Brandon Bostick out for Packers on Thursday night

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The Packers have a short injury report for the season opener with just four players on the team bothered by aches and pains ahead of the matchup with the Seahawks.

Three of those four players are out, including center J.C. Tretter. Tretter won’t play for several weeks and could land on injured reserve with the designation to return because of the knee injury that’s knocked him out of the lineup.

Tight end Brandon Bostick, who suffered a slight fracture to his fibula this summer, has also been ruled out for Thursday night. The team hopes to get him back in the next couple of weeks and Andrew Quarless and Richard Rodgers should get most of the work at tight end in Bostick’s absence. Rookie cornerback Demetri Goodson is the third player ruled out and he’ll need to get cleared through the concussion protocol before he can return to the field.

Linebacker Brad Jones is listed as probable with a thigh injury after practicing in full on Wednesday.

22 responses to “Brandon Bostick out for Packers on Thursday night

  1. The “short list” is a bit longer if you consider that starting NT B.J. Raji and top OLine reserve Don Barclay are also out. But otherwise…
    Seattle obviously will be favored and rightly so; they look like the best in the league again.
    Still, the Pack has the confidence of knowing they’ve proven they can beat the Seahawks and the “12th Man.” Just couldn’t beat the “13th Man.”

    Expecting it to be a great game.

  2. Game hasn’t been played yet but we have already reached the Packer Whining threshold with post #1.

    Injuries and whining – two things you can count on with the Packers.

  3. I don’t know, seems to me the running and passing game blocking is very dependent upon the CENTER, and the Packers won’t have their number 1 starter…they’re starting a Rookie. Good luck with that!

  4. Hey bitter queen fans why don’t you let 2 teams that are actually competitive discuss the game, do you feel irrelevant already going into week 1?

    You should be worried about your game against the Rams. If you lose to the Bradfordless Rams you will most likely start 0-6. What a sad outlook for you.


  5. Many queen fans get on a packer post quicker than they get on fat girl. Y’all should worry about your game, we’ve got this. Some folks are gonna be surprised tomorrow night!

  6. 2 contenders going toe to toe tomorrow night in perhaps the most compelling game this weekend. These two teams were selected for this honor because they’re better than the teams buried on the Sunday morning schedule.

    The Green Bay Packers.

    Better football for better people.

    I’m hoping for a great game.

  7. packerenglishmajor says:
    Sep 3, 2014 4:41 PM

    Tick tock?

    I give up is that the sound of broken clavicle ends rubbing against each other?

    Its the countdown to your irrevelency

  8. The way Hawks fans are huffing and puffing, I’m almost swayed to cheer for the Pack. Wait a second (cough/straining). Well, I tried. . . . . . .

  9. Ted Thompson has destroyed this team. ARod and Clay fell in his lap. Besides them, Jordy, and Cobb, this team is garbage. How long can they do it by themselves? ARod should have multiple Super Bowls by now.

  10. Very curious to see how the new emphasis on pi and def holding is going to effect the hawks. Sherman might get exposed. I hope Nelson embarrasses him.

  11. This game is the way to kick off a season.

    Two quality teams in a playoff quality game with post season home field advantage being affected by this first game.

    It’s high stakes and all of America will be watching.

    Bostick hasn’t played the preseason and would be rusty if he played.

    Whichever team wins will be the favorite to win the Super Bowl and be at the top of everyone’s “power rankings.”

  12. Very curious to see how the new emphasis on pi and def holding is going to effect the hawks. Sherman might get exposed. I hope Nelson embarrasses him.

    — Ask the Charger & Bears starters how that went for them… zero.. and both got destroyed.

  13. Just a couple things to clarify some of the misinformation on here.
    JC Tretter is basically a rookie, didnt play a snap last year and has never played Center in his career. Linsley may be a rookie but he played center his entire college career and played in front of big crowds all the time at Ohio State, he will be fine.

    Clay Matthews did not fall into Thompsons lap like someone said on here, he traded up from the second round to get him at 26 in the 1st round.

    No predictions from me for the game, just want a clean fair game with no injuries. May the best team win and hopefully they meet again in the playoffs. Peace out.

  14. With that swiss cheese offensive line, it will be a slaughter on “discount double choke” Rodgers. If the Packers are not careful Rodgers could be lost for the season.

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