Tom Brady: “When I suck, I’ll retire”

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Last week’s abrupt trade of Patriots guard Logan Mankins served as a reminder that there are few, if any, sacred cows in New England.

When it comes to quarterback Tom Brady, there’s a chance the team will want to move on from Brady before Brady wants to move on from the team.  Brady made that crystal clear during his weekly appearance on WEEI in Boston.

“There’s nowhere I’d rather play, I know that,” Brady said, via  “I love playing for this team and I love representing this team.  Hopefully I can do that for as long as I can.  When I suck, I’ll retire.  I don’t plan on sucking for a long time.  Hopefully that leads me to be in here, and there’s no place I’d rather be. I love this game and I love working hard at it.

“I’ve had a lot of people over the years tell me the things I couldn’t do, and I think that’s always been great motivation for me to go out there and accomplish things that I think I can do. Hopefully it’s to continue to play at a high level for a really long period of time.”

If/when the people who think he can’t play at a high level are named “Belichick” or “Kraft,” then Brady will have to prove those people wrong by playing for another team.  To do that, Brady would have to be willing to embrace, or at least to tolerate, the media crush that will happen if/when Brady were to sign with another team.

Some who know Brady think he’d be tempted to retire in lieu of playing for another team.  His comments from Tuesday suggest otherwise.

“I like working hard at it,” Brady said.  “I’m going to try to be the best I can be for as long as I can do that.  Hopefully the team values that.  If they don’t, then I’ll probably have a tough day at some point.  That’s what football’s all about.”

Which means that, if/when the Patriots decide to move on from Brady, Brady will be inclined to move on to another team.  The destination will depend on who needs a quarterback at the time — up to and including the 49ers, the team Brady cheered for as a boy and the team that “evaluated” Peyton Manning despite having Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick under contract.

117 responses to “Tom Brady: “When I suck, I’ll retire”

  1. Patriots Top Greatest Players:

    1. Andre Tippett
    2. Troy Brown
    3. Adam Vinitieri
    4. Bruce Armstrong
    5. Steve Grogan

  2. Why is this a story? I don’t see anyone unseating Brady anytime soon. Yes his play will diminish but he’s still a very capable QB when dimished. My hope is he retires before they can cut him. You better be sure you have a damn good Pro Bowl QB ready to go if you feel the need to trade or cut Brady even if he does fall off.

  3. Sorry to break it to you Tom. But you do suck. Your Washed up and your skills are deteriorated. Just retire because you’ll never win a Superbowl without cheating.

  4. Just once I would like to hear Brady speak out publicly against some of the head scratching stuff Bill and the Kraft’s do in regards to personnel decisions.

    Signed…. Life long Pats fan.

  5. I can only imagine the plethora of Super Bowls the Steelers would have won if they would have drafted Brady in the 2000 draft.

    As we all know Brady went to the Pats in the 6th round on the 199th pick. The Steelers shrewdly drafted Tee Martin in the 5th round with the 163rd pick.

  6. Dont take Tom Brady for granted guys. He is an all time great.

    Seeing injuries and father time derail the career of several NBA stars over the past few years have reminded me not to take some of these great athletes for granted

  7. This guy sounds pretty darn smart and I like his definition of football. Everybody else would probably be wise to stop telling him what he can’t do, or maybe try reverse psychology and challenge him that he can’t suck for a whole year, he might be able to do that too if he really tried.

  8. Usually it’s a player’s coaches and/or GM that decide when he sucks, Tom. I know that you are 2nd only to Peyton Manning in the degree to which the NFL has bent over for you… but this is a call you likely won’t be making for yourself.

  9. To my fellow Patriot fans, isn’t this awesome?! All these posters heads are about to explode! Imagine what it’s gonna be like for them when our guys hoist The Lombardi Trophy in Februaary and their teams have been finished since October of this year! The New England Patriots, your Super Bowl Champions, 2015.

  10. It’s a good think my Viking players don’t have this attitude….we’d lose every player, every coach, every fan immediately!!!!

  11. You dudes are slipping so I’ll do it for you. Peyton made him say it. It’s Peytons fault. He wants to pad his stats like Peyton. He wants more money than Peyton. Peyton, Peyton, Peyton. …

  12. Should that really be the standard – for a Hall of Fame quarterback?

    OK, so maybe he doesnt have to go out on top, but to wait till he reaches a point where he could be , lets say, a quarterback for the Vikings… please Tom, say it aint so.

  13. Still waiting for that first legitimate Super Bowl win and it will never happen, because you stink in the playoffs and have for the past 7 years!

  14. Not a Pats fan but I’ve enjoyed watching Brady and several future HOF’ers play instead of these mediocre or one year wonder QB’s in the league like RG3.

  15. As a Phins fan……I hope you retire tomorrow.

    As a football fan, you have earned the right to play as long as any team will have you and should retire on your own terms if possible.

    One of the greatest QB’s to play the game!

  16. I wouldn’t worry about him going to the Jets. Flash Gordon was the best QB the Jets ever had, and he’s imaginary.

  17. Boston resident here: we are all terrified of the day he finally starts sucking. We know our time is almost up.

  18. Wow, jealous much?

    The anti-Brady posts in this thread really show the overall football IQ in this group, which is lower than Brady’s jersey number.

  19. Jets always give one final year to a faded star (Favre, Vick, Testaverde (defied odds and was actually good))

    I see the Pats letting Brady hit free agency and the Jets signing him to a one year $30 million dollar contract… . … . .. … in 2022 (when he’s 45)

  20. Most overrated qb of all time. I’ve watched him play in person several times against the Ravens, who OWN him, and I can name at least 8 quarterbacks better than him.

  21. Well since you brought it up Tom……..You do suck , have sucked and will continue to suck! Just because……YOU SUCK! Open mouth…..Insert foot!

  22. “Brady plays for the Patriots and the Patriots only, bank it. They will never let him leave I don’t think”
    Joe Montana, Brett Favre, Steve Young and Peyton Manning all nod their heads.

  23. I’m going to get bashed for this, but I always found him a product of the system and a bit over rated. He is clutch no doubt but over rated. And it looked like he lost a step last year. Say what you want about having no one to throw to, but he did not look good last year in contrast to a man around his age, Peyton Manning.

  24. Pats success.., what there has been anyway.. is IMO almost all Brady

    Watch the great.. LOL.. BB retire when Brady does? Note: BB is a losing coach w/o Brady…. and if you discount the cheating…. what a complete fraud!

    I do think Brady is the best QB of his era…possibly excepting Favre

  25. Hate to tell you, Tom, but they won’t let you get to sucking. You’ll go before that. And judging by your play since 2012, that day is coming faster than Manning’s. Everyone can see that he’s still on top of his game, and you’re slipping.

  26. “The destination will depend on who needs a quarterback at the time…”

    Give me $100 on Cleveland being that team.

  27. The ignorance of the Pats haters makes me laugh.

    The people who posted that Brady sucks already and that he should retire right now are the funniest.

    That you would have a guy who led the team to the last 3 AFCC and a Super Bowl in that, and who cares if they won or lost the SB, that you would think he sucks and should retire, LOLERCOASTER

    There are maybe 4-6 teams in the league whose QBs are good enough that they wouldn’t immediately trade for Brady if he was available. Brees, Rogers, Wilson….maybe only 3 teams that wouldn’t immediately trade for him.

    Its a damn good thing for the crappy teams you’re fans of that you have zero input into their personnel.

  28. To Fans from;
    Buffalo, Miami, NY (jets and giants) , Baltimore, Pittsburgh, & Denver…

    Keep on prayin’ Keep on wishin’ … Hope and continue to count the days … in the meantime… The season starts on Sunday… Tom is playing this year and Miami is up first.

    This rampant speculation is ridiculous.

    Can’t wait till Sunday.

  29. “I don’t plan on sucking for a long time.” Glad to hear that you aren’t planning to be bad but Father Time waits for no one.
    One day soon there will be someone faster, stronger and more accurate that is willing to take less money and BOOM, you’re gone.
    But at least you aren’t planning to suck.

  30. Ravens fans are jealous because they have “jump ball joe flacco” who throws up jump balls for his big receivers to catch and then gets a pass interference call. That’s the only way the ravens ever win.

  31. Brady at 50 would still be better than half the current starting QBs in the league.. surround him with the weapons that rag arm Manning has & this conversation doesn’t even happen

  32. Don’t worry Tom…they will tell you when they think you are sucking and will trade you off to whoever will give them a 7th round pick. It’s the Patriot way after all.

    You won’t even see it coming brother..believe that.

  33. Please Thomas, suck soon.

    One Frustrated Jets Fan

    Jokes aside, this guy is what every quarterback should strive to emulate. I hate the Patriots, mostly because of their fans, but facts are facts.

  34. If i were as smart as all patriot fans I would coach win super bowls every year. Guess their too busy keeping up with being super tough guys.

  35. The comments in here are disappointing to any football fan with actual knowledge of the game. Some are here to troll, which is understandable based on his level of success.

    His ability to command huddle, lead offense, win consistently, and work with patchwork receivers make him an all time great.

    As an avid fan of the game, I hope he doesn’t hang up his cleats for quite some time. The day tom retires will be a sad day for the game but an exciting opportunity for the next great to step up.

    Hoping he retires healthy and on his terms, he’s earned it.

  36. I moved to New England in ’97, and have been a Pats fan since before Brady was drafted (I still am even though I don’t live there anymore).

    Anyone who loves football, or even just a good “Underdog” story has to appreciate what Brady has done not just for the Pats, but for football. Nowadays, most teams in need of a quarterback, try to draft a college wiz kids in the first round, and hope they live up to the hype. I have always admired the Brady story, because it shows what hard work can do. He has earned everything he has, not the least of which is deciding when he’s had enough.

    Despite opinions to the contrary, by all the jealous trolls above, there is no one who has done more for the Patriots organization than Robert Kraft, Tom Brady, and Bill Bilichick, and they will always be remembered as a dynasty, long after the “asterisk” crowd has moved on to worry their next bone of contention…

    Everyone faces this decision sooner or later. All anyone can hope for is to go on their own terms. Tom deserves that chance. If the Pats are lucky, he might want to stick around after he hangs up the cleats. Seems to me, he would make a great quarterbacks coach….maybe even an OC?

  37. Wow you are putting words in his mouth. He’s not moving unless he’s not the best QB on the Patriots. While he is he won’t be going anywhere. He’ll continue to take paycuts to play there, so the Mankins situation won’t happen with him. The only way he will move teams is if he truly loses the starting job.

  38. If you havent sucked for the last decade, then why have you found it necessary to cheat? Did Montana need to cheat? Did Elway need to cheat (ok, bad example). Did Manning need to cheat? Did Favre need to cheat? Its on record and documented the Patriots cheated. True winners don’t cheat. It will follow your legacy forever just like how you wore women’s Ugg boots. LOL

  39. Brady is the NFL version of Kobe Bryant the more I think of it… I don’t see him falling off even if an Achilles injury occurred…. Just adapting his game to his skills

  40. Two words….Bret Favre. One aging quarterback that sucked and didn’t how to walk away with a little class was enough.

  41. Oh, he means sucking at football, never mind!!

    All in fun from a Bills fan!! LOL

    As a retiement gift, the Bills will give you a week’s stay at a Buffalo hotel. Don’t steal the towels this time!!

  42. Three years from now, can’t wait for someone to tell Brady that ‘No one can be a quality QB at 40′ and then see the monster season that he then he has, just to spite ’em.

  43. I think we all know why the Ravens and Steelers fans are in here:

    Steelers 55-31 loss to Patriots (2013) (most points given up by Steelers in franchise history)

    Ravens 41-7 loss to Patriots (2013) (worst Ravens home loss ever)

    I hope Brady continues to “decline” for another 20 years.

  44. Tom, you should suggest bringing spy gate back, that way you won’t ever lose, and will never suck. You’ll be able to play until you’re 76

  45. not a pats fan, would love if he and Bill win one more to stop the stupid cheating nonsense. they are good every year, were good even with matt cassel starting. lot of respect for how they get things done in NE. Brady had solid stats last year with the worst WR group in the league, easily, none of his flashy TE’s, still a good year.

  46. What is Tom Brady going to do after he retires from football. We’ve never heard of him having any other interests. And, frankly he has no real personality to speak of, so that pretty much eliminates all broadcast and public speaking work.

    Does he even do endorsements? I am sure there are some running in NE but I haven’t seen him in any kind of ad on a national level for many years. I’ve always found that strange – but then again, no personality….

  47. Last season Tom Brady had the 20th best pass completion % in the NFL. He also had his lowest number of TDs and lowest yardage since 2006.
    The stats say that the decline has started and he knows it (he’s 37). I guess if he continues to decline at such a significant rate, it could be considered sucking.

  48. “….If i were as smart as all patriot fans I would coach win super bowls every year. Guess their too busy keeping up with being super tough guys….”


  49. Isn’t this like year 7 of Brady is going to be worse stories?

    Keep waiting folks. He looked no different this summer than he did last year, or the year before, or the year before.

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