Larry Fitzgerald knows his contract has to be addressed after the season


Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald’s long and successful run with the Cardinals kicks off its 11th season this week with high hopes for the coming months and uncertainty about what 2015 will bring.

Fitzgerald is scheduled to have a cap number of $23.6 million next year with $16 million coming his way in base salary and a March roster bonus. It’s the kind of situation that has led to other veterans ending their careers with other teams, something Fitzgerald seems to know is a real possibility.

“The cap number is what the cap number is,” Fitzgerald said, via the team’s website. “I could go out this year and get 2,600 yards and that cap number is still going to have to be addressed, know what I mean? It doesn’t matter how well I play or how bad I play, it’s going to be addressed. I don’t even think about it.”

Both Fitzgerald and the team have said they want to keep things going until Fitzgerald retires, so there could be common ground reached on a contract with less impact on the team’s cap. That can be easier said than done, though, especially if Fitzgerald has a particularly strong season at 31.