Mother of dead teammate says she’s “very happy” Josh Brent can come back


The Cowboys have a pragmatic reason to be glad that defensive tackle Josh Brent has been reinstated and can come back later this year.

But no one seems happier for Brent than the mother Jerry Brown, the teammate who was killed in Brent’s drunk driving crash nearly two years ago.

Stacey Jackson told Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News that she was “very happy” Brent was getting a second chance.

“I’m very happy Josh has been reinstated with the Dallas Cowboys!” Jackson said. “My beautiful son is in Heaven now, and Josh has to be given a chance to live his life and do something for someone else! We all make mistakes, and we all have an entrance date and an exit day. Although I miss Jerry every day, I know he would be very happy that Josh has another chance to play football!”

Brent will miss the first 10 games, but can be reinstated if he follows a strict set of conditions. He hasn’t played since Dec. 2, 2012, the week before he crashed his car doing 110 mph with a blood alcohol level of 0.18 percent, a crash which claimed the life of the practice squad linebacker and former Illinois teammate.

“Josh doesn’t have to answer to you or me. He has to answer to God, about what he has done with his second chance,” Jackson said. “Who has he helped with this opportunity that he has been given! I have to answer to why I didn’t forgive him and live out my life with taking care of my family.”

Jackson’s forgiveness throughout has been one of the more compelling reasons to give Brent another chance, as there’s no one who would have as much reason to see him punished to this day.

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  1. Brown’s mother is a great and forgiving woman. Most people would forever hate someone who takes their child life. I’m glad for her though, it takes a strong and big hearted person to forgive someone after something like that.

  2. …and that’s all that matters. Not you bozos that act like you’ve never had a couple beers and driven yourselves home.

  3. There’s a special place in heaven for a woman like Stacy Jackson. I hope this helps her grieving process.

  4. I’d rather not see Brent play again either, but its the only way the Brown family is going to see meaningful settlement money.

    Heaven knows Brent isn’t going to land a job making the NFL minimum salary anywhere else.

  5. Mom, I can’t even begin to imagine the pain you live with every day. You are a wonderful inspiration to all mankind. That said, I believe that the facts of the case should drive the penalty Brent faces. I don’t believe that we can leave the punishment of this man in the hands of the victims mother, whether she is a saint of a women or not. Still and all, God bless you lady, you have a lot to teach us all.

  6. Any regular person would be facing up to 15 years in prison. Lets not be too fooled here. Just like when others have been able to come back they did so because the family of the victim would have rather have them collecting an NFL paycheck for them to collect on. Great for her to be forgiving but we have seen this before.

  7. People need to realize that killing someone by striking them with your car while drunk is different than killing a passenger in your car. The random person on the streets had no say in the matter. That passenger chose to get in the car with you knowing that you were drunk (in most cases, at least), so they have some culpability of their own. People do not like thinking that way about someone who dies, but it is the truth.

  8. Mrs. Jackson’s attitude is inspiring and I get it that he has been punished. The question is does he represent the potential for trouble again for his teammates in the future?

    I don’t know if she has any other sons but if one of them called her and said “I’m going out with Josh after the game to celebrate.” Would it concern her?

  9. Why didn’t Josh Brent serve his full 6 month jail sentence at Dallas County jail? Why didn’t he have to go to Dallas County Judicial Treatment Center in Wilmer, TX for 180 days like every other drug and alcohol convicted person in Dallas County?

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