Seahawks games will again feature undercover cops in opponents’ jerseys

Getty Images

As the Seahawks prepare to launch their first season as defending NFL champions at CenturyLink Field, fans of the team may not appreciate the presence of Packers fans on the night the banner is raised.

And so on Thursday night and for every home game this year, Seahawks games will feature undercover officers wearing jerseys reflecting the colors and logos of the opposing team.

So be careful, 12th Man.  That guy wearing the green and gold No. 12 may be packing heat and a badge, and he may be looking to eject you from the stadium if you treat him with any sort of harassment.

Persons ejected for violating the team’s Fan Code of Conduct Fans will be required to complete a $250, four-hour online educational course before being allowed to return to the stadium.  Sufficiently serious infractions could entail a much higher cost for bail.