San Antonio still hoping to lure the Raiders

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Despite reports that the Raiders are closing in on a deal for a new stadium to keep the team in Oakland, officials in San Antonio say they still hope to bring the Raiders to town.

San Antonio City Manager Sheryl Sculley told the San Antonio Express-News that “we’re still in conversations” with the Raiders. San Antonio City Councilman Ron Nirenberg suggested that Oakland officials are overly optimistic about keeping the Raiders in town.

“Until we are told that San Antonio is no longer an option for the Raiders, I believe we still have to line up all the elements that would make an NFL deal possible here,” he said.

Realistically, it seems more likely that the Raiders are using San Antonio to gain leverage with Oakland than that the Raiders are really going to leave Oakland for San Antonio. But San Antonio officials don’t seem to believe they’re being used. They still think the NFL may soon have a team known as the San Antonio Raiders.

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  1. Tom Benson has a big business presence in San Antonio – he reached out to the city, not the other way around…

  2. who wouldn’t want one of the best franchises in football? With 21 play off appearences, 15 division titles, 3 Super Bowl titles, 1 AFL Champsionship. They are by far better than any franchise with less than 3 super bowl rings and you know who you are

  3. Hopefully the potential deal with Oakland gets done as it’s the Raiders’ natural home. However if it falls through and the Raiders can’t find a venue in the Bay Area then San Antonio is infinitely preferable than even considering having them go back to Los Angeles.

  4. The Raiders would lose 95% of their fan base they have now if they move out of Cali.Do you think that they would make that up by being the 3rd team in Texas? San Antonio is Cowboy country. Please Mark be smarter than this. Obviously I want the Raiders to stay in Oakland but if they move it should be to LA. This would be a catastrophic mistake if they were to move out of California.

  5. Said it before and I will say it again. The Raiders belong to Oakland and they should stay in Oakland.

    And while we are on the subject the Rams need to move back to LA.

  6. Isn’t the NFL Policy that if a team leaves a city, they must choose a new name? Isn’t that what happened with The Oilers and The Old Cleveland Browns? Which is how we wound up with The New Cleveland Browns?

    If that is still the case, then San Antonio may end up with an NFL team, but it wouldn’t have the storied “Raiders” name.

  7. The Arizona Cardinals were formally the St. Louis Cardinals, and have been for years. No requirement to change the name.

    The Oakland Raisers become the L.A. Raiders, for years, before moving back.

    There is no Oil in Tennessee, and the Browns name was iconic and made no sense in Baltimore.

  8. Raider nation would die off if they moved to San Antonio. Even though their performance has been poor the last 10+ years, there are still tons of raiders fans in Cali. You can’t overcome the amount of cowboys fans in Texas. I would not root for them anymore if they go to San Antonio. Nothing sounds better than the OAKLAND RAIDERS!

  9. There is not a more immediate solution than moving the Raiders to San Antonio. In the modern era of running a sports franchises, where professional teams want stadium deals that are publicly funded. Mark Davis has to be frustrated with the new Oakland proposal. To be handed the keys to a football stadium, not just any, but a domed-stadium. The possibilities on making non-football revenue from concerts, boxing matches, international soccer, and the local college football team. That’s a big candy store!!! Keep California Dreamin’ NoCal, and SoCal, 2 teams sharing a stadium won’t cut the cheese. The NFL being your landlord, is like moving back in with your parents!!

  10. San Antonio is an awesome city, and the Cowboys have sucked for so long that I think lots of Texans would become Raider fans. I was a Cowboys fan since 1960, but I finally checked out when Parcells quit. I detest Jerry Jones, and I now root for whoever the Cowboys are playing this week. To me, a perfect Cowboy game is Romo throwing for 400 yards (I still like him and Jason Witten)…..and losing.

    Also, the Alamo Dome is right on the River Walk, and would be a great gameday experience, and a great place for a Super Bowl.

  11. I stand by my belief that nothing will happen in Oakland.
    This smells like election year BS from Quan, nothing more.

  12. …and there is no way Davis would change the name just because he moves. To much marketing money at stake, and the odds that Oakland would ever get another team to use the name are slim. They’ve been trying to get a new stadium for decades. I can’t believe the A’s haven’t left.

  13. Why dont they move to LA? Isnt that what Goddell wants?

    Im not familiar with the fans or the region but what is the obstacle with them choosing the Raiders as the new LA team Rodger wants so bad?

    CA definitely doesnt need to import another team.. they have too many already

    Chargers, Raiders 49ers 1 state doesnt need 3 teams let alone 4

  14. The move would have to be approved by the owners and does anybody really think that Jerrah can’t muster the others ownersz support to block an encroachment into what has always been Cowboy country ?

    He can’t pick football talent but he makes them money.

  15. While the Texans may not care if the Raiders move in, I suspect Jerry Jones will never let this happen. He will never allow another team to come to Texas and he will rally the other owners to make sure of it.

    Jones: “What I will say is San Antonio is very important to the Dallas Cowboys. We have the exact same percentage of fans in San Antonio that we do in Plano, Texas, about 98 percent.”

  16. babygaga19 says:
    Sep 4, 2014 12:57 PM
    If the price is right, the Raiders will spread their legs for anybody.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    not so sure they share that in common with you.

  17. If the Raiders could find a way to grab the San Antonio and Austin market they would be set. Both cities are great but Austin is the key. Yes, I know it is Longhorn country, but they have a great corporate presence and they are rapidly growing in population and income. My observation is that there is little Cowboy interest in the Austin area. Much more interest in San Antonio, but I doubt the Cowboys would miss it very much. I think Jerry would much rather get his share of the relocation fee from the Raiders, AND one from the Rams and/or Chargers for the move to LA.

  18. I’m a Raider fan in New Hampshire. There is no way the Raiders will lose 95% of thier fans if they move. That’s nonsensical talk from California fans, who barely show up to the games to begin with. The Raiders are a global brand with booster clubs across the country including Texas. While I would like to keep the Oakland name, I know if they move to a “football” state like Texas they would gain a ton of new fans and still keep us loyal non California fans.

  19. Still can’t see why Oakland wants them to stay. Let the losers go and maybe you will be in line for an expansion team in 20 years. It would be worth it!!

  20. The San Antonio Border Patrolmen.


    You need a geography lesson there, chief

  21. I hope most of you understand. This is different then an Oakland city council member name dropping the Athletics, “might move to San Antonio or Montreal”, if they don’t get a stadium deal. I’m sure it’s a first and a little refreshing for the Raiders to get hit on by another city council. They didn’t come to us for leverage, San Antonio wants to get in bed with them. Demi Moore wouldn’t even get in bed with that pricey deal out of Oakland yesterday, Ugh! It might look and sound nice, but really it’s an ultimatum. Who wants that? We got your dinner and drinks here in south and central Texas, Raiders!!! We’ll save you money before and after taxes. NO income tax, No inheritance TAX. Owners and Free Agents love those things!

  22. The Dallas Cowboys’ owner, Jerry Jones, said yesterday that he would not mind if the New Orleans Saints moved to San Antonio, but he said this was not the time to discuss the Saints’ future.

    ^ From a New York Times article run November 2, 2005.

    So why should he care if the Raiders move there?

  23. I love how a few Cowboys fans in SA try to portray the illusion of the city as being “Cowboys country” cuz Jerry makes his “98%” comments and has held training camps here a couple of years. Those training camps avg’d like 9,000 people with a majority of those people not even being from SA. The majority were groups of fans that travel down from Dallas and up from the Rio Grande Valley since it makes the drive a lot closer( 5hrs instead of 9hrs) to see a NFL squad that take advantage and plan staycation with family in SA and just check out the Cowboys while here. Cowboys country? Yeah right. The other 2.1 million people in the SA region disagree. Time for our own team. Raiders, Rams, ANY TEAM.

  24. Jerry cares SO MUCH about his fans in San Antonio that since he’s owned the team, he’s held training camp in San Antonio a total of 6 years. He’s held training camp in California a total of 10 years.

    Why are the Cowboys holding training camp in California anyways? Probably why they’re so soft and haven’t won many playoff games during the past 20 years.

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