Report: Panthers have ex-Jets WR Stephen Hill in for a workout


A logical potential suitor has reportedly emerged for ex-Jets wide receiver Stephen Hill.

According to Adam Caplan of ESPN, the Panthers are putting Hill through a workout on Monday.

If nothing else, the 23-year-old Hill would add a little more experience to the Panthers’ receiving corps. He made 20 starts in two seasons with the Jets, catching 45 passes for 594 yards and four touchdowns. Just two of the Panthers’ five wide receivers (Jason Avant, Jerricho Cotchery) have NFL regular season catches to their credit. Rookies Kelvin Benjamin and Philly Brown and first-year pro Brenton Bersin round out Carolina’s receiving ranks.

Any team looking at Hill has to hope he has upside to develop after an up-and-down tenure with the Jets. The 6-foot-4, 215-pound Hill — timed at 4.36 seconds in the 40-yard dash at the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine — is two months younger than Benjamin, the Panthers’ first-round pick in May.

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  1. y only be 2 months older than Benjamin but his hands are spotty. Maybe he will be able to hang onto Cam’s throws? Eh, it’ll be Avant and Cotchery that make this pass attack go. Benjamin will get his fair share of opportunities too but Im not really seeing why there is all the hype with him. Maybe Im wrong.

  2. Hill is two months younger than Benjamin — updated it after realizing it was off. Was a true junior when he left Georgia Tech. Still quite young. — MW

  3. If the Jets are garbage what does that make the Bills, Jets have not had back to back losing seasons since 95-96, the Bills?
    Jets have made the playoffs 3 times in the last 8 years, Bills? Geno will leave 1st round bust Manuel In the dust this year

  4. jetssadumpsterandtheirfansaremorons says:
    Sep 1, 2014 1:06 PM
    billswillnevermove says:
    Sep 1, 2014 1:02 PM
    He might be ok, on the Jets he was garbage, of course the Jets are a garbage team. Geno Bust Smith throwing to him, my God, even EJ Manuel is better.

    Please step away from the keyboard. Gigantic
    Im thinking you came to a Bills home game and got two black eyes and a broken nose, thats why you hate the Bills so much, I can see that happening.

  5. You talk about a team that has been asleep at the wheel during the draft and even in trades when it comes to getting Cam some legitimate HELP, You look at their current WR core and many would argue they are nothing more than bunch of number 3’s…. no stud.

  6. nahh, I’ve been chasing away the few Woodchuck fans that have enough guts to show up at the meadowlands since 1986.

    Hate to stomp on ashes but Bills are perennial losers this millenium but hey, good luck there sporto.

    Regarding Panthers and Hill, sign at your own risk. Unless some spark goes off in this guy he is the anti-Jericho Cotchery (who has always been underappreciated, great hands).

  7. billswillnevermove says:
    Sep 1, 2014 1:14 PM
    Im thinking you came to a Bills home game and got two black eyes and a broken nose, thats why you hate the Bills so much, I can see that happening.

    Why in the world would I step foot in Buffalo when there is a trailer park 20 minutes away from here that is much nicer.

  8. Is it too late to convert this kid to safety? If he can tackle better than he can catch, he might still have a future.

    He’s the Joe Webb of WRs… physical ability to burn but just doesn’t have the total package of skills for the position at the NFL level.

  9. Hill is a great athlete and a part of me thinks they should have given him one more year, but dood is soft. He has no enthusiasm or drive to play the game. He might not be a total bust, but he’ll never be a great talent. Waste of speed and size…

  10. “Geno will leave 1st round bust Manuel In the dust this year”

    2013 stats

    Geno 66.5 QB rating
    Manuel 77.7 QB rating (quite a difference really)

    Geno 55.8% completion percentage
    Manuel 58.8% completion percentage

    Geno 4.7% INT percentage
    Manuel 2.9% INT percentage

    Geno 12 TD’s and 21 INT’s
    Manual 11 TD’s and 9 INT’s

  11. Unless Proehl can catch the ball for Hill then signing him would be waste. As a Jet fan we watched Hill drop passes and have a hard time getting open. Good luck whoever signs this stiff!!

  12. I mean can he really be worse than Lafell?? really ppl hate on Cam but countless times he’s revived careers….Shockey, Olsen, Smith, Ginn lets just keep bringing in the Talent Carolina

  13. I love when Bills fans talk garbage!Your team isn’t going anywhere with EJ Manuel!Bills have not done anything in the last 15 years!At least the Jets have done something!Just put your head between your legs and walk away silently!You have no right opening your mouth!

  14. Even if he can’t catch, the speed he brings would stretch the defense and allow for the slower guys (cotchery, Benjamin) to be opened up underneath. Pushing the safeties down the field could also open more running lanes for Cam if the recievers decide not to help out. So even as a decoy he can help, like what the bears did with Devon Hester at WR

  15. @sportsfan18## please stop with one of the worst post comparing Geno to EJ, it like arguing for someone who has Cancer against someone who has Hiv Aids.
    AS a healthy human being you hope you NEVER get one of these.

  16. He’ll get his customary second chance, blow it and never be heard from again.

    The guy is fast as heck, but refuses to make any catch above his shoulders negating his massive height.

    Add to that, he doesn’t play special teams (either as an ace tackler or a return man) and you see how pointless he really is.

  17. His 40′ time might be fast but he doesn’t play football fast. Its the way he runs with such long strides. He doesn’t have that quick twitch cut or catlike motion in his routes just straight line speed. He never high points the ball or use his height to out jump a defender. He’s a body catcher and rarely uses his hands. He has this weird habit of hopping when he catches the ball even if he doesn’t need to. He can’t even be used as a decoy to take the top off cuz they eventually figure that out and don’t worry about him n leave him in single coverage. He doesn’t use his big body to box out the defender either and gets pushed around even with his size. Doesn’t play special teams. Those are his cons scouting report for Panthers fans but the one pro about him is he’s a great kid and I hope him the best in the future. I don’t get all the talk of the Panthers being a bad WR group and think Benjamin is going to be a fine in the NFL. I like the way he high points the ball.

  18. If his head’s in the right place, Carolina is an ideal environment for him. No pressure to be #1, a coaching staff that’s all about teaching, a GM who believes in the “can’t coach size” philosophy, and a Quarterback who typically misses by overthrowing, which plays to the speed and size that Hill has. Don’t be surprised to see him make the team, it’s one of his best landing spots for a second chance.

  19. Carolina isn’t a good landing spot.

    He needs a bit of mentoring, not from a coach, but seasoned vets. Carolina fits because he would instantly be one of the most talented members on the roster and they’ll pay dearly because they are desperate.

    But he should take a smaller deal elsewhere so that he can learn from a good WR. Lions. Falcons. Cardinals. Broncos make sense.

    Carolina does not.

  20. So basically they want another Brandon Lafell to come in and drop catches.

    Kelvin Benjamin has looked good in preseason and has some great hands, hopefully him and Newton can get something going. The defense is there.

  21. Aside from having terrible hands, Hills biggest negative is his mental attitude and toughness and drive. His statements to reporters after game 4 of the preseason says it all. Him saying that he thought he had a really good preseason and he sees no way he doesnt make the club as a starter when in fact he had a below average performance. Hill needs to totally change his attitude and gain that fire and drive that makes great receivers in the NFL! He has a lot of raw attributes but will he attain the the others that are needed to rise up in this league will be the question that needs to be answered.

  22. Sometimes getting exposed and cut can humble a person! With that said, sign him! If he drops passes as a Jet, Hill show them you can catch passes as a Panther!!!

  23. He isn’t eligible for a practice squad which eliminates all the elite teams with good QB’s and coaching. That leaves the bottom feeders and doesn’t help a guy like him.

  24. With the current crop of receivers in Carolina, anything is an improvement. Sign him and he may turn out to be a diamond in the rough.

  25. What do you do with an elite athlete with height, and speed……… who can’t catch?

    Seattle will take him in, give him to Kris Richard and Pete Carroll, and they will mold him into the next all-pro CB………. L.O.B. 2016!!

  26. To think that with a subtle change, he could have been starting opposite Brandon Marshall in Chicago with Alshon Jeffries currently searching for work.

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