PFT’s 2014 season predictions


Every year, we on the PFT staff offers our predictions for how the upcoming season will unfold. Every year, many of you tell us we’re idiots, primarily because we don’t have your favorite team in the playoffs.

One person who can’t be called an idiot is Josh Alper, who last year correctly predicted that the Seahawks would beat the Broncos in the Super Bowl.

Alper got that one right, but we all got plenty of predictions wrong: Notably, not a single one of us had the Panthers in the playoffs, even though they ended up winning the NFC South. And five of us had the Texans in the playoffs, even though they ended up earning the first overall pick. (Alper was the only member of the staff who didn’t have the Texans in the playoffs. He’s good at this. As you’re about to see, that’s good news for Saints fans.)

Feel free to tell us in the comments that we’re idiots, but remember this: Last year, not a single one of the 139 comments on our preseason predictions post disagreed with all of us leaving the Panthers out of the playoffs. And the only comments mentioning the Texans were criticizing Alper for leaving them out.

Josh Alper


Seeds: 1. Patriots; 2. Broncos; 3. Colts; 4. Steelers; 5. Chargers; 6. Bengals.

Wild card round: Bengals over Colts; Steelers over Chargers.

Divisional round: Patriots over Bengals; Broncos over Steelers.

Conference championship: Patriots over Broncos.


Seeds: 1. Seahawks; 2. Saints; 3. Eagles; 4. Packers; 5. Bears; 6. Buccaneers.

Wild card round: Eagles over Buccaneers; Packers over Bears.

Divisional round: Saints over Eagles; Packers over Seahawks.

Conference championship: Saints over Packers.

Super Bowl: Saints over Patriots.

Curtis Crabtree


Seeds: 1. Broncos; 2. Bengals; 3. Patriots; 4. Colts; 5. Steelers; 6. Jaguars.

Wild card round: Patriots over Jaguars; Steelers over Colts.

Divisional round: Steelers over Broncos; Patriots over Bengals.

Conference championship: Patriots over Steelers.


Seeds: 1. Saints; 2. Seahawks; 3. Packers; 4. Eagles; 5. Lions; 6. Cardinals.

Wild card round: Packers over Cardinals; Eagles over Lions.

Divisional round: Saints over Eagles; Seahawks over Packers.

Conference championship: Seahawks over Saints.

Super Bowl: Seahawks over Patriots.

Mike Florio


1. Patriots; 2. Colts; 3. Broncos; 4. Steelers; 5. Chargers; 6. Ravens.

Wild card round: Broncos over Ravens, Steelers over Chargers.

Divisional round: Patriots over Steelers, Broncos over Colts.

Conference championship: Patriots over Broncos.


1. Seahawks; 2. Eagles; 3. Saints; 4. Packers; 5. Bears; 6. Buccaneers.

Wild card round: Saints over Bucs, Packers over Bears.

Divisional round: Saints over Eagles, Seahawks over Packers.

Conference championship: Seahawks over Saints.

Super Bowl: Seahawks over Patriots.

Darin Gantt


Seeds: 1. Broncos; 2. Patriots; 3. Colts; 4. Ravens; 5. Jaguars; 6. Chargers.

Wild card round: Colts over Chargers, Ravens over Jaguars.

Divisional round: Broncos over Ravens, Colts over Patriots.

Conference Championship: Broncos over Colts.


Seeds: 1. Eagles; 2. Seahawks; 3. Packers; 4. Saints; 5. Bears; 6. Falcons.

Wild card round: Packers over Falcons, Saints over Bears.

Divisional round: Eagles over Saints, Seahawks over Packers.

Conference championship: Eagles over Seahawks.

Super Bowl: Broncos over Eagles.

Michael David Smith


Seeds: 1. Broncos; 2. Patriots; 3. Bengals; 4. Colts; 5. Dolphins; 6. Texans.

Wild card round: Bengals over Texans; Colts over Dolphins.

Divisional round: Broncos over Colts; Patriots over Bengals.

Conference championship: Broncos over Patriots.


Seeds: 1. Seahawks; 2. Saints; 3. Packers; 4. Eagles; 5. Giants; 6. Cowboys.

Wild card round: Packers over Cowboys; Eagles over Giants.

Divisional round: Packers over Saints; Eagles over Seahawks.

Conference championship: Packers over Eagles.

Super Bowl: Packers over Broncos.

Mike Wilkening


Seeds: 1. Bengals; 2. Broncos; 3. Patriots; 4. Colts; 5. Chargers; 6. Jets.

Wild card round: Patriots over Jets; Chargers over Colts.

Divisional round: Bengals over Chargers; Broncos over Patriots.

Conference championship: Bengals over Broncos.


Seeds: 1. Packers; 2. Seahawks; 3. Saints; 4. Eagles; 5. 49ers; 6. Vikings.

Wild card round: Saints over Vikings; 49ers over Eagles.

Divisional round: Packers over 49ers; Seahawks over Saints.

Conference championship: Packers over Seahawks.

Super Bowl: Bengals over Packers.

204 responses to “PFT’s 2014 season predictions

  1. Bengals? Really? Someone’s betting the farm on an Andy Dalton who still seems to buckle on the big stage.


  3. Lmao the Bengals winning the Super Bowl? Can they win a playoff game first? The only thing funnier than that was the Steelers making the playoffs.

  4. Lazy picks. Clearly a bunch of chaulk eating weasels. No fresh takes at all!

    We know for a fact New England and Denver CANNOT win the biggest games. Choke-fest the last 8 years for those two.

    -One of these two NFC teams will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl: Chicago or San Francisco

    One of these two teams will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl: San Diego or Kansas City

  5. Bengals winning the Superbowl isn’t as far fetched as the Jags being the #5 seed in the AFC!!

    Be careful out there on that limb Gantt!!

  6. .
    The Super Bowl will consist of the two playoff caliber teams who are the healthiest. With injury misfortunes both the Seahawks and Patriots could be eliminated from serious contention by Halloween.

  7. All six have the Eagles in the playoffs and two in the SB. After the way Andy Reid left the franchise in a ditch two years ago, I’ll take that quick turnaround.

    Chip has the future looking bright again.

  8. I’m no fan of the 49ers, but….only ONE person picked them to make the playoffs! ….C’MON MAN !

  9. Come on!

    Haven’t those Vikings fans (aka the Insane Vikings Posse) convinced you this is the start of the Purple Decade of Dominance?


    And all that stuff?

  10. -One of these two NFC teams will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl: Chicago or San Francisco

    Because the 49ers never choke or anything… bahahahaha…..

    Oh and GB winning the SB? be serious now.. really….

  11. JAGs make two appearances and niners one? Bold. I’m not high on the niners this year either but not sure I like the JAGs as much as these guys. I think the Titans are being overlooked too much and the charger bandwagon is confusing.

  12. Super Bowl 49 prediction:

    Eagles over Colts

    The city of Philadelphia will finally find out what it’s like to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

    And if you think I’m crazy for picking those two teams, consider the three champs prior to the Seahawks last year – Ravens, Giants, Packers. Nobody picked any of them to bring home the trophy any of those years, and the Giants and Packers had to fight their way in just to make the playoffs as well.

  13. I had to re-read this to be sure. All six of you are in agreement that the NFC division winners will be Seahawks, Saints, Packers, Eagles. That’s fine, and no one can really argue with that.

    But then it seems like you each tried to one-up each other on who was going to be the smart one to pick the wild card no one saw coming out of the NFC. I’m no fan of SF, but only one of you picked them to even make the playoffs? That’s a pretty talented and deep team.

  14. Sooooooooooooo the gist of this article is…heyyyy what ever.

    top ten teams has as good a chance as either other team.

    Seems to be who gets in and can catch that 2nd season lightning if recent years hold true.

  15. Minnesota will be in playoffs
    Can’t believe none of these so called experts
    That they won’t win 10 games. D is better. O is going to
    Rack up points with o-line & #28 healthy, not to mention

  16. I’m surprised only Wilkening mentioned the 49ers. I’m no niner faithful or anything, but c’mon man. 49ers WILL get to the playoffs as a wild card. Actually that’s the only thing I would change about Florio’s take on it. Get rid of the Eagles. They won’t make the playoffs. move all the NFC teams up behind the Seahawks and add the 49ers.

  17. Seattle will have the #1 seed that much is pretty much agreed on…..Now who is going in there to knock them off? Eagles?….Packers?……Saints?……Really who is going up there and win?

  18. Some are right, some are wrong.
    For example, Bengals in the superbowl???
    Most definitely wrong…

  19. Yikes… gonna save this article for review later…

    Vikings in the playoffs? Pack yes. Bears maybe. Lions and Vikes long shots.

    Cowboys in the playoffs? Worst D in the league last season and their D will be worse this season.

    Bengals as a #1 seed? Their division with the Ravens, Steelers and even the Browns defense is tough. The Broncos and Pats both have weaker divisions, especially the Pats so I don’t see the Bengals winning more than BOTH the Broncos and the Pats to gain the #1 seed for the playoffs.

  20. I hate me some 49ers, but only one of you pick them to even make the playoffs? And nobody picks them to win a single game in the playoffs? I’m sorry, but they are better than that. The NFCW is still, without question, the best division in football.

  21. Im surprised our resident nut thepftoet hasn’t lambasted you yet for only 1 of 6 of you picking the Vikings to make the post season and even MW doesn’t have them winning a playoff game….

    Tough for TeddyB to win superbowl MVP from the couch….

  22. The Bengals will make it back to the SB when the Ickey Shuffle can be performed without getting flagged.

  23. Alper is the only one that is not an idiot.

    Crabtree is a homer and everyone else thinks the Seahawks will repeat.

    Does anyone know how hard it is to repeat?

    Note to Wilkening: Did you know that Dalton plays QB for the Bengals??? Did you know have never won a playoff game under Marvin Lewis???

  24. You people are NUTS if you don’t think the 49ers will be in it.

    Your predictions are a farce and you’ll be proven wrong.

  25. Josh is more than just a great writer apparently! All I can come up with for predictions is Seattle to win it all since I respect the champion here, and a coin flip between the Broncos and the Patriots so I don’t even have a complete entry worked out yet. This is the only place I go to for football news and that’s the case cause I like all of the writers on here, although I’ll definitely like Curtis Crabtree the most out of this gang of geniuses if his Lions pick pans out!

  26. aww. I wish i’d seen this earlier for comment. I’m so happy other people are throwing the Jags name in there. I’ve had them pegged as my darkhorse all off-season. That will be a team to be scared of.

  27. I live in NE Pennsylvania, not an eagles fan but follow the team closely…..they will take a big step back this year. I believe Foles and Shady will take a big step back, plus D not that great. Everyone still in love with how they looked last year. They won a weak division and beat one playoff team, the Packers, who didn’t have A Rodgers when they played them. Plus Chips not drafting well, most of team is still Reid guys after two drafts

  28. Boy you guys sure have the hots for the Donkeys and the Cheaters in basically every pick. Very few reaches in terms of picks other than JAX making the playoffs. Why wont any of you guys go out on a limb for a change? You all picked the same teams! And every year a couple of you pick the SB Champs to repeat. How often has that actually happened? Very rarely. Terrible picks. Us fans cant take you seriously anymore.

  29. OK, anyone who picks Seattle to repeat isn’t even trying. Don’t pick the last SB champ to repeat; it’s lazy analysis. History shows that’s repeating as SB champ is an insanely difficult feat. So stop.

    The rest of the picks … meh. Not entirely positive you guys watch football.

  30. I can’t decide which is funnier, the Bengals taking home the Lombardi Trophy or the Cowboys and Giants both making the playoffs.

  31. As an Eagles fan I must admit this will be a down year. Tougher schedule, no deep threat and not enough defensive upgrades. I like the direction of the team with Chip, but it’s not happening this year. : (

  32. To the genius who picked the Bengals thanks for the love but on the realistic side of things not gonna happen. Still a young team with no playoff wins under their belt. But AFC beware this is a team that can beat any team in the NFL. They have the same if not more freakish athletes on both sides of the ball than any team out there. Gio Bernard/Jeremy Hill will be the best RB duo in history mark my word. The Defense has upgraded lost MJ but Hunt and Clarke will easily fill that void and Dennard added to CB is a big improvement. If this is the year that Dalton finally clicks everyone who posted bad about us will be taking back their comments. This is the year of the orange and black

  33. I don’t understand how all these “experts” keep putting the Broncos in the top seed in the AFC. Don’t they realize they have the play the NFC West this year, they will probably get out of those four games 1-3, 2-2 at best. Patriots have by far an easier schedule.

  34. Lets start with the obvious, every year at least one team everyone thinks will be great (Atlanta and Houston last year) falls off the map and ends up being horrible. And every year there’s at least one team that everyone thought would be mediocre to bad who rises up and is a pretty good team.

    And I’m a Broncos fan and would love to see them get another crack at Seattle in the SB but recent history doesn’t look kindly on either team getting back there.

  35. I’m not sure what’s with the Chargers Koolaid? Rivers is on his 3rd offensive coordinator in 3 years, they squeek into the playoffs on a blown call and yet they’ve improved? I’ll bet they are looking up at the Raiders in the standings when January rolls around

  36. The guys who put the Jaguars in there are crazy. The Jags will win no more than 6 games. And I say this as a Jaguar fan. We are aiming for 2015, not 2014.

  37. As the hick once said “Embrace The Suck Minnesota”!

    Everyone respects the Pack deal with it!

  38. Cleveland Browns making playoffs??? Are you crazy they don’t even have any receivers and their RB’s aren’t good either. The only thing you have is a defense which is good but not elite. And if you betting Johnny Fake-Football is the answer then you have completely lost your mind.

  39. Hmmmm Contract year for Coughlin, Eli had a horrible 2013, 3 years since last superbowl victorty and nobody has picked the Giants to make the playoffs. Sound like the perfect storm for a GIANTS SUPERBOWL!!!!

  40. Dolphins and Texans both securing wildcard berths?!! Bold, but I don’t see it happening.

  41. MDS, three out of the NFC East making the playoffs? Bold (thumb it up) or Ludicrous (thumb it down)?

  42. So the jags in the playoffs? Seem to be overlooking the titans they are better in every sense and are gonna beat them hanidly both times this year. Im not trolling like some of the vikings fans on here but some ppl really need to look at the titan offense and what they are capable of if Jake stays healthy. If he’s healthy we won’t be competing for a WC birth we will b competing with the colts for the division and when we come out with a killer run game and surprise everyone then thee only way the colts will beat us is if they can keep up with us. If any of u have watched the titans practices or preseason games with Jake in center the offense can’t be stopped. He has turned into a very accurate qb which will do very well as long as he’s healthy and that defense that is being questioned so much it was the preseason and ray Horton is a killer defensive mind. And everyone seen what whiz can do with good qbs. So I’m gonna put out there as long as Jakes healthy this is a 11-5 team easily with our schedule

  43. Good. Nobody can say they predicted the Cowboys amazing 13-3 march to the Superbowl after the soon-to-be legendary “Manziel trade” in week 4. Write it down…

  44. 49ers will have an off year 9-7. Miss the playoffs. Kap only had what 12 offensive snaps in preseason? That’s one QB that should be getting as many reps as possible. and Too many distractions going on . Who’s getting arrested next?!!?

  45. So yes right here be sure not to look over it Michael David smith whichever of u two who said the jags was going to the playoffs I wanna be first to say that it will be the colts as the 5 and kc as 6th and the Tennessee titans as the third or fourth seed

  46. MDS:
    Eagles, Giants and Cowboys all making the playoffs?

    Only ONE of these teams has to make it as WC for your prediction to be wrong…

    San Fran, AZ, Carolina, Chicago and actually Redskins

  47. As a Bears fan I hope they surprise everyone and make a deep playoff run this year. But in reality, they are still one-third of a team — good offense, bad defense and possibly the league’s worst special teams. That won’t get it done this year, especially in the NFC.

    It will disappoint (but not surprise me) if the Bears again are the 7th horse in a six-horse race when the regular season is all said and done.

  48. Um, wow. I guess the preseason matters re:49ers.

    Best record in NFL over past three seasons, upgrades offense, upgraded secondary, injuries/suspension on defense…miss playoffs?!?!

  49. While I think the Vikings will be much improved this year.I do not think they will qualify for the playoffs . I think it will be 2015 for that.

  50. Having Mike Wilkening pick the Vikings playing in a wildcard game as the 6th seed won’t happen. It would be nice if they did, though. They will do better than last year I pretty sure. Putting into prospective, if they got to the playoffs, that would be like they got to SB. Regardless how they do, they won’t have those terrible OC, DC, and Head coaches.

    Vikes fan

  51. Lol, how anyone can count the 49ers out is beyond me….keep hating because they needed something to keep them. From being complacent. Niners over Colts in Super Bowl.

  52. jaguars to the playoffs? you gotta be kiddin me. after henne loses the first 4 games they will have to win some major upsets to still make the playoffs

  53. Count the number of teams on the Steelers schedule that they will be able to hold to under 20 points and you will have the number of Steelers wins.

    I say 6-10 at best. Roethlisberger and his 13 points and a cloud of sacks offense will not make the playoffs. Again.

  54. I love how the Eagles are the popular pick this year. Let’s just ignore the fact that they played a last place schedule and Foles was only successful because he faced by far the easiest pass defenses of any QB. Oh, and they let go of their leading receiver and did nothing to improve their defense.
    I guess the addition of a 3rd down back in Sproles will make up for all of that.

  55. The Eagles are good, but not great. Defense is still a question mark, and there is no way Foles’ repeats a 27/2 season.

  56. The bungles cant win a playoff game in 20 something years but yet one guy has them winning the superbowl….lol……Steelers in the playoffs, see how far they can go when they get there….Steelers over the Saints.

  57. I am astounded to read that the NFL playoffs have been expanded to include the to 40 teams in the league.
    They must have been to include Minnesota, who probably couldnt win the Big-12!

  58. 4. Eagles; 5. Giants; 6. Cowboys.

    Come on. You have to be making picks just to get a rise. No way do you have these 3 teams in the playoffs. Haha

  59. The majority of you have picked the Steelers the make the playoffs the last 2 years. When are you going to learn they are getting worse and not better?

  60. Any hope the Packers might having of making it to the Super Bowl end tomorrow night. The Seahawks will beat the Patriots in this years SB.

  61. After everyone get’s a chance to see the new Lions on Monday night. The tune will change…

  62. As a Bears fan, I say the Bears show up too often in these picks. The Defense is still soft and horrible, and they still have the enigma that is Jay Cutler.

    By contrast, the 49ers have probably been the best team in the NFL over the last 3 years, you could argue they’ve been a few plays here & there from winning 3 straight championships, and only one of you picked them to make the playoffs. Give the 49ers, and Jim Harbaugh as a coach, more credit.

  63. I’m a Jets fan. Expecting the Jets to make the playoffs sounds like a pipe dream to me. They have an outside shot if they catch some serious breaks and some guys play well above their heads all season. I still appreciate one of you guys acknowledging that it’s not completely impossible.

    But two of you guys think the Jaguars are going to make it? Why? Is Toby Gerhart carrying this offense that far? Is their defense so awesome that they’ll overcome averaging about 16-17 PPG? Crazy.

  64. 5 of 6 predict the Broncos in the AFC Championship and 3 predict the Broncos to represent the AFC in the SB. 1 even predicts a Bronco SB victory.
    I guess you guys aren’t big into history or statistics.

  65. Not a niner fan but how can you not pick them for the playoffs?

    Not a Jaguars hater but how can you pick them for playoffs?

    Everything else ..”whatever”

  66. As a diehard Seahawk, I love seeing you snub the 9ers, but come on. The 9ers are easily one of the best squads in the NFL, certainly in the NFC, injuries and suspensions included. All but 1 of you not even picking them to make the playoffs? Bold. Ignorant, but bold.

  67. The Bears got about as much love as I’d expect, given their uncertain defense…But for anyone to pick the Lions or Vikes to make the playoffs ahead of them is a big stretch…In the case of Minnesota, the rubber band just broke.

  68. Every single one of you has the Packers winning the NFC North.

    I love that kind of mass delusion and group-think!

    The Pack has only BARELY squeaked by the Bears for the division the past couple seasons – this year that changes. Bears have kept all 11 starters on the league’s #2 scoring offense last year, and dramatically overhauled their D-line with top talent, meanwhile the Pack has done little to improve their shabby defense, and already lost key starters on both lines (Raji and Tretter).

    Meanwhile, Lions are retooling with a new coach, while Suh and Fairley check out mentally, and the secondary is nonexistent.

    It’s the perfect time for the Bears to reclaim their division.

  69. The insanity of this is the steelers making the playoffs – if having the oldest roster helps you win, perhaps, but I would be shocked to see them get in.

  70. There is no way that the NFC East would have three teams in the playoffs in a year where they all play the NFC West.

    My predictions:

    NFC: 49ers, Saints, Packers, Eagles, Seahawks, Vikings
    AFC: Patriots, Colts, Broncos, Bengals, Ravens, Chargers


    Points scored, people go home, coaches get fired.


    49ers over Patriots

  71. History repeats itself as none of these so-called experts pick CAR again. CAR has strengthened the back end of a defense that was 2nd in fewest points allowed (15.1), 2nd in least yards rushing allowed (86.9), second in least yards allowed passing (214.3), and first in sacks (60). Unlike SEA, they lost no one of great import on their strong side, although I wish they had resigned Captain Munnerlyn. Their WR exodus has been chastised, but they were 29th in passing offense (190.2). What did they really lose? The other 2013 playoff team unpicked was KC. The other also-ran unpicked teams were STL, WAS, TN, OAK, CLE, & BUF.

  72. If you look logically at it, and assuming no injuries since no one can tell who or how many will get hurt on which teams…

    It’s the Hawks beating beating the Pats in the SB.

    Without injury, GB, the Saints, 49ers will not beat the Hawks. And certainly the Bears, Eagles or Car won’t. Bears have no defense nor do the Eagles. Plus Foles gets exposed. He’s not bad but he’s not great either.

    In the AFC, Broncos and Pats are still the class.

    Hawks over Pats, and rather convincingly; again.

  73. Hate if you wanna hate.

    Here’s a prediction for ya… 49ers WILL BE 1-0 after week 1.

    BOOK IT.

    49ers Faithful!!!!!

    Cowboys? If you’re not, you’re in trouble.

  74. Steelers actually have one of the youngest rosters. People have been saying the same thing since 2011. They have plenty of youth. No way the Ravens make the playoffs. It’ll be the steelers followed by the bungles this year.

  75. Every season for over a decade, there have been a minimum of 4 new teams in the playoffs (the average is actually closer to 5).

    No guts, no glory. Pick 4 or 5 new teams.

    My 5: Steelers, Ravens, Cardinals, Bears & Dolphins

  76. Holy Catfish!

    The 49ers have that brand new stadium, they’ve fixed the turf and they’ll have everybody back by November.!

    What else could go wrong?

  77. Nope, not going to do it. Any group of analysts that agree to put Miami Dolphins as the 31st ranked team pre-season could not possibly predict with any accuracy the outcome of the season. Won’t waste my time reading these.. I bet they all still have the Patriots as the team to beat… nahhh…nobody that out of touch, right?!

  78. AFC
    1. Patriots 2. Steelers 3. Colts 4. Broncos 5. Raiders 6. Jets
    Colts>Jets. Broncos>Raiders
    Steelers>Colts. Patriots>Broncos

    1. Seahawks 2. Saints 3. Packers 4. Eagles 5. Falcons 6. Cardinals
    Cardinals>Packers. Eagles>Falcons
    Seahawks>cardinals. Eagles>Saints

    Super Bowl
    ( and Carey Williams boasts about how the Patriots didn’t win cause they couldn’t cheat this time, lol)

  79. I love how MDS has the Eagles a 4 – seed yet both wild card teams come from the same division. I suppose there is going to be alot of ties this year in order for that to be possible.

  80. The Eagles will be the #1 seed in the NFC. They play 6 games in the Least, the worst division in the NFL. At the least they should be 5-1. They also play the 2nd worst division in the NFL, the AFC South. Should come out of that at least 3-1. That’s 8-2. They split their other 6, that’s 11 wins and might secure the #1. Go 4-2 and they finish 12-4 and that IS the #1 seed. Are they the best team in the NFC? Probably not but their schedule favors them being the #1 seed.

  81. The past 7 seasons I have picked an underdog that gets in the playoffs, especially in the AFC. There are several solid teams being overlooked, and there are a few who are overrated.

    Right off the bat, Baltimore is going to most likely win the AFC North – Cincinnati & Pittsburgh have too many intrinsic flaws that are being brushed aside. Baltimore looks solid again, a few new wrinkles and a softer than usual schedule. The smart money is on Baltimore this year.

  82. Good to see some people still picking the Patriots to win the championship. Being wrong about them for nine straight years hasn’t deterred them. That’s the epitome of perseverance…

  83. Why only go back one year?

    Josh Alper was WRONG every time on the Ravens when they won the Super Bowl the year before the Seahawks.

    So…lets add a caveat to Josh Alper’s predictions.

  84. Why is everyone acting like the SB will be repeat of last year? Um…..NO! Sorry, i seem to recall everyone putting Niners as a shoo in for last year. How did that work out?

    Predictions are precisely that PREDICTIONS? Nothing is guaranteed. Anything can happen. This is why the game is played.

  85. There are always teams that shouldn’t win that do. If it wasn’t that way, the best team would be 16-0 and the worst would be 0-16. Although the playoff winnings in each are reasonable, they’re not going to go like that. Some sleeper teams should be included like Oakland.

  86. AFC is getting so weak.. I think they should seed and reseed teams once playoffs begin…

    last year there was not a single AFC team as good as an NFC team that did not even make the playoffs….. and we saw what happened.. SB was a joke………… unfair that teams like Pats basically get a bye to the playoffs

    who knows if Denver will be good.. they could be… but I don’t see any other AFC team that will be a top 5-7 team

  87. I look at the Seahawks schedule and I see a lot of questions. Many of the teams they face are in strange circumstances.

    For instance:

    1. 49ers are facing the loss of key defensive players. Ther also seems to be some sort of a problem that needs to be worked out on offense.
    If they play like last year’s team they are Gold. If they play like the preseason not so much.

    2. Panthers are facing the loss of so many players that it seems they may have some troubles. Lsst year they also received some breaks. The breaks may not go their way this year.

    3. Eagles are a question mark at QB. Will Foles be great again like last year? Or will he have a drop off? If he drops off will it be a little or a lot?

    4. Cardinals took a few key defensive hits? Will it hurt them in the strong NFC West?

    5. Rams lost their starting QB. Love him or hate him it is going to hurt if Hill can’t play well enough to back up the defense.

    There is somebody that will beat the Hawks at some point but it isn’t clear who that will be. The teams they face all seem to have dropped a bit in their power rankings.

    Denver is always dangerous and if Seahawks have a tougher opponent on the schedule I don’t know who it is.

    Last night the Hawks made the Packers look ordinary. And I don’t think the Hawks had their best game.

    I think the Hawks can go 13-3 this year. I think they can get back to the SB if they get the homefield advantage.

    I think in the SB they can beat any AFC opponent.

    Barring injuries or a mental letdown they look very strong.

  88. Alper off to a good start this year. While it’s just week 1, the thumping the Pack took (along with the injuries suffered) doesn’t bode well for them beating the Hawks in the divisional round.

    What are my predictions you ask? I predict the first Arab transvestite paraplegic with necrophilia will be signed by the Jets or Cowboys.

  89. Patriots are the only VASTLY improved team since last season, and they went to the AFCCG last year. The Hawks needed two quick TDs in the last two minutes to beat the Pats by 1 in Seattle (2 years ago). I like the Pats in a rematch.

  90. Pats are NFL charity….. they are a nice little AFC team… nothing more

    Pats have bye to playoffs

    Let’s just hope NFL considers seeding in playoffs to prevent these AFC teams from ruining our SB

    and…. little Pats fans
    my Redskins were laughing at Seattle in Seattle the season before last…. winning by 2 TDs w/ a hobbled QB… only lost by 1 TD when that QB got hurt….. and Redskins scrubs laughed at Pats scrubs in preseason….

    Pats are ALL Brady; BB and crew is a fraud….

    so stop talking Pats.. they are a joke and would not even make playoffs if in NFC…let’s just Denver is real so we don’t have another joke SB

  91. I know the NFC is deep but I think we’re all overlooking the potential for greatness in Atlanta. I’m by no means a Falcons fan but with Julio Jones back in the fold, they’re going to be a playoff team at the very least.

  92. Cowboys? Giants?
    Didn’t any of you watch the Seahawks Beat the Packers like a Pop Warner team!
    Patsys have fallen down the well.
    Bears just got beat by the Bills.
    You guys need to stop watching ESPN and the NFL Network, it has rotted your mind.
    I’m not sure Seattle is even going to loose a game this year!
    Vikings WILL be in the playoffs but get beat.

  93. thereisfootballwestofjersey says:
    Sep 3, 2014 2:26 PM
    Lazy picks. Clearly a bunch of chaulk eating weasels. No fresh takes at all!

    We know for a fact New England and Denver CANNOT win the biggest games. Choke-fest the last 8 years for those two.

    -One of these two NFC teams will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl: Chicago or San Francisco

    One of these two teams will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl: San Diego or Kansas City
    A prognosticator you are not. Not a single one of those 4 even made the playoffs. Don’t feel bad, though. Lots of fail in these comments. Most notably being the Seahawk doubters.

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