NFL says Josh Brent can return starting Week 11

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The NFL has will allow Josh Brent, the Cowboys defensive lineman who killed teammate Jerry Brown while driving drunk, to return to the Cowboys this year. But Brent isn’t eligible just yet.

Brent cannot play until Week 11. He is suspended for the first 10 games of the season and not allowed to participate in any team activities for the first six weeks of the season. He can begin practicing in Week Nine. He will not be permitted to return if he is involved in any prohibited alcohol-related incidents.

If Brent believes he deserves to re-join the Cowboys sooner than that, he has five days to appeal the decision. Brent has already missed the end of the 2012 season after his car crash in December of that year, and the entire 2013 season as well. In all, he’ll have missed 30 games by the time he’s eligible to play in Week 11.

The Cowboys have indicated that they will bring Brent back once the NFL gives it the OK. So as long as Brent stays out of trouble, expect him to be with the Cowboys late this season.

34 responses to “NFL says Josh Brent can return starting Week 11

  1. I think that sounds reasonable. Especially the part where he must avoid alcohol related incidents.

    Will he be in football shape though?

  2. Oh, we are advancing as humans!

    Isn’t it wonderful that a man can beat the crap out of a woman and drag her around and only get a 2 game suspension?

    And to put icing on that cake we can also have a man slay another man by his idiotic decisions and come back and play football, while, if it were any other civilian their lard would be imprisoned. Still.

    Isn’t it wonderful? 🙂

  3. By that time, Jerry Jones’ America’s team aka The Dallas Cowboys would be in the lead for the number one seed. Nothing is going to slow down Jerry’s killer offense. #Goingfor6 #IfIHadANickleForEverySuperbowlTheEaglesHaveWonIdStillHaveZeroNickles

  4. So this guy gets a DUI, kills a teammate and only gets 10 games while Josh Gordon passes 70 urine tests over the past year but barely tests above the super low 15 ng limit (while the average of the two samples was BELOW) and gets a full year suspension and can’t be around the team (Brent can return after 6 games).


  5. Before all the HATERS jump in…remember he killed his best friend, yes the same friend that willingly went in the car with him that night he was drunk…so no its not like all the other NFL examples you will try to bring out because you HATE.

  6. It may be 30 games in total, but 20 of those were Brent’s decision. So the league gives him 10 games for killing a guy. Sounds about right. I mean, if he’d been in a room where other people were smoking weed, then THAT would have been worth a year.

  7. Good, I’m happy for Brent. Jerry Brown’s mother and family have expressed deeply how they feel for Brent and are playing a key role in him being reinstated. You guys aren’t sitting here bagging Donte Stallworth still are you? Brent has spent almost 8 months in jail, will have sat out over 30 games, lost a good friend at his own hands, and probably his mind to go with it. It’s easy to judge from this side of the computer screen. Kudos Josh Brent I wish you luck.

  8. This whole case is an example of how the system fails! Brent fails two court mandated drug tests awaiting trial. He then retires from the NFL to avoid suspension. Then gets sentenced to a prison term. Gets an early release. Now he gets a whopping 10 game suspension from the NFL after he magically unretires! You wonder why those of wealth and status feel they are above the law. Meanwhile the mother of his “friend” still goes to the cometary to see her son! Where is the justice!!!

  9. Omg……I am officially FURIOUS. Goodell is an absolute joke. The way he is throwing his weight around, this warrants a life time ban. How on gods green earth did my main man Aldon Smith get 9 games and this guy 10.

  10. I dont believe Josh Brent will get a job in the NFL. I mean, lets face it, NFL teams don’t want a distraction on their roster. I mean, he probably won’t even get a practice squad spot.

  11. Everyone forgets he already sat out last season. he is, in effect, getting a 26 game suspension.

  12. Why is everyone saying he only got 10 games. The guy has to live with the fact he killed a friend and missed an entire season. He also served jail time. Quit comparing other fines for repeat offenders who dont care about themselves.

  13. Heck of a lot of folks living in glass houses out there. Goodell is inconsistent, I agree. But Brent paid a debt. This is why we don’t have kangaroo courts in America . . .

  14. They’re rulings make absolutely 0 sense. Why suspend him for ten games? Give him a DUI suspension but don’t make it any harder on him than it should be.

  15. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…and I can guarantee you there is not one of you that can. Yes, it is tragic that a human life was ended due to this unfortunate situation, however, we all must remember that it was an accidental death by way of an intoxicated individual, who by chance has been given the ultimate penalty (to live with the fact that he took his best friend’s life) and…who was forgiven of the senseless act by the family of Jerry Brown, the individual killed in the incident. When did it become our position to judge whether anyone has the right to second chance in life. You have actual murderers in everyday society that are getting that chance. So why not Josh Brent? I’m so glad that none of you were the judge in his case he probably would have gotten the electric chair or death by lethal injection or something…

  16. yep. come back, get paid, get drunk, kill another life. get banned another year or so… what’s new?

  17. Where was your faux moral outrage when Donte Stallworth killed that pedestrian? Or when Little killed that woman? Neither of those families neither forgave nor approved of those two playing football again. Jerry Brown’s mother did both.

  18. It’s not his first DUI so the apologists can quit acting so righteous like he is being mistreated. The fact he didn’t learn his lesson the first time he deserves no pity.

  19. DUI + vehicular manslaughter = 10 games
    DUI = 9 games
    Vehicular manslaughter = 10 games – DUI
    Vehicular manslaughter = 1 game

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