned a roster spot. It is that simple.

  53. Man, after reading all of these anti-Belichick posts, it is amazing how many potential Warren Buffetts there are in PFT land just waiting to cash in big on their investment betting against Belichick. Maybe PFT can have a spin-off financial website, PFT$. Then again, you guys are rich already from betting against the stock market during Obama’s presidency.

  54. BB is now relying heavily on Mike Dumbturdi in personnel evaluations. And this trade proves it. Pats fans, grab your parachutes!

  55. Can some of the “haters” tell me which other GM has drafted even THREE QBs who are starting in the NFL right now – which only has 32 openings?

    Whch would be FOUR if Mallett takes over as starter?

    FOUR out of 32. Surely if Belichick is as bad as everyone says there must be a GM out there who has drafted 5, maybe 6 starting QBs?

    Because Belichick is just AWFUL at drafting… right?


  56. @tigerlilac,, Good post! I’m not a Pats fan but this was a classic Patriot move that anti Pats fans like to swag crap about because they like to hate. The patriots almost NEVER pay any player after their rookie contract is up regardless of postion (Brady being the exception and he took a home team discount). See Logan Mankins trade. Belichick runs a system where any player can be plug n play and the system/team is successful. For the most part it seems to work and he fields a winning team over and over. Hoyer did his rookie contract and got lost because future planning they drafted Mallet. Now its mallet’s turn to move on but they got a draft pick and are now prepping Jimmy G. Its all part of his system. I wish my fave team was as consistently successful as Belichick’s

  57. Bill is a great coach, but an average GM.

    He lost value on Mallett, gave a 3rd but could only trade for a 7th.

    Washington must learn the lesson if they still want to trade Cousins, something they would’ve done already if RG3 wasn’t an injury prone holding them.

  58. So many teams are all or nothing with the starter. Once the starter drops who are they going to have as a backup? Truth

  59. DaveKShape says:

    This is essentially getting him for free. The writing was on the wall. I really like Mallett and I think it’s rad that he’s avoided . . .


    Rad?!? really . . , rad?

  60. O’Brien knows how to coach QB’s. He did wonders for McGloin at Penn State. I’ll bet he makes Mallett into a serviceable QB until they can draft a top notch one.

  61. @tigerlilac.. I’m betting alright! On the The NFC Team! I’m an AFC guy too! Let’s face it. Whoever wins the NFC well most likely win the Super Bowl!

  62. Win / Win….

    Mallet was going to be a free agent next year so Pats at least get SOMETHING for him… Texans spend a Mr. Irrelevant type of pick and get a QB that OB is comfortable with….

    Win Win.

  63. Nobody loses in this trade. Mallet barely made the Pat’s roster, Texans gave up a 7th rounder which hardly ever amounts to anything.

  64. I’m stunned! This is so simple yet not one reporter or commenter mentioned what really happpened and why Belicheck won this trade. the Bills, an inter-division rival, were trying to trade for him for a while now. Belicheck isn’t going to drop a quality QB in a rivals lap. He would otherwise have had to expose him to the waiver wire, where the Bills would have grabbed him up in a heartbeat. Now, this way, he controls where he lands. It’s just that simple.

  65. Pats used to always look like the smartest guys in the room when it came to drafting/trading for draft picks. Not anymore. Meanwhile, Caldwell down in Jacksonville managed to swindle Harbaugh out of a 6th round pick for BLAINE GABBERT.

  66. Haters can hate but Bill Belichick is a true genius. Mallett has served as a backup to the greatest of all time QB, Tom Brady. He got limited chances because Brady is simply so good and remained healthy. Playing as a backup to Brady is no disgrace – it is a privilege, eg Cassell, Hoyer and others.
    Bill has been proctive in acquiring Jimmy Garoppolo as a backup and rather than hold back Mallett, Bill has helped to find him an opportunity in Houston.
    Thank you Ryan Mallett for serving the good people of New England. You were QB insurance to a very great man. Best wishes are extended for your new opportunity – hope to see you play. The Patriots are simply a class organization.

  67. I’m not a Patriots fan but all you haters on the Patriots are one thing….jealous! I know I am but at least I’m real about what they are…a dynasty. They have consistently contended for over 10 years even with player turnovers and will contend this year. Has your team?… The answer is no. So while all you sour grapes haters keep hating on the Patriots they will keep contending. So who really does have it better? I would have to say Patriots Nation

  68. The only thing worse that can happen for BB is for Mallett to become a successful starter and Brady go down early in the season. But they always were smart enough to protect Tom with quality lineman like Mankins….oops.

  69. “Bill is a great coach, but an average GM.”

    Bill is a great football mind who has had more off and on-field success over the last 15 years than any NFL coach or GM. His owner’s team was recently ranked second in the NFL in value (I can remember when they were near bottom). Attempts to belittle his achievements, even by categorizing the various roles he fills, is a foolish exercise. Like all of us, he should be judge in his totality. I live in a city that has had the good fortune to have had many great players and coaches in all sports and Bill and Red Auerbach are on our Mt. Rushmore.

  70. This site and Patriots haters can spin it, dice it, slice it, yuk it up, talk about it anyway they want…but the reality is there was zero chance the patriots were ever going to get anything more than they got for Mallett.

    The only way those odds were above zero is if he had a real “audition” in real NFL games ala Cassel in 08. I think all Patriots fans would prefer a full season of Tom over that scenario.

  71. Bill is a great football mind…..Surprised he has time for football with all the texting he’s been doing. Will Mr. Hernandez be part of your Mt. Rushmore?

  72. Really all this comes down to is that Belichick was probably more interested in keeping Mallett off the waiver wires and away from an AFC East team than adding a mid round pick.

    Smart move.

    Overall, consider that a good NFL backup these days costs about $3 million a season.

    Mallett (and now Garoppolo) cost about that much for their entire 4 year rookie contracts!

    Instead of clogging up the salary cap with that figure each year, Belichick has used a 3rd and now 2nd round draft pick which costs him the amount other teams pay PER SEASON for the ENTIRE 4 YEAR CONTRACT

    Meanwhile in drafting a capable backup, not only is he saving about $12 million in cap space over a 4 year contract, he’s also able to go with 2 rather than 3 QBs on the active roster – allowing him to use the cap savings and the roster spot to fill another position

    Most fans of other teams just can’t comprehend this – but they don’t need to. Belichick does.

  73. Haters gonna hate, but that does not change reality.

    As far as the Pats record against “a weak AFC EAST”, The Patriots’ winning percentage against AFC East teams (.750) is virtually identical to their winning percentage against everyone else (.745).

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