Jim Irsay sentenced to probation, drug testing in plea deal


Colts owner Jim Irsay pleaded guilty to operating a vehicle under the influence on Tuesday, bring an end to the legal case stemming from his arrest in March.

Irsay faced two misdemeanor charges as a result of the arrest, but the second one was dropped as part of a plea deal that left Irsay sentenced to a year of probation. Mike Wells of ESPN.com reports that Irsay, who was found to be under the influence of oxycodone and hydrocodone, will undergo drug testing as a condition of his probation and that his driver’s license has been suspended for one year.

With the legal case now concluded, the question is whether the NFL will also be issuing a suspension as a result of Irsay’s malfeasance. Adam Schefter of ESPN has reported that a six-to-eight-game suspension is expected with a good chance that the league will act quickly to enact the suspension before the Colts open the season against the Broncos on Sunday night.

Irsay had no comment before leaving the Hamilton County courthouse.

52 responses to “Jim Irsay sentenced to probation, drug testing in plea deal

  1. Suspension, schmension. Unless Goodell wants to wear egg on his face for a second time in less than a month, he needs to hit Irsay where it hurts. DRAFT PICKS and REVENUE FORFEITURE!

    Before you all say, “he’s the owner, not an employee”… There’s bylaws that owners must follow too and he breached them big time! Worse than Gordon.

  2. I don’t expect to see him riding a bicycle, walking, or taking public transit to work.

    He should be sentenced to do one of those, so he can “feel” the impact of his misguided action.

  3. As a practicing attorney in Indiana, I’ll go ahead and add that this is pretty standard and that I’ve pled out clients in multiple counties with different prosecutors for effectively the same thing.

  4. Ray Rice two games for knocking out his fiancee in pblic, McDonald six games for punching his pregnant girlfriend at home, Josh Gordon a year for drugs,Irsay half a season for drugged driving. Yup sounds about right. Drugs are sooooo much worse than punching women.

  5. Just stop it with the comparison of Irsay and player punishment and delay of a Goodell decision for Irsay.
    Irsay is 1 of 32 owners.
    Any particular player is 1 of over 2000.
    Determination of player penalties should be quicker.
    Bud Adams was fined quickly, but there were no legal issues involved.
    Irsay copped a plea and has been legally penalized.
    Your move Roger. PLEASE hurry

  6. Anyone with experience in law enforcement or the legal system will tell you this is a pretty usual ruling, for a first offense DUI with no injury. It is what it is, and it’s not a money thing.

  7. This is where all the public outrage should be focused. He endangered the lives of countless people and broke numerous laws, then get a convicted of one misdemeanor. I don’t care what the NFL does the justice system should have done more just like with Ray Rice.

  8. A fine is nothing to an owner unless it is substantial. Game suspensions, ok, though I’m not sure that’s the same as for a player.

    Draft picks, ok, that’s getting somewhere.

    But really, I’d love to see the Commissioner require Irsay to go into a drug rehab program – and then create one to serve the community – to educate on the perils of Rx overuse and misuse.

  9. He doesn’t need drug testing. We definitely knew when he was high based on his Twitter posts. Seriously, jam through his archives – it reads like a college freshman’s after his first keg stand

  10. Probation is perfectly reasonable for a first offense in a situation where no actual people or property were actually hurt. I would also like to see it trickle down to the folks without the money and lawyers, too. Has actual people or property been injured, that would be a completely different story.

    As for the football side, I would also be OK if he gets little punishment, since there is no precedent, so long as they create a clearly stated punishment for any future owners offenses so that there will be no possibility of it being up in the air if it happens again.

    An interesting complication is that different teams have different ownership groups. Should a team get a different punishment if they have a sole person owner, or a minority stakeholder in a team with a large ownership group who is caught committing the same crime. What about a member Green Bay’s BoD?

  11. .
    “Irsay…. will undergo drug testing ”

    So the court ordered the State of Indiana to restock his liquor cabinet without delay.

  12. In Arizona he would have been buried under the jail…no excuses or exemptions for the rich and famous. We may not like Sheriff Joe but he has never been accused making a distinction when sending offenders to Tent City where they get to wear strips and pink long johns while residing in army tents in triple digit heat, monsoon rain etc., dinning on baloney sandwiches or peanut butter. They pick up trash on work details for all to see during the daytime, have no TV or ameneties. When they are released they have to have a breathalizer installed in their vehicle when they get their driving privileges back (at their expense) and are monitored for at least a year.
    Allowing Irsay to please to one count of a misdemeanor is a travesty and while Roger may give him a wink and a nod this time, I hate to think about next time when he could kills someone. Irsay’s documented history says this was not an isolated incident and odds are there will be a next time! Shame on Goodell and shame on the state of Indiana!

  13. That’s actually worse than what Aldon Smith got on his first DUI…it was reduced to something like reckless driving.

  14. Fine him a years worth of revenue. How come there is no news on the woman found dead in one of his houses?

    Fine him next year’s 1st and 2nd round draft picks since Goodell said owners are to be held to a higher standard

  15. karlton3 says:
    Sep 2, 2014 12:04 PM
    As a practicing attorney in Indiana, I’ll go ahead and add that this is pretty standard and that I’ve pled out clients in multiple counties with different prosecutors for effectively the same thing.
    That may be, but reality will not get in the way of people posting how much they hate rich people, and how Irsay should be punished much worse than any other citizen.

  16. Let there be no doubt that Irsay bought his sentence and when it is time for Godell to make it right…Godell will get it wrong…like he always does…..

  17. Seems to me the State of Indiana is treating him like they would you or me. He got what most first offenders get.

  18. The fact we are still talking about fining teams money at this point is ridiculous. If draft picks being forfeited doesn’t become part of the conversation then the problem will never go away. The amounts of money being made by the franchises is astronomical, between ticket sales and merchandising alone they are never going to feel the sting of a monetary fine unless it starts hitting 7 figures.

  19. Even in conservative Arizona, Irsay would have been made to serve a month eating bologna sandwiches in the 120 degree desert heat in Arpaio’s tent city. Slap on the wrist for all those pills and cash is a joke.

  20. No Plea deals with Roger Goodell. If he doesn’t get more than a slap on the wrist, there will be an utrage from the players union and rightfully so.

  21. This decision only resolves his DUI.

    Is he going to be charged at all for being caught in possession of a boatload of prescription drugs not written for him and a hefty sum of cash when he was stopped?

    The prescription thing is a federal offense, no?

  22. Colts fans do not need to be punished because the owner is a goofball,

    Irsay should have to be Goodell’s butler for the Super Bowel, the Pro Bowel and the week of the draft

  23. The NFL needs to get out of the business of punishing players/owners/associates. They should just let the legal system run its course.

    But if you have to punish Irsay, give him a $1M fine, cut the Colts salary cap in half for the next five years, declare all current Colts players free agents and take away Colt’s next year draft.

  24. Facts have shown that a certain percentage of people, not cited for a DWI, drive impaired. Over 29 million in 2012. So I would say that a goodly amount of people posting here have driven impaired at one time or another. I think the outrage is more because he is rich than any other reason. I think a lot of people need to get off of their high horses. He received, what experience has shown, was a pretty standard sentence for first timers with no accident or injury.

  25. When a player gets suspended, he forfeits his pay for those weeks. Does Irsay forfeit his team’s revenue for the weeks he’d be suspended?

  26. If he was not wealthy this would’ve been a federal case prescription pills is number one on there list and 29k at least five years where you do 85% of you time. SMH

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