Alex Smith on extension: It is fair both ways

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The Chiefs and quarterback Alex Smith have reached agreement on a contract extension that is scheduled to pay Smith an average of $15.1 million over the next five years, a deal that’s structured differently from the extensions signed by Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick earlier this year.

Those deals essentially become year-to-year propositions with less guaranteed money than the $30 million Smith gets for signing a deal. There’s another $15 million guaranteed for injury only coming his way in 2015, which puts Smith in the top 10 in guarantees while his average salary falls into the middle of the pack for current quarterbacks. Smith thinks that structure is one that works well for him and the Chiefs.

“It was about something fair both ways,” Smith said, via the team’s website. “As a quarterback, you certainly don’t want to hamstring your team in any way because — I know this more than anyone — you rely so heavily on those playmakers around you. You certainly don’t want to do anything like that, but at the same time, you do want something that’s fair.”

Chiefs coach Andy Reid and General Manager John Dorsey both raved about Smith’s decision making and leadership, which fits with the usual review of Smith’s intangibles being more impressive than his athletic abilities. His contract shows the Chiefs put a high value on those traits and they’ll need to use any money that might have been left on the table to make sure they are put to the best possible use by surrounding Smith with talented players.


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  1. Best contract this year. Represents Alex Smith too. It isn’t flashy or hype like Dalton & Kaep’s. Just effective.

  2. Alex Smith is a very rich man for having the limited post season success that he has. Good guy though, and reliable, even if unspectacular.

  3. Another Andy Reid QB special. When he extended Michael Vick for 5yrs/$100 mill how well did that work out for anyone not named Michael Vick on that team? It is part of what cost Reid his job.

    Reid succeeded last year due to the 7 (or 8?) 2012 pro bowlers on the team and a last place schedule. All he needed was a game manager to make the playoffs.

    Now it’s a year later and some of those pro bowlers have left, there’s nothing on offense outside of Jamaal Charles.

  4. Well I will just say he does not fall into the “elite” category of Brady, Brees, or Manning. Not even close. Obviously the Chiefs are having cap problems with the way they have been cutting really good players. Albert, Flowers, Succup, McCluster, Asamoah, Schwartz, Jackson, Lewis, and the list goes on and on. Going to be a very brutal year for Chiefs fans.

  5. No matter what people think of his play he is a class act. Gives a good chunk of his salary to his foundation which helps foster kids. Unlike some of these other glory hounds though, you never hear him talk about it.

  6. I have read so many comments on these boards bragging about how much better a QB Smith is than Kap…

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion but and I am no Kap fan – but if you look at the facts (and not all the tattoos Kap has, or his TD celebration), it is clear that Kap is statistically a much better QB – especially when it counts – playoff time.

    Kap has won 4x as many playoff games as Smith. Smith choked away the Indy game last year, when he couldn’t manage to close out the game with a 25 point lead, and took a sack on 4th down to nail the loss for KC.

    But hey, at least Smith doesn’t throw INT’s. Then again he’s only thrown for over 300 yards 3 times in 10 years…

  7. this kid played andy and john dorsey like a banjo. i think k.c. takes a giant step back this year, and they regret not letting smith play out his last year. the 45 mil is more than if he played lights out and was then franchised.

  8. He’s a good QB. Maybe not great, but he’s good.

    That means a lot in this league.

    The Chiefs were in the QB desert for a decade or two. I’m sure they’re happy to be out. Pay the man – and they did.

    Will he bring them a lombardi? Who knows. Honestly, who cares though – if you’re a Chiefs fan or managment, do you want to go back to being bad?

    I’m sure the Raiders and a number of other teams in the QB desert would gladly have taken him and paid the going rate.

  9. As a Dolphin fan I think the Chiefs made the right move here even if he’s not considered a top 10 QB but maybe top 15. TBH I don’t think I would trade Tannehill for Smith but that’s only because of the unknown, Tannehill still has a chance to be great where you know what you get with Smith (although if it was just about this season I would take Smith). Good work KC, I hope it works out for you guys (and the Dolphins, been a long time for both franchises).

  10. I came on here to comment about how well the Chiefs are taking care of their core players; locking Smith up is a great follow-up to giving Jamaal Charles his very deserving pay raise.

    Then I read the first 4 dumb comments.

    Smith was 30/46 for 378 yards and 4 TD’s and no interceptions and a 119 QB rating in that playoff game…without Jamaal Charles. The Chiefs lost that game because of bad defense and Andrew Luck playing his ass off.

    His last 2 seasons have been outstanding, he’s still young, and he’s in the prime of his career in a system that’s perfectly suited for him.

    I could see the complaints if this deal was ridiculous, but it’s not – it’s a fair market deal, and quite frankly, there’s no better option available for the Chiefs.

  11. Smith is not Brady or Manning but he is certainly a
    QB that can win the Super Bowl. He needs 52 good supporting team mates but then so do the other 2 guys above.

  12. @harveyredman

    Alex Smith’s numbers from the playoff game against Indy last year:

    30/46 for 378 yards. 4 TD’s, 0 INT’s. Passer rating of 119.

    If you think that is choking away a playoff game, then I don’t know what to think.

    His teams are 31-9-1 over his last 41 starts. And do you happen to remember him playing the unbelievable game against the Saints in the playoffs in 2011?

    You might think Kap is better, and he might be. But not for the reasons you listed. Smith is very underrated, especially in times where a clutch performance is needed. For him to even still be in the league after his first 5 years is a testament to how hard of a worker he is. Hard work pays off. It’s nice to see that’s still the case.

  13. Will it still be fair when this Santa Clara 49’er castoff leads the Chiefs to back-to-back 6-10 seasons?

  14. That’s a lot of money for a guy that will never win a SuperBowl….. He had his chance. Had the best defense in the league and could put points on the board vs the Giants in the NFC Championship.

  15. To all those that want to quote Smith’s stats from the Indy game last year – remember he only needed 3 more points to stop from losing that game and he couldn’t do it.

    (Reminded me of the last playoff game he played against the Giants where he couldn’t convert a third down to save his life (or the game). He didn’t fumble those punts, but he ensured the Giants stayed close with his crappy play. But hey, he didn’t turn the ball over. No, instead he kept checking down for 3 yard passes when he needed 8 yards for a first down. Dude has an average arm!)

    This guy is absolutely fool’s gold. What does it matter if his QB rating is 119, if he cannot lead a scoring drive when it counts?! He had the ball in his hands with a chance to score and instead took a sack on 4th down. He’s the frigging QB and the highest paid player on his team but is never responsible for his team’s losses going back 10 years!!!!!

  16. Everyone does realize Alex smith didn’t let up 28 points. Alex smith wasn’t the problem in the playoffs. The longest drive for Indy was 4 minutes long. It was a defensive collapse in the second half.

  17. He’s steady and reliable but he’s not the kind of quarterback who elevates the play of his teammates. The only way he ever sees a Superbowl is if he rides a once-in-a-decade defense there.

  18. Matthoover I think you misunderstand . Smith had a very nice season and did play well in the playoffs . However that was his best and he is simply not a QB that makes those around him better . He doesn’t do anything great , well other than checkdown . His downfield passing was at it’s best last year but typically he cannot push the ball downfield and teams load up the box and force him to beat them . Until last year he was not able to do that . The key to his success IMO was Andy Reid putting him in the best situations to succeed and Smith responded . Watch this year as teams will be much better prepared to defend Smith and his weaknesses . I feel this contract will end up being a mistake and KC fans will not be happy Reid put all their eggs in the Alex Smith basket without trying to procure his successor unless you think Murray is their longterm answer . In fact with the pick they lost obtaining Smith could have been parlayed into a Ted Bridgewater ,Derek Carr or Jimmy Garaplolo . I feel KC will be looking for a QB by the end of this season .

  19. Give him a contract for life!

    -Charger fans
    -Raiders fans
    -Broncos fans

    I appreciate the Chiefs believing in a guy who can’t throw the football more than 20 yards

  20. Between this deal, his first one with the Chiefs and his rookie contract as the #1 overall pick, this guy has got to be on pace for more career earnings than any other NFL player in history, ever. Peyton Manning may be in the running but that’s about it.

    Kudos to Alex for the financial success but yes, for all that investment one would have liked to see a few more meaningful wins on his resume by now.

  21. Alex is a good quarterback. that is Indisputable. However, Andy Reid made Donavan McNabb, Mike Vike (For a Year) and a guy Named Detmer look like Upper Echelon QB’s/Pro Bowlers…. So send 20 percent to Andy Alex..

  22. With that being said, I dont think you will find a smarter, harder working or mentally tough QB than Alex… Andy is just making him seem better than he is… high character guy as well…

  23. Anyone who blames a quarterback for a loss when the team scored 44 points doesn’t understand the concept of football. All they needed was 3? They already put 44 on the board. T.Y. Hilton is still running through that Chiefs secondary. I don’t think Alex Smith plays safety.

    Smith has really benefited from the knowledge of his current coach, and former coach. They have figured out a game plan that suits his style perfectly. Kudos to them.

  24. eagleswin says:
    Sep 2, 2014 8:36 AM
    Another Andy Reid QB special. When he extended Michael Vick for 5yrs/$100 mill how well did that work out for anyone not named Michael Vick on that team? It is part of what cost Reid his job.

    Reid succeeded last year due to the 7 (or 8?) 2012 pro bowlers on the team and a last place schedule. All he needed was a game manager to make the playoffs.

    Now it’s a year later and some of those pro bowlers have left, there’s nothing on offense outside of Jamaal Charles.


    Bowe is better than any WR on your roster, by a mile.

  25. FWIW’s, it was NOT KC’s defense that was the issue in the playoff game.

    it was Andy Reid declining to run the ball up by a significant ammount.

    Its not like Knile Davis was a bum and didn’t have a good game in relief.

    IF the chief ran the ball 2nd half, they win that game.

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