Report: Patriots sign Marcus Thigpen, Allen Reisner to practice squad


The Patriots open the season with the Dolphins and Vikings and, coincidence or not, they’ve added a pair of players recently dropped by those teams to their practice squad.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that former Dolphins running back/kick returner Marcus Thigpen has made a move within the division and Doug Kyed of NESN reports that former Vikings tight end Allen Reisner has also joined the team.

Thigpen is the second former Dolphin to land in New England this week, joining safety Don Jones in the trip from South Florida. He returned a punt and a kickoff for touchdowns in 2012, but didn’t have the same impact in those roles last year. Reisner has 15 games of experience over the last three seasons and caught seven passes for 53 yards.

There are football reasons in both cases for the additions, though it probably doesn’t hurt that they may be able to provide some information or somehow help the Patriots in the mental game ahead of the physical one.

Kyed adds that the Pats have also signed offensive lineman Chris Barker to the practice squad and notes that quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson, safety Kanorris Davis and defensive back Daxton Swanson, all of whom were initial practice squad members, weren’t at Wednesday’s practice.

37 responses to “Report: Patriots sign Marcus Thigpen, Allen Reisner to practice squad

  1. So the supposedly feared Patriots are signing the lowly Dolphin offensive and defensive castoff the week prior to their game? How blatant is this? That tells me the Pats are scared and that they are afraid they cant beat the fins without inside info, mano e mano! I guess if your not cheating belicheat your not trying. The nfl should come up with a rule that if a team signs a cut player that their team is playing in the next 3-4 weeks they must guarantee the salary.

  2. Wreaks of desperation. Billy wants to get his dirty little paws on that Miami game plan pretty bad, ha ha! Loser! (Literally)

  3. Belichick signing Don Jones (defense/special teams) and Marcus Thigpen (offense/special teams), two Dolphins that were recently cut by Miami a week before they play stinks and it reeks of Belichick. While it’s perfectly legal it’s completely unethical and it disrupts the competitive nature of the game. Every Patriot fan should go take a shower and rinse that stink called Belichick off your bodies. Because you can’t compete straight up and have to always find ways to disrupt the competitive balance (cheat)Miami is going to stick it to you Sunday. I hope the Dolphins run up the score. The Patriots are a shameful organization.

  4. Lol how pathetic that when the Pats do something entirely within the rules that every team in the league does that the Pats haters call it cheating.

    I guess you figure if you scream like a child in a tantrum long enough someone might believe you.

    But I guess none of the teams signing other players castoff by the teams they have coming up on their schedule aren’t cheating, while the Pats are when they do the same thing.


  5. Is he scared another wildcat game is about to happen to him oh well at least when i call him a cheater its not like i am calling a spade a spade

  6. This lowlife Belicheat simply continues to prove he cant win without unethical moves. If this wasn’t a sign of him running scared, nothing is. I cant wait for the fins to kick his cheating arse and I hope they run up the score and dedicate the game ball to him for his motivation.

  7. edelmanfanclub says:
    Sep 3, 2014 1:52 PM
    Please give us one more superbowl to shut the trolls up.

    Wont happen unless they allow the taping of other teams practices…..

  8. I love these mind games as a Pats fan, first two games are against Dolphins and Vikings. We hardly need more intel to predict AP’s run plays or the Dolphins poking berries up their noses, but this’ll probably make them paranoid about their “secrets” anyway. Hilarious.

  9. Funny how last year the colts signed Deion branch before our playoff matchup, and the broncos signed Maurice cole before we played them in the afc championship. But WE’RE the cheaters, rrrrrrright

  10. The patsies do this all the time!!! they always picking from their own division but there will never be any punishment if there was any because the patsies are the darling of the NFL & can do no wrong!!! Hopefully Philbin will be prepared to play our division foes this year but I somehow doubt it!!! Philbin will be finally FIRED this year!!! GO FINS!!!

  11. .
    Thigpen is an experienced return man / WR . The Patriots did not have one on their roster. Reisner is an experienced TE/ FB / H-back. The Patriots need more depth at the position. Jones is an experienced Safety , plus special teams gunner. The Patriots could always use more depth at those two spots.

  12. this might be something every coach does, but it is a lousy way to treat a player. Now they are on a team that has no intention of keeping them and missing out on an opportunity to get a real chance someplace else. I know Riesner is a pretty good player and a pretty good guy. But he hasn’t really every gotten settled on a roster and now he won’t either. So I am against this practice, common or not.

  13. hahaha remember when Colts signed Branch and Broncos signed marquice cole the last playoffs….
    only when NE make this moves means cheating

    Haters need to find another hobby.

  14. Yea because the steelers did so well against the pats last year


    Oh and EVERY TEAM does this. Remember BJ Daniels from the niners to the Seahawks, Ras-i Dowling from the pats to Jets. Ty Law from the pats to the jets, Deion Branch from the pats to the Colts. The pats could watch the weather channel to check the weather for game day and haters would try and call it inside information and cheating.

  15. Are they having a news conference to announce them signing not one, but TWO players to their practice squad?

  16. Lol pretty soon we’ll see these people making comments like –

    “Brady threw a pass, he cheated !!!”

    Or –

    “A Pats defender tackled the opposing ball carrier in a way that did not draw a flag or injure the other player, but the Pats player cheated !!!”

    Or –

    “The Pats kicker kicked a field goal instead of missing it, he cheated !!!!”

    Don’t you people realize the more you cry like little girls having tantrum the more ridiculous you make yourselves look to everyone else ?

  17. It doesnt matter how many plays they know what matters is if Wallace can get a catchable deep ball from Tannahill

  18. Pats fans are like Yankee fans if they are not in the hunt at the end of the year they will all put on the home town uniforms and act like nothing ever happened

  19. All it means is that the fins have better depth at DB and reciever/back/returner. Theoretically, they could give the entire playbook, book with out a game plan, it’s a lot to sort through. The only thing the fins have to worry about with this, is a vengeful Thigpin returning kicks.

  20. ebr362 says:
    Sep 3, 2014 2:00 PM
    edelmanfanclub says:
    Sep 3, 2014 1:52 PM
    Please give us one more superbowl to shut the trolls up.

    Wont happen unless they allow the taping of other teams practices…..


    They never taped anyone’s practices.

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