Cowboy$ will $ell Michael $am practice $quad jer$ey$


Earlier today, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said with a straight face that the addition of Michael Sam to the practice squad was only “about football.”


The Cowboys are already tapping into the marketing potential of the first ever openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL.

According to Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Cowboys will sell Sam jerseys at the team’s pro shop.

They don’t ordinarily sell jerseys of practice squad players since, you know, those guys never play in games.

But Sam presents a unique sales opportunity for a team that loves the “glitz and glamour,” and they’ll probably sell enough of them to make up the $6,300 a week he’ll make on the practice squad.

And then if he ever makes the 53-man roster, they can sell another one when he has to change numbers.

UPDATE 7:08 p.m. ET:  A source with direct knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the Cowboys will not be selling Michael Sam practice-squad jerseys.

49 responses to “Cowboy$ will $ell Michael $am practice $quad jer$ey$

  1. I hope some other team signs him to their 53 man squad so Jerruh gets stuck with all those jerseys. What a sham.

  2. Jerry is going the way of a ridiculous circus owner and I cant wait for the gay rights groups to come out and accuse the Cowboys of exploiting Sam because he is gay. This is about to blow up.

  3. The irony of Jerry Jones is he wants with enormous passion for the Cowboys to be relevant but his antics and bad management keep them in the gutter competitively…. so he has to stoop to gimmicks to keep us talking about him.

    I have no problem with them signing Sam to the practice squad… but having a presser for a practice squad guy and then selling practice squad jerseys….. gimmicks at best. Reeks of desperation to stay relevant.

  4. Y’all are acting like toy wouldn’t do the same? This is a win win for Jerry. He gets a good defensive player on practice squad who may be able to help later on but also gets sales in the process. Jonny football or Tim Tebow wouldn’t give him this deal cause they wouldn’t play. I think it’s great

  5. Certain unnamed football websites using Michael Sam to make money…ok
    Rams using Michael Sam to make money…ok
    Cowboys using Michael Sam to make money…evil

    Rams drafting Michael Sam…heroic, progressive, great franchise, awesome!

    Cowboys actually putting him on their team…divas, attention seekers, idiots, horrible franchise


  6. Have you seen the Cowboys drafts in the last 20 years? Adding Sam is actually be one of their better player acquisitions.

  7. Why not sell his jersey…y’all are laughing while not only was this a good pick up for Dallas but jerry jones is a smart enough business man to sell the jersey…what part of that should he be ashamed of?? Looks like a football and a business move to me… Btw #letsgoPats

  8. .
    As posted earlier :

    ” 31 NFL teams share merchandising revenues. One, Dallas, operates alone. Class dismissed. ”

  9. Did any of you fools kill the Rams when they sold his Jersey? Nah, didnt think so. The Cowboy/Jerry hatred is laughable!

  10. I hate the Cowboys, but they’re just capitalizing on a free market society. People will buy it, why not sell it? You (and every other owner) would do the same.

    And do they have duplicate numbers between practice squad/active roster? I didn’t think they did…I mean I guess he COULD change numbers if he is ever signed to the active roster, but he wouldn’t need to.

  11. Squawk and Awe says:
    Sep 3, 2014 4:49 PM
    A business trying to make money?!?!!? oh noooo……

    you know the liberals don’t believe in that. 1%er…lol

  12. The jersey will sell. How much, I don’t know, but Tebow’s Broncos jersey was the hottest seller for a while even when he was sitting third string. Sometimes I don’t get people.

  13. titansbro says: Sep 3, 2014 4:24 PM

    Don’t jersey sales get split amongst all teams?


    The Cowboys are unique. Jerry doesn’t share with the rest of the league which is why in some sporting goods stores, you find every team except the Cowboys.

  14. Sam wasn’t on the practice squad when the Rams were selling his jersey…. he was a high profile draft pick, and EVERYONE sells jerseys for high profile draft picks.

    Sam wasn’t drafted by the Cowboys… he was signed as a free agent to the practice squad. And we’re not talking about his jersey being available on the website where I think most teams will allow you to buy any player you want… this is at the pro shop where limited rack space usually limits teams to selling the jersey of their star players. Sam is not a star player for the Cowboys… he’s not even on the 53 man roster.

    This Jerry doing what Jerry does…

  15. Love the dollar-sign headline. Jerrah deserves every bit of ridicule he is bound to receive for whoring out this situation like he’s doing.

  16. Jerry just wants to be in the news. Doesn’t matter if it’s signing a gay player or keeping a scrub around that got behind the wheel and killed his teammate. As long as it’s in the news, he’s fine with it.

  17. Ummm ever think the rams did it because well you know they drafted him? He wasn’t an official practice squad player. He was a draftee and a popular one.

  18. The NFL’s revenue-sharing model is universally lauded as the reason pro football continues to thrive in tiny markets like Green Bay, Wisconsin.

    The bulk of the league’s revenue – approximately $4 billion in 2011 – comes from broadcast deals with NBC, CBS, Fox, ESPN and DirecTV. That income is shared equally among all teams. Income from licensing deals – everything from jerseys to posters to team-logo beer coolers – is also shared evenly.

    Ticket revenue is split using a slightly different formula: the home team keeps 60 percent of “the gate” for each game, while the visiting team gets 40 percent.

  19. The guy they cut to make room for him is a Safety and was immediately picked up by the need safety depth Vikings for their practice squad. Thank you Sam and Jerry.

  20. Well, icebowler, I guess its a good thing the Cowboys switched to a 4-3 when Ryan left a few years ago. But hey, don’t let a little thing like facts get in the way of blind hatred.

  21. catquick says:

    Jimmy Johnson is/was solely responsible for all the ‘Boys SB’s in the 90’s

    Who hired him?

  22. I heard Adam Schefter say today that this signing is NOT a natural fit because Sam is a 4-3 DE and Dallas plays a 3-4.

    Way to be TWO YEARS out of date there guy.

    Hint: Dallas switched to a 4-3 when Jerry fired Rob Ryan and hired Monte Kiffin.

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