RG3: We fixed what we needed to fix on offense


Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III served as a talking point last preseason because no one had seen him play since tearing his ACL and he was a talking point again this summer because he was playing.

Griffin took too many hits in a game against the Browns and played poorly against the Ravens, leading to concerns about how quickly he’s picking up the offense installed by new head coach Jay Gruden this offseason. Griffin played down those concerns by pooh-poohing “doubters” and saying people were overreacting to preseason performances, a theme he stuck with on Monday when he said that all the work the team did in the offseason would now “come to fruition.”

“We fixed what we had to fix in practice,” Griffin said, via CSNWashington.com. “That’s for us to know and you guys to find out.”

We’ll all find out Sunday when the Redskins square off against the Texans. Any struggles in that game will lead to even more doubters for Griffin and Washington and they won’t have the preseason caveat to use as an explanation.

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  1. Redskins fan here, very concerned about this Houston game. The right side of our offensive line is the weakest part of our team, and I have no idea how they’re going to handle JJ Watt. Very concerned.

  2. Somehow I don’t think JJ Watt and the rest of the Houston defense is going to loose a lot of sleep. If anything, this just fires them up more, no?

  3. “We fixed what we had to fix in practice,” Griffin said, via CSNWashington.com. “That’s for us to know and you guys to find out.”
    Does this sound more like a man you want leading your team or a ten year old kid getting ready for a pop warner game?

  4. Lol everyone is harsh on this guy. Ya, maybe he did regress a little. He’s still very young and he’s going into a new system and being put in the pocket. I’ve seen cousins play and i’d much rather give RGIII a chance to become a pocket passer then let Cousins lead the way for a season. Thinking he did good in a few pre-season games will blind you. Cousins aint that great either… There’s a reason he went in the 4th round.

  5. News flash for all of the Cousins fans……He didn’t win jack when he started last year!!!!!! And by the way take your concerns and hatred to your own teams!!!!!

  6. Wow!! This guy is hilarious. Someone needs to pull him aside and tell him what he sounds like. He sounds like he’s trying to convince himself just like Kap in San Fran. It’s a hard fall when u can’t see it coming.

  7. I love reading hater comments but at the same time he doesnt help himself out to much with the way he goes about saying what he says. He may need to put a filter on and learn a little bit from some vets. He definitely didnt learn the art of the interview from Brady this offseason.

  8. Did they fix it while you were posing next to your statue at Baylor with the Baylor college president comparing your statue to the Lincoln Memorial and the Statue of Liberty?

  9. So if they now lose against the awful Texans team what is RGFragileEgo’s excuse going to be ?

    Will he never learn to shut his mouth ? A smart player would have said they’re working hard in practice to improve in every way possible and not said anything else.

    Players that make blanket statements like “we’ve fixed everything we needed to fix” and they haven’t seen it work in a real game seem to be disproven a heck of lot more often than they’re right.

    If they lose the first game he’ll do nothing but blame anyone but himself instead of accepting responsibility for his own failures, and if they win he’ll crow like they just won the Super Bowl for having beaten one of the worst teams in the league.

  10. Are you guys all idiots? Cousins had a chance to play last season. Did you miss it? He threw more ints than tds.

  11. How quick everyone forgets. Rg3 rookie season he struggled in oreseason. Told everyone practice is whre he tries new things, and well…..practices. even chris Cooley mentioned it few days ago, dont get hung up in preseason stats, even roberts rookie year he struggled in practice and in games…then week one throws for over 300 yards, 3 tds, and some rushing yards to beat the saints.
    Redskin fans should remeber Joe Gibbs saying…there isn’t anything to worry about until there is.


  12. Everyone must be brain dead. Griffin may not be the answer, but the Cousins talk has to stop. He’s looked above average….. against other teams No 2s and 3s. Anyone remember how he looked against starters last year?

    I’ll remind you. Horrible.

  13. He needs to attend the Tom Brady school of interviewing, like someone else said….. Bobby, ZIP IT!! Talk humble and keep focusing on football, not self-marketing!

  14. “We fixed what we had to fix in practice,” Griffin said, via CSNWashington.com.

    It may have worked in practice against your OWN D. In other words, the Coach said”Ok, Defense, RGIII is going to run and slide, and you aren’t going to touch him”.

    Let’s see how that philosophy works against Houston.


  15. OMG this guy went from press paper tiger to being eaten up by that same press.
    Kinda feel sorry for him – they built him up into being something he’s not (great QB) and when he fails they are there to eat.

  16. A lot of people are missing the boat here (RGiii’s penchant for putting his foot in his mouth aside)… Seattle didn’t win the Superbowl because R.Wilson was a prolific pocket passer. When the season hits on Sunday, Gruden will be calling plays that work – Period. Plenty of weapons around including stud running back, up and coming TE and proven big play receivers should equal offensive improvement. Relax and be comfortable drafting RG3 in the 7th round on your way to a fantasy championship!

  17. I missed it – exactly when was the offense fixed?
    Wonder if there’s some “substance abuse” at play here!

  18. Wow, you guys really seem very interested in this “bum”. “Why’s he talking? Quit talking RGIII.” Uh . . . it’s called interview. The interviewer asks a question and the interviewee responds with words.

  19. It’s clear that the media is having a field day twisting Mr. Griffin’s words around for some juicy click bait.

    And it’s also clear that he’s making it easy for them.

    Lose the Twitter account, keep your responses simple and just play football, man.

    Oh, and learn how to slide.

  20. wow, all the brilliant football minds on this site… you know more then the coaches, that’s amazing

  21. They should definitely use Cousins, I mean he sure played great last year and against second and third stringers, right?

    They invested in RGIII, they need to make it work with him no matter what. Funny how up and down everyone is. Ready to send him to the HOF after his rookie season then to the practice squad after last year.

    Is he supposed to say that he sucks and has no idea how to run the offense?

  22. The haters on these responses are funny. Let that man play healthy again and then you would have every right to judge him based on his performance…BTW stop the hate people, its so unbecoming of you as a person!

  23. Ok so haters say over and over how bad Griffin is and how cousins has lit it up and played better…so let’s look at the preseason facts…


    Cousins 54 35 370 64.8 4 1 1 101.6

    Griffin 20 13 141 65.0 0 2 4 46.0

    So Griffin ONLY threw the ball 20 times vs starting defenses to cousins 54 vs backups with the same completion percentage….

    So I’d say speculation of Griffin is ridiculously off.

  24. RG3 logic

    Hey guys: I fixed the offense, i just had to come out with a new logo and wear my sleeve on my other arm. #yolo

    He prob requested his statue at Baylor have no helmet on.

    Never seen a qb more in love with himself then the game.

  25. Live in the DC area. Where are all the RGIII jerseys??? Flags on the trucks???? “RGIII!!!” videos??? No where !!! Even the fans are scarred!!

    Repeat after me, Bob:

    “For an additional $9.99 you can upgrade to our luxury sedan. Would to be interests in that option?”

  26. Don’t know what folks expected in DC. Jay Gruden is a west coast offense guy. That means quickly diagnosing a defense pre-snap, quickly deciding where to go with the ball and getting it there, on time and on target. None of these skills has RG3 demonstrated in his brief career.
    The previous regime actually retarded his development by cutting and pasting the Baylor playbook, with a ton of basic 2-receiver routes. He’s now learning a new offense for the first time since high school, a much, much more complicated one. It wouldn’t surprise me if it takes him a year to absorb it.
    What’s most troubling is the passive-aggressive attitude. Nothing is ever his fault; if a play doesn’t work, it must have been poorly designed to begin with. That doesn’t play well in NFL locker rooms.

  27. Sure you did!!! Everything we saw in the pre-season was just a mirage. Maybe it is Freaky Monday and you switched bodies with Cousins. That explains it.

  28. Guy was really good in his first year. Injure a knee it changes everything. They got some real talent on offense but that defense and the coordinator just don’t get it. How’s their O line?

    Not all 3’s fault he just won’t be quiet.

  29. can’t wait for all the haters to have to eat their words. But like a bunch of teabaggers they will just shift to some other reason to hate Griffin
    Go Redskins.

  30. 31 other teams could’ve made a play for Kurt Cousins. He’s been available the last 3 seasons. The Rams picked up Case Keenum off waivers Monday to compete for the starting job, the Buffalo Bills signed Kyle Orton, Derek Carr is the starter in Oakland. Do the math.

  31. “We fixed what we had to fix “? Is RGIII insane? Last season the Redskins O-line was ranked 31 out of 32 NFL teams and they did very little to upgrade their broken O-line in the off season. So forgive me if I don’t share RGIII sentiment about fixing what was broken. K. Cousins will come in as the starting QB for the Redskins by game 4 because no doubt RGIII will be on IR by game 4.

  32. People no one runs playbook plays during preseason… it’s usually bland schemes! Let look at the regular season, Cousins played against team 2’s and 3’s during preseason, but you want to gauge him look at the 3 games he started last year…he loss, loss, loss! Nuff Said

  33. wonder why no photo with your logo on twitter this year like last season’s

    “Operation Comeback”- Mission Accomplished

    followed by that stellar performance against the eagles on monday night.

  34. While I am sick of this guy making excuses, I must admit, his inconsistency on the field, his fake confidence and the prospect of Watt and Clowney getting after him all day, is setting up this Houston game as ‘must see’ TV.

    Coming into the season, I saw this as one of the weaker games on the schedule, but now … I can’t wait to see what comes out of this. Either RGIII shuts up his haters, he gets hurt after taking a viscious hit, or he just sucks so bad that the ‘bench him’ talk is the lead story on every Monday morning sports show.

    Can’t wait until Sunday.

  35. All this means is the Redskins are gonna run Alfred Morris all day with a ton of runs up the middle. This will setup the intermediate passes over the middle and in the flats. Ultimately strikes down the field. Redskins 34 Texans 13. #HTTR

  36. Everyone who says the REDSKINS should start Cousins, let look at the numbers shall we:

    Cousins has thrown 203 passes, his career QB Rating is 68.6 (bad). Last year it was 58.4. His AverageNetYards/Attempt (ANY/A) – the OPS of the NFL is 4.60.

    RGIII awful 2013 was better than Cousins career numbers: 60.1% completions, 16-12 TD-to-INT ratio (Cousins is 8-10 career), and a 82.2 QB rating with a (poor) 5.48 ANY/A

    Sorry to introduce facts in the discussion, rather than the pure hatred many of you have for RGIII.

    The REDSKINS offense wasn’t the reason for the 3-13 year, it was the worst in 50 years defense and the worst in the history of mankind special teams. The offense was mediocre and Griffin with a coach who hated him, was an average NFL QB.

  37. This article mentions the doubters; but previous articles on this site said the doubters were “imaginary” and figments of RG3’s imagination.

    I am confused ….which is it?

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