Face paint now an NFL uniform code violation

Getty Images

Greg Hardy is playing without penalty thus far after being convicted of a domestic violence charge.

But if he wears face paint during a game, the NFL will fine him.

According to David Newton of ESPN.com, face paint like the Panthers defensive end has worn over the years is now a violation of the league’s uniform code.

Such seemingly trivial matters such as sock length and clips on helmet visors have drawn big fines in the past, so it’s no surprise the NFL does its best to get its players to fit into neat and easily marketable boxes.

That sameness is part of the appeal “The Shield” holds for owners, as no individual can be more important than the team if all the individuals are exactly alike.

Hardy’s domestic violence charges are scheduled for appeal before a jury in November, and his penalties from the league for that won’t come until after the trial.

But a fine figures to come swiftly if he decides to paint himself as “The Kraken” anytime soon.