Ravens unveil a statue of Ray Lewis outside stadium

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The fan base in Baltimore obviously has high standards.

Knocking a woman unconscious gets you a standing ovation.

But if you want a statue, you’ve got to obstruct some justice in a murder investigation.

Via the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens unveiled a statue Thursday morning of their legendary linebacker outside M&T Bank Stadium.

The statue shows Lewis in full uniform in the middle of his signature entrance dance, apparently because they couldn’t find the white suit when it was time to pose for the sculptor.

113 responses to “Ravens unveil a statue of Ray Lewis outside stadium

  1. The Baltimore Ravens are 0-3 against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs and 16-23 against them in the regular season. It’s going to take a lot more than a statue to change that. Besides, sometimes the paint chips away and underneath you can see they’re really just the purple Browns.

    Go Steelers!

  2. Or just be one of the very best to every play the game. That might have something to do with the statue than what you said.

  3. They got the size of his mouth about right.

    Let’s see what it’s filled with, when the pigeons start using his head for a roost.

  4. Not a Ravens fan but this article was over the top. Let the guy enjoy his statue before bringing up something from 15 years ago. Jeeze.

    Pats fan since ’93. Ray Lewis embodies everything that makes me love football since ’96. Respect.

  5. Why would any team put up a statue of a man who at the least obstructed a murder investigation (fact), and at the most was involved in the murder…just wondering.

  6. So JoePa loses a statue for REPORTING a crime and Ray gets a statue for covering up a crime?

    Sounds about right.

  7. I don’t mind fans looking the other way … but this is over the top. The guy was implicated in a murder.

  8. JoePa lost his statue because he knew of the crimes for 20+ year and didn’t report a damn thing! Don’t even try it…get over it

  9. Somewhere around 2020 or so, if Pittsburgh chooses to put up a statue of Ben Roethlisberger after he retires, I hope the PFT article discussing the subject is written with the same snide venom and sarcasm this one was.

    Seriously, do people just not care about the facts of the Ray Lewis case? Do they not care that the two guys who died had a laundry list of drug and gun charges? They were hardly two upstanding citizens out for a midnight stroll in Atlanta that night. They were looking for trouble, and they found it.

  10. No Weapon Formed Against us Shall Prosper! Congrats Ray and thanks for Making the Baltimore Ravens one of the BEST teams in the league since you signed in 1996!

    I watch football for what goes on between the white lines and NOBODY Did it like 52…

  11. Why would any team put up a statue of a man who at the least obstructed a murder investigation (fact), and at the most was involved in the murder…just wondering.

    how about the men on mt. rushmore. how perfect were they?

  12. “I don’t mind fans looking the other way … but this is over the top. The guy was implicated in a murder.”

    What did the fans do here? I know that this poorly written article implicates the fans, but I’m not quite sure what the fans did wrong here. I’m a fan, but I certainly don’t recall putting up a Ray Lewis statue. Oh right, the fans didn’t put it up.

  13. We all think the NFL has it going so well right now,……… how could they possibly screw things up? Things like this will do it. Ravens should admit they “got it wrong” and take the stupid thing down.
    Good player. Lousy criminal. Awful idea.

  14. “Why would any team put up a statue of a man who at the least obstructed a murder investigation (fact), and at the most was involved in the murder…just wondering.”


    Because besides being a first ballot hall of famer and one of the all time greats to ever play his position, the worst blemish on his resume is that he lied to police about witnessing a stabbing.

    And it’s funny how everyone loves to throw out the word ‘murder’ when talking about that case but always seem to leave out the fact that it was ruled self-defense.

  15. Yeah, it probably has nothing to do with the fact he was the best MLB ever to play.

    It happened how long ago? Get over it.

  16. Beautiful! Now the stadium has statues of NFL’s best offensive player of all time and the best defensive player of all time.

  17. Society has changed for the worse. Different standards for the rich and popular. Did the family of the murdered have anything to do with statue ? Players drive drunk and kill people. Do hardly any time then their back playing like nothing happen. I had a boy on my soccer team who’s dad killed a guy drunk driving and he did 12 years. Sad Sad

  18. The statue shows Lewis in full uniform in the middle of his signature entrance dance, apparently because they couldn’t find the white suit when it was time to pose for the sculptor.


  19. Bad Person? Yes. Bad Football Player? No. Glad NE cut Hernandez as soon as he was arrested, but something tells me there aren’t any statues of him going up in the future.

  20. It would have been awesome if the statue was of him riding a giant raven like in that old spice commercial he did.

  21. I love the tone of this post….All the Ray Lewis defenders are such hypocrites. “Don’t call it this/that” or “it was so long ago” or, my favorite “he was still a great player.” It’s funny how we will find any way we can to defend someone who matters to us and our way of life.

    Great player, totally.

    Deserving of a statue when you have any history of being a not so great guy off the field I find a little insensative and wrong.

  22. unfkwthabl says:
    Sep 4, 2014 1:23 PM
    New flash kids… it isn’t “hating” if it true
    Fair enough, so stick to the facts then. He lied to police about witnessing a murder. That’s the ONLY fact you have. Outside of that FACT? You have nothing other than assumptions. He didn’t murder anybody. He didn’t pay anybody off. He didn’t get off the hook because of his status (which I think is so beyond overblown because that Ray Lewis was not the 1st ballot HOF GOAT that he is today).

    So sticking to the facts- as you say- what’s wrong with a statue for a 1st ballot HOF greatest MLB to ever play the game, who happened to witness a murder and lied to police over 15 years ago? I’m not seeing the issue. Those who see the issue are the ones NOT using facts and continually call him a murderer.

  23. I don’t think anyone in NFL history is more respected than Ray, for his work both on the field (inarguably the best linebacker ever) and off (working with kids, mentoring other players, giving to charity, etc.). He found himself in a bad place with some bad people in Atlanta, and unlike a lot of young men in such situations he turned his life around. He’s not a “Bad Person,” he’s a great one, in every sense of the word.

  24. Human beings who let other human beings bleed to death in the street without so much as a courtesy anonymous phone call don’t deserve statues. Human beings who at the very least witness a double murder and burn their clothes and pay off limo drivers for their silence don’t deserve statues. Human beings found guilty of obstructing justice in a murder trial don’t deserve statues. No matter how great they were at football or how “long ago it was” (like either should even matter), they don’t deserve statues and don’t deserve your money and adoration. Grow the hell up, Baltimore fan. Dust off those critical thinking skills. Be the change in a disgusting culture that rewards this crap.

  25. I have read a lot of moronic post over the years but the Ravens fan who thinks what Ray and his posse did was OK because both victims had prior arrest records has to take the cake. For Gods sake man get a grip.

  26. Ray Lewis is the greatest middle linebacker I have ever seen play in the NFL.

    Having said that I am not putting a statue of the man in front of my stadium. Put him in the HOF, retire his number, but a statue? Haha, just think at that point you have to consider more than just on the field performance…. And in that case Ray Ray doesn’t deserve any statues in my opinion.

  27. I am at a loss for words. Who are you to call out a city and a fan base? Whether you want to believe it or not, both Ray’s have done much more good than bad off the field. They have affected so many thousands of lives positively compared to the few, although admittedly egregious, off field incidents.

    As a writer you should be responsible, do your homework, and see there is a reason these guys are loved in Baltimore and I promise it is not solely because of winning football games. Even if you want to totally disregard the legal process that they BOTH went through, respect the fact that people make mistakes and should be allowed to come back from them.

    I don’t know who you are or where you are from but please, by all means, keep your high horse and close minded opinions away from our city.

  28. It is easy to point your finger and say “That guy did something bad. He is terrible!”

    Please remind me the last time Lewis was in the media for negative or criminal reasons… Please tell me about another negative or criminal incident involving Rice…

    So tired of these writers, analysts and faceless internet posters screaming for ‘justice’ when they are just trying to be PC and put heads on spikes. These men have done a lot to make Baltimore proud. Please, take a step back and figure out why.

  29. I’d love to see these people, saying he ONLY witnessed a murder and lied about it (like that’s a normal thing that people do on an everyday basis) reactions if it was their child who was killed. I imagine their tune would be different. Ray Lewis is terrible human he should be in jail, not a beacon of idolatry.

  30. A buddy of mine is a Baltimore city cop and he told me how one day on patrol he and his partner saw Ray Lewis on, just walking in a poor section of the city. Lewis approached a homeless man, took him to a diner, bought him food then clothes across the street to help the guy get a job.

    Point being, Ray Lewis did this out of kindness. He didn’t have a news crew or photographer there to have a feel good story. He did this by himself, just because.

  31. I think at this point, the only fair way to handle the statue issue is to send Hines Ward to Baltimore and have him knock it over.

  32. Point being, Ray Lewis did this out of kindness. He didn’t have a news crew or photographer there to have a feel good story. He did this by himself, just because.

    Just because he feels karma breathing over his shoulder for what he did. Glorifying this man is pathetic like applauding a wife beater. Baltimore needs a reality check.

  33. Hey Darin Gantt,
    If HR comes knocking on your cube, it wasn’t me. Well, maybe it was.

    I understand the approach by most of the “journalists” on this site. And to bash a player or team is within reason. But to bash an entire fanbase, especially for actions beyond their control is completely unprofessional. I will looking for your public apology.

  34. Ray Lewis Resume:
    ESPiN TV Job? – Check
    Ravens Statue? – Check
    Hall of Fame? – Currently building a bust.
    Helping out a grieving mother who just wants to put closure to her sons murder? Crickets….

  35. What a greatly written article. It is absolutely sickening that this guy got a statue, no matter how good of a football player he was. The murder case he was involved in should be enough to keep you from having a freaking statue. Those that say to move on because it was so long ago are morons. Baltimor got this one wrong and it wouldn’t surprise me if they realize that before long and take it down. Surely they can find a sports icon that doesn’t have “involved in a murder investigation” on their resume that they can build a statue of… he WAS a great football player, but he is NOT a very good human being.

    Ravens fans should feel very fortunate that Roger Goodell wasn’t in charge when that investigation took place because his career would have been over before it even began if he was.

  36. You know it’s bad when even I think those were some unnecessary cheap shots on the ravens.

  37. I would respect this article if Darin Gantt did have a picture of Rae Carruth as his twitter profile pic. Carruth is a true murderer of women a just few inches away from children. That is not a joke Darin.

  38. southpaw2k: Before the steelers even consider giving Ben Roethlisbeger a statue, they should really put a statue of two true iron grid steeler players before him. 1) Joe Greene 2) Terry Bradshaw

  39. Wow, what poor writing on the authors part backed with absolutely nothing but obvious NFL team bias and a failure to acknowledge Mr. Lewis’ lifestyle change since the incident mentioned.

  40. 1] The flow of edited reporting on the Lewis involvement in the killing is just that – EDITED -; it’s like taking every bit of info available and turning it into a “Cliff’s Notes” version of the wretched event, from which reporters, bloggers, superfans, etc have used preferred bits and pieces to spin their own version of the story. A few facts:
    There was an argument, fight, melee ???
    2 men were killed (despite their “rap sheets”).
    Ray was involved in the melee (NOT a bystander).
    Ray had/has money and lawyers.
    People changed their stories.

    Yes, Ray’s football skills were great but so were OJ’s; that doesn’t negate the bad (as a group or and individual) that either did.
    “A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet” … skunks still stink, too.

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