Greetings from Seattle

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Football really starts this week.  And PFT is on the scene in Seattle for the Thursday night opener against the Packers and Seahawks.

Which means that I had to muster the nerve, fueled by something strong enough to power a jet engine, to walk into a plane (actually, two of them) and to make the long trek west from West Virginia.

Now that I’m here, I’ll be heading over to CenturyLink Field for PFT Live at 9:00 a.m. PT (noon ET) and Pro Football Talk on NBCSN at 2:30 p.m. PT (5:30 p.m. ET).

On Tuesday, Curtis Crabtree joins me from the set for PFT Live, and we’ll also answer your questions.

Later in the week, I’ll be joined by Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and NFL executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent for PFT Live.

It all leads up to Thursday night, when the ball gets kicked to start the season.

65 responses to “Greetings from Seattle

  1. Make sure you get out for some food and a beer while you are there. Besides football, we do food and beer pretty well here. If you are staying downtown a fun place to try is Salumi in Pioneer square but there is good food all over the city. Hope you enjoy your stay.

  2. Going to be a good game. Obviously the odds are in Seattles favor by a considerable margin that Raji and Tretter are out, but I wouldn’t sleep on that Packer offense just yet.

  3. It’s Ok to make fun of the Packers’ defense.

    We’ll see you Friday.

    Win or lose, we’re going to find out a lot about both teams.

    And like last season — this game could be replayed in January.

  4. Hey Florio at takeoff rest comfortably knowing at the young age of 19 I had full access to that runway and we sometimes “lost” tools and such as we hurried off in the morning so planes could take off and land again.

    Gonna be a great game. Where better to open the season than the loudest stadium with a great fan base on national tv after a world championship?

    I said this when I walked out of that stadium after the NFC championship. This may just be the superbowl right here.

    2 great teams, immeasurable talent. No replacements! Lets roll!

  5. Raji and Tretter out?!?! LOL Raji hasn’t done jack for 3 years. Tretter is a center. If you lose because your missing your starting center you have bigger issues. But unlike the scab refs handing Seattle an unthinkable win, it will be challenging to start a rookie center in a stadium that is architecturally built to manufacture and amplify crowd noise.

    The 12th man is a joke. Fans pretend like it’s their passion when in reality it is purely manufactured. Even Jacksonville fans would sound loud in that stadium.

  6. Should be a great game. Looking forward to a stout contest and the beginning of the season. For any GB fans, I hope you enjoy Seattle- definitely get out and about- it’s worth it.

    Go Hawks!

  7. What’s the over/under on how many times announcers will talk about the 12th man? Even you ‘hawks fans must be getting sick of that. Dumbest thing ever.

    Should be a good game though..

    Go. Pack. Go.

  8. It will also be interesting to see how much the emphasis on pass interference affects the Seahawks.

    Obviously last year they wisely figured out they could get away with it because the officials wouldn’t call it on every play and make the games last 4 hours. We’ll see if the refs worry less about that this year.

  9. “Gonna be a great game. Where better to open the season than the loudest stadium with a great fan base on national tv after a world championship?”

    Don’t confuse great fan base with manufactured sound making it seem like a passionate fan base. This same fan base for years barely showed up in the Seattle Superdome. This fanbase is about as fairweather as Vikings fans are. Solid when they are winning….practically non-existent when they aren’t.

  10. What a tremendous match-up to kick off the season. The reigning World Champion Seahawks vs the legendary Green Bay Packers. The eyes of the world will be on Seattle on Thursday. Good luck Seahawks fans.

  11. I hope the outcome doesn’t come from the hands of the Refs, this time….
    With the illegal contact rule being more inforced, I just hope they don’t call it like they did in the preseason. Let the defense play a little bit… They get paid too.

  12. whatthehellisgoingonoutthere says: Sep 2, 2014 11:17 AM

    “ Don’t confuse great fan base with manufactured sound making it seem like a passionate fan base”


    anyone whose fallen victim to the myth the noise at Century Link Field is manufactured, hasn’t arrived at work whispering the following day because their vocal cords are shredded.

    I always chuckle when folks who’ve never visited CL repeat and post such comments they read on the web, and they treat it as the gospel truth because of course, they read it on the internets.

    Reality, or internet myth. It’s your world.

  13. Green Bay 27, Seattle 20.

    For whatever reason, Green Bay just seems like a bad matchup for Seattle. Number 1, their offense is ridiculous. They can win any type of game. A top 5 back and maybe the best quarterback in the game with a full year of working together…have fun with that.

    I think Seattle will run the ball well enough, but at some point they are going to have to put the ball in Wilson’s hands. Seattle has no receivers and the Packer secondary is finally healthy and much improved.

  14. A few things to watch for on Thursday night:
    1. Percy Harvin vs GB’s Defense
    2. Seattles DB’s vs GB’s WR’s
    3. GB’s Pass rush
    4. Who runs the ball more effectively.

    Watch for Seattle to get Harvin more touches. Passes out on the flat, or some kind of draw play with him coming out of the backfield.
    Look for GB’s WR’s to go deep a lot.
    In the end who ever runs the ball, will probably win this game.
    It will be a close game. Somewhere in the 20’s.

  15. GB will learn this is not the same team they played a couple years ago in the Fail Mary game. Wilson is much improved. Tate has been replaced by Harvin. The Seahawks had so much WR talent in training camp they kept seven of them. They are young, experienced and deep at every position on offense and defense, 100% healthy, and playing at home. Good luck, with that.

  16. Green Bay will have Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers chasing Russell Wilson around like 2 cats chasing a little mouse. Aaron Rodgers will be picking apart the Legion of Boop, if the 13th man does not look the other way while SeAdderall d backs grab, hold, and bear hug the receivers. Eddie Lacy will run through the weakened SeAdderall d line like it is made of swiss cheese. Packers 38 Sea Turkeys 21

  17. Seattle wideouts:

    1. Percy Harvin. Let’s hope he can stay healthy and manage not to throw any dumbells at the staff before Thursday.
    2. Doug Baldwin.
    3. Jermaine Kearse
    4. Ricardo Lockette
    5. Bryan Walters
    6. Paul Richardson
    7. Kevin Norwood

    Tell me again about this powerhouse of talent…

  18. “I will give you the QB statement but top 5 back? Really? Top 10 maybe but not 5.”

    Look at Lacy’s numbers down the stretch last year and then tell me 5 backs you would take over him. Especially considering the type of offense he is in.

    I know this, I haven’t been in a fantasy draft where he has gone outside of the top 6 overall.

  19. No Packer fan thinks they’re going to waltz into Seattle and win this game handily. The seahawks are a great team and they’re tough to beat at home.

    I do think it will be closer than some think. Everyone loves to point how bad the GB defense is, but they ended up 25 out of 32 in total yards. Not good, but better than Minnesota, New England, Chicago, Dallas, Philly, Atlanta & Jacks. They have improved at least on paper- we’ll see how that shakes out as the season goes on.

    I’m thinking 27-24 either way.

  20. Nobody knows what Lacey’s ceiling is after only 1 season. But even as good as he may be, he’ll never put up the big numbers because GB is a pass first team with Rodgers.

    It’s a lot different for teams like Seattle and Minnesota that rely heavily on the run game because the passing offense is the weakness by comparison.

  21. GB will learn this is not the same team they played a couple years ago in the Fail Mary game.
    Seattle will learn this is not the same team they played a couple years ago in the Fail Mary game.

  22. I feel your pain Mike. A margarita and a script from my doc made my last flight very enjoyable, as far as flying goes.

  23. Comparing teams from 2 years ago is somewhat pointless. But….Seattle is about the same, except they added Harvin. The offense is still about the same and they have very similar defense.

    The Packers are a very different team in that 2 years ago they had no run game at all. Lacy changes the way their offense operates and the way defenses have to defend them. Their defense should be at a minimum slightly improved….to possibly a lot more improved, depending on who steps up or doesn’t and Capers new look on defense this year.

  24. silly trolls have to come up with new insults. The ones from last year and the year before are way outdated. I will give Green Bay props for their fans, they are definitely over the top and passionate about their team…Not a lot else to focus on in the tundra I guess. Seattle fans have been filling seats and being loud since the 70’s when the team first started, don’t blame us if nobody paid attention to that until now, we’re way out in the farthest reaches of America. If you want PED’s go to the other Washington, they lead the league, although with the record number of arrests going on down in San Fran, I bet they could take the crown if they were surprised by a whole-team pee test today. And don’t get all bent about losing a week 3 game because of some bad refs all those years ago. Seattle was the victim of bad refs in a Superbowl, and bad calls against Seattle are the reason the NFL created the instant replay system they use now, so go cry in your cheese-curds somewhere else. Be a fan of the game, not of the trolls. Lets play football.

  25. Best of luck, Seattle fans. You clearly had the best team last year, and your proud franchise finally got the Super Bowl Championship it deserves.

    I have a lot of friends and family out there, and I’ve learned during my visits that your fans are full of class. Win or lose, I hope both teams come out healthy, and meet again in the playoffs.

    One thing I think we all can agree on, it feels good being fans of anyone other than the Vikings, the worst franchise in all of professional (and semi/professional) sports.

  26. It’s hilarious that the same reasons Green Bay is going to beat us are the same reasons we heard why Denver was going to beat us.

    Seattle is a physical team. Brutally physical. Big, fast, strong, young, and blood-thirsty. If you wanna beat us, you’re not going to do it with a finesse game. You’re going to do it by getting in the ring and taking some brutal punches, and doling out bigger ones. And I think it’s hilarious that Packer fans see that in their team. All I see is a team that has been a hapless punching bag for the NFCW for the last few years. And I don’t see anything to indicate that has changed.

    As a Seahawk fan, I’m not a bit worried. I know my team is going to show up and they’re going to throw a lot of punches. The Seahawks are like Tyson and Ali mixed, the power of Tyson with the stamina of Ali. Good luck with that. I expect we’ll see plenty of crying Green Bay fans after this game, and I’m going to be laughing when Seattle destroys all doubt. What will be the excuse this time? Oh you know there will be one.


  27. My take as a Packers fan.

    I suspect this will be a close game. Won by the team that makes the fewest mistakes or the one that is able to create the splash play the other couldn’t. Much like most other games in the NFL between two good teams.

    The Packers D get’s dumped on but I think they are much better (when healthy) than anyone realizes. Through 7 games last year they allowed 83 rushing yds a game. They lost Matthews, Perry, Jones….. and they fell apart but still found enough bodies to win their division and give SF everything it could handle in the playoffs.

    Winner or loser will still be a real threat to win it all. It’s the 1st game in a 16 game season. The goal os to make the playoffs and be the best team at the end of the year, not the beginning, but I’d like to be 1-0 anyways.

  28. don’t worry seattle, their fanbase is more concernd about the Vikings then their sorry one and done team

  29. The queen trolls with comments really? You are owned by the Packers and are a farm team for Seattle, its almost time for you to be irrelevant again. There is a reason these two teams are meeting to start the season and its because of the talent and overwhelming popularity. When is the last time you even seen a primetime game with the Vikings? They are generally forgotten after week 5.

    While I expect a great game and will be rooting for the Pack its not one I checked off on the win column being that its on the road but as you know as much as anyone Seattle it can come down to a lucky break or a bad call like the fail mary to get the W. Good luck and lets get this started

  30. Hey Julious how can you compare your team to a boxer?
    You don’t think other teams have the stamina that the seahawks have?
    Wow, you must be new to the game…
    You’ll learn very quick how it works.
    Welcome to the NFL!

  31. You cheese trolls are thinking way too much…..all you yellow headed trolls need to know is this….

    1. seattle has a great defense… bay has a great high school defense…..

    2. seattle has a running game….well, green bay had one in the 1960’s..

    3. seattle has home field advantage….green bay fans won’t even go to home playoff loses…..


  32. Should be a good game. It will be interesting to see how each QB performs against the respective defenses.

  33. 12’s, remember the Nat’l noise all of last year? Game manager this, 9er’s that, Broncos a sure bet because they’re the BEST NFL offense EVER!

    And still, here today, folks aren’t recognizing what Seattle team attribute largely created a 43-8 result in February’s SB win.

    Or in the words of Joe Buck, “I can’t believe how fast they are. They’re team speed, it’s like they’re playing a different game than Denver.”

    So, keep up the noise….I’ve another team rally to go to. And lastly, to the noise makers surrounding CL field, Seattle fans make noise for their MLS Seattle Sounders that rivals most other NFL clubs.

    12’s, time to go to work….we got a game to win…time to make suM NOISE!!!!!!!!

  34. I hope Seattle fans realize that they ripped off the whole 12th man idea from Texas A & M.

    Actually the first documented use of the term was from the University of Minnesota, but adopted and made famous by A & M.

  35. I love the Packers fans making excuses because old Raji and some Center nobody has heard of are out. Seahawks are down a starter that is better than both of those players (irvin) but its next man up, gonna be a brawl.

  36. I think the packers new look defense will surprise people. They finally added a decent pass rusher opposite Clay Matthews in Julius Peppers. They shifted down to smaller, quicker and more athletic type across the front 7 (sound familiar Seattle?).

    Also lets not forget that McCarthy and Capers spent a bunch off time in the off-season tweaking the scheme and tailoring it to their personnel.

    Last but not least the safety and corner back play should be much better with Hyde moving to Safety and Casey Hayward back healthy.

    The defense simply has to play well enough. The real strength of this team is the dynamic offense. Should be a great game.

    Packers 24
    Seahawks 20

  37. Could there be two more precious fanbases than those for these two teams? One team’s fans think they own the team while the other team’s fans think they actually influence the outcome of the game.

  38. I’m really looking forward to watching the 2 most hated teams in the NFL(mainly because of their idiot fans) get down. Packers are getting crushed, 45- 17

  39. One of the loudest games I’ve ever been at was in Seattle. At the Kingdome. That place was like a concrete tomb and the noise had nowhere to go.

    The new stadium is loud, but not as loud as most Seattle fans think it is. I’ve been to 24 different stadiums and at almost every one of them, I’ve run into fans that think they are the loudest fans in the NFL. Everyone wants to believe that because they want to use it somehow to suggest that they’re better fans than anyone else. In my opinion, the metrodump was the loudest, but probably because of the artificial crowd noise that they used there – definitely not because of those fairweather fans. I’ve been to the new stadium in Seattle 3 different times and don’t ever remember thinking it was all that loud.

    That being said, I’m looking forward to trip #4 there (and hopefully a better outcome than trip #3).

    Is it Thursday yet?!!!

  40. How often is it necessary to remind the haters that Packer fans were found to be the most knowledgable in the NFL, in a poll of active players???? Calling us idiots makes me believe those are simply your personal feelings only. You’re not biased, are you?

  41. Enough already with the “stole it from Texas A &M “, claims of piped in noise, and stating the fans are stupid for thinking it has an impact.

    “12th man”,”The 12’s”, or whatever name we use does not matter. The name does not matter. There is no other fan base in college or pros that creates the noize we do.

    There is no electronic noise amplification or anything piped in. The partial roof sections do hold in sound, but not like a full dome. Our volume record was documented

  42. …It was actually documented twice, after KC broke it with crowd prompting (Hawk noize is organic and is measured on big plays).

    We know it has an impact, we see it happen. We have caused the most false starts and procedure penalties of any crowd in the league (documented). Wait til Manning comes to da CLINK with his “Omaha”. The Packers have created a hand signal system specifically for playing in Seattle.

  43. I will admit that every game does not hit max 12 volume. A 1:00pm start against a mediocre team sometimes only registers a 9. Any big game or night game is off the chain and louder than any other outdoor venue.

    I don’t want opposing fans in my stadium (waste of a spot in the largest human noize maker!), but if u don’t belive fans, sportscasters, or players that all say Seattle is currently the toughest road destination to play at…come on out to the Emerald City and watch yur team get crushed.

    Go Hawks!

  44. Artificial pumped-in electronic crowd noise…..just like Minnesota. Big deal.

    show me something other then your mouth rambling that this is true?
    Thanks, and good luck to both teams Thursday

  45. Aaron Rodgers knows what the 12th man can do, so he is prepared. In contrast, the Saints went into Seattle in the regular season not knowing what to expect and got trounced. Packers have improved defensively. Seahawks have deteriorated defensively with the loss of Red Bryant, Chris Clemons, Clinton McDonald, Walter Thurmond, and Brandon Browner. They have deteriorated offensively with the loss of Golden Tate, Breno Giacomini, and Michael Bowie. If the officials call defensive holding and pass interference the way they did in the preseason, then the Seahawks are in deep doo-doo. Packers 38, Sea Squawks 21.

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