Wes Welker wonders if someone spiked his drink at Derby


Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker is angry at the NFL’s drug-testing policies.

And he’s angry at the early reports that his failed test for amphetamines stemmed from taking MDMA (or Molly) which had been cut with amphetamines.

A source close to the situation told Mike Klis of the Denver Post that Welker tested positive for Adderall. (We stand by our initial report.)

Welker said he wasn’t sure what specifically caused the failed test, but was angry at the report he took a Molly and wondered if someone slipped something into his drink while at the Kentucky Derby.

I wouldn’t have any idea where to get a Molly or what a Molly is,” Welker said. “That’s a joke. I don’t do marijuana, I don’t do drugs. I don’t do any drugs.”

He apparently did something, or someone did something nefarious to him to make it appear that he does.

Welker’s protected by the league’s confidentiality rules, so he can say anything he wants, and they’re not going to refute it.

115 responses to “Wes Welker wonders if someone spiked his drink at Derby

  1. You know, thinking back on the Kentucky Derby… Tom Brady was there and we all know about the Patriots history of cheating… I have to wonder if … Nah, couldn’t be. Could it?

  2. What a brilliant and original defence. Who can argue against that?

    And given his concussion history he can easily claim not to remember who spiked it.

    Can’t see any way this is not over turned on appeal………….

  3. So it was MDMA, then it was MDMA cut with speed. Now it’s Adderall. Got it.

    Good thing the NFL has a confidentiality rule, huh? Seems like every hack out there gets a free pass round that rule.

  4. Probably took something so he would be able to get better focus due to his concussion.

    Too bad, I think he still has something in the tank, just needs a QB that will protect him from getting crunched.

    Just Saying

  5. He may be telling the truth or may not. There’s no way we will ever know.

    One problem he has with public perception is that the number of athletes who have been proven to straight out lie is legion. If caught in one lie they tend to compound their problems with another lie. The ones who have been exonerated are very very few.

  6. Man, if this dude was still a Patriot this story and commenters will be having a field day. Along with most writers. But since he’s employed by Elway, teammates with Peyton and plays in Denver, just seems so ehhhhh.

    If anything, this team seems to get busted for things every other month. Let’s talk about that.

  7. Every other sport, if you test positive for something, the fans learn what it was. The NFL hides behind HIPAA and the CBA. Hard to feel good about that, even if, yes, the players are legally entitled to privacy in non-criminal cases.

  8. Another player testing positive to adderall. Hmmm…..
    “Someone must have spiked my drink” – Yes Wes, that’s a better excuse than the dog ate my homework

  9. He looked pretty happy handing out $100 bills.

    If he was tripping on extacy, he would have felt noticeably different.

  10. Take it like a man Wes. You got nabbed…unknowingly or not. Thought Sherman took the cake with his excuse but think you may have topped it.

  11. Sure they did Wes. Sure they did.

    Since Molly is typically taken in pill form and is bitter when mixed with alcohol, pretty sure that didn’t happen. I think you’d also notice if you had taken it. It’s not like it doesn’t have an effect on you.

    But yeah, let’s go with your story because not only does it defend your failed drug test, it also helps provide a defence as to why you had Molly in the first place because possession of it is a crime. Five grams+ can send you to jail for 5 to 40 years.

  12. Someone spiked my Coca Cola last weekend with rum and then it happened again and again and again and it caused me to go to White Castle late night. I don’t know who would do this to me. It seemed like every single time I had a glass of cold Coca Cola there was rum in it.
    I listened to good music with good friends and it’s all a a direct result of this nefarious action taken against me.I am as surprised about this as anyone.

  13. Athletes seriously need to stop blaming everyone but themselves. I don’t believe all the guys do things knowingly but complaining about it makes it seem like they are guilty. Shut up, take your lumps, and be careful.

  14. Hey Wes, Ray Lewis would like to know if your wife is going to use her Facebook account to post some bitter diatribe about your drug use?

  15. he “does” alcohol, which is a drug, and probably did some other stuff he doesn’t remember while under the influence. i’m not opposed to drinking and do plenty of it myself, but the nonchalant attitude most have towards it is disconcerting.

  16. Again getting a 4 game means you were caught before. Does any player and I mean any one take responsibility for their actions? What has happened in America when it seems all everyone does is blame someone else for their stupidity?

  17. Well, I was following a carload of hipsters on my way to the derby and they were hitting bongs so I must’ve picked up some of that second hand smoke. That made me thirsty and someone laced my mint juleps with Molly but I was feeling no pain so I thought it was just great!

  18. All I remember reading was that Welker was out of his mind “drunk” at the Kentucky Derby.

  19. Its amazing how players become cheaters and liars once they join this team. When will the media address the constant cheating to win SB’s by playing with illegal rosters, taping other teams practices, and ped’s?

  20. I’m not sure just how drunk you would need to be to not notice that you were rolling on MDMA cut with speed, but if he *was* slipped a Molly and he *was* drunk enough not to notice, then he needs to be thinking about some time in a rehab center for alcohol abuse.

    If he *did* notice that he was drugged, he went to the league office to tell them that he thinks he was dosed unwillingly, and they then drug tested and suspended him, then you’d think that he would have been able to win an appeal and all of this would have remained quiet because of confidentiality agreements.

  21. He’d have better luck saying it was from osmosis, bumping into all those Seahawk players.

  22. there are places where even people who don’t do drugs do drugs & the Kentucky Derby is one of those places

  23. It’s pretty unlikely that the one time in his life someone spiked his drink with something he had random drug testing the next day.

    If it really was MDMA, he likely took it voluntarily to have a good time. A mistake, but really not a huge deal and really should be handled as a first time offense under the drug abuse policy.

    However, there is also a chance that he was taking amphetamines to help his play.

    In any case I don’t really buy that he was drugged at the Derby.

  24. Hesa thinksa someone slipped him a mickey??? Me no thinkso….me thinksa he no wanta be doin the “PATRIOT WAY” thatsa what me thinksa….. NO PAYCHECK FOR YOU!

  25. Kinda funny he’s calling it “a molly” to make it seem like he doesn’t know what it is. It’s like saying “I never tried a cocaine in my life.” Or “How many marijuanas can I get for $50?” Sure Wes. ROLL BRONCOS. And please: Legalize it. All of it.

  26. Someone did spike Welker’s drink…. Welker.

    What a bonehead. If you saw video of Welker at the Kentucky Derby, you could see that he was high as a kite. He knew he was high and he knew why.
    MDSM is an amphetamine and a hallucinogen. So it can fall under wither the substance abuse or the PED use.
    The NFL went for PED.

  27. MDMA is not a substance that is tested for by the NFL, so whether he took that or not is not an issue.

    Adderall is exactly the same drug composition as meth-amphetamine. It’s just taken in smaller doses and typically in time release form. So testing positive for Adderall is the same chemically as testing positive for amphetamines. Of course the NFL could easily distinguish between one and the other based on blood concentration alone.

    As far as being slipped the drug, I get the laughter but think about it for a minute. When a football player enters a club or a public place pretty much everyone knows it with in a few minutes – especially someone like Welker. It would be quite simple for a pissed off bartender or service person to put something in their drink. If it was Adderall he would probably never know it was in there as there would be little to no effect. Not saying it happened, just sayin’.

  28. Big Bronco fan here, but I must treat Welker’s statement just like I do all the others – I don’t believe you. Just accept that you gor caught.

  29. Wes take your punishment without lying and making yourself look more like an idiot.

    Sunglasses on inside, collar popped, handing out money/love to strangers. Sounds like a bunch of other college dudes that voluntarily took ecstasy to me.

  30. I don’t really understand the confidentiality rule. Why even say you are suspending the player for PEDs if you aren’t going to say which ones. Tell the whole story or just announce at a suspension for undisclosed reasons. The players having to defend themseleves when they really didn’t do anything very wrong or the players lying when they did do something wrong are both bad outcomes of the current process.

  31. “MDMA (or Molly) which had been cut with amphetamines.”

    The “A” in MDMA is amphetamine. It’s not cut with it, it is it.

  32. I actually believe the guy too. It’s probably the easiest substance to do that with. Tasteless and invisible once it hits liquid.

    Seeing him with that big smile in sunglasses handing out hundos looks like a guy who is on Molly for the first time.

  33. C’mon man!

    If his drink really was “spiked” with MDMA (“Ecstasy, as it is known) or Adderall – he would know exactly 45 minutes afterwards. Trust it!!

    Those two drugs are every bit as strong as alcohol and perhaps stronger. Could someone unknowingly spike your Coke/Pepsi 15 times with JD and you not notice at some point?

    NOBODY ingests MDMA or Adderall and doesn’t feel a SIGNIFICANT change in their “normal” selves.

  34. Wes is clean. It’s obvious that one of Belichick’s minions spiked his drink to make him and Peyton Manning look bad.

    I am so outraged that the Patriots keep getting away with this kind of cheating. What other league puts up with this? Why doesn’t the commish do something? It’s ridiculous.

    Everyone needs to email Bud Selig and tell him to fold the Patriots franchise NOW for the good of the NFL.

  35. I’m laughing at the posters trying to tie the Patriots to Wes’s drug bust. Sorry people, the Broncos own this, not New England. LOL!!

  36. One minute it’s the drug testing system, next, someone spiked your drink…spoken like a true liar.

  37. Bet that “random” test was ordered right after someone from the league saw or heard about Wes handing out $100 bills!

  38. Don’t play people for fools. Starting to not like you Welker. First whatever you took in May didn’t show up in a test at training camp when you probably had to take one per what I understand of the drug testing (they don’t call these guys in during the off season unless they have had trouble in the past). Welker is talking like a guy who thinks we are stupid and might have a bigger problem.

  39. Adderall needs to be taken within an hour or two before a game to have any beneficial affect (think about the kids who take this stuff to help with schoolwork). The reason it stays in the system is that it takes a long times to be metabolized by the liver. If Welker took it on purpose he took it as a party drug but the pharmacology of the drug would make that rather senseless. The idea that he was doing this to improve his game day performance is inane. PFT might want to ask someone who really understands pharmacology to comment on these stories. The NFL and Goodell care more about image than reality.

  40. It was Peyton, and knowing the speed at which he runs there’s still a good chance we can catch him outside the derby.

  41. I actually think the timing is interesting on this announcement.

    From what I’m reading it sounds like Goodell sat on his failed test and suspension and only NOW announced it after he lost his appeal…. AFTER the Broncos made it clear they want him back on the field post concussion….

    Perhaps the league found a “technicality” they could use to keep Welker off the field for a few more weeks thanks to all the storm clouds around the NFL on the concussion issue?

    Now THIS is something legit that makes you go hmm…

  42. And it takes awhile for the testing and the appeals process. The league couldn’t have known he would be getting a concussion. I don’t think there’s any “hmmm” about it. Welker saying his drink might have been spiked in May leads me to believe it was a random drug test from months ago.

  43. mcallistersan says:
    Sep 3, 2014 11:22 AM
    I actually believe the guy too. It’s probably the easiest substance to do that with. Tasteless and invisible once it hits liquid.

    Seeing him with that big smile in sunglasses handing out hundos looks like a guy who is on Molly for the first time.


    You obviously have ZERO experience with MDMA huh?LOL

    “tasteless and invisible once it hits liquid” uhhm…… how about thats the EXACT OPPOSITE of the truth!!!

    MDMA is EXTREMELY bitter and DOES NOT dissolve easily “once it hits liquid”.

  44. HA! That would explain the behavior at the Derby. The hat, the $100 bills, the crazy bets he was hitting, etc.

    He was feeling quite happy that day…hmmm.

  45. And it takes awhile for the testing and the appeals process. The league couldn’t have known he would be getting a concussion

    Of course not, but I’m sure they are aware of his issues with them. And I’ve almost always heard news of the player testing positive BEFORE the appeal, not after. I just think it’s interesting timing.

    Like I said there are storm clouds around the league on this issue and it’s in their best interest to make sure their players are protected.

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