Raiders traveling Thursday as they try to end East Coast losing streak

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It has been a long time since the Raiders have won a game after traveling across the country.

Their last road win over a team in the Eastern time zone came in 2009 when the Raiders beat the Steelers 27-24 behind three Bruce Gradkowski touchdown passes. With three such games on the schedule this season, it’s a streak the Raiders will have to end if they want to give themselves a good chance at a successful season.

While the main culprit for the losing streak has been the talent level on the Oakland roster, the team is trying something new for this week’s opener against the Jets. As Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News points out, coach Dennis Allen and his players will be taking their long flight on Thursday to give themselves more time to get acclimated for what will be a 10 a.m. PT start on Sunday.

Should it work out with a win, the Raiders might want to try leaving early for all their road games. They have won just twice in 16 road contests with Allen at the helm.

37 responses to “Raiders traveling Thursday as they try to end East Coast losing streak

  1. But they have Derek Carr, the rookie genius!!! Too bad they’re playing a Rex Ryan defense with a trash offensive line.

    I’d say easy win for them but then remembered, the Jets have no offense or corners. So it’ll either be a stalemate or a game of turnovers. Since it’s week 1, probably the latter.

  2. Yes 2002.

    3 straight division titles.

    And a “TUCK” away from 3 straight AFC Title game appearances.

    Not many teams can claim that over the last 15 years….much less in their franchise history.

    Prove them wrong RAIDERS!!!

    Bring Back the Silver And Black Attack!!

    RIP AL

  3. Hue was a great coach, then we won him back after he got fired. First round pick, second round pick, and Hue Jackson for Carson Palmer. Thanks raiders.

  4. Funny how these loser haters want to blame Allen and McKenzie when in fact it was the great Al Davis who left this team in shambles and in salary cap hell. This is the first year that they actually have had money to work with and decent free agent signings so let’s see how it goes. Even though they have stunk for 11 years and haven’t won a Super Bowl in 30yrs, they still have the most rings in the division, so what’s that say about the rest of the division? It says they have sucked for a lot longer

  5. WOW I thought I would post a good luck to Raider Nation but we still whiners like aldog83 about the Tuck Rule game. It was the rule and the Raiders did not lose because of it as it put the game at a tie. The Raiders folded and lost the game. Anyone remember the 1976 playoff fantom roughing the passer call that allowed the Raiders to go on to win the SB?

    Good luck Sunday Raiders fans, get over the Tuck Rule call and look forward to your future.

    And BEAT the Jets !

  6. Drives me crazy to see 2 east coast teams playing a 4:00pm EST game and they make the west coast teams play the majority of their east coast road games at a 1:00PM EST start (10:00 am PST)…check the numbers over the years for any west coast teams playing in the east with a 10:00 am PST start….most lop sided advantage in all of sports that nobody talks about.

  7. Say what you want about the Raiders but they got worked over regarding their travel schedule. New York week 1, Mew England week 3 and London week 4.

  8. Okay, drum roll for this one….

    Sure…it’s nice to travel on Thursday….

    But the only way to end an East Coast losing streak is to show up on Sunday.

  9. zeke2517 says:
    Sep 3, 2014 6:32 PM
    “Remember when the Raiders were good?

    … Me either


    Than you must be 12yrs old because they played in 2 AFC Championship games and a Super Bowl from 2000-2002. Wasn’t that long ago

  10. Oh my god enough is enough.. we’ve seen rookie quarterbacks do great in the preseason and come out and fall face first once the regular season rolls around. Don’t take this as me just being a Jet fan raider nation and just being that “Jet fan” but remember Joey Harrington? I do think Carr could become the real deal but temper your expectations and don’t crown him as your future just yet because I would hate for him to stink it up this season and for him to face the backlash because he is a smart and humble kid. Wait until the end of the season to call him anything because you never know what could happen.

  11. Look, if it has to do with traveling out to the East Coast earlier based on how bad this team will be they should have left for the East Coast in early July.

  12. .
    The Raiders seem to have stabilized their roster. They should be competitive with any team. The blowout era should be ended.

  13. Not wishing a loss on the Raiders, but I did pick up the Jets defense for my fantasy league for just this one game.

  14. The Raiders’ last East Coast win occurred in 2009 against another highly-motivated Mike Tomlin-coached Steelers team.
    The Steelers also lost to the 1-11 Browns in that ’09 season. Losing to lousy teams is a Tomlin trademark. But, like Snoop Dogg, let’s blame Todd Haley.

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