Seahawks games will again feature undercover cops in opponents’ jerseys

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As the Seahawks prepare to launch their first season as defending NFL champions at CenturyLink Field, fans of the team may not appreciate the presence of Packers fans on the night the banner is raised.

And so on Thursday night and for every home game this year, Seahawks games will feature undercover officers wearing jerseys reflecting the colors and logos of the opposing team.

So be careful, 12th Man.  That guy wearing the green and gold No. 12 may be packing heat and a badge, and he may be looking to eject you from the stadium if you treat him with any sort of harassment.

Persons ejected for violating the team’s Fan Code of Conduct Fans will be required to complete a $250, four-hour online educational course before being allowed to return to the stadium.  Sufficiently serious infractions could entail a much higher cost for bail.

86 responses to “Seahawks games will again feature undercover cops in opponents’ jerseys

  1. Good. I’m going to the game with my 70+ year old father, who is a lifelong Packers fan. I really hope that he is treated respectfully. Seems insane that we have to worry about stuff like this in a city like Seattle.

  2. There’s never been one incident of an opposing fan having a problem in Seattle. Ever. This is just the local cops trying to make some money for the city.

  3. Seahawk fans throw used popcorn on the mangled corpses of valiant opponents. Completely classless. They’re worse than Raider fans.

  4. Unless this is just a precaution, it implies that there have been enough negative incidents to call for this kind of action. Sad. Seahawks fans – you have a great team. Let that be enough. Its just football.

  5. Having lived in both the great PNW, as well as the lame suburban wasteland known as the Bay Area, I’ve learned a few things about their stadiums. Act like an a** at CLink, be prepared to be dealt with. Be a woman, child, or senior citizen at Levi stadium, be prepared to be jumped by middle aged wannabe gangsters

  6. This should be done in every stadium. NFL fans have devolved if that were even possible. Sooo many of the fans there just seem like low class bums and alcoholics that likely beat their wife when their team loses. It’s just a game, stop investing so much of your own personal value in it. That is completely pathetic.

  7. Simply wearing a Packer jersey isn’t enough, for authenticity, the cops should dump a couple cups of beer on themselves, wipe some nacho cheese on their face and let it harden, and wear an inner tube from tractor tire under their shirt….

  8. C’mon, Brisco… the majority of Seahawk fans seem to be pretty decent. I’m going to guess that they’re fans of the long-term variety.

    There are a few on here that talk like Viking fans, but for all we know they’re all that same twisted individual that has at least one or two trolling identities for every team (and at least 6 Viking troll identities).

  9. NFC championship I sat next to a cop wearing 49’ers gear. He wasn’t working but we saw one fan loose it. It was a woman in 49’ers gear giving it to a woman in hawks gear. It was pretty fantastic. No one else said a word and the world continued to revolve. This may be a dead issue.

  10. From what has happened in baseball stadiums and parking lots, it is a measure to make sure it doesn’t happen in Seattle. One of the great things about American football as opposed to football (soccer) is that American football is still family friendly.

  11. Not only will they be wearing opponent jerseys, but they will be openly taunting Seahawk fans. They will put Russell Wilson head masks on their tiny toddlers to mock the diminutive Seattle pivot. Grinning Pete Carroll mask wearers in trench coats with lewd sex toy accroutements underneath them. They’ll have a blast.

  12. Meanwhile fans are having to pay upwards of $300 for nosebleed seats. I sure hope that there are only a handful of Green Bay jersey cops in the crowd.

  13. Philly did that at the Saints/Eagles playoff game, picaroon. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the 46 year old snowball incident.

  14. Why is it wrong to give someone crap about coming to your stadium? It’s part if the fun. Protect your house. No one says you have to get crazy or violent

  15. Coming from a Seahawk fan…I agree with doing this. There are some bad apples out there. I’ve been to a few games where they had too much to drink before the game and go bananas during the game, but that’s only a select few. We just love our football team and will do anything to get homefield advantage. Anyhoot, should be a great game…let’s get the season started! GO HAWKS!

  16. Any fan, in any stadium, should be ejected and banned if they harass fans of other teams. Most fans, even Seattle fans ;-), are good people and behave well. There are always a few that start trouble and the undercover cops are a great way to find and remove them

  17. Wonderful. I hope that all the fans at this game, both of the Seahawks and the Packers, treat each other with respect and they enjoy what is bound to be a great game. Go Pack Go!

  18. I guess the 12th Man cant be trusted to behave like normal people would. Not saying its everyone, of course not, but anytime you have police presence its more than a handful.

  19. As a Packer fan, I have to say I am impressed. Take the BS seriously. Drunken bullies do not rule the world. Stop it. In all it’s forms.

  20. In Green Bay, they would rather have a beer with an opposing fan than dump beer on them. Ask any opposing fan how their experience in Green Bay was and they (except Vikings fans) will tell you they were treated with with kindness and respect. Vikings fans are also treated well but they won’t admit it.

    Fans in places like Seattle don’t know how to win graciously, they have had such little success and such a short history they feel the need to lash out and insult opposing fans who would dare venture to their stadium in support of their team.

  21. This is great! This should be standard across the NFL. They should fine the disruptive fans and eject them from the stadium. That way, the fan behavior around the NFL would improve and the program would more than pay for itself. Well done Seattle!

  22. If Seattle fans are all so superior and the best fans in the league like all the trolls on here are always insisting, then why is a measure like this necessary? Part of being a good fan is being classy and respectful to opposing fans and if this is necessary that tells me that the whole centurylink field experience must not be very pleasant for fans of the visiting team.

  23. From where I was sitting, I only saw two people get ejected from the stadium all last season, both in the NFC Championship Game. Oddly, one of them was wearing Peyton Manning jersey. Go figure.

  24. Seattle is a beautiful city , and the Seahawks are a fantastic football team, but all those years of losing really messed with the heads of their fan base. Come to terms with your success, and act like Champions! Not like someone with “short man’s” syndrome.

  25. First I live in Seattle. It sucks I feel the need to apologize for Seattle fans but I do. They were so bad for so long that they don’t even know how to be humble. Now all you hear about in Seattle is the twelfth man and defending Century link field. Never mind that a few years ago they couldn’t give tickets away. Let the Seahawks fans live it up. Soon most will learn how many things have to line up to repeat and that chances are it will be another 25 years before they have another championship.

  26. Where were all the hawks fans before the super bowl? I hear this asked all the time, I ask where were all the haters before the SB? See what I did there? Success brings attention from all sides, same as it’s always been for every champs ever, don’t be an idiot and kiss the ring dummy.

  27. I just went to see the Chargers play up there for preseason. I sat right next to the “Hawks Nest” in BOLT gear. I was treated respectfully. That place is insane as far as noise goes. A big part of it is the crappy acoustics. It is made to echo! Music sounds like complete garbage there.

  28. I’m a Seahawks season ticket holder and I like it. We’ve all been to a game and seen the group of drunk frat-bros throwing beers or cussing at some other team’s fan. For those who say that doesn’t happen at their stadium – hogwash. It happens everywhere. Some places get violent.

    In any case, I always treat opposing fans with respect. I know what’s it like to travel to see my team. No need to cuss at them or harass them, just let them enjoy the game. Sometimes, I’ll buy an opposing fan a beer when their team is down. I know the feeling and it sucks.

  29. So if I understand this correctly, Seatlle undercovers will try to pass as GB fans. How many double-chinned women does the Seatlle PD have?

  30. Hopefully Bill Leavy will be one of them, the suckhawks thinks he owes them anyways, the bunch of stooges. Are there more whiny fair-weather fans anywhere else in the NFL? I doubt it.

  31. I think this is prudent. We don’t want the murders and assaults that have plague the California sports teams for the last 5 years. Here the team, and city of Seattle, is being pro-active to make this an enjoyable and family friendly experience, and yet people still find room for criticism.

  32. You have to worry about stuff like that in every NFL city. Don’t act like Seattle is an exception.

    In SF/Oak, you would have to worry about being stabbed or shot.

    In Philly, you would have to worry about being hit by batteries.

    In DC, you would have to worry about rednecks wanting to throw-down.


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