Cowboys schedule news conference to announce Sam signing


Michael Sam will be introduced as a Cowboy this morning.

The Cowboys have scheduled a news conference to make it official that Sam, the NFL’s first openly gay player, has been added to the practice squad. The news broke yesterday that the Cowboys would sign Sam assuming he passed his physical.

Sam was drafted by the Rams and played well in the preseason, recording three sacks. But he did not play well enough to stay in St. Louis.

In Dallas, he may have a better chance of earning a spot on the 53-man roster if he proves himself on the practice squad. The Cowboys are desperate for help on defense, and Sam may be able to have an impact as a situational pass rusher.

Some will say that it doesn’t make sense to schedule a news conference just to announce that a player has been signed to the practice squad, but Sam is a significant figure in the NFL, in the history of American sports and in the gay rights movement. And Jerry Jones’s team never misses an opportunity to make news.

142 responses to “Cowboys schedule news conference to announce Sam signing

  1. New conference for a practice squad signing. Really? A news conference?

    At least I won’t have to watch ESPN for the next three days, I already know what’s going to be on 24/7.

  2. Press conference to announce the signing of a former 7th round pick to the practice squad? Something is wrong with this picture?

  3. I kinda feel sad for Michael Sam. The cowboys are enough of a circus all by Jerry’s self. This is going to create nuclear drama fusion and will create a situation more unstable than Fukushima.

  4. Press conference for a practice squad player? He can be signed to any other team’s active roster at any time.

    This is just confirmation that the Sam signing is a publicity stunt.

  5. I already know there will be several comments saying “The average fan doesn’t care that much. The media has got to stop overblowing and covering it.” The problem is, whenever there’s a story on Michael Sam there are always 80+ comments. If you want it to stop, you have to stop feeding the beast.

  6. if he was a “significant figure” in the NFL he wouldn’t be on a practice squad he’d be on a 53 man roster. The sooner the media realizes that, the better and quit allowing this circus to remain as a “top story”

  7. Remember when everyone made fun of the Jets for holding a press conference for a backup QB (Teebow)?

    Congratulations Jerry, you’ve outdone crazy self promotion once again.

  8. The cowboys will do anything to be in the news, including holding a press conference for a practice squad signing.

  9. I’m all for Michael Sam being signed to a new team and being an alumn of MU, I’m rooting for him. However, this is starting to remind me of Tim Tebow when he was a backup QB. There is no need to make an announcement for a 7th rounder, as there was no need for a backup QB to have their own press conferences. I’m afraid this may eventually get Michael Sam blackballed, if there is too much media attention.

  10. Before anybody comments “WHO CARES?” let me explain who cares. YOU care. You click on the article, you read it, you comment, then you care. The media is driven by attention. In an online forum, clicks and eyeballs are what counts. If you truly don’t care, scroll past the article. Clearly a lot of people care about what’s going on, it’s not a media driven agenda being pushed. I’m just being real. I’m not gay or even pro-gay, but like it or not, it’s here to stay. Therefore, this is significant. It does matter.

  11. Its painfully obvious that the Cowboys signed Sam primarily for PR purposes. If he turns out to be a good player, that’s just icing on the cake.

  12. A news conference? To announce the signing of a guy to their practice squad? Isn’t that just what is not supposed to happen? After this, please spare us all the solemn statements about how Sam is “just another player” and “no special treatment”. Jerry has decided to bring the circus to town, probably to deflect all the criticism in Dallas when they get blown out of their home opener.

  13. Publicity stunt much ?

    Why would they need to announce a practice squad signing…. Come on Michael Sam have some self respect and stop letting people use you like this….

  14. Who’s Michael Sam? Time to give it a rest, a news conference to sign a free agent??? come on man…

  15. Why? If he wants to be treated like any other player, why must we insist on having a media circus surrounding everything that happens to him?? Lots of guys were signed by other clubs. I have yet to see the proverbial “news conference” announcing their signings. Let the man play football.

  16. im a cowboy fan.. this is stupid to have a news conference.. just sign him like you would any other practice squad player

  17. Well, I tried to commend Jerry for a move that made football sense for his team… he goes & tries to make this Tebow part 2. The conservative nature of this country makes it so that Sam will continue to be hated if you do things like this with the kid. They turned on Tebow because he rarely made news for what he did on the field.

  18. This is getting out of hand… He’s being signed to the practice squad and there is NO need for a press conference! Hasn’t the pressing issue always been equal rights for everybody? Not preferential treatment? Jerry Jones better be announcing the entire practice squad at this conference…

  19. If he is good enough to play then good for him, but a Press Conf to announce a practice squad signing? Enough already.

  20. The sooner the media stops the nonstop coverage of a gay player in the NFL and treats a gay player just like every other player, the sooner all gay players will be accepted by all teams

  21. I wonder if all the other practice squad players are able to sue for discrimination since this is the first time Jerry Jones has held a press conference for a practice squad player.

  22. I’m looking forward to the day when this is no big deal. I wish Mr. Sam all the best but he’s just going to the practice squad. I don’t care what he does in between the sheets. Now if the Cowboys were holding a news conference to announce the retiring of their GM and the hiring of a real football guru, that would warrant at least a press conference with fireworks, a choir and a marching band.

  23. We get it. Michael Sam is gay.

    Are we going to continue propping his guy up like he’s some kind of second coming of the greatest defensive lineman in NFL history? How many hundreds of guys got cut from teams over the last couple of weeks? How many of them were fortunate enough to get signed to scout teams? This guy couldn’t get signed to the practice squad of the team that drafted him in the first place. Does that say anything about the quality of player that he is?

    Yet we follow his every move as though the very structure of the league depends on where he ends up. This is really getting as silly as the ESPN shower reports.

    Time to move on.

  24. Feel bad for Michael Sam, worked his entire life to live his dream of playing in the NFL. Gets there and ESPN and Jerry Jones make it a circus. He is a practice squad football player, just like 319 other players that did not have a press conference.

  25. Because he got caught with strippers, the AP ‘tampering talks’, and all the other negative publicity around a guy who has been making decisions in his later years similar to the late great Al Davis…. He had to pull some kind of good around him “All glory hole days”…. What a great quote he once used.

  26. Let him work with the practice squad and see if the “distraction” is a real distraction. If he’s worth it, he’ll get to play with the big boys.

  27. He’s NOT significant…he’s a marginal 7th round draft pick who wouldn’t get a second look if the media and NFL would just let this artificial story die. Really didn’t care one way or the other about him-if he was good enough, put him on a roster, if not cut him. After all this ridiculous agenda driven coverage, now I hope he and the Cowboys redefine failure.

  28. When’s the news conference scheduled to announce the resignation of the Head Coach, Team Doctor, General Manager, Team Publicist and Owner??

  29. Jerry being jerry. Trying to deflect the outcry about how bad his D is. Have ESPN clamoring for Sam to play. Such a joke. The antithesis of tebow on the D side of the ball. How’d that work out? All seventh rounders get this type of pub right??

  30. A news conference to hopefully shed some more light
    On the gay rights movement. It is pretty sad to see discrimination
    Still in full effect…I’m very proud to be a part in history and even
    More proud to be a Cowboys fan. Michael Sam & Jerry Jones will go
    Down together as instruments in helping to break the mold in regards to Gay rights and sports! Michael Sam IS an NFL player!


  31. Yeah I’m gay and I’m happy to have an openly gay player in the league but to have a press conference to announce a signing of a practice squad player? Really?! It’s too much and it’s in bad form.

  32. When Sam signs with the Cowboys, he will give Jones the perfect scapegoat Jones needs to pin the upcoming losing season the Cowboys are sure to end up with in 2014.

    With a roster of players with an overall lower talent level below the average NFL team, the outlook for the Cowboys is grim and Jones knows he needs a ready excuse to pin the upcoming season’s failures on. Given the fact that Sam is not talented enough for the other 31 NFL teams to seek out and sign, but good enough for the Cowboys should tell Cowboy fans how low their team’s talent level is.

    Jones knows Cowboys fans will no longer tolerate the same old tired excuses he keeps reguritating, so Jones hopes Sam is enough of a novelty and distraction that he can later pin the Cowboys future failures on Sam.

    Sam will find this out soon enough that he is just there to be Jerry’s pawn.

  33. Jerry’s gonna tell us he really wanted to draft Sam ahead of even Manziel but his son talked him out of it.

  34. If I never have to hear the names Michael Sam and Johnny Manziel again, I will die a happy man

  35. And you thought a press conference for the signing of the Jets’ backup QB was over the top? Tebow just got Sammed.

  36. 99.9% of football fans could give a crap about this guy. He’s a mediocre football player that will never make it in the league. This whole circus is just a media/gay agenda driven issue.

  37. So, a player should be treated equally whether he’s gay or not.

    So why is it we get flooded with Micheal Sam highlights whenever he gets a tackle in the preseason?

    If he plays in a regular season game, are the networks going to preempt their other broadcasts to show highlights tackles by Micheal Sam?

    He should get as much coverage as the next practice squad guy. End of story.

  38. Practice squad?

    The Cowboys have NO defense…

    Sam would be their 3rd or 4th best defensive player…

    Gonna be a long season Cowboy fans… ya’ll have zero defense… gonna be worse than last year, yeah last place, but they’ll give up more yards and points per game than last season…

    That will cause your very good QB Romo to press and push because he knows he has to score 56 points a game for it to be close…

    And when he pushes and presses, well that’s good for the other team…

    Give Tony even an average defense and ya’ll would be scary good…

  39. SURE! WHY NOT?!?!
    Because it went as well as to be expected last time someone (the Jets) held a press conference for a non-starter….
    Gotta love Big Top Jerruh….

  40. This was not a press conference scheduled for this signing. The conference was a regularly scheduled one, but let’s not let the facts get in the way of sensationalizing a Cowboys story.

  41. I’m glad Sam has joined Dallas (and an NFL team in general) on the practice squad, he showed something in preseason and is worth of a practice squad place. Plus Dallas need DE’s

    But why the news conference ? I dont see any other teams having huge news conferences about signing a player to a practice squad.

    Jerry just wants to be in the news, after all his ‘i should have taken Manziel’ crap he now wants some attention from this.

    Feel sorry for Sam, he just wants to play football not constantly be this guy getting tons of media attention simply for being gay.

  42. Rams draft Sam…

    “Good for them!! Jeff Fisher is all class!!”

    Rams cut Sam, Cowboys sign him…

    “Boooo!!! Jerry just did it for attention!”

    You haters are hilarious.

    America’s Team. 5 rings. Kiss them all, jealous haters.

  43. Is Jerrah pathetic or what? A news conf to announce a practice squad signing – just to sell a few more Jerseys!

  44. you all have it so wrong, he is the first openly gay practice squad player, then he will be the first openly gay football palyer………..oh wait, i thought all this progress in equal rights etc was to get rid of lables.

  45. Same comment over and over. Same fear and hate behind all of it. It’s news because he is openly gay. A group persecuted. A group who is finally starting to get more equal treatment and not be told they should be ashamed. This is big news to a lot if people. Maybe you should look at why it upsets you so much. He might be a good player someday who can help them win games. That’s all. Surely you have better things to whine about. Misery loves company and you have plenty of both when it comes to hating on this subject.

  46. Are we sure the announcement is about Sam? Maybe, overnight, we all entered a parallel universe where Jerry Jones will announce that he is handing the reins of the team over to his son (or anyone).

  47. If there was any doubt that this signing was anything more than a PR move, a press conference to announce it removed the doubt.

  48. Those cheers you hear off in the distance are the suits at ESPN and their dreams coming true with Sam in Dallas. My boycott of ESPN just continues with this “news”

  49. the other 9 practice squad players just got put on notice that they need to do something to make themselves press conference worthy.

  50. The Cowboys being run by Jerry Jones is and always will be a joke. He believes he’s a football genius when in reality he can thank Jimmy Johnson. Which is why he had to get rid of him in the first place. People were starting to catch on so he had to get rid of him and let another coach take Jimmy’s team and win a Super Bowl.

  51. If Dallas’s defense is as bad this year as it was last year, Sam should be on the roster.

    This may be the first news conference ever held to announce the signing of a player to the practice squad. Why?

    Oh, that’s right, because he’s openly gay!

    At least this will give the media a chance to celebrate the shattering of the imaginary glass ceiling that it constructed to try to make it look like NFL owners, coaches and players over the past 95 years keeping gays out of the league.

  52. Heck, if I was a practice squad player and I wanted attention… I would just announce that I am gay! boom.

    Seriously, what a slap in the face of all of the other practice squad players… and even some on the active roster!

    I actually feel bad for Cowboys fans!

  53. Why is the media and the Cowboys treating Sam like a celebrity or something??? News conference b/c dude is signed to the PRACTICE SQUAD????? This is ridiculious!!!!

  54. The first time in sports history their is a press conference that a team signed a player…TO ITS PRACTICE SQUAD!!!! Were talking about practice squad, not the game but practice squad.

  55. I have 5 brothers, 1 gay. I treat them all the same.

    I wish The NFL and the media would do the same.

    Calling a press conference for a practice squad player who just happens to be gay is not equal treatment!

  56. Jerry is blatantly going to monetize Sam’s situation. The media is offering free advertising. This press conference represents just another tent in the long running Jones & Sons Circus. The guy has no shame at all. It must really suck to be a Cowboy fan.

  57. depending on how the first game goes with the first group, not entirely sure who that will be at this point , we may see Sam on the active 53 by game 2….all this freakshow nonsense withstanding, the boys need more pass rush from the ends…he may provide just that! then hopefully all this other stuff goes by the wayside

  58. The thing that gets me about all of this is its not about football, its about the player. After Sam was cut from the Rams, everyone made a big deal about it. Just days before ESPN was reporting on him showering. Teams just do not want that attention (except JJ).

    What also upset me is how people through numbers out there about how many jobs were available in the NFL. 1696 roster spots 320 practice squads. Well, take out half those spots for offense, down to 848 and 160. now take out another 50 percent for 3-4 defenses that Sam cant play. 424 and 80. Now lets take out another 80% because Sam plays DE, not DT, LB, CB, or S. That leaves us with 84 Roster spots and 16 practice squad players. The fact if the matter is there aren’t a lot of positions out there, and the fact that Sam isn’t very good limits his options.

    Now for the people that say “well he was SEC DPOY”, end of year awards are all about numbers. Sam had 11.5 sacks last year. What people don’t mention is how 9 of those came in 3 games; florida was terrible, arkansas st seriously?, and vanderbilt was decent. if Sam was truly a dominant player in college, he would have done more against less talented teams like Murray St, Toledo, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, teams that he got no sacks against. He benefited from Kony Ealy being on the other side of the line as well, who was a better DE than Sam on his own team in college.

    The fact of the matter is that Sam just isn’t that good of a football player to play in the NFL, and that even if teams did want to take a shot on him, the media circus that comes along with it outweigh any positives that might come from it. Lots of players have good careers in college, then don’t do anything in the pros, like Tim Tebow. In the NFL its all about if you can play or not, and if you can’t, theres someone better than you that can.

  59. but Sam is a significant figure in the NFL, in the history of American sports and in the gay rights movement…. and maybe also a fraud.

  60. Okay, now that everyone has gotten the “A PRACTICE SQUAD PLAYER!?!” out of their system, there are a few things to think of.

    First, the Cowboys defensive line is thinner than an anorexic working at the Exlax factory.

    Second, Sam had a very decent preseason and was mainly cut due to his lack of versatility than his level of play on a VERY deep Rams defense.

    Third, the press conference is a regularly scheduled thing and the signing was being announced at it. This isn’t a special session just for him.

    Fourth, like it or lump it, because he is openly gay, he’s going to get extra attention. This is because his story goes beyond football and touches a lot of people that aren’t necessarily popping on football all day Sunday.

    Fifth, the most likely reason that he is being signed to the practice squad instead of the active roster is that he needs to get up to speed on his defensive responsibilities before just being thrown into the fray in four days.

  61. If you actually paid attention to the team you’d know this is just a normal press conference that Garrett has almost every day. Nothing special about it.

  62. Hey, Jerry: If you want to sign Michael Sam just to boost your publicity, you should probably be more subtle about it. Hosting a press conference for a practice squad player is preposterous.

    And honestly, I’m a little disappointed in Michael Sam if he didn’t even try to tell Jerry he’s not interested in a press conference.

  63. Why cant Micheal Sam just ask JJ to skip the press conference? If he doesnt want it to be a distraction to him or to any future gay athletes who follow him, this circus needs to stop.

  64. Ok, now that you all have gotten your hatred out of the way.


    It was a regular scheduled media day, already. Jerry Jones wasn’t even there.

    Keep trying though.

  65. A press conference for a practice squad player. Really? When Jerry Jones does moves like these, no wonder his franchise has become the laughing stock of the NFL.

  66. There are about 100 people who are complete embarrassments if they believe this lie that Dallas called a press conference just to announce this.

  67. The press conference is the everyday session Coach Garrett has with the media. They didn’t call this for Michael Sam. If you go to you will see this along with all the rest of the coaches daily media sessions with throughout the years.

    You would think a person who is writing an article and posing as a journalist would check this out before publishing an article. Guess not!

  68. Coach says this is just about football….but schedules a press conference to announce the acquisition of a new practice squad member….. okay…..

  69. What other guys got signed that were recently waived? If we are giving this guy fair treatment we should treat him like what he is….a practice squad guy.

  70. Press conference for a seventh rounder signed to the practice squad?
    You don’t suppose Jones only signed him to get attention, do you?

    Naw…. No way.

  71. This is as others have commented nothing but a smoke screen by the Jones family for what is going to be a brutal defensive year.They are handcuffed by overspending for minimal production(Austin,Ratliff,Scandrick,Carr,Lee etc).As long as Jones remains as the GM,Owner,and lets be real Co-Head Coach,this circus show will continue every year.

  72. Congratulations to Michael Sam on latching on with a team.

    Having said that, the guy is a practice squadder. I doubt there was a press conference for the nine other guys on that squad.

    From a football standpoint, the move makes sense. After all, one does not get the SEC Defensive Player of the Year award by accident. Still, it’s another chance for Jerrah to get the spotlight on himself.

  73. This is a wonderful day not only for Jerry Jones’ organization, but for the game, and for our country.

    As a lifelong Bronco fan, I’ve always hated the Dallas Cowboys. Today… I’m proud to call myself a Cowboy fan as well.


  74. It is significant and I see nothing wrong with a press conference. You guys act as if this is taking away from your livelihood. Just don’t watch it. Many other people are very interested in this and realize it’s importance.

  75. This is stupid…. If the kid can play then sign em…. but when was the last time a team held a presser for the signing of a practice team player?

    It show anything but equality… he is being treated differently because he is gay. In this case it’s positive but it’s still different. I imagine Sam just want’s to be treated the same… no better, no worse.

  76. He is better than some players allready on the 53 roster. Cowboys are thin at LB and it makes sense. Press conference? Why not? It allways a circus in Dallas and everything they do (sign Micheal) or don’t (draft Johnny) is wrong. You know we really shoudn’t be worried about Sam, it’s his teammates. The ones – drunk driving, friend killing, few days in jail and 9 games ban Josh Brents on the roster.

  77. And Sam agreeing to these constant interviews and press conferences will only make it harder for the next gay dude to get drafted. My guess is that no one will ever come out and say it again if they really want to make a living in the NFL. Bold move, but he should’ve announced and then just went to work. He’s exploiting, media is exploiting and now teams are exploiting this story. The first and last openly gay player.

  78. Jerry only signed him to sell Sam jerseys. Get that money and cut him when sales die down. Brilliant

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