No decision yet on Josh Gordon lawsuit

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On Monday, we reported that Josh Gordon will decide in the next day or two whether to sue the NFL in response to his one-year suspension for his latest violation of the substance-abuse policy.

As of Tuesday, no decision has been made.

Look for something to happen quickly, especially since practice gets rolling on Wednesday for the regular-season opener against the Steelers.  Since Gordon, if he sues, will ask for a preliminary injunction that will allow him to play while the litigation is pending, the sooner he gets the process rolling the more time a judge will have to consider whether to allow Gordon to keep playing.

11 responses to “No decision yet on Josh Gordon lawsuit

  1. It’s surprising that the league would give their decision on Josh Brent while Gordon is contemplating suing. 10 games for killing a guy is a lot of fuel to the fire that already includes Ray Rice.

  2. Get the injunction ASAP. Without Gordon the Browns have no chance against the Steelers. With Gordon, it will be a game.

  3. Sue them pencil necked geeks in the NFL offices, someone need to knock them down a few notches!! Goodell, and his huge ego has turned the NFL into a overregulated, micromanaged corporation, instead of the highly enjoyable sport to watch that it once was. Free Gordon, Fire Goodell!!!

  4. Give me a break…just serve your suspension and let’s move on. Whether the rule is justified or not, you broke it.

    Even if it was “second hand smoke,” you still should no better than hang around anyone smoking. Seriously, if you knew your career was on the line, don’t you think you could stop hanging out with people smoking weed? Somehow, I’ve been able to never be around a single person smoking weed, because if I ever had a positive test it would end my career, literally. I would imagine it wouldn’t be that hard if you really took it seriously.

    You knew, or should have known, the rules. That you either smoked or hung around people who were smoking shows that you just didn’t care. See you next year.

  5. The longer he waits the Weaker his case.

    Really he needs to man up and take his punishment. Since he broke the rules ….. Again. He should be focusing on how the DUI is gonna affect him.

  6. Half the league offices is comprised of lawyers. They knew what they were doing and the likely consequences when they handed Gordon that punishment. They still felt comfortable doing it.

    I triple dog dare Gordon to pull the trigger on a lawsuit.

  7. If Gordon sues the NFL Roger Goodell should add another one year suspension for the recent DUI.

    My money says Gordon makes the evening news again before he completes his suspension.

  8. The NFLPA signed an agreement that has lower control standards than Ohio labor law when it comes to the “Samples” taken.

    If this was a normal business and not the NFL Gordon would win this case.

  9. Why in the hell wasn’t the President of the NFLPA involved in any appeal that might eventually go to arbitration? Isn’t Smith like a trial lawyer, but knows nothing about CBA’s and grievances procedures?

    Why with the swing in States from medical and now recreational marijuana didn’t the union take an aggressive step in taking care of the players?

    Opening the contract on letter doesn’t mean you have to give the HGH up now. Goodell knows this but for some reason Smith doesn’t?

    The whole letter to the CBA should out line thresholds and respect to State guidelines.

    How the hell does the union allow it’s players to get into a program that is completely counter to what State’s labor laws and guidelines are? Is there really a NFLPA, or is it all lipservice?

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