Goodell says he consulted MADD before issuing Josh Brent suspension


Roger Goodell said he consulted with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) before handing down a 10-game suspension for defensive tackle Josh Brent.

Brent is suspended for the first 10 games of the season and not allowed to participate in any team activities for the first six weeks of the year. He can begin practicing in Week 9. He will not be permitted to return if he is involved in any prohibited alcohol-related incidents.

The suspension stems from the drunken driving accident that killed fellow Cowboys teammate Jerry Brown in December 2012.

Goodell discussed Wednesday evening his reasoning behind the length of suspension for Brent at a Play 60 event in Renton, Wash. ahead of Thursday night’s season opener between the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers.

“Well you look at the issues, obviously,” Goodell said. “I met with Josh. We obviously had to go through a great deal of discussions with outside experts also, including representatives of MADD and felt that where he was this was an appropriate way to bring him back into the league, but he still has to meet a very high standard and he understands that. He can’t afford to have any mistakes from here.”

Brent and his agent, Peter Schaffer, are appealing the suspension. By the end of the suspension levied by Goodell, Brent will have missed 30 games in the league since the incident.

The Cowboys have said he will be welcomed back to the team when he is reinstated to the league.

11 responses to “Goodell says he consulted MADD before issuing Josh Brent suspension

  1. It’s disturbing to hear he is appealing the suspension considering he took someone’s life and should be grateful he’s not locked up for life let alone having the opportunity to get back in the league.

    Take the suspension like a man and consider yourself lucky and be grateful for the opportunity.

  2. Since when are MADD, experts? It’s a group that fights for laws/penalties for alcohol related incidents. Basically if they could they’d make it illegal to produce/consume alcohol. Which really made them biased against Brent. Goodell should’ve contacted and listened to Brown’s mother, but she’s already said he’s been punished enough.

  3. Right. Call up the people who make their living off this sort of thing. How about next time you screw up we call the Moron Society?

  4. Why doesn’t the billion dollar nfl just provide a designated driver program for ech team if they want to eliminate these mishaps ?

  5. Of course the man who can’t think for himself consulted his would be critics beforehand. If I had no principles and always worried about what everyone else said I’d do the same. Who let this joke of a man become commissioner?

  6. By consulting MADD who clearly has no right to a voice in anything per the CBA, Goodell has opened the door for the suspension to be overturned.

    Goodell violated the CBA by doing this. Lets see if the players union calls him on it.

  7. What a joke. Let the man play. Like his mother said, he’s suffered enough. Suspending him won’t bring his teammate back to life.

  8. I’ve said many times that Goodell acts as a politician, and now he is admitting it.

    When it comes to being judge and jury for every case in the league, he insists on having full control. But, now he is consulting outside groups to make sure that his decisions are PC enough to suit them. POLITICIAN.

    I’m not in favor of drunk driving, but Roger Goodell does not conduct himself as his predecessors did and he is not good for the game.

  9. Why didn’t Josh Brent serve his full 6 month jail sentence at Dallas County jail? Why didn’t he have to go to Dallas County Judicial Treatment Center in Wilmer, TX for 180 days like every other drug and alcohol convicted person in Dallas County?

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