Julio Jones isn’t thinking about his foot anymore


Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones has had a longer wait between games than most players who will take the field in Week One.

Jones hasn’t played since Week Five of last year because of a foot injury that required surgery, but he was healthy throughout camp and said Thursday, via Reid Ferrin of the team’s website, that he’s “definitely to the point where I’m not thinking about my foot” going into the start of the season. Jones added that he has “no restrictions” and expects the Saints defense to treat him with the extra attention he’s grown accustomed to receiving.

“The Saints know us, and they know I’m the guy to kind of get our offense going. And they key on me moreso — it was me, Tony [Gonzalez], and Roddy [White]. But they really haven’t seen too much on Devin [Hester]. I hope that helps. I hope they’ve seen that they have to [defend him], because he can make plays. He’ll make a bunch of plays for us. Also, Harry [Douglas],” Jones said, via ESPN.com.” We don’t know what to expect, but we know going into this game, I’ll probably get doubled the most; probably me and Roddy. And those other guys will get singled up, or the back will get singled up.”

The Falcons missed having a player like Jones to occupy the defense’s attention last year. His preseason appearances suggested he’s in fine form, so the Saints probably won’t be the last team to pick a different poison when facing the Falcons in 2014.