Source: Welker took Molly at Kentucky Derby

Wes Welker’s good day at the Kentucky Derby turned out to be not so good.

His winnings that day exceeded $57,000.  But human error resulted in the Broncos receiver being overpaid by nearly $15,000.

Now, he’ll lose a lot more than that due to his four-game suspension.

Per a league source, the banishment under the PED policy happened because Welker took MDMA, a banned substance under the substance-abuse policy, that had been cut with amphetamines, a banned substance under the PED policy.  (Here’s where all the Walter Whites in the crowd will try to claim in the comments and on Twitter that MDMA and amphetamines are the same thing.  They’re not, Jessie.)

As happened with Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick, pure MDMA wouldn’t have triggered a violation under the PED policy.  The presence of amphetamines resulted in a one-strike, four-game suspension.

If the NFL and NFLPA had struck a deal on HGH testing, Welker likely wouldn’t have been suspended.  It’s believed that the new drug-testing policies that will become effective if/when a final agreement is reached on HGH testing will result in amphetamines shifting to the substance-abuse policy during the offseason.

157 responses to “Source: Welker took Molly at Kentucky Derby

  1. Am I the only one who thinks that Welker is going to have a rough retirement? This man is putting his body through hell and at some point he will have to pay for it.

  2. He’s dumb watching horse races are boring I understand the need for something to get you going . But does anyone believe this almost cripple got suspended for performance enhancing drugs that he would physically need but somehow accidentally took a ped for something recreational ? Okay sure ! Lol

  3. So when the lizards were eating his legs was that just a hallucination brought on from popping Molly?

  4. People cook that stuff up in their kitchen, break it down, put it in pull capsules and sell them as “Molly”. I’m not sure why any professional athlete would want to out that in their body.

  5. All those ped terms and different drugs, really confusing, you should interview someone who is an expert in ped’s, what they do, how get away with using them and help explain how all this works, get Richard Sherman and the seasterisk defense on the phone.

  6. Amphetamines are a class of drug to which MDMA and Methamphetamine both belong. Saying MDMA and Amphetamines aren’t the same thing is like saying Captain Crunch and Cereal aren’t the same thing.

    Stick to lawyering, Saul.

  7. yeah i thought it was a little peculiar…sober people don’t generally stand around with a stack of hundos handing them out to passers by.

  8. Who wants to party with him, Gronk, and Johnny M all at once? Probably would put The Hangover to shame.

  9. Obviously they aren’t the same thing but where your confused is that you keep talking about pure mdma. Which obviously in theory is real thing but in reality you will never get ecasty or molly without amphetamines in it. Its because amphetamines are a lot cheaper and advance the high of mdma. So dealers, manufacturers, or whoever always include the 2 together.

  10. Wow would not have expected this from Welker.

    On the bright side it gives him more time to recover from the last concussion.

  11. Now look @ Patriots having Julian Edelman…who is better player all around…not even close last season.

    Welker bragged about ..”Patriot Way’ no longer restricting his life….He’s right it doesn’t.

    Amazing what a little $$$ does to people.

  12. Pretty sure Molly, is the term used for pure Ecstasy. When it’s cut, it’s just called E.

  13. Just to make sure I got this straight. Recreational druggie = good? Performance enhancing druggie = bad?

  14. It’s highly common that Ecstacy is cut with speed. In fact, it’s difficult to find pure Ecstacy, since adding just a little speed adds an energetic roll to the MDMA experience, which is what the customers want (adding too much speed detracts from the experience).

    Cutting MDMA with speed has been done for a very long time. Players should already know that speed will likely be included with their Ecstacy. They should also know that if they ask their dealer if it’s been cut with speed, that their dealer will probably lie and say ‘no’, and also that it doesn’t come with a list of ingredients.

  15. The concussions must be getting to him. Doesn’t he realize that the stuff they inject in horses is not meant for humans? Or maybe he is going to far with the notion that he is a Bronco….

  16. Oh no! Oh gosh almighty! Oh good goo belly goo! He’s not a Seahawk! Oh what to do trolls what to do?! Back to the dungeon for another 5 knuckle shuffle! Whoohoo!

  17. You know how David Stern fixed the NBA’s recreational drug problem/image???

    He stopped testing NBA players for non performance enhancing drugs.

  18. If I had a horse that was turning 3 and Derby eligible this year, I’d name it “Molly Welker”.

  19. Since when is ecstasy called Molly. And since when do amphetamines stay in your system more than a few days?

    Sounds like he has a coke problem, or he is extremely unlucky, as an amphetamines in ecstasy would be out of your system in about 3-4 days.

  20. Molly rocks! but you cant find it clean anymore. All laced with speed. Or it is just a designer/synthetic drug that gives you a similar feeling to molly. Any way Molly is by far the best drug ever. Close 2nd would be DMT

  21. The NFL is a bunch of morons, the more they suspend players for things that have nothing to do with football, the more negative attention they bring to themselves.

    Heres a crazy idea, let players do what they want in their free time. If its not a performance enhancing drug that directly affects competition, dont worry about it.

    King Moron Roger Goodell.

  22. This isn’t adding up. Players unless they are in a drug program don’t get tested but once a year. Are we to believe this was still in his system when he got tested?

  23. The “drop” was all on Brady due to it being a bad pass and extremely difficult to catch, if at all possible. Dummies never learn.

  24. Horses, trifectas, mint juleps and rich old white dudes and chicks with huge obnoxious hats all around me while I’m high on molly sounds like a party. Party on Wesley.

  25. LOL did I just read that correctly? If he took true 100% MDMA Molly, he would not have been suspended. Since the MDMA was laced with an amphetamine like Ritalin or Adderrall, he gets suspended for 4 games.

    Smoke Pot – 1 year suspension.
    Take Adderrall for focusing and alertness – 4 games.
    Beat wife unconscious – 2 games.
    Take pure MDMA – free ride.

    NFL is like their own Nazi party.

  26. 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine…

    That is MDMA. See that part at the end? doesn’t have to be cut with amphetamines for an amphetamine test to pop, because it *is* an amphetamine. But, as other astute folks have pointed out, it usually is cut with speed, even when given to you as a powder and called “Molly”.

  27. For all the arm chair drug aficionados… MDMA is a phenethylamine… Basically a speedy psychedelic. The A in MDMA stands for amphetamine and will trigger a positive test for amphetamines just like coke will or adderall will. Dealers can cut MDMA with more speed but MDMA on it’s own will produce a lot of upper qualities. That’s why you see ravers dancing for 4 hours straight. It also floods your brain with your serotonin reserves producing an overwhelming sense of euphoria and empathy. There is a lot of promising study in treating PTSD and other mental issues with MDMA if the government would just let the scientists do their jobs.

  28. Sanders is gonna have some serious alligator arms trying to catch those over-the-middle death spirals from Megahead. Good luck with that buddy.

  29. Steelers have standards. A lot of pathetic teams out there. Welker would be walking right now in Pitt. We don’t need help to whoop your team.

    Hmmm, being accused of rape, not once, not twice, nope not even 3 times gets u bounced of the Steelers, please. Blount and Bell ring a bell, or do you really not follow football….

  30. Once again the nfl is the judge and the jury. Big brother wants your urine. Big brother wants your thoughts and actions. Big brother wants to keep baby cozy and warm.

  31. He’s doing anything he can to stay on the field…including taking banned substances as a form of self medication. Those ridiculous hits he took while running those option and cross routes to no end in New England are catching up to him fast. This should be the last season of his career with the concussion issues…but we all know how pro athletes deal with declining health in a dangerous sport (Ali vs Holmes).

  32. Just retire for goodness sake, and go and take care of the horses. How many more concussions and then taking pills to compensate. Go away please.

  33. No wonder the relationship with Belichick soured. You don’t just wake up one day as a 33-year old and decide to start doing Molly.

    The God in a Grey Hoodie must have heard something.

  34. Well, since the “A” in MDMA stands for Amphetamine, Welkah should not have been too surprised to find out that he took Amphetamine. MDMA is not “cut with” Amphetamine, Amphetamine is a main ingredient. Like PB&J is not “cut with” Jelly.

  35. Add him to the list of players who retire sue the NFL for having mental problems.

    and damn you Welker! you’re messing up my fantasy team!

  36. MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methyl amphetamine) isn’t a pure amphetamine such as speed, but it is an amphetamine. It would have been more accurate t0 say all MDMA is an amphetamine but not all Amphetamines are MDMA. True they aren’t the same but to those who posted it is an amphetamine, you are incorrect.

  37. The NFL should take a long hard look at all these suspensions or folks will start looking elsewhere to watch a game. This isn’t the Hunger Games, nor comedy central.

  38. For the record; Molly is pure MDMA, not extacy. Extacy is the common street form of MDMA almost always cut with amphetamines. Also, it’s more like comparing Captain Crunch to Berry Colossal Crunch…

  39. When will these players learn that the NFL just wants them taking the leagues’ drugs? It’s not a drug problem, they’re endorsing the wrong product.

  40. I wasn’t cut with amphetamines, MDMA is an amphetamine. methylenedioxymethamphetamine, notice how it is in the name. It’s the M.A part of MDMA.

  41. all these athletes getting in trouble for taking molly are stone cold idiots. MDMA, or ecstacy, is one thing. Molly is something completely different. anyone that take 3 minutes on google can find out the same scary facts that i know. molly is a man made mixture, typically some combination of amphetamines (sometimes meth), crack cocaine, cocaine, heroin, ecstacy, and the list goes on. because molly comes in a capsule and is just a white powder, it’s literally impossible to know what each particular batch is cut with. so not only are these idiots taking a drug that can affect their careers…they are taking a drug that has pretty significant life threatening capabilites. is the nfl’s drug policy flawed? yep. but i don’t feel even a little bit bad for a player getting suspended for taking molly, because any human being, especially a pro athlete, should know better than to take this drug.

  42. can’t imagine taking molly at a horse race would be very fun. yeah let’s take a drug that gets you all amped up and then sit down all afternoon. gonna say this “source” is full of it

  43. I hang out with some ex club kids. Molly is the slang term for Extasy or “E”. It’s a rave drug.

  44. Dude, you’re wrong. MDMA, by it’s name, is methamphetamine. In drug tests, methamphetamine shows up as both methamphetamine & amphetamines. As a matter of fact, MDMA (pure Molly) starts as methamphetamine & breaks down further into amphetamine. The detection window after last use of MDMA is 2-3 days of methamphetamine & 3-5 days for amphetamine. That means, in the case here, Welker was tested within 5 days of the Derby & being that he tested positive for amphetamine, not methamphetamine, he was probably tested 4 days after the Derby. I’m not going to delve too far into how I know this, but trust me, this is the deal.

  45. Professional Chemist here. For those who are confused, amphetamines are a class of molecules based on the molecule amphetamine, which is what adderall is. Amphetamine (adderall) is the simplest amphetamine. If you had a methyl group to the amine functionality then you get METHamphetamine i.e. meth, crystal, etc. from breaking bad. If you add a Methylene Dioxy group to the phenyl portion of methamphetamine you get methylenedioxy methamphetamine or MDMA. So yes, MDMA and methamphetamine are types of amphetamines but they are not the exact molecule known as amphetamine. This is similar to how codeine, heroin, and morphine are all opiates because they are based on the same alkaloid structure.

  46. Just another overpaid professional athlete taking his dope! This is just why I don’t watch professional football, basketball, or baseball in this country anymore!

  47. I guess the next part of his alibi was that Tom Brady was hanging around his drink all day…

  48. I briefly met Wes at a derby party in L-ville a few years ago. He’s a good guy but kinda has creepy eyes

  49. Ok stop me if you’ve heard this one.

    Guess this means he’s moving from the slot to the X receiver position.

  50. They should suspend him 4 games just for wearing that outfit and the remainder of the season for not having any sense of style but being able to afford it!

  51. I was under the impression molly was pure MDMA–if there are amphetamines its ecstasy.

    either way sucks for anyone who took him in fantasy

  52. Here is an idea… Dont take anything. Its kinda like complaining about police brutality.. Dont break the law. At the risk of losing that much money, I would memorize what I can and cant take, and then go to the trainers and say whats up? is this good? These guys have an entire health system they can easily just call up or go in and see on a daily basis. Its too easy to get the right info… Millions of dollars doesnt make you smart.

  53. MDMA is an amphetamine…..

    it has an extra CH3 group, so it is a methylamphetamine, but is still the same class of drug.


    it may have an exception in the CBA, but legally it is without a doubt considered an schedule I amphetamine

  54. Anyone who thinks MDMA is not an amphetamine is ignorant even if your dealer or media tells you different. Unless you can prove one took MDMA by chemical breakdown, there is no difference as to the way it show “positive.” The same would hold true for Meth. Please read this:

    An update on these powerful stimulants is essential

    Amphetamine, methamphetamine, and crystal meth all belong to the same family of substances, the amphetamines. The amphetamines are a group of molecules that all have similar pharmacological effects. The members of this family include amphetamine, methamphetamine (twice as powerful as amphetamine), and MDMA (commonly known as ecstasy).

  55. Hold my coffee. What time is it ? BURN! Scoreboard

    Oh yeah Welker was hanging with barstoo at the derby…this has gotta be true

  56. I love how people try to act like a scholar on here…it’s the Internet trolls are everywhere. Especially vikings fans.

    What did u guys think Welker was hiding in that giant helmet?

  57. Now that explains it. He was taking Molly. I thought I noticed last year he would do some cuddling and leg humping after he was tackled. It was just the Molly.

  58. Steelers have standards. A lot of pathetic teams out there. Welker would be walking right now in Pitt. We don’t need help to whoop your team.

    Ha! Tell me, what action has the Stealers taken against Blount and Bell? ?????

    Stealers have standards! That’s BS! Keep your head in the sand.

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