Rams sign 10 to practice squad, none of them Michael Sam


If Michael Sam signs on a practice squad, it won’t be with the Rams.

At least not this week.

The Rams announced 10 signings to their practice squad, and none of them were the seventh-round pick vying to become the first openly gay player in the NFL.

The team signed linebacker Denicos Allen, wide receiver Emory Blake, safety Christian Bryant, defensive tackle Matt Conrath, safety Matt Daniels, quarterback Garrett Gilbert, tackle Sean Hooey, linebacker Kevin Reddick, wide receiver Justin Veltung and guard Brandon Washington.

Eight of those guys were in Rams camp, while Allen was with the Panthers and Reddick with the Saints.

So Sam’s quest for employment will continue, away from the team that knows him best.

57 responses to “Rams sign 10 to practice squad, none of them Michael Sam

  1. Wow, by what I saw, he certainly played well enough in the preseason to warrant a position on the practice squad. Hard to understand the reason he wasn’t picked up.

    I’m hoping it’s not because he’s gay.

    I hope it’s because they just don’t see him in their future.

  2. Enough already, OK? Let him go on with his life. If he gets signed, and sends up a bat signal, just ignore it.

    I hope he succeeds at whatever he does, even if it’s in the NFL. But I don’t need a play by play of what he does every hour of every day. I don’t think he needs that either.

  3. He did himself a disservice by coming out.

    1. He is not that talented.
    2. He doesn’t play special teams.
    3. He is a tweener.
    4. He brings all kinds of distractions that teams don’t want.
    5. The only people that seem to have an issue with is the media so it’s a media driven issue that the vast majority of us don’t care about.

    This isn’t complicated and it’s not people being prejudiced it’s be isn’t good enough for all the nonsense he brings along with him.

  4. This is all Ethan Westbrooks’ fault. Those funky hypnotic tattoos were the kicker. Oh yeah also the on field production.

  5. I don’t think it’s because he’s gay, it’s because no one wants the media vultures obsessing over him 24/7. He should’ve just kept it to himself, because the gay agenda brings too much attention for teams/teammates to tolerate.

  6. He is a solid player, but a pass rushing OLB at best and certainly not a DE. The bottom line: He did bring this on himself, but the Media made it worse (especially ESPN). He might have had a chance on a team that did not have a good front 7, but the circus atmosphere he brings now is not worth the headache to any franchise to sign for a practice squad player. I wish him well, not because he is gay, but rather another human being who watched his Dream fade away and now maybe this stupid story will go away as well.

  7. Wrong team for him, they are already deep in D-line
    and those spots on the practice squad need to go for different positions….

    He may get a shot with a team that needs depth, but coaches won’t want the circus that comes with a 3rd string player…

    Otherwise Tebow would be a back-up and not guys like Quinn, Weeden or Jason Campbell….

  8. Blah blah blah bigotry blah blah blah unfair blah blah blah.
    The guy would be on the team if that benefitted the team, plain and simple. The fact that he went unclaimed isn’t because the entire NFL is bigoted.

  9. It’s Pro Football folks… if the guy had the skills or even imminent potential to help them win and make money… he’d be signed right now.

    But, he wasn’t 1, 2, 3 or even 4 best. It’s that simple

  10. So we’re expected to believe Sam isn’t among the best 320 players that missed cuts? I love football but the nfl is making it tough.

    And to the “he brought it on himself crowd,” you all in fact are the worst. That’s the mentality keeping Sam off anyone’s practice squad and keeping future generations of gay athletes from coming out. Now these players know they’ll have to live a lie, as uncomfortable as it may be, rather than turn themselves into a so called “distraction.”

  11. Sam isn’t on a team because he’s gay.. Tebow isn’t on a team because he’s a Christian (when cameras are on him anyway).. Has nothing to do with skill set or media circus? Maybe Sam did play well against the 2s and 3s but does that warrant the media distractions that come along with his signings? If it weren’t for the coming out party would anyone care he hasn’t been picked up? Henry Josey had an awesome pre season and he’s out of work too.. It’s not Hands across America for him.

  12. Do people really believe his sexual orientation is keeping him sidelined? The NFL has drug abusers, guys who have committed domestic abuse, guys who have killed others while driving, alcoholics, and bullies on rosters. What do they have in common? Some talent evaluator felt they could help. Is there a bigger distraction than Richie Incognito? He’s getting another look. I hope Sam finds a spot that fits with his particular talent set, but he’s a short DE and a slow LB.

  13. Practice squad is usually about potential, not necessarily who is the best right now. Sam is better right now than a lot of pass rushers on practice squads around the league, but as a tweener he doesn’t have ideal size or speed for a particular position.

  14. I don’t think he’s trying to become the first openly gay player to land on an NFL roster. I think he’s trying to land on an NFL roster and is openly gay. There is a difference there. And the media needs to change that narrative, since they are the ones who started that.

    Gay or not, he just wants to play football.

  15. The didn’t sign Sam to the practice squad but they didn’t sign another DE. That would have been a signal. As it is, it appears it’s just a numbers game at DE and Sam was one short. The real question is will any other team now pick him up as this circus starts to go three ring?

  16. Thank goodness for Sam! I hope he gets all the non-football “news” for another month so Johnny Manziel will be left alone to play football.

  17. The fact is he is not a GREAT player. He is average at best and comes with all sorts of distractions driven by the media.

    Then there are his other problems.

    He doesn’t play on special teams and the reports that came out of the rams training camp were that he is not a very good practice player. He only plays well in the game when the lights come on.

    Makes it kinda tough to make the practice squad when you’re not a good practice player

    Maybe if he would have kept his mouth shut coming out of college, not kissed a guy on national television, not announced an oprah reality show. Maybe just maybe as an average player he would have made a practice squad some place.

    But if your going to come with this many distractions you better be a GREAT player for the teams to overlook your baggage.

  18. I remember the media obsession with Tim Tebow generated and fed by talking “shock jock” Skip Bayless and espn. Now Sam and Johnny Football grab all the headlines.

    Why does part of me wish that these players just fail so we never need to hear about them again??

  19. i wonder if the media will continue to follow him around after football. I bet they do it for a while. I even see a job in the media for him. At least until they squeeze every last bit out of this situation.

  20. That god-awful ESPN report tanked Michael Sam’s football career. They made him a distraction at the killer storm perfect time. I hope the sportsball network decides to go after the wife-beaters with such zeal.

  21. OMG!


    Either is Miami’s 7th round pick from last year, Don Jones. But I don’t see an article on here about that??

  22. According to a source within the DOJ, Eric Holder threatened the NFL he would file an antitrust lawsuit against it if it didn’t draft Sam (only baseball has an antitrust exemption).

    Same source now reports there is pressure on the NFL for a team to pick up Sam.

  23. Hard to understand the reason he wasn’t picked up.

    I’m hoping it’s not because he’s gay.

    Now who would have seen that coming?

  24. If I have learned anything about people during this Mike Sam experiment, it is this. People who support an agenda will see only the good in whatever they are fighting for. People have come onto this website and praised Sam as a player that should have been starting or something. Reality is that Sam played hard, did his best and came up short. Same as hundreds of other guys who are currently out of football.

    I watched 2 games in which Sam played a substantial amount of time. I was not impressed as much as those who imagined he was great. Sam is slow in a lot of ways. Last off the ball almost every play. Last to react to what is happening with the ball. Sam is a clumsy player and gets pushed around a lot.

    If Mike Sam works on his footwork, agility, quickness and attitude, he might have a chance next year. If he listens to the people who say he is good enough now, he will never make it.

  25. Look at the positions the Rams signed for PS. Only one D line and that was DT, a position Sam can’t play. PS is about what a team needs and hopes to develop. Howard Jones played well for the Steelers and didn’t make the team. He’s on the PS because the Steelers only now have 3 true OLB on active roster.

  26. This is the calm before the backlash.

    Here’s the real reason so many teams passed on him: He’s just not that great, and cutting him would become an actual distraction.

  27. TBH It’s been really nice to follow a ‘bubble’ player and see the unpolished end of the draft and all that pre-season stuff.
    Certainly more interesting than Manziel’s gang signs and the latest wifebeaters/smokers in trouble….

    And yes, I want to root for Michael Sam, but if he’s good enough, he’ll find a team, once players start getting injured, he and players of his standard will find spots as backups or practice roster….

    Peace out.

  28. Defensive POY in the same conference as Clowney and he doesn’t get picked until the 7th round (by his college state team) and has no practice squad spot after making it through the pre-season schedule.

    He should have kept his secret. But then that’s hindsight for you. Best of luck.

  29. Being a tweener, his best chance of making the league is thru special teams. How can he not be a special teams player ? He should be doing everything possible to get on the field.

    In the workplace, the more you know, the more valuable you are.

    In football, the more versatile the player, the better the chance that they will make a team.

  30. SO many sports writers and SO many posters on websites were saying how he was going great, going to make the team, then another team if not the deep on the defensive line Rams…

    Then not picked up on waivers…

    Now the Rams see no need to have them on their practice squad…

    Uh, there are a LOT of WRONG people out there…

    Course NO ONE on here ever would admit to saying he was playing alright and deserved a chance…

    Hint – your responses are still online below many articles ya’ll…

  31. A comment on another thread also pointed out that the Rams also cut their 6th round pick and did not put him on the PS either. That means that probably both of these guys were not good enough.

    Hope they have a good career in Canada or in the second profession.

  32. The Rams were given so much credit by the world press out there for picking Sam and not making an issue about him being gay, it now seems like the Rams were looking to simply get some PR out of this pick. The media ran with this story like it was THE main storyline of this year’s draft. Now it seems like much ado about nothing. If Sam’s talent couldn’t get him unto a team in the NFL, then the notion that the NFL isn’t prejudice is bull. Then again, Sam might simply be a very average player that got cut because teams do not see the talent required to be on a roster. You decide which it is.

  33. Did I miss something? Is he the next Lawrence Taylor or something? Or was he what you’d expect in the 6th or 7th round?
    Maybe he’s not that great. Or maybe he’ll catch on somewhere in a few weeks.
    Move along, now.

  34. The Rams and Sam. Rams worrying about who’s going to play QB for a team with an abundance of high draft picks thanks to the backwards team in Washington D C. No worry about a seventh round draft choice picked for the publicity. Rams sorry they didn’t pick one or two QB’s when they had the chance. That’s what the Rams get for wasting all that time and money spent analyzing talent. Stupid choice made by a stumbling franchise.

  35. A 7th round tweener who can’t play special teams and he didn’t make a roster or practice squad? Shocker. That never happens in the NFL!

  36. Btw, Sam was the 20th ranked defensive player for solo tackles. He had 10 solo tackles.

    All, I’m saying is let’s use facts in assessing a players talents… Not whom he wrestles with.

  37. From the beginning, it’s been a PR campaign from the press. Glad that the Rams made their decisions based on the facts, uninfluenced by the pressures from the press.

    Obviously, if a team feels the guy is of a quality that he can help their team, they will take him. In this day and age, the only ones trying to make an issue about Sam being gay is the press. Every knows that there have gays in the NFL for years. But, those who have come before him have understood that the issue is FOOTBALL, not being gay. And, Sam either got very bad advise, or is a total jerk, when he initially agreed to Oprah’s “reality” stunt. On the other hand, Oprah could have paid him more already than he would earn in the NFL. In that case, good move Michael!

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