Chris Johnson expects big role this weekend


The Jets will kick off their 2014 season against the Raiders on Sunday and that will give us our first chance to see how the workload will break down in their backfield.

Chris Johnson has joined Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell to form a group that the Jets will likely be leaning on heavily in the coming weeks and months. Talk this summer has been about a committee approach that makes room for riding a hot hand, but Johnson feels confident that he’ll be getting plenty of work now that the regular season is here.

“At the end of the day, they wouldn’t have brought me in here if I wasn’t going to have a big role, if I wasn’t going to be a big part of this offense,” Johnson said, via “That’s something I’m not worried about. I’m not worried about my role and how it’s going to play out. As a free agent, they could’ve chosen a lot of different guys. They already had some guys in here that had some success. They weren’t going to bring me in here for no reason.”

Johnson and Ivory share the top rung on the depth chart released by the Jets, although he’s not wrong about the reasons why the Jets brought him to the team. They wouldn’t have done it if they thought Johnson was incapable of being a lead back at this point in his career. He’ll need to actually show that he’s up to the task, but it’s a good bet he’ll get the most work if he does.

10 responses to “Chris Johnson expects big role this weekend

  1. I’m curious to know if there really were that many suitors for Chris Johnson’s services?

    He could’ve been a backup on many teams if he would’ve checked his attitude but a starter?

  2. Jets are going to get beat up..
    Raiders are so much better this year then they were last year. Geno Smith is not going to be able to beat The Raiders with his legs this time..
    You are not going to be able to run off Tuck, Woodley and Mack..
    I feel bad for Rex Ryan because he will be on the hot seat on week 2 because The Raiders are going to embarrass The Jets

  3. Excited to see what CJ2K can do with Ivory / Powell to lighten the load…Won’t be 2K…but I’ll take 1.5K total yards…

    And more excited for what Geno will be able to do when teams need to stack 8 in the box to stop the run game…Lots more 1:1 matchups and open recievers…

    Not saying we’re going to challenge the top offenses in the NFL here, but middle of the pack and competent will be a big upgrade from 2013.

  4. Lmao people are so funny this guy had a bad year last year and still ran for over 1000 yards. Now he is coming to a team that has a better offense & offense line then the titans had. He is going to do work. Remember Westbrook from the eagles? That’s what I envision Johnson be like for NYJ but better. He also has ivory who will take some of the workload off of Johnson. Chris is going to do work

  5. CJ, CI, can both run for 1000yds this year with this OLine, if Balil Powell gets serious that’s a scary three headed monster in the backfield, three decent receivers starting, 2 mobile quarterbacks, a DLine that will rip your head off, “CAN’T WAIT!!!!!”

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