Cam Newton held out of practice with sore ribs


The likelihood is that Cam Newton’s going to play this week, despite the soreness from a hairline fracture of a rib.

But the facts remain, the Wednesday before the opener, that the Panthers quarterback didn’t throw a pass in the portion of practice open to the media, and was listed as not participating on the injury report filed to the league.

“I expect him to be there [against the Bucs], and we’ll see how it all unfolds,” Panthers coach Ron Rivera said, via Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review. “We’re going to approach this day-by-day, but I’m an optimist. I always look at things half full. I’ve been wrong before, but we’ll see.”

Newton normally talks to reporters on the Wednesday of game weeks, but didn’t today. And while he was in an apparent good mood during practice, he was also wearing a large flak jacket with extra padding.

He said last week “there’s not a doubt in my mind,” about playing against the Buccaneers.

But now there’s at least a seed of doubt, one Rivera is happy to cultivate, as the regular-season gamesmanship begins.

10 responses to “Cam Newton held out of practice with sore ribs

  1. Derek Anderson has 4 passes in 4 years, but also hasn’t started a game since 2010. Still he is serviceable, and may be a better option to the ailing Cam Newton. I am betting if Newton starts, he doesn’t finish, and that’s probably worse for the overall season. Either one is going to face a brutal front seven.

  2. I want to see a good game on Sunday, so I hope the Panthers have been working in the afternoon heat to get in shape. It will be 99 degrees on the field. If it rains a bit that day (likely), it’s going to be brutally humid and feel like 110. Wearing a protective jacket to protect cracked ribs will be really uncomfortable, distracting, and heat exhaustion is a real possibility.

  3. Under the misguided Bucs defense of the last year under Greg Schiano, Cam Newton and his team ran and passed at will as the depleted Bucs secondary and all-stunt running front 7 Bucs embarrassed themselves. This year, Lovie and Leslie are here, with two of four new D line players…Michael Johnson, Clinton McDonald, Gerald McCoy, Adrian Clayborn. AND NO STUNTS. With an all-pro secondary. It’s gonna be a rough day for whichever QB is brave enough to take the field in the Florida heat…..

  4. The problem with the Bucs won’t be their defense. If there is a weakness it will be the offense.
    The quarterback is still an unproven commodity.
    The inflated value placed on the 5 games that he played last year is not enough to gauge the effectiveness as a full season starter.
    We’ve seen many examples of guys who can put together a few good games in back up duty but when they’re given the reigns they fail to live up to expectations.
    Lucky for him he has a coach with a run-first philosophy so he won’t be asked to win the game.
    Bucs should win this one easily but you never know.

  5. With the Bucs new OC Tedford being M.I.A. and the QB being (well, McCown) I figured the Panthers should win this game but with Cam Newton not 100%, the Bucs may still pull out a win…

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