NFL doesn’t seem inclined to press Jerry Jones tampering charges

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It’s clear that there was an unfortunate conversation between Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

But it doesn’t appear the league is inclined to do anything about it.

Peter King of The MMQB writes this morning that there’s no sense the league is going to press for tampering charges, since the general impression is the General Manager was too “tipsy and waving his arms” for it to have been an actual football conversation.

That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, and that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have happened.

But on the scale of NFL justice, it doesn’t seem like this one is going to get anything more than a call to remind him to be careful what he does with his cell phone.

Kind of like Brett Favre.

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  1. Without doing much research into the matter, I get a sense of INCONSISTENCY from Roger Goodell and the NFL. I just took a quick look at Josh Gordon, Ray Rice, Aldon Smith, Bill Belichick, now Jerry Jones. Wondering what will come down on Jim Irsay, if anything. The penalties, or lack there of, tells us something about Goodell and his feelings toward a situation as much as it tell us anything else.

  2. I am no cowboys fan but maybe they aren’t going to do anything because there was nothing done that warranted investigating. peterson calling a drunk jones and saying he would like to play for the cowboys someday and jones saying yeah maybe we can work something out someday is hardly at the top of things the league needs to work on these days. I would think they would be concerned about a 49er getting arrested for beating his pregnant woman after just announcing tougher penalties for domestic abuse would rank higher on the list of priorities than a hypothetical phone call.

  3. He was too drunk so they let him off the hook ?

    Wow what a standard NFL. Talk about “protecting the shield”.

    How about “making a laughingstock of the shield”?

  4. The rule is pretty cut-and-dried. Jones should have called Ziggy Wylf and told him about the phone call from Peterson. It’s that simple. He didn’t do it.

  5. Jerra told Adrian he’d put Brett Favre in the Ring of Honor. Since Brett was 0 for forever at the old Cowboys Stadium. Also Leon Lett pot van…just because.

  6. Goodell doesnt do anything to owners. While I dont think Jerry jones was tampering, Irsay, Haslam and Wilf’s behavior deserves major fines and draft picks.

    But of course Goodell will have some copout for why owners shouldnt need to be expected to comply with the personal conduct policy, even though it says all NFL owners are also subject to it.

  7. Just like in life outside of football, the ultra-wealthy play by a different set of rules. If this would be a less influential owner, he would have been sanctioned. But Jerry Jones and all his glitter get a pass.

  8. Roger Goodell works FOR the owners. They hired him to do their bidding and dirty work; much like we are hired by the owners of the businesses we work for. How long would we be employed if we tried to discipline our bosses? The only discipline that can be handed out by Goodell will be that that is specifically approved by a majority of the owners or he is gone to the unemplyment line.

  9. .
    How to spend Labor Day : take a quiet ride in the country with Jim Irsay and Jerry Jones doing the driving.

  10. Jerry Jones appears to have an alcohol problem… how many times now have we seen him with his foot in his mouth after boozing it up? Long-term boozers are known to suffer significant brain damage, too, so this may help to explain all the 8-8 seasons the proud GM of the Cowboys have put together. Boozers also tend to be resentful and petty, which helps to explain Jones’ inexplicable decision to deny Jimmy Johnson his rightful place in the Cowboy’s Ring of Honor. I hope Stephen will have enough pull with his Dad to get Jerry in AA. It’s never too late to get off the demon alcohol!

  11. He was tipsy and waving both arms eh? How do you talk on the phone waving both arms? … Speaker Phone? … or was the dude who cleans his glasses holding the phone up to his ear for him?

    My my, the NFL is filled with marvelous owners!

  12. He won’t win a Super Bowl if he goes to Dallas. His contract goes through 2017. Vikings would want a first round draft pick. He can forget about winning a Super Bowl

  13. Zyghi & Rick need to have a talk with AD. I would want any player of my contacting another owner.
    This is the face of the franchise. AD was wrong here and he needs to understand that fact.

  14. The owners select the Commissioner; the Commissioner decides on penalties.
    Does a Commissioner who wants to keep his job come down on an owner unless he has the support of 2/3s of the owners?

  15. The Vikings have been on both sides of alleged tampering. First with Favre, now with AP. And neither of the teams involved were held accountable. I guess the league doesn’t view the Vikings as a contending NFL team. What is the league to do? MN already finishes in last place every year even though they play a 4th place schedule. Why punish the severely downtrodden?

  16. Why do you all think everyone should be treated equally?

    John Wooden famously said that not everyone can be treated the same. When you have different levels of treatment you make everyone want to ascend.

  17. So the current status of the situation is Jerry Jones is still in the good graces of the NFL, the Cowboys will keep all their draft picks, and Adrian Peterson still wants out of Minnesota.

  18. If the league doesn’t do any thing regarding this than that means any owner would start calling all players and still would not be tampering or owners will sue Goodell for doing nothing against the Boycows.

  19. Last thing the NFL wants to do is open up the tampering tent….

    Second to last was the “collusion” tent.

    third to last was the “concussion” tent.

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