Seahawks players, coaches rave about Russell Wilson


As the first game of the 2014 regular season approaches, the notion that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will make a major step forward in his third NFL season seems to be catching plenty of momentum, especially in light of his performance in the preseason.

Two of his high-profile teammates definitely believe in Russell.  As do Wilson’s two most important coaches.

“I think he’s being incredibly decisive this year,” cornerback Richard Sherman told reporters on Monday.  “He knows who he is, he knows what he wants to do and he’s doing it.  He’s not wondering what he’s going to do going into plays.  I think he goes into plays anticipating what he’s going to do, dictating what the defense does, and executing.  I think that precision is going to take him a long way and take our offense very far.  I think he’s come into his own in that respect.”

Sherman described Wilson in one word:  “Dynamic.”

“With our offense, it’s unique in how many things they can do,” Sherman said.  “You can run the fly sweep with Percy [Harvin], run it down their throat with Marshawn, you can take them deep with any number of our receivers.  There’s so many unique qualities about our offense.  It’s a combination of the West Coast, Zone Read, the Read Option, but it also has the bubble screen.  It’s so many different things that it allows him to be dynamic.  It’s hard to put him in a cookie-cutter mode. So he’s out of the pocket, he’s a roll-out quarterback, but he also sits in there and throws it.  He’s doing a great job of doing that this year.”

Harvin agrees.

“The sky is the limit for that guy,” Harvin said of Wilson.  “Anybody that has been watching the preseason, he’s been lights out.  He’s been controlling the ball, he’s had the offense at a great tempo making sure the linemen get to the ball, making sure the receivers get to the line, get the calls right so we can get up and go in a timely fashion.  All the keys he wanted to work on this offseason, I think he’s done a heck of a job.”

Coach Pete Caroll offered similar praise of his starting quarterback.

“He’s in great control of what’s going on,” Carroll said.  “He’s very, very comfortable.  He’s playing faster than he has at any time.  He understands better of what we want.  He really can play on the expectations of getting the ball out of his hands quickly and making sure that he can control rushing that regard.  He’s in tune with that better than ever.  We have a large package of stuff that we can bring into a game plan that we’ve feel like we have command of.  We will see, and he’s had a near perfect preseason.  Preparation and the way he has worked, we almost scored every time.”

Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell explained that Wilson’s drive to excel has been a key ingredient in his growth.

“Every time he comes out he tries to improve on the whole game,” Bevell said.  “There’s little subtle things that he’s working on himself, but just his overall understanding.  Every time you run a play, you understand it a little bit deeper.  There’s some new things that we’re asking him to do so he wants to be able to master those. Just the overall understanding of the offense, knowing where to go, when and why so that he’s able to play fast and free.”

But Wilson still has some improving to do to get to the top of the league.  When talking about Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Sherman said, “He’s arguably the best quarterback in this football league. I’d say it’s between him and Peyton Manning.”

That’s hardly a hot take.  It’s reality.  But if Wilson can do all year long the things that he’s been doing in the preseason, Sherman and everyone else will be including Wilson in the short list of best quarterbacks in the league.

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  1. Wilson isn’t quite at the top of the list for QB’s yet but what I don’t get is why a lot of people put Andrew Luck up in the top 5 when he hasn’t accomplished as much as Wilson. Luck has a lot to get better on too but the hype factor clouds people’s judgments.

  2. I think the majority of fans especially those that watch and understand football can understand how special what Wilson did last year was with the injuries to the offense still win a Super Bowl.

    This year Seattle offense looks to be on par with the defense and the casual fan/ parrot analysts can start giving the young guy the credit he deserves.

  3. He’s a solid top12ish QB in the league, no doubt. Youre insane if you include in him in the top 5-8 though.

  4. “Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell explained that Wilson’s drive to excel has been a key ingredient in his growth.”

    Wilson will go the the air a lot more this year with GREAT SUCCESS.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  5. Russell Wilson has definitely exceeded what I thought he was capable of. As a Hawks fan, I couldn’t be more excited with who we have under center.

  6. Wilson is the best QB to enter the league since Aaron Rodgers. Stack the box at your own peril.

    He excels in spite of marginal and inconsistent OL play. He has the command and poise of a 10 year vet.

    To the dismay of the NFL, it will b Wilson who will be the face of the league and not Luck. It’s hard to see a QB collecting rings like in the past, but Russell Wilson will come closer than anyone playing today.

  7. Lol. This is just ridiculous. We get it, you love each other. I really don’t care what you guys do in your off time. Just go play football and stop this praising each other bs.

  8. He wanted to be a starting QB in college… Check –
    He wanted to be a starting QB in the NFL…Check –
    He wanted to win the SB… Check –
    … OK, now it’s the MVP. Are you going to bet against him? No way. DYNASTY coming.


  9. Kid was on fire in the preseason. Last 10 possessions the #1’s had. 8 TD’s, 2 FG’s. No punts.

    If that translates over to the regular season, repeat will definitely be uttered more then once.

  10. With guys like Peyton, Brady and Brees getting long in the tooth, Wilson will climb quickly up the rank of the best QB in the league.

    Rodgers still has many good years though if he remains healthy.

    I think that Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck could (I said could) turn into the next Brady and Peyton and we’d all be lucky if that happened.

    I mean having Brady and Peyton in the game and playing at such a high level for so long has been great.

  11. Getting divorced from his beard was obviously the correct choice. No more pretense and being himself with his team = success. I hope more players will follow suit.

  12. As a Packers fan (like most) we love you Russell and called you our own during your time with the Badgers. But now it’s GB’s turn to exact revenge on Thursday and Aaron will lead the Packers to victory. GoPackGo!

  13. Why is this an issue that Russell Wilson has to have teammates and coaches ‘rave’ about how great he is…

    Has there been questions that he may not be a competent NFL quarterback?

    Does he have a confidence issue?

  14. He seems smart… His commercials are OK… But if you take away the running game and the Defense… Mediocre QB at Best. SEAHAWKS ARE OVERRATED!!! Uncalled PI gets them into the SB…

  15. I am so happy to have what is a championship QB dubbed a game manager by the east coast bias media. Just keep giving Dangeruss bulletin board materials you hacks!

  16. Pete Carroll is pure comedy gold. Earlier today, the Packers’ Facebook page posted an article about a recent interview with him about the Fail Mary. It was OK because the refs “called it the way they saw it.”

    No, Pete. They did what Goodell told them to do: Make the Packers lose at all costs.

  17. Out of all of the “modern day” QB’s I think this guy is the only one that will have a long successful career. He knows how to avoid taking big hits when he runs and he can make in game adjustments along with making adjustments to his overall game.

  18. Wilson has the ability to slow the game down with his great work ethic. If he stays healthy, goes early and stays late in the film room along with his nose deep in the play book, he has the potential of becoming one of the best ever to play QB. IMHO

    Go Hawks!!

  19. Wilson is a nice QB in the right situation. He’s the perfect QB for that team as currently constituted. Anyone who knows anything about football knows he’s not a top ten QB, never mind a top five. Stop trying to force this notion down our throats that he could ever carry a mediocre team. It’s silly. Right place, right time. Seems like a very nice young man. That doesn’t make him Joe Montana. He’s Doug Flutie. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  20. Russell Wilson is the result of super-secret government research into cybernetic weapons. His body is made of a mimetic poly-alloy, like the body of the “bad cop” robot in Terminator 2. This allows him to morph in space, while running, to avoid the fingertips of rushing defenders. He can also take a hit from a defender without hitting the ground, simply morphing around the player and continuing to run forward.

    His brain is a quantum computer designed by DARPA, made up of billions of multi-gated transistors capable of calculating the exact trajectory and velocity required to throw a perfectly aimed football and hit a pinhead-sized target painted on the side of a Boeing 747 as it is taking off.

    His heart is an exact clone of Chuck Norris’ heart. You can not defeat him. If you try to defeat him, you will merely activate his programming and he will rise to the challenge and defeat you as he defeats all human foes.

  21. It’s amazing to me that Packer fans are still complaining about a call in a week-3 game almost 2 years ago. Even if it was a bad call (it wasn’t), isn’t it time to put on your big boy pants and stop whining about it?

  22. Packer fans will still be whining about the “Fail Mary” 10 years from now. And I’ll still be laughing at them.

    Of course, not one of them mentions the favorable bad call on the PI from the previous drive that gave them their only TD of the game. Nope. Also not important that the game occurred early enough in the season to have no real impact on their season. They say it robbed them of home field. Against the 49ers? They completely destroyed you in the playoffs. Nobody outside of Green Bay believes that game would have ever been close, no matter where you played it. But hey, who am I to stop a crybaby from crying? I think the tears are delicious.

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