Cowboys plan to add Michael Sam to practice squad


Michael Sam is about to find an NFL home.

The Cowboys plan to bring in Sam for a physical and sign him to the practice squad if he passes, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that the Cowboys spent time today calling players to gauge their reaction to signing Sam. Apparently the reaction was what it should have been: If he can help the team, he should be signed. The Cowboys think having Sam on the practice squad could help.

There’s been much talk since the Rams cut Sam that teams are avoiding him because they don’t want the attention of having the NFL’s first openly gay player on their roster. But in the case of the Cowboys — where owner Jerry Jones thinks there’s no such thing as bad publicity — if anything Sam’s status as the NFL’s highest-profile practice-squad player may be a bonus.

A seventh-round draft pick out of Missouri who was the SEC’s defensive player of the year last year, Sam had a good preseason but wasn’t able to crack the 53-man roster in St. Louis. In Dallas, where the Cowboys are in desperate need of help on defense, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him eventually get added to the active roster. Dallas looks like a good fit for Sam.

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  1. Good Lord, Jerry Jones actually made a decision that makes sense for his team. I predict Sam will be on the active roster before the season ends.

  2. In this picture Michael reacts when it suggested to him that the Cowboys are a playoff caliber team.

  3. Is today Christmas? This is almost better than their 1-15 season, gloryhole days rant, and almost drafting Johnny Football all rolled into one.

  4. Seems like a good fit – Cowboys need a DE, Sam needs a team so that we can all find out once and for all if he’s good enough to play in the NFL or not – I for one don’t give a damn whether he is gay or smokes weed or has any other vices… as long as he’s not knocking out women (or small gay guys) I just want to see the Cowboys win!

  5. If The ‘Boys can actually use the guy, then this makes all the sense in the world. But – if we are now talking Cowboys and ‘making sense’ in the same sentence, then we must be talking about some other outfit. And here we go again!

  6. Best G.M. move coming out of Dallas for sometime.

    Sam was # 7 in sacks and # 20 in tackles of all defensive players this pre season. Deserves a spot.

  7. *Cowboy fan here*

    When you used that picture for an earlier Michael Sam story, I didn’t think twice. Now it seems rude. Haha.

  8. Ideal fit for a talented DE in his home state for a team starved at the position…

    …That will likely go over like a lead balloon with the state’s relentlessly backwards to the point of insanity conservative population.

    Good luck Mike.

  9. With a stellar performance in the preseason, and a SEC Player of the Year Award – in a conference with teams that could whip some NFL teams – Sam should be starting for the Cowboys and at least 20 other teams.

  10. I like how everyone is saying its a pub stunt. After multiple GM’s have come and said they would sign him if it wasn’t for the media attention…

    Maybe its because the cowboys defense is TERRIBLE. I like this pickup for the cowboys. If the guys good, let him play.

  11. I’m a DIE HARD Dallas fan *watch your mouths* and in terms of football, I get it. Actually makes sense. Nobody will get more out of Sam than Marinelli. HOWEVER… LORD KNOWS we don’t need this additional target/distraction on our heads… I swear Jerry wants to set the record for causing mass heart attacks… Good luck Mike…. DAMN.

  12. Keep it moving folks…nothing to see here.
    Sam will suck in Dallas because the Cowboys suck.
    8-8 two years in a row.
    Overpaid QB!!!!!!!!!!
    Ego-maniac for an owner and a big tv screen for the expensive seats.
    Jones is more happy about Dallas being the most popular team than a winning team.

  13. he’s certainly good enough to be on a practice squad, and JJ’s the only owner who would actually enjoy the added scrutiny. i wish him well while simultaneously hoping the boys go 8-8 again.

  14. Makes an astonishing amount of sense for the Cowboys. Dallas as a whole is likely less tolerant than St. Louis, though.

  15. In the religious SOUTH??? Oh boy, I can already see the right wing pickets around ATT stadium. No Manziel, but Sam…oh boy, let Jerry and the festivities begin!!!!

  16. This is really a good move
    He seems to be a good situational pass rusher

    I was thinking the Raiders would take him
    They could use a pass rush too

  17. Jones tampers with Adrian Peterson. League looks the other way. Jones picks up Sam, which the League really wanted someone to do.

    Quid pro quo?

  18. The NFL received a call about who to sue over the discrimination against a certain openly gay player who was recently released by an un-named ball club. Goodell immediately called Jerry and begged him to pick up Sam. In return, Jerry gets a free pass on his next indiscretion.

    This situation looks a lot like the NFL fearing the PC powers and making sure Sam has a place on someones practice squad.

  19. with his build, Michael Sam would be a good fit in a 3 4 defense, playing LOLB or ROLB. Not sure why no 3 4 teams didn’t give him a look.

    Initially i thought the Steelers would Draft him, been that we need more rush ends, instead we drafted a CB and TE who didn’t make the team, pretty much wasting a 5th and 7th round pick, when we could have taken a guy that could become nice serviceable player.

    Anyone who tells me Sam being gay didn’t cause teams who play in a 3 4 defense to look away are fooling themselves.

  20. Cowboys have been enduring Romo jokes for years, so why not go all in and get a bona fide openly gay player?

    Kidding aside, I think it’s great. All those things I said about Jerry Jones, well, despite all that, great pick up.

  21. wait. you mean Jerry Jones wants more attention on his typically media hogging Cowboys, but found himself desperate for some Sam after he didn’t draft the Manziel circus

    well, there you go Jerry, here it comes, a daily sam update on the practice squad. thanks NFL AM, I am so glad I can hear about him and not the other guys who had twice as many sacks and were UDFA’s, or the guy with 2 picks cut by a team with no DB’s. lets talk about DALLAS, the Michael SAM!

    so tired of it.

  22. So let me get this straight (no pun intended)

    Michael Sam doesn’t get picked up, everyone is up in arms saying how he should be on a team and he is good enough.

    Cowboys sign him…what are they thinking?! idiots! JJ is at it again…blah blah blah

    you people really need to get over your hatred of the Cowboys. We haven’t been winners for 20 years, you would think people would stop with the hate.

  23. Funny – folks are reaching more than ever to rip on Jerry Jones.

    This move makes perfect sense from a FOOTBALL perspective. Michael Sam proved himself to have some good pass-rushing abilities in the preseason. It just so happens the Cowboys have a major need in that area.

    You guys do know that the Cowboys made a trade for Ceaser Rayford from the Colts last year after he had a 5-sack preseason? Jason Garrett likes to churn the roster and take fliers on guys who show some promise.

    But no, let’s take this opportunity to talk about Jerry Jones.

    Congratulations, Michael Sam. I’m proud that my Cowboys are giving you an opportunity, and I hope you do well!

  24. If he plays at Lincoln field this year I can only imagine the level of classlessness eagles fans will go to lol,I wouldn’t doubt him starting on that high school jv team defense anyway.

  25. So Jerry passes on Johnny Football which would have provided the most publicity and ensured a circus atmosphere, but you idiots think they signed Sam for publicity? SMH! This is a good football move. The kid was a player in college and signing him to the practice squad is very low risk, and high reward for a defense that needs all the help they can get.

  26. And if another team ends up finding that a need for help opens up, then Michael Sam could be inclined to give the team that gave him a home the first right of refusal. He believes that he can play in this league and ultimately there’s only one way to find out if that’s true. It’s a good idea for the Cowboys to learn more about him just in case he can help the team.

  27. This really is a brilliant move by Mr. Jones ,for a number of reasons. Well done Mr. Jones,well done.

  28. A lot of bigots here saying that people in a conservative state won’t accept Sam on their team. When have you ever seen conservatives picket an organization because they employed a gay person? That’s the kind of backwards thinking you’re accusing other people of.

  29. Love the eagles fans that will rip this move. Sam produced more tackles and sacks than Marcus Smith your first round pick. But jerry will be killed again for this move. Good practice squad addition.

  30. Why not? Sam did well this preseason and the Cowboys defense is decimated by injury once again.

    I hope he accomplishes big things and not just because he’s about to be playing for my team.

  31. The same reason Sam was drafted, is the same reason why he can even make a practice squad and that reason sure isn’t talent. Heck if he didn’t even come out no one would know his name because he would just be another guy who was cut.

  32. Good. He is definitely good enough to be on a practice squad based on the way he played in the pre-season. Maybe he can figure out a way to contribute to special teams while he is there so he can be more versatile.

  33. I’m so glad to see Michael Sam get a call from a team. I’m rooting for that man to be successful in this league because If you take notice of him, he’s one of the most humblest athletes in this game. He doesn’t take things for granted but yet because of his sexual preference no one is willing to bring him on a team because of the media coverage?? To me that’s ridiculous. When’s the last time a player has been selected as the defensive player of the year in the TOUGHEST conference in all of college football and also have a pretty productive preseason in the NFL and still can’t find a team to land on. I’m not gay and I also don’t judge people based on their sexual preferences. I think people should be judged on their character. I don’t personally know Michael Sam but I’m very happy for him.

  34. You and i know this is one way for Jerry to help himself get the ATTENTION he so crave.
    Like cosmetic SURGERY you know with something like this out floating in the air he just can’t help himself.

  35. I’m not Cowboys fan & find Jerry to be a horrible human being, but no way did he pick this guy up for “publicity.” He picked this guy because they are DESPERATE for defensive help. He’s clearly good enough as a player to warrant a roster spot.

  36. The conundrum of this – did Jerry Jones do this as a FOOTBALL move or a PR move?

    Sam goes to SF – open to ‘pandering’

    Sam goes to DAL – open to ‘marketing/pandering’

    If Sam went to a whatever team like Buffalo, Tennessee or Miami, it would be a non story.

    When I see Sam going to the PS of Jerry Jone’s team, I can’t help but think ‘PR stunt’

  37. Being a Cowboys fan myself I say we need the help and good move who ever made the call…and stop it all of you HATERS….don’t hate just because your team didn’t pick him up….I want to win and we won’t win he we don’t have good players that will give us good results…..

  38. Sam had more sacks in the preseason than any other player on the Cowboys. Having the defensive player of the year in the SEC at a serious position of need and depth on your practice squad can be nothing but a good thing for the Cowboys. They have the worst front 7 in the NFL. Tell me that Sam can’t help that.

  39. Rod Marinelli might be able to help turn him into a pretty good defensive end. Not sure what all of the laughing is about.

  40. Smart move by Jerry.

    Saying that made me throw up in my mouth a little.

    Seriously though, the Boys could use the help, given some time to develop his pass rushing skills he could end up contributing down the road on a team that needs all hands on deck on the D side of the ball.

  41. The decline continues in Dallas. I hope SAMs is successful though. As I did with the hundreds that didn’t make it that far. Americas team is a joke, but Jerry should have given the PR guy that self proclaimed the phrase. It’s not Americas team. If any it’s Pittsburg, this coming from a Ravens fan that spent 30 years in the military and watch and listened to games and SBs from around the world. Steelers fans everywhere I went most not from PA OT Pittsburg. They jumped on the wagon in the 70s & 80s and have rode with a class organization for decades now. Even at 8-8 class and a top five QB. Ravens and Steelers are back in the hunt this year. Cowboys not so much.

  42. Not a Cowboys fan. I actually hate the Cowboys. That said, they need the help. Their defense is terrible. This actually is a good move, can’t be Jerry’s idea.

  43. Fomer Cowboy fan here.

    Jones just likes to run a circus not a real football team. This is a 7th rnd undersized player. Not going to change the course of this train wreck one bit. Jones would die without a camera on him. People need to stop paying him any attention.

  44. Why is it that when the Rams drafted the guy, nobody made fun of them. In fact, they were praised for looking past the “distractions” and treating him as an equal.

    But now that the Cowboys are giving him an opportunity, they’re being laughed at and people are saying it’s just for the attention???

    Oh, right. It’s because the Cowboys are AMERICA’S TEAM and there are legions of jealous haters whose crap teams are historically inferior to the 5-time Super Bowl Champions.

    Kiss all 5 rings, jealous haters.
    Welcome to Dallas, Michael.

  45. Now it’s a “publicity stunt” according to the bigots. Keep trying and keep spinning, haters… Michael Sam made an NFL roster and there’s nothing you can do about it.


  46. I find it amusing that many of the very same folks who keep throwing out the line that Sam was a defensive player of the year in the SEC to justify their insistence that Sam should be on an NFL team were the first to dismiss Tebow’s Heisman Trophy and QB of a national champion as irrelevant because the college game and pro game are so different. Just more evidence that this whole debate is more about agendas than anything else.

  47. Anyone who says this is a publicity stunt clearly can’t see the preseason this guy had past their own bigotry. He’s proven he can play with the big boys, and he’ll help Dallas win a game or two before the year is out.

  48. Didn’t last years Cowboys (the one with the worst defense in football) sweep the giants and redskins? Thought so! wonder what that say’s about the ants and the skins?

  49. As a Browns fan living in STL… I think that Dallas needs pass rushing ends so bad that since Sam simply had a 98.6 body temp they were going to sign him. He’s a good situational pass rusher and nothing more.
    A good LT will take him to school all day long. He doesn’t have a very good feel for the pro game and when he was able to get past an OL be more readily over pursued the play and RB ran by him like he was asleep.
    Some are saying that he would really fit a 3-4 and play OUTSIDE LB. He was one of the SLOWEST DE/DL’s at the combine. A middle o’ the road RB could beat him to the outside with no issue.
    The ol’ “quid pro quo” conspiracy I started reading was a bit ludicrous at first but now carries a bit of merit. I think that Dallas is just that desperate for DE/DL that’s why Sam is there.
    I’m glad that that the Brownies didn’t waste a PS slot on him. I would think that at least our defense isn’t quite that desperate.

  50. Divan 22 you’re delusional and stuck in the past. Dallas has not won a single play off game since the last of those Super Bowls.

    Living as a has been is not healthy and neither is the image of what you call America’s Team.

    All 32 are America’s Teams, but the historical arrogance in Dallas is the addiction of fools who believe that they are what makes the world go around. Only in Jerry’s World.

  51. Should have drafted Johnny Football. Can you imagine Manziel and Michael Sam on the same team– all pub all the time.

    And Dallas will need the pub– they might not win four games this year.

  52. Folks don’t hate the Cowboys because they were winners 20 years ago. We hate them because of fans like you… and your owner… and your GM… and Texas is a giant sinkhole… Sorry, there’s lots of reasons, but winning 20 years ago ain’t one of them.

  53. Who cares. All this fuss bc the guy is a gay practice squad player. If he wasnt gay..i doubt we would all be making a big deal. Get over it.

  54. It’s so hysterical watching you guys who claim you don’t care about this guy one way or another post multiple times in every thread that mentions him.

    He’s good enough to play in the NFL, and at least 2 teams were man enough to admit it.

  55. How much attention would this guy be getting if he had not come out? If he does not get signed it will be because of his sexual orientation and not rather he can play football or not. Discrimination will be thrown out there if he is not on a NFL team in the near future.

  56. I keep hearing “SEC defensive player of the year” as his defense. and his preseason, which when people went and actually looked at, have backtracked and said he actually isn’t ready.

    he really is a tweener who would have to be an incredible pass rusher to have a career in the NFL. I don’t think he has near the athletic ability to do it in the pros. Tebow was great in the SEC too.

  57. Sam would have gotten substantial game-time in the CFL, might have been able to develop his game in preparation for a serious run at a 53-man roster in the NFL in a year or two. And with the attention he’s already gotten, he probably would have been one of the CFL leaders for paid endorsements.

    But hey, this way we get to look forward to more ESPN special reports about the first openly gay player on an NFL practice squad and maybe a prime-time special the first time he takes a shower.

  58. Although he competed against twos, threes, and highly unlikely’s in the preseason, Sam earned his keep. How late rounders have been highly successful in the NFL? M. Colston, A. Foster, T. Romo, S. Sharpe, T. Davis, etc. and thats extreme, not even considering the every day minimum salary guy who has made his way. Sam would have made the Rams roster if he played a different position. The Rams arent a stacked roster. Sam had a good preseaon against twos and threes who are the same as a rookie R. Sherman. Point is the Rams are stacked at dline. Sam had a good showing and the cowgirls are terrible on the dline. They lost Ware, Hatcher and Lawrence so Sam is a good fit and has a real chance. Sam just needs to stop professing his sexuality and just play football. Once he succeds at that his legacy will in essence create itself. WhoDat…

  59. Wow, lots of folks attempting to make the gigantic Jerry Jones ego-sized leap from “he may be signed to practice squad if he passes a physical” to “he will be on the active roster and have an impact.” Hilarious.

  60. You people are too funny. You cry about how much attention this guy gets and then you take every single article about Sam and comment till the cows come home, which generates more traffic. If you don’t like it, skip it. Life goes on…

  61. Getting a guy in Sam that sells that many jerseys on the practice squad? Good idea from a monetary standpoint. He’ll pay for his annual salary in jersey sales alone in the first 2 weeks he’s signed.

    That and he looked like he actually belongs on a practice squad. Not a gifted athlete compared to some NFLers, but he seems to play well and make the most of what he’s got.

    Gotta pay for that snazzy new stadium somehow.

  62. In his attempts to make headlines (see, e.g., his comments on Manziel), Jerry Jones may very well have inadvertently stumbled into signing a player who could actually help improve the team.

    Blind squirrel, meet nut.

  63. The commish gave Jerry Jones a call and asked if he wanted the Adrian Peterson tampering phone call to go away and Jones said yes. The commish, whose ass is still sore from the chewing it got from the domestic abuse truthers wanted to avoid a bigger pain in the ass from the LGBT community so he got Jones to sign Sam. The commish figured the Rams had him covered but Fischer hung him out to dry and as good as Sam played during the preseason the failure for the league to sign him was blatant discrimination and the commish knows what that means. He already has the government on his case about the racist DC team he didn’t want anymore problems by discriminating against a player who proved he deserved a spot but wasn’t signed due to sexual preferences. To think the NFL isn’t a good ole boys club is to ignore those benefits in a capitalistic society. That’s why they are all rich getting 2+ billion dollars for teams they bought in the 6 or 7 figure range.

  64. He had a good pre-season against 3rd string offence. I have not heard from NFL people say he is any good just heard it from the media …If he has talent he will play He had a bad combined and a worse Pro day . What else needs to be said………………….

  65. Say what you will about Jerry that’s a ballzy move for a team in such a red state. At least he has the guts to make the commitment and it wouldn’t surprise me as bad as the D is in Dallas if he is starting by their bye week.

  66. The fact he got on a newly expended NFL PRACTICE SQUAD means NOTHING. 320 guys are PRACTICE SQUADs and any team has rights to any player at any time with no compensation. The fact that he cleared waivers of 31 teams after being cut by the team that spent a draft pick on him means he is a free agent like anyone else and paid dirt compared a man on the 53 man roster. He’s on the bubble. Rams depth was alot deeper than the Cowboys so they gave him 1 of the 2 extra spots the NFL mandated a few weeks ago, big deal

  67. The Globe And Mail reported today that Jim Popp did talk to Sam’s people about going to the Alouettes. That would have been a much better option for him.

  68. I know I am feeding the beast on this dumb story but I just came here to read the comments. You are all right, press conference for practice squad player.

  69. The Dallas Cowboys: more successful historically and FAR more relevant than whatever crap team you root for.

    If you were you, I’d hate America’s Team too.

    Click the “thumbs down” now, please. Each “thumbs down” is a kiss to all 5 of our rings!

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