Dennis Allen: Derek Carr can lead us to victory

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Raiders coach Dennis Allen says his decision to name Derek Carr the team’s starting quarterback was a simple matter of believing that Carr is the quarterback who gives his team the best chance to win.

Allen has said all offseason that Matt Schaub would be the team’s starter, but Allen now believes that Carr is the right man for Week One and beyond.

“Derek is the starting quarterback and we feel very good and very confident about where he’s at and his ability to go out and lead us to victory,” Allen said.

Allen acknowledged that Schaub isn’t happy to lose a starting job that he was told is his.

“Well, he’s disappointed,” Allen said. “I think any competitor would be. But he’s handled it like a pro and, listen, it’s not an easy situation to be in, but he’s a real pro. He’s been around football for a long time. He understands how things operate. He’s going to continue to go out and work and compete and he’ll be ready when his number is called.”

The Raiders hope they won’t have to call Schaub’s number. In Oakland, everyone hopes Carr is leading the team to victory for a long time.

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  1. Its been a long 10+ years but i would love to see Carr for 16 games, even if the Raiders go 5-11 the experience will help Carr tremendously. The worst thing ever would be Carr to get injured, would be a waste of a season.

    In 2003 it was bad when Gannon was injured and gone for the year but it was then Tui’s chance. What happens, his first start a week later hes gone for the year !

  2. It would be nice to see the Raiders be relevant again, and I don’t mean that as a slight. This league is always more exciting when the Raiders are great – that’s a fact.

  3. Schaub’s downfield arm just didn’t look that good. At this point, he may profile as an elite backup but a mediocre starter. That can’t feel good…but he’s still an NFL QB making a lot of money, so…worse things can happen to a person.

  4. He looked much better than Schaub. Not sure they have enough pieces to go more than 5-11.

    But better to see what you have in him, unlike the stupid Browns that rather start a career backup that isn’t better than their 1st round QB they just drafted.

    If Johnny isn’t starting when the Browns play the Raiders, they are dumber than I already think they are

  5. If I was Schaub, I would ‘retire’ ala Brett Favre and tell the Raiders to go pound sand. The mistake with Carr is he won’t get better, he’ll get worse, because the supporting players aren’t that good. Is the offensive line going to keep him from getting destroyed? How many young QB’s have been ruined by this thinking. Schaub gave them a better chance to win.

  6. I think in an even battle that the energy brought to the game by Carr is the deciding factor. I watched every single snap of both Carr and Schaub this preseason and saying Schuab just didn’t seem to care would be a massive understatement. Calling it an even battle would be a massive lie. It was not even, not at all.

    Vet’s want to know they at least have a QB hell bent on winning…even in the face of mistakes…and rookies on a team of this make up need to see the Vet’s get behind the QB.

    I think this was not only the right decision but I think it was the only decision.

  7. That Oline can’t, especially with the defensive front of the Chiefs & Broncos. Not winning in that division, Derek is about to experience the same thing as David.

  8. The Raiders need some consistency and they need some talent to help with that. No doubt Carr could be that guy but I just wonder how it will go if Carr is constantly having to scramble for his life. Need MJD to find some semblance of his old self to reduce that pressure on the rookie QB

  9. Two years straight the Raiders traded draft picks for a veteran QB that lost his job in the preseason.

    Carr better “win” or Allen and GM Reggie McKenzie will be on the streets in 2015.

  10. So happy about this move. I was really worried d.a. was going to stubornly stick to his guns. This is the right choice. #StartCarr. #StartTheCarr.

  11. This move seems impulsive and motivated by panic and/or massive fan pressure based on one good performance in what was still a meaningless pre-season game.. I like Carr a lot and think he can be a good future QB for the Raiders but I thought it best that he be groomed slowly (and perhaps inserted into the lineup late in the season) while we started the season with Schaub or McGloin.

    I’m afraid that with Carr thrown into the regular season fire too soon, it could wreck his confidence as happened to his brother in Houston.

    Still the decision has been made, and I’m hoping that my worries are misplaced. I’ll be cheering for Derek to succeed.

  12. It’s entirely possible. Certainly a much higher possibility than with washed-up Schaub, who everyone in the NFL knew was worthless except the Raiders. That whole signing, especially for how much they paid him, should go down as one of the dumbest moves in NFL history.

  13. Raiders have stunk for 11 years, and haven’t won a Super Bowl in 30 years. Yet they still have the most Super Bowls rings in the division, so what does that tell you about how the broncos, chargers and chiefs have stunk the last 30 years that they can’t even pass them…lmao!!

  14. I didn’t want Carr to start as a rookie. Until I read an article in ESPN the magazine. “Sins of the brother”. It’s amazing the lengths Derek’s brother David has taken to try and ensure Derek’s success. David never blamed his horrendous offensive line for his struggles. He blamed them on the fact that he didn’t know how to prepare properly in order to be effective on Sundays. He says he didn’t know how to prepare until he signed with the giants and saw how Eli preps. Lessons he has passed on to Derek who some into camp as DA said wise beyond his yrs. so have at it Derek learn on the fly like guys like Peyton Eli, and Luck

  15. The kid is just too talented to keep off the field. Schaub was gifted the job, but hasn’t been aggressive about keeping it.

    #StartTheCarr was more successful than #DJaxtoOakland

  16. I guess when schaub was saying about Vickie not studying film in Atlanta he was really talking about himself. Beat out by a no name rookie…ha ha.

    Karma baby!

  17. This makes a lot of sense. You know you aren’t going anywhere with Matt so you might a well let the rookie lead the team. The Raiders have gone too long being uncompetitive. Even though I am a Broncos fan I hope Carr works out and the Raiders can become a factor in the division again.

  18. David Carr was never given a fair shot in this league when he was drafted first overall by the Texans. His brother will now suffer through the same fate with the lowly Raiders. Keep your head up Derek, it’s going to be a long year!

  19. Well to be honest, Schaub really looked terrible and out of place in the offense during the preseason. Carr really seemed to get his sea legs against the seahawks. I agree with Greg Olsen that the game is not to big for Carr, he seems comfortable with the speed of the game. Schaub looked like the rookie in preseason. McGloin looked much better than Schaub and Carr at first, but Carr took the reins. If Carr gets hurt, I would start Mcgloin, Schaub looks washed up.

    The kid has talent, great arm, release and throws a precise ball.

    This Raiders team is built on winning now, and Carr does give them the better chance.

    A very brutal schedule though, but I like our 0-line and we have some good running backs to take the pressure off Carr. The O-line looks solid this year.

    It was the right choice, I hope the kid can stay healthy.

  20. If you saw Schaub in preseason you wouldn’t argue this move. His arm is dead and his eyes are dead. His demeanor is dark and he looks like he just doesn’t want to play anymore.

    He completed exactly 1 pass more than 10 yards in preseason. He is done

  21. To me it’s a really dumb decision.

    Carr has no idea about game speed and he will do a lot of losing before he wins anything. They are risking ruining him. It’s not like Big Ben, who came into a franchise that had a great running game and defense. If Carr get’s pulled for Shaub that will it for him. Done.

    Why not let Shaub try and win some games and then pull him if he can’t and let Carr take over with less pressure. The season is a building season anyway.

  22. Great year to start a Rookie QB with the new DB’s rule. Lot’s of pass interference flags this year. Throw the deep ball.

  23. rabidboy says:Sep 2, 2014 8:09 AM

    Two years straight the Raiders traded draft picks for a veteran QB that lost his job in the preseason.

    Carr better “win” or Allen and GM Reggie McKenzie will be on the streets in 2015.


    How can Carr win? Their defense is improving, but the team won’t be great this year. Everyone has them in the 30’s in their power rankings. Maybe they can surprise and go what… 6-10 or max 8-8? All 3 teams in their divison are better then the Raiders.

    Might as well fire Allen and McKenzie now.

  24. Stupid decision that will end it for coach.
    Really shows that he is not head coach material.
    Just think if Carr get another concussion right off the batt.
    That will jeopardize and possibly end Carr’s career with the beginning of concussion syndrome.

    All based upon preseason performance.

  25. Raiders owner needs to stand pat and be patient with the McKenzie/Allen team…

    As a Saints fan having watched Dennis Allen as an assistant here, he’s a danm fine coach…

    McKenzie has had to spend two seasons alone to just undo the previous damage…

    If Davis will focus on moving the team to Los Angeles, when they move in the next two years, Allen will have those boys winning the AFC West after Manning’s retirement…

    Davis just has to be patient, but it’s happening…

  26. Carr sure looks poised in game play and just snaps off those passes. He’s got weapons. Let’s see if they can get open. Hopefully James Jones gets on the field and hauls in some grown man passes to keep this kid in the game.

  27. Anyone referencing the Browns QB situation is out of touch with football. Manziel doesn’t even know the playbook yet as he didn’t come from a system that resembled an NFL offense. Carr has that knowledge to fall back on. Hoyer played well while he was in there last year, and should be given his shot. If Hoyer does well, it creates a trade chip scenario with Cleveland in the offseason at a minimum. Hoyer is still quite young in terms of QBs. Manziel is going to get into the starting role by mid season as the browns will not compete. Starting Hoyer gives Manziel time to develop and avoid some hits he’s sure to take with his style of play.

    Schaub is washed up. Even if he came out hot, he isn’t likely to increase his value on the market and Carr wasn’t drafted to sit behind him for multiple seasons. This was a no brainer move for OAK IMO.

  28. I think it’s funny how people keep saying Reggie M. and Dennis Allen won’t have jobs if the Raiders don’t win now. First off they’ve done an incredible job with the hand they were dealt thus far. When you’re an NFL head coach or GM you have millions of dollars in the bank losing your job does not “put you in the streets” as it were.

  29. As great as this is for Carr and the Raiders, its an indictment of epic levels of incompetency for Reggie to have paid to veteran QBs only to see them get beat out by younger players.

    You can see in Shaub’s body language the guy has no confidence with his weak passes that get routinely intercepted in practice and in games. Not sure how a 6’6 guy can throw the ball so softly.

    Carr is full of energy and drive and looks like the QB of the future for the Raiders.

    Hopefully the OL can protect him better that his brothers OL protected him.

  30. Hope it just isn’t too soon. I was hoping they would stick with the plan and bring Carr along slowly. We will see soon enough if this was the right call. Go Raiders!

  31. All I know is the kid was throwing lasers the other night, with an amazingly quick release reminiscent of some of the elite QBs in the NFL. And the way the o-line responded gives me hope. I liked the way they lifted him up after the 2 or 3 TD. If our run game can just help the kid out, he’ll do well. They probably wont start DMC for obvious reasons. MJD and Murray are much more well suited to get the tough yards. At least its the lowly Jets we’re opening against and not a team like the Donkeys. Historically we’ve done well against the jets. Btw, Carr and Denarius seem to have good chemistry.

  32. my two cents:

    for all those who think 8 million is starting QB pay, i am not sure what league you are talking about.

    for all those who were drinking kool aid and were saying McGloin was the man, and now are saying Carr is the man, i suggest you put your cup down….He has not even played a game yet.

    I am all for Carr being our Qb. I just thought we drafted him for the future and signed Schaub for the present. No doubt the day I was at Napa, Carr looked the best. Has a lot of zip on the ball. Personally I would have liked to seen Carr ride the pine for several weeks and learn, but if not the case I just hope he can adjust right away. The front half of the schedule is a lot easier than the second half, so that is a positive. In the history of the NFL not to many have been able to, so I just hope Carr can.

    Go Raiders, Go Carr

  33. What happened to all the talk about how great Schaub was going to be?

    Looks like the same old dumpster fire in Oakland.

  34. Let me say Im happy Carrs starting.

    But if Raiders don’t finish with atleast 7 wins both Allen and McKenzie should be fired. RMs first draft he takes Bergstrom whos NEVER found the field even though how bad our O line has been. Haydens starting to look injury prone. This draft was great though. The signings this year were good although they shoulda kept Veldheer.

    Plus he picks up Flynn and Schaub for draft picks and re-works their contracts for more $ and then they get beat out for the job. Terrible! Make or break year for both of them.

  35. The Plan was never to bring Carr along slowly.

    The Plan was to bring in Veteran QB leadership in attempt to stabilize the position.

    They hoped that they had that in Schaub?I dont know what he was doing in practice but I saw none of the above on the field.

    We did not even know if Carr would be available so that could not have the been to bring “him” along slowly.

    Saying that you have a Vet presence and there is no need to rush a rook in there is not saying the same thing.

    Whether Carr has controlled his own destiny!whether he is ready or not now is not even the issue,this is not the “we have to protect the young psych’e league.

    one is in general the other is specific. The Schauby Plan is in general but Carr has controlled his on destiny and he has dictated the plan!

    He is playing Good! Schaub is very bad! Nuff Said.

    The plan is and will always be JUST WIN!

  36. Carr got lucky on a few throws in that Seattle game, but he does have a live arm, and he can move. If Schaub is healthy I’d rather see him start until he folds or gets injured. If the line and the running game can’t protect Carr it won’t be good for his mental health, but both Carr and McGloin show a desire to be on the field. Schaub does not. McGloin lacks the ability to check out of dangerous throws. That leaves Carr.

  37. He is a big boy I think he can handle it and if he cant then we will keep trying until we get some one who can.

    But he has earned this with his play.All he did was throw tds.If he were the first to get thrown into the fire it would be a big deal! but it is becoming the norm for atleast one or two rooks to get baptised early.

    I am exited about his and our chance for success and not afraid of failure.

  38. No matter what happens this year, PLEASE keep Reggie Mckenzie. He’s learning how to do his job. Don’t start over, AGAIN. It just sets the franchise back, over, and over, and over again.

    P.S. If you must fire the head coach, might I recommend you replace him with a Seahawks assistant coach; he’s someone you’ve heard of, his name’s Tom Cable.

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