Randall Cobb to balance punt return duties again this year


The Packers would love to not have to use Randall Cobb on punt returns.

But they haven’t found anyone better to do it.

According to Weston Hodkiewicz of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, special teams coach Shawn Slocum said Cobb and Micah Hyde are the options, and Cobb’s first on the depth chart for a reason.

Before becoming an offensive star in 2012, Cobb was a solid return man, averaging 25.0 yards per kickoff and 9.9 yards per punt with two touchdowns. He only caught one punt for no gain in the preseason for no gain.

While it’s certainly a risk to put a player — especially a player in a contract year — on special teams, the Packers don’t seem to have a problem.

Coach Mike McCarthy said earlier this year they had to “get away from that thinking” that they can’t use their best players on returns.

As long as Cobb can safely navigate them on his way to his wide receiver payday, he should he happy to help.

15 responses to “Randall Cobb to balance punt return duties again this year

  1. My initial reaction was thinking this was foolish as it opens him up to injury unnecessarily. Then I thought– How is returning a punt any worse than taking a slant pass in traffic over the middle? Seems downright cushy compared to that.

    Still think they should go Hyde/Harris for all return duties.

  2. Insignificant position for the Packers. The defense actually has to stop someone to force a punt.

  3. Stupid decision.
    Get someone back there that doesn’t fumble
    Fair catch everything instead of using this excellent receiver

  4. not a big deal, yes he is made of glass but this defense will never force a punt anyways……. I think with a good year he can break the label of “Sam Bradford of WR”…..

  5. I hate this. Janis was fine in limited action. They don’t need to risk the potency of their offense. This is classic MM, screw up everything for the sake of one position. Good thing this isn’t an offense line position we are talking about, or he would change up the position for 6 players to cover one position, and everyone would suck at their new positions. I am a die hard Packer fan, of 56 years, and this is the one reason I am not, and have never been, a fan of MM. Lets change his position on the team to unemployed.

  6. @longtimefanhtr: Maybe it is time for the NFL to slightly increase the active roster limit. Instead of 53, maybe they should allow 60. That could help reduce injuries by allowing teams to have a little more depth. It would also make it easier for teams to keep a couple special teams specialists (if that is how they wanted to use the extra roster space), including one for returning punts and kicks.

  7. Said it before and I’ll say it again, as Viking fan, this guy scares me more than any other non-QB on the Pack’s offense.

  8. Weeks where it is a big game, it is great he is returning punts and kicks(which is every other week with a first place schedule).

    Against low level competition, like the last place vikings, someone else can return kicks.

  9. it’s a big deal, yes he is made of steel and this defense will force punts all year……. I think with another outstanding year he can earn the label of “Elite NFL WR”…..

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