Matt Cassel isn’t looking over his shoulder


The Vikings didn’t draft Teddy Bridgewater in the first round to have him sit on the bench forever, but they went with Matt Cassel as their starting quarterback and they don’t want to give him any reason to think that he’s on the verge of being replaced from his first snap.

Coach Mike Zimmer said Wednesday that he doesn’t think there will be “an early decision” about making a quarterback change, which is a sensible position to take since Cassel went into the summer as the team’s No. 1 quarterback and never relinquished the position. That’s plenty of time to change your mind and Zimmer never did, so Cassel says he won’t be worrying that the hook is coming once the season gets underway.

“I think I’ve had a tremendous offseason, I’ve worked as hard as I’ve ever worked. And I’m not going to look over my shoulder. You can’t play that way,” Cassel said, via “You can’t worry about, ‘If I make a mistake what’s going to happen next?’ … I think Teddy does have a tremendous future but hopefully as long as I’m here he’s not playing.”

Zimmer acknowledged the fine line that coaches have to walk when it comes to making these kinds of quarterback choices, especially since their futures can be so closely tied to what happens at the position. Few coaches have ever helped themselves by making a panicked move, though, and it seems Zimmer’s going to trust a choice made after months of scrutiny long enough to know if it was the right one.

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  1. He had a great preseason under a competent OC (Turner), and he didn’t even have All Day in the backfield. The first 6 games are going to be rough, but Cassel should have a better start to the season than when he started on the bench last season.

  2. I wouldn’t be too worried. Bridgewater is going to be another of a long list of disappointments as drafted QBs go. Throw 10 against the wall every year and how many stick?? Not too many.

    Just my 2 cents and nothing against him, seems like a decent kid with a good head on his shoulders for once….I just don’t think he’s all that, but maybe he proves me wrong.

  3. Bwahahaha! A journeyman qb isn’t worried about “tiny hands” bustwater taking his job! Tells you the sad state of affairs with that dismal franchise. I think “tiny hands” is still stuck on Madden ’12. The old guru Turner I guess is having problems molding him just like Weeden.

  4. Cassel’s had his back against the wall since training camp. Looks like he’s attempting to make the most of what will likely be his last starting job.

    Go get’em 16.

  5. Cassel is on his third NFL team for a reason, he’s average, plays a bit over his head for a game or two and then regresses back to the mean.

    Now the Viking fans are predicting a Superbowl over the couple of wins he was involved in last year but just watch as this season unfolds, he will regress, the Vikings will pile up some losses and the fan base will start yelping for Bustwater, as if changing the Recreational Director on the Titanic would make a difference.

  6. Maybe, just maybe, the Vikings are going to handle a drafted quarterback the correct way. Let him ride the pine for a season or two, learn the game, be fully up to speed on the offense and pace of the NFL, and then put him in to find out what you have.

  7. Matt’s going to light it up this year, and leave after signing a big money deal in free agency. Then Teddy’s going to light it up next year. SKOL!

  8. After the killer 5 game schedule to start the season he may very well be looking over his shoulder. Then again, it’s reassuring as a Viking fan to have a strong option as a back-up rather than a backup more famous for his ridiculous contract after one good game against Detroit (well, and his beard) and another famous for handing off the football for the local college team.

  9. Its funny how people come on here and bash bridgewater and say his “tiny hands” are gonna prevent him from being a good qb..but have probably never actually watched him play.

  10. Matt has had a very good preseason. With Bradford out I think the Rams game is winable. Good luck to the Vikings this year. I think they will surprise some teams this year. They can split with the North division again.

  11. If Bridgewater doesn’t take the job this year, it will be because Cassel takes so well to Norv Turner’s offense.

    However, my guess is Bridgewater takes the job before Thanksgiving for one of two reasons; either Cassel gets hurt, or has a streak of poor games.

  12. He better be looking over his shoulder on Sunday seeing as Robert Quinn is going to be coming at him on his blindside.

  13. jermainewiggins says:
    Sep 3, 2014 3:33 PM

    Its funny how people come on here and bash bridgewater and say his “tiny hands” are gonna prevent him from being a good qb..but have probably never actually watched him play

    Its about as funny as all you posters claiming week 1 starter, future star, pro bowl player, savior, etc. that we heard immediately after the draft and all summer when in fact he hasn’t faced any players of defenses that are actually on an NFL roster anymore. What I heard and seen thus far is a coach saying he was slow to catch on which is supported by Cassel being the starter, I guess that happens with a low Wonderlic score.

  14. The Vikings are a cursed team. They rid themselves of the Curse of Frazier and once they rid themselves of the Curse of Ponder they’re going to start winning again.

  15. Matt Cassel has the resume’ that the vikings were looking for:

    -Never started a game at the college level.
    -Another organization’s looney 7th round pick.
    -Washed out with 2 previous teams.

    Yet he is better than the vikings starter last season and he is good enough to beat out 2 first round picks of the vikings that they drafted in the last few years!!

    But as some have pointed out, the last place schedule of the vikings is very rough at the beginning of the season. They open against the Rams without Bradford. Very tough.

    Let the reality of the regular season begin, Please.

  16. ariani1985 says:
    Sep 3, 2014 4:23 PM
    Who wouldn’t want to shred the league worse green bay defense? Losers of 5 straight!
    Pure genius….

  17. Packer fans need to talk slick quick.

    Tomorrow night they’re going to show the world what happens when you let your starting center go in free agency, and the back-up suffers a knee injury.

    The Pack has one good O-lineman and he’s a guard.

    After Thursday all the Pack fans will have to hope for is a Viking loss on Sunday.

  18. Looking for a 5th straight year for my Vikings to not win a playoff game!!!! Did you ever notice that I never post pro-Viking comments, only anti-Packer ones???? That’s because I’m obsessed with GBs dominance over my own team!!!! How sad it is to be me.

  19. It was Bridgewater’s Pro Day that sent him reeling down to the back of the first round, and that was what allegedly prevented him from being picked in the top five. Yet, if his Pro Day was just an aberration, then why isn’t Bridgewater, who others said was the most pro ready QB, starting over a journeyman quarterback? Vikings fans rave about this guy, yet Teddy Dink-and-Dunk’s yards per attempt were 81st in the NFL playing against 2nd and 3rd stringers and players no longer on rosters, and he wasn’t anything special compared to other rookie QB’s. There is no reason for Cassel to worry about him.

    Why are Vikings fans so concerned with Packer fans disparaging the Vikings on stories pertaining to the Vikings, when the same fans do the same thing on Packer stories?

  20. Cassel didn’t get kicked out of New England. He simply followed the money. And don’t forget that there were people back in 2009 saying that he should have been the permanent starter and to trade Brady.

  21. I love how every poster on here is a fortune teller.. able to predict how Bridgewater is going to perform this season without him even playing an NFL regular-season game. What idiots.

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