Ryan Mallett quickly moves into No. 2 job in Houston


Ryan Mallett has been a Texan less than a week.

But he’s already climbing the depth chart, and will be their backup to starter Ryan Fitzpatrick this weekend.

Granted, he’s only passed a rookie (Tom Savage) in his short time in Houston, but his familiarity with the scheme being put in by head coach Bill O’Brien and quarterbacks coach George Godsey gave him a leg up anyway.

“The foundation of what he knows is very similar to what we had in the three years in New England,” O’Brien said, via Brian Smith of the Houston Chronicle. “He was drafted in [2011] when I was there. We spent the rookie year together and then I went to Penn State. [In 2012] and ’13, he stayed and was attentive in meetings. It’s obvious since he’s been here.

“Just the transition of Ryan coming in to this offense, certainly we do things, some things a little bit differently than what they do, based on our personnel. . . . But the foundation of it is very similar, so he’s been able to pick [it] right up.”

While Fitzpatrick has shown himself to be a completely capable backup at times, there’s little reason to believe Mallett won’t get a chance to move up a chair at some point this season.

And if/when he does, the Texans might see if they have a quarterback they can win with, or whether they finally have to address it this offseason.

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  1. I was a Mallet fan when he came out of college, even though he was dinged for off the field issues. While he hasn’t had a chance to prove it since he sat behind Brady since day one, he’s been learning from the best and the Patriots system is very capable of taking care of those off the field concerns. I hope he does great!

  2. Only Belichek can turn a 3rd rounder into a 7th rounder after extensive coaching and training…

  3. I don’t care about all the “He didn’t do anything in New England” talk. Belichick got rid of him because he has a cheap alternative in Garoppolo. O’Brien sees the potential he has and I guarantee he takes over the starting job by week 4.

  4. The inescapable football reality is that after 3 years of development with Belichek and Brady, this former RD3 pick was only worth a seventh rounder to the most QB needy team in the league.

  5. “Cheap alternative?” No, he was in the final year of his rookie deal and wasn’t going to sign a new deal with NE. And furthermore, Garoppolo outplayed him.

  6. A 1st round pick isn’t a cheap alternative.

    It’s a first round pick you didn’t have to use if you got it right with Mallett to begin with.

  7. I don’t think they have to address QB again. They like what they have developing in Savage and unless he face plants badly he should be ready in 2015 or 16. Mallett can hold serve at QB until then while they rebuild around them.

    Fitzpatrick is a mere placeholder for now.

  8. Garoppalo was a second round pick.(not a first) He was an avaialable backup for a reasonable sum for 3 years. He would be gone next year and the Patriots would get nothing for him (maybe a compensatory pick two years out)
    Now they have a low cost option that has looked much bettre then Mallett, another roster position that’s available, and another draft pick next year. I’d say Bill got a pretty good deal, and certainly the best available at this time.

  9. It is comical to watch fans trip allover themselves trying to rationalize why Bill Belichick is not great at his job. He only has the best record in all of the major professional sports over the last 15 years. If he stays in his position under the “Brady Principle”, until he sucks, he’ll be coaching on his death bed.

  10. the Pats trading Mallet for a 7th could be as simple as getting something for him now before he leaves AND helping a friend an old coordinator in OBrien out…

  11. When Ryan Mallett gets his chance to start for the Texans and if he is successful as their starter it will be interesting to hear the excuses as to why he is succeeding at the position when he sucked as a Patriot. I’ve heard some Boston beat writers already positioning themselves in case he does well by saying he might do well on another team and scheme, but just didn’t fit the Pats style of Off., I thought Billy Obrien ran pretty much the same Offence in Houston as they ran while in Foxboro, as he did at Penn State. I’m rooting for Mallett.

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