Brian Waters announces his retirement

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Brian Waters had a lengthy and impressive career in the NFL.  That career is now officially over.

“After a long and wonderful career I have decided to retire,” Waters said in a statement.  “I want to thank the coaches, players and fans of the three great organizations that I had the pleasure of working for.  First the Dallas Cowboys for giving me my first and last chance of working in the NFL.  I will always be grateful.  Also the New England Patriots for the most successful season in my career.  It was a great ride.  Lastly the Kansas City Chiefs where I had pleasure of enjoying eleven wonderful seasons, which I will never forget.

“I want to thank the many family, friends and my hometown of Waxahachie, Texas for being great supporters. Finally I want to thank my kids for being my greatest motivations. I fought hard daily to make you proud me. If the rest of my life can be half as good as the last 15 years, I will be one of the luckiest people on earth.”

Waters spent 11 seasons with the Chiefs, one with the Patriots, and a final year with the Cowboys.  In 2012, Waters didn’t play.

A six-time Pro Bowler and two-time All-Pro, Waters was the 2009 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year.  In time, he could gather momentum as a potential candidate for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

19 responses to “Brian Waters announces his retirement

  1. Definitely a probowler in his prime.
    Got old and didn’t want to attend training camp. Then couldn’t stay in shape.
    Then only wanted to play for a team close to home.
    You don’t get to make those kind of demands when your skills sets are dropping off.

  2. No ill will from this Chiefs fan.

    Think about the Chiefs o-line back then: Willie Roaf/ Brian Waters/ Casey Wiegmann/ Will Shields/ John Tait. 3 possible HOFers and only one guy (Tait) never made the Pro Bowl.

  3. Dominant Guard for 8 or 9 consecutive seasons. Rarely missed time with injuries. If he had retired in 2011 at age 34 he’d be in the discussion for HOF.

    I don’t see his 2012 dispute with the Pats or his injury shortened age 37 season with the Cowboys as changing that.

  4. we can’t even get will shields into the HOF. seriously, Brian Waters? he would be in the hall of “very good”.

    Shields was one of the best OL in the history of the league. his penalty totals are absolutely jaw dropping. Brian Waters is a very nice guard who had a heck of a career for a UDFA that got cut by his first team, but he is not a hall of fame player, Shields however, is.

  5. I think he felt disrespected when Haley didn’t come to visit him personally. After that, it was down hill for him and KC. All in all, a very good player. Gave KC his best years. Good luck mvg fwd!

  6. You are right about Will Shields. I certainly would have had him in over Aeneas Williams if I were voting.

    Guards in general are underrepresented in the HOF and always have been. Can’t understand why Jerry Kramer still isn’t in.

    But that might be changing. Hopefully Shields gets in next year (made top 10 this year). Larry Allen got in. I think Steve Hutchinson will get in on the first ballot. That potentially would be 3 in 5 years….maybe the profile of the position is rising.

  7. it always cracks me up how those who’ve never played an NFL down, want to sound like an authority and criticize those that have. Unbelievable.

    Good luck to you in retirement man!

  8. You had a long career for a lineman, Brian. Wishing you the best as a retiree. You won’t make much $, but you’ll be greatly rewarded being there for your kids.

  9. Brian Waters has always been a class act. The O-line he was a part of in the Priest Holmes days in KC was something really special to watch. Nothing will ever diminish that.

    Thanks for your contributions to the game and the best of luck to you in retirement.

  10. Most people when thanking do leave their best for last, why do Chiefs fans feel disrespected. I truly just want to know why the feelings are such that they feel disrespected for being last in line when he clearly said more in regard to the franchise than any other.

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