Fun facts about PFT’s 2014 preseason predictions


Earlier Wednesday, PFT’s editors and writers released their individual preseason predictions — the 12 playoff teams, playoff results and the Super Bowl winner.

We filled out our predictions separately, though you wouldn’t know it from our NFC picks. All six writers selected the same four division winners: Eagles (East), Packers (North), Saints (South), Seahawks (West). It’s like we were hurriedly copying each other’s physics homework in the lunchroom or something.

From there, though, our NFC picks went in different directions. The staff picked nine different wild card entrants for the 12 remaining playoff spots. Only three NFC teams didn’t get a single postseason vote — which, of course, makes them live playoff contenders. (More on the predicted also-rans in a second.)

Our AFC picks had some uniformity, too. All six of us — Mike Florio, Michael David Smith, Darin Gantt, Josh Alper, Curtis Crabtree and yours truly — selected the Colts in the AFC South, the Patriots in the AFC East and the Broncos in the AFC West. (As division predictors, we’re good neighbors — pretty boring guys.)

The AFC North was the only division in which multiple winners were selected. Three writers took Cincinnati, with two votes for Pittsburgh and one for Baltimore. However, no one went for Cleveland. And indeed, the Browns were one five AFC teams who didn’t get a playoff vote.

But guess who did get a playoff vote? Jacksonville — two votes, in fact, with Crabtree and Gantt each taking the Jaguars as a wild card. Speaking of surprising wild cards: the Buccaneers — 4-12 a season ago — also got a pair of playoff votes (Alper, Florio). That’s one more playoff vote than the 49ers received.

Yes, five of six playoff ballots didn’t include the 49ers, who are 36-11-1 over the last three seasons. But I picked ’em at least. However, (clears throat) I also picked the Bengals to win the Super Bowl, and they haven’t won a playoff game since January 6, 1991. So what do I know? I’m banking on you reassuring me of my football knowledge in the comments.

Finally, here are the eight teams who didn’t get a signal postseason vote: Carolina, Cleveland, Buffalo, Kansas City, Tennessee, Oakland, St. Louis, Washington. The Chiefs and Panthers made the playoffs a season ago, of course.

Personally, I’m setting the Over-Under on 2014 playoff teams from this group at 1.5. If you like the OVER or the UNDER, let us know in the comments. And be sure to vote on which of these eight teams is most likely to make the postseason.

And smile. The regular season is here, and a good number of these predictions will be wrong, and we will all do it again next year in lieu of actual football.

18 responses to “Fun facts about PFT’s 2014 preseason predictions

  1. Buffalo, and there are many reasons.

    (A) Awesome Passing Offense
    (B) Awesome Running Offense
    (C) Awesome Pass Defense
    (D) Awesome Run Defense
    (E) Awesome Special Teams
    (F) Awesome Coaching Staff
    (G) Awesome Organization
    (H) Bon Jovi

    Who am I kidding? I spent 15 minutes flipping coins, and the Buffalo Bills were the winners. After they are victorious in the Superbowl, the rest of you will recognize my awesomeness, and dumb luck. I am heading to Vegas to put a Benjamin Franklin on the Bills.

    It’s that solid. 🙂

  2. Given Darin Gantt’s slander of Matt Schaub earlier and petty refusal to fess up or even post comments rightfully calling him out for it (real professional Gantt), I went through his predictions to find they actually read like this:

    Darin Gantt


    1) Jets 2) Raiders 3) Titans 4) Browns 5) Bills 6) Jaguars

    Wild Card

    Titans over Jaguars, Bills over Browns

    Divisional Round

    Raiders over Titans, Jets over Bills

    Conference Championship

    Raiders over Jets


    1) Redskins 2) Vikings 3) Cardinals 4) Buccaneers 5) Cowboys 6) Panthers

    Wild Card

    Cardinals over Panthers, Cowboys over Buccaneers

    Divisional Round

    Cowboys over Redskins, Vikings over Cardinals

    Conference Championship

    Cowboys over Vikings

    Super Bowl

    Cowboys over Raiders

  3. Just shows what everyone else thinks and that the Vikings will be bottom feeders once again.
    Embrace The Suck!


  4. I’m really not understanding why so many people are counting out the Niners. Recent history shows that’s just not wise. Even with a drop off, they’re still among the top 6 teams in the NFC.

  5. Niners can very realistically win 5-6 out of first 9 games, after which we get everyone back and healthy, go ahead put whatever glasses help you think better back on.

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