Thursday night wrap-up: Seahawks dominant on offense

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The Seahawks won a championship with defense.

But their offense showed enough signs Thursday night that they’re going to be able to carry more of the load this season as teams try to adjust.

Quarterback Russell Wilson was his efficient best, as the Seahawks beat the Packers 36-16 to open the season.

But it was the variety of plays and playmakers that stood out, rather than any individual performance.

Their first touchdown was a work of art, a read-option pass for a touchdown that seemed cribbed straight out of Gus Malzahn’s Auburn playbook.

With Wilson going read-option, a look toward Marshawn Lynch is a dangerous thing, and when the Packers reacted to the fake, Ricardo Lockette was standing all alone for an easy score.

They’re also deploying Percy Harvin in multiple roles (get to know the words “jet sweep,” you’re going to hear them a lot), and his home run threat creates multiple problems. They only got one catch for 17 yards from him in the regular season a year ago, but he had 11 touches for 100 yards from scrimmage Thursday.

All that makes it easy to overlook tight end Zach Miller, who stood out as both a blocker and a frisbee-catching dog (with a one-handed grab downfield which might have been the play of the night).

With Wilson running the offense smartly, and Lynch running the ball so physically (ho-hum, 20 carries for 110 yards), and Harvin running just so fast, they might prove hard to stop.

They haven’t had to do so much because of the dominance of their defense, but they’re showing they can do more than just manage.

Here are five more things we learned during the Thursday night kickoff edition of Sunday Night Football:

1. Aaron Rodgers already has his Super Bowl ring and an MVP trophy.

But if he didn’t, he’d be getting a lot more scrutiny for some of his outbursts.

Barking at rookie center Corey Linsley in front of the world when he had to burn a timeout in the first half was a bad look for the Packers quarterback. Linsley, bless his heart, was thrown into a tough spot in his first game, unable to hear or imagine what was coming next. That doesn’t make his error excusable, but the reaction seemed over the top.

It’s not that the yelling was out of the ordinary, but it’s a great example of context in the NFL.

When Rodgers or Tom Brady does it, it’s competitiveness. When Jay Cutler does it, it’s a sign of immaturity. God forbid Cam Newton took the towel off his head and did the same.

If Rodgers really wanted to bark at someone, he might have chosen the folks who put together the game plan. He was throwing almost nothing but dump-offs (18 passes for 86 yards in the first half) when the game was competitive, and the circus that was a fourth-down attempt in the second half will be dissected for days.

2. Richard Sherman is going to get bored.

He stayed put on the left, and the Packers responded by just ignoring that side of the ball.

Eventually, that’s going to lead to plays like the interception Byron Maxwell made, but at some point, Sherman is going to have to do something, if only for fun.

3. Bobbling a first-half punt was a bad look for Seahawks safety/punt returner Earl Thomas. But there were other little signs that their approach to special teams might not be a prudent one.

Thomas apparently failed to make the “peter call” on a bouncing punt later, and it nearly bounced into one of his teammates for what was dangerously close to a Packers score.

Coupled with Harvin returning kickoffs (and not getting much out of them), and Sherman blocking a guy into Thomas on the fumble, it’s easy to question Pete Carroll’s allocation of resources.

Sure, the Seahawks were dealing with some injuries in the secondary (and those backups make up a big part of special teams everywhere). But they’re taking a big risk rolling so many stars out there, stars who don’t always get as many practice reps in the kicking game as you need to be good at it.

4. Packers Bryan Bulaga left the game in the first half to get his left knee looked at, and didn’t return.

That’s concerning because Bulaga blew the ACL in his left knee last year, but also because of what it leaves them with.

Derek Sherrod replaced him at right tackle, and struggled with speed rushes all night (most obviously on a strip-sack for a fumble in the third quarter which resulted in a safety).

The Packers are dealing with injuries up front, but Bulaga’s a consistent player, who won’t be easy to replace if his injury is serious.

5. The Packers appear to have found a competent pass-rush duo in Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers (at least once Peppers learns to play on his feet).

But it’s all the other parts of their defense that should be a concern.

The Packers were routinely pushed around up front, and the early returns on that smaller, quicker defensive line were not good.

The Packers also rotated safeties Micah Hyde and Ha-Ha Clinton Dix, and the first-rounder from Alabama had a rough night. He was left to suffer the highlight reels alone on the first Seahawks touchdown (thanks to Sam Shields biting hard on a run fake). He covers plenty of ground, but didn’t appear the sure tackler he was billed to be at Alabama.

The Seahawks gashed them for 221 yards in the first half alone, and when you couple a Matthews sack wiped out by a penalty and a few dropped interceptions, there were plenty of opportunities to make that number smaller.

222 responses to “Thursday night wrap-up: Seahawks dominant on offense

  1. gohawks7 says:
    Sep 4, 2014 1:09 PM

    Sea 35 GB 14

    GB’s defense is not much improved over the sieve that they were last year. Seattle’s offense is primed, and is better than last year.

    Seattle’s offense >>>> GB Defense
    GB Offense =< Sea Defense

    Go Hawks!!

  2. Excellent Game, Seahawks. The Packers looked lost for much of the game.

    We can only be grateful that we’re in such a terrible division and will be able to practice on weaker teams so if we meet again, the Packers will be more prepared.

    Good win, and good luck this season.

  3. No defense and sickly o lineman. Maybe Ted Thompson needs to draft more wide receivers? Packers are a joke.

  4. Last year it was the defense, this year the offense will outshine the D. Sooo many people were hating on the seahawks before this game, keep praying maybe it will come true for you next time around

  5. Let’s be honest, the Packers have been soft and a pretender since their 15-1 season. Ted Thompson has done a horrible job drafting for the defensive side of the ball and is wasting Rodgers prime years. The only person who was laughing at Ha Ha was Russell Wilson and his receivers because dude whiffed quite a few times tonight.

  6. The Packers were outright DOMINATED on both sides of the ball.

    I predicted in the preseason that the GB Oline couldn’t protect Rodgers and it appears I was right. I predicted the GB Dline leaked like an oil pan with a loose nut and it appears I was right.

    I never wish injury to ANY NFL player (even those on the hated Packers), but if the Oline doesn’t get better quickly, Rodgers will be out for the year with one type of injury or another!

  7. Packers have no defense, and now no offensive line either. Can’t tackle, totally got pushed around physically, stupid penalties, not good fundamentally at all.

    I could tell mid-way through the 2nd quarter GB would lose they way they got pushed around.

    It wasn’t that Seattle was so dominant. It was GB was really that bad.

    Packers won’t make the playoffs. Heard it hear first.

  8. Really? A QB yelling at his center has you riled up? I think the kid from OSU doesn’t need his mom to defend him.

  9. Green Bay’s defense will give Dallas a run for their money. Absolutely pathetic.

    Poorly coached team with no discipline and no depth.

    Like I said, Detroit takes the north at 11-5.

    Good night.

  10. Big PACK guy here. YIKES. Just yikes. More injuries. MY GUY ROGERS under 200 years. MY GUY Eddy Lacey basically shut down. D looked afwul.

    Its gonna be along year I think, you guys. But I’m a real fan irregardless. GO PACK GO!!!


  11. That went exactly as anyone following Seattle expected. Russell Wilson has looked that way in practices/pre-sesaon and I have no clue how defines will scheme to stop Harvin/Lynch/Wilson. I can see them taking away one but the other two are going to be tearing up the field.

    Seattle offensive line looks far improved from last year. James Carpenter/Sweezy look like studs.

    Anyone notice who the defensive holding hurt? It wasn’t the Seahawks, the only call was on Bobby Wagner running 40 yards down the field on Cobb.

  12. Winning one SB is like climbing Everest.

    Winning a second in a row will be more like climbing K2: A rarer feat with a higher degree of difficulty.

    Good first step in that direction. Long way to go still, but that was a solid effort.

  13. Even Andrew Luck felt bad for Aaron Rodgers tonight. The defense was bad but that offensive line is the worst in the NFL.

  14. So they’ve gone from trolling before the game to making excuses now that they’ve lost? As expected.

    Now you know, the game 2 years ago turned out right.

  15. “When Rodgers or Tom Brady does it, it’s competitiveness. When Jay Cutler does it, it’s a sign of immaturity. God forbid Cam Newton took the towel off his head and did the same.”

    I’m glad there’s a journalist that realizes this. We STILL hear about when Cutler bumped/yelled at J’Marcus Webb for nearly getting him killed. But it was Cutler, and people love to hate, so it was “immaturity”.

    I grantee there isn’t a word about Rodgers doing it on ESPN/NFL Network tomorrow.

  16. One of the takeaway points should have been all the defensive holding and pass interference calls against Seattle…..oh wait, never mind.

  17. One of the takeaways from tonight should be all the defensive holding and pass interference calls against Seattle……oh wait, never mind.

  18. Just having to listen to that BORING and BIASED Collinsworth announcer made the game unwatchable. Wish he would retire or get fired for newer younger voices. HATE SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL ANNOUNCERS!

  19. Really hope bulaga is ok. He has put in so much effort to get healthy the last couple years that it would be very sad to see him out with another knee injury.

    What is with this team and it’s injuries to its offensive line? When Favre was there, they usually were very healthy upfront. Rodgers has dealt with non stop injuries to his teammates.

  20. I remember a thread a few weeks back……Packers saying Lacy would break the rushing record or something like that…..

    If Lacy’s (non) performance was any indication tonight, he will be lucky to break out of a wet paper bag the rest of the season!

    After tonight, I defy any Packer fan to say with any sincerity that the Packers will win the NFCN this year! I personally think it will be a slugfest between the Bears and the Lions, with the Vikings possibly being spoilers (maybe a wildcard)…..Packers will be finishing dead last!

  21. The final scores implies domination. And although it was, it happened slowly rather than suddenly. Seattle hits you with body shots for 12 rounds. It’s kinda cool to watch them slowly but surely expand their lead.

  22. ceehawkfan says: Sep 4, 2014 11:51 PM

    NO Defense will stop us with Percy and that JET SWEEP…GL!

    That Jet sweep while a good play, will be game planned for in the future. Don’t bet the farm on that one play!

  23. Hey I call it like it is. Packers don’t have the coaching like Seattle nor the talent. It takes good drafts. I mean it was jet sweep right than left then lynch up the middle. Arron is not the gamer he use to be. U guys are out coached. And aj hawk is a joke. Lol.
    NFC west is the toughest div.

  24. 8-0 at home 5-3 or 4-4 on the road and a first round buy . 2 wins in the playoffs then the Super Bowl. That’s whats going to happen and just like green bays defense no one will stop us.

  25. Packers are terrible! Thought Boykin was the next great receiver? Joke. Erin Rodgers is the only player who is decent. Ha ha was making us all laugh all night! Funny how packer fans find refuge in believing they are better than the Vikings!

  26. Greg Jennings told us all last year what kind of a “leader” Rodgers is, but you all ripped Jennings for telling the truth in public. How long before the team turns on him?

    The most pathetic thing of the night was Rodgers choosing to throw the ball out of bounds rather than taking an extra two steps for the first down because he was afraid of getting hit.

  27. Greatest QB in the game targeted the Greatest CB in the game:

    0 times.

    Thats ZERO times.

    Where are all the people talking about how GB was going to smack Seattle. That we were going to struggle? Where are ya? Someone? Anyone?

  28. Another year, same problems. Aaron Rodgers can’t carry this team by himself every single game. Ted Thompson is the most overrated GM in all of sports. That’s a fact.

  29. Great game for the Packers. They owe Seattle a debt of gratitude. Seattle showed them all the ways they have to improve to compete with truly great teams. Losing Bulaga was a real problem but either way they were beaten in all 4 phases – offense, defense, special teams and play calling. Seahawks are the real deal. Gotta love Russell Wilson.

    That said. I still see the Packers winning their division at 11-5. Unfortunately, they’ll need a ton of work to raise their game to what they just witnessed in Seattle.

  30. It’s hard to beat a team when you drop 2 picks and extend at least 4 drives via dumb penalties. It’s impossible to beat the Seahawks in their house while doing that.

  31. Now i hope you bear fans crying over not keeping Peepers understand why the Bears let his butt go…he’s washed up and tonight showed it.

    As for the Seahawks….boy they look unstopable! I see them easily going to the SuperBowl again. Those saying the Packers looked bad…keep in mind the team they were playing against, the Packers had their moments and made some nice plays tonight but remember who and where they were playing.

    Packers will be pretty good this year with other teams but these NFL teams need to sill figure out how to handle these Seahawks and their very dynamic style of play…i just think a lot of teams are oblivious in how to play against Seakhawks no matter how good a team may be. Packers are a very good team and got slaughtered tonight.

    I just think the people saying Packers sucked are not looking at the big picture at all and are not keeping certain things in consideration..Seahawks at home still thriving off their SuperBowl win was all behind them giving them that extra boost…you just cant compete against that situation.

  32. I do love the gloating from the Vikings fans who dont realize that what they just saw was more a reflection of the strength of the Seahawks than anything else. Packers will win the division and crush the Vikings this year just as they have every year for the past decade.

    I know that when your team never wins, a loss by one of your rivals feels like a win but thats just a mirage. Its unfortunate that Vikings fans dont know what winning actually feels like.

  33. I love all the Packer hate here from jealous NFCN trolls. GB lost their starting C and starting RT mid game. Seattle is the defending champs and this was their party. Who here really thought GB would win?

    Not me. But the good thing is that even though GB is not an elite NFL team right now, they are still light years better than the Bears, Vikes and Lions. 4th NFCN crown in a row is coming.

  34. 5 Questions for Packers:

    1. Will Dom Capers still be employed next week?

    2. Why so many pre-season injuries? The Packers must have spent the whole off-season/pre-season doing walk-throughs in shorts and t-shirts the way the looked tonight.

    3. How many weeks ’til Rodgers is out for the year?

    4. Will Clinton-Dix lead the league in mis-tackles this year?

    5. Which has a softer middle of the defense- the GB High School team, or Guion/Hawk/Jones for the Packers?

  35. “Wish the game had been closer in the second half — got boring for all but Hawks fans.”

    That’s why the NFL only scheduled this one prime time game in Seattle this year. The rest of Seattle’s prime time games are on the road because the Hawks tend to blow their opponent out at home in prime time games.

  36. You can tell that the only people happier about the Seahawks winning than Seahawks fans are vikings fans.

    Then again, they don’t cheer for their own team so much as they cheer against the Packers, because of their rampant jealousy of everything Wisconsin.

  37. You never expect that level of beatdown on a team that has a QB as good as Rodgers. That was impressive. Well played, Seattle.

    Also shows how sad GB’s roster is. They should really get Rodgers some help. Cobb looked dangerous and Quartles looked like a serviceable third WR. On Defense, Matthews looked like himself and Peppers will come around.

    Past that… yikes.

  38. Seattle pretty much started where they left off last season. Not saying they’ll win it all this year but, they have as good a shot as any team from last years playoffs to do so.

  39. Russell Wilson has all the tools to be elite. His quickness and escapability is second to none. When it comes to a QB scrambling, his quickness is deadlier than Kaep’s open field speed.

    That said, GO NINERS!!!!

  40. One last thing i would like to add about the Seahawks. Not switching CB’s and keeping Sherman in a static position is what i believe is a ACE card the Seahawks are keeping until needed…i believe when needed in the future they will start moving Sherman around matching him up to top tier WR’s instead of what they are doing now with their CBs keeping them static.

    It’s just another weapon to unleash when its needed in the future but for now..they dont need to do this. Sounds silly to some? Yeah im sure but i believe this is what they are doing.

  41. The Monday after week 1 is known as “overreaction Monday” because the media often proclaims teams that won that week unbeatable and teams that lost done. Welcome to overreaction Thursday night-Sunday morning.

    The Seahawks looked good but it’s 1 game, the jet sweep isn’t that tough to defend and it will be taken away, lets see how the Seattle offense adapts when that happens.

    As for Green Bay, it’s 1 game in a tough stadium to play in and the defense looked unprepared, lets see how the react.

    There’s an old saying that rings true right now, when things are good they’re never quite as good as they seem and when things are bad they’re never quite as bad as they seem.

  42. Became a new game after Bulaga went out. It’s a long year. Hopefully both teams survive for a playoff game in Lambeau. After the Seahawks emerge from the NFC West the playoffs will still go through Lambeau. The Packers have NO competition in the NFC North (unless Rodgers goes out again).

  43. The Seahawks looked good tonight…the Packers? Not so good. The O-line looked terrible. Let’s see if the Hawks can win away from the “twelvth man”. They are a different team when they are on the road.

  44. Green Bay has some serious issues. They look like the Atlanta Falcons before their collapse last year with a better QB. Every physical team they’ve played since the Super Bowl has dominated them from the Giants in the 2012 playoffs to the 49ers all 3 times to Seattle tonight. That offensive line is a joke, too. Is it that hard to find physical football players when you have the most important position on the team figured out already?

  45. Julius Peppers is not a linebacker. He is out of position. Packers defense was pathetic. Kudos to the Seahawks, Super Bowl defending champions.

  46. Rodgers didn’t play so well either.
    He gets away with WAY more then Favre.
    Farve would have been criticized to no end!
    For some reason it’s become “PC” not to rip on Rodgers, yet Favre was always fair game.

    Face it, Rodgers blew it as much as the rest of the team!

  47. purpleguy says:
    Sep 5, 2014 12:00 AM
    Wish the game had been closer in the second half — got boring for all but Hawks fans.


    That kind sir, is the reason this is our only prime time home game this year.

  48. This Packer fan watched a game that went EXACTLY as I expected it would. Not how I wanted it to, but it unfolded exactly like I thought it would except it was slightly less competitive. Couldn’t even get a first down in garbage time.

    The fact of the matter is that GB is simply not in the same tier as Seattle right now. Better hope Rodgers stays great well into his 30s at this point, because the road to the Super Bowl is going to be extremely bumpy the next few years I think.

    Still can’t stand Seahawks fans, the coach, and most of the players. But they are a fantastic football team.

  49. Wow, Joey 49’er giving the Seahawks a compliment. Stop the presses! See ya on Thanksgiving Night where we make you all look like a big overcooked Turkey.


  50. GO HAWKS !!!

    Its all about team work and heart, and the Seahawks have all those ingredients to make the magic happen.

    As long as they can stay healthy, they will only get better as the season rolls on!!!

  51. Very dominant game by the Seahawks. Well coached on both sides of the ball and they appear to be in mid season form out the gate.

    Green Bay just isn’t built to beat a team like Seattle. No where near their level.

  52. If you notice on every run play that the entire defense is fully committed to a guy who doesn’t even have the freaking football, something is not right. Nick Perry looked like Eric Overpersuit Walden. Clay is the same way, but is athletic and quick enough to make up for some of it.

    Dom Capers cannot go out there and play the game, but given the fact that he’s proven time and time again that he CANNOT stop a team with a mobile QB… I think it’s time for a change at DC. Unfortunately, the time for that change was the day after his defense allowed Kaepernick to run for 700 yards in a playoff game a few years back…

  53. As a Rams fan, can’t tell you how much I hate the Seahawks, and have for a decade. But wow, what an amazing all-around team. Seahawk fans are having a great time right now, and I can’t blame them.

  54. Derek Sherrod is the new Marshall Newhouse. Beyond that, you just have to give Seattle their due. They are the best team in the NFL, the best defense in the league, with the best home field advantage. The Packers managed to score more against them than New Orleans did twice last year and Denver did in the Super Bowl, but this is a hard loss nonetheless. If anything, I’m just glad the Packers played their hardest game in the beginning of the season, get a 10 day break, and can work on their kinks before anyone else. 12s, enjoy this win, you earned it, and hopefully we’ll see you again in the playoffs. Go Packers!

  55. It’s not that the Packers are bad they’re just not at that elite level at this time to beat the reigning champs.
    Seattle looked strong and the Packers looked weak but a lot of people look weak in Seattle.
    Such a long season, so much could and will happen.
    The most important thing is…

    Real football is finally on!

  56. Seattle just has too much speed. When MLB, Bobby Wagner was flagged for pass interference when covering GB’s fastest WR 44 yards down the field, I knew this game was over. Green Bay could not match the speed on either side of the ball. The rest of the league cannot, either. If the Hawks stay healthy they should win it all, again.

  57. I’d be chewing someone out if I was getting smashed on by 300 lb dudes too. TV or not. Getting beat down and abused for 3 hours will bring a but chewing out of anyone who’s trying to win.

  58. The Hawks looks good too. Gb is a professional sports team unlike the nfc east teams atm. The Hawks really are that good. Look at the way we’ve beat down Denver and new Orleans too. Seattle is no push over people get use to it.

  59. Hated the “why not us?” spot. It’s not a tag line, it’s an attitude. You can say it all you want, but it takes a team of champions to make it work. Go Hawks!

  60. They looked as good as they did at the end of last year. Kinda expected at first home game after a title run. Harvin Really makes them potent IF he can stay healthy which I’m not sure he can.
    On another note how does Capers keep his job? Packs D has been historically bad year after year since there title. They get no better anywhere. Its a shame cause they are waisting the prime of an all time great quarterback.

  61. Per usual, fat boy McCarthy was unwilling to abandon his worthless game plan until halfway through the 3rd quarter when it was too late. The run game was failing against the Seattle D-line and linebackers halfway through the 1st quarter, but fat boy was unwilling to adapt. When you keep handing the ball over, of course the Seahawks defense is going to put up 36, 14 of which came in garbage time.

    McCarthy is a good coach, but he is stubborn. If you game plan sucks, you have to change it, AND BEFORE HALFTIME.

  62. “That Jet sweep while a good play, will be game planned for in the future. Don’t bet the farm on that one play!”

    Hi…did you see the SuperBowl? Analysts have been talking about Percy’s jet sweep all off-season.

    There are just some things that are VERY hard to execute. I am sure GB game planned for it. So will everyone else.

    Stopping it with Russell an Lynch as options is another matter entirely.

  63. The Seahawks won handily, but it’s pretty clear we can now put aside those ideas that Wilson is a top-tier QB. He’s not terrible by any means, but he can’t hit the broadside of a barn half the time. He’s smart, though, and doesn’t make a lot of mistakes which hurt them. Bottom line– he’s still a top 15 QB.

    Marshawn is simply awesome. He’s wiggly enough when he gets caught behind that average O-line, but powerful enough to overrun people once he gets going. Lynch is really one of the most watchable players in the league.

    The criticisms of Richard Marshall are justified. Sure he is good. But he almost never guards the best guy, so his mouthiness is nonsense.

    The Seattle defense is weaker for sure. Probably still the best in the league, but nowhere near dominant like before.

    Percy looks great as always. Unfortunately, he will probably get hurt as always. I hope not– he is fun to watch.

    Pack– Rodgers has no great receivers. They can’t get open regularly and don’t have the speed to separate.

    Lacy looks very slow. Maybe that will work in a grind it out game, but against the strong fast guys like Seattle– no chance.

    Peppers actually looked pretty good. He should get the hang of it and get better over the course of the year– if he doesn’t get cheapshotted at the knees like the Seattle rookie did to him.

    Finally— And of course we all knew the Earl Thomas punt return thing was a mistake from the beginning.

  64. seahawkfanfrom1970s says:
    Sep 4, 2014 11:59 PM
    “Respect for the Packers and the Packer fans. They’re one of the elite teams in the league, and they were a very tough out in our own stadium.”

    A very tough out??? The only time they led was 7-3, and they lost by almost three touchdowns.

    This time they got spanked hard enough that they can’t whine about the refs like they did last time they came here.

  65. I would like to hearby coin the following term for Aaron Rodgers: Discount Double Check-Down!

    Ok, ok, he had to take what was available, I’m just tired of those infernal commercials.

  66. So the question is? Is Seattle that good or is Green Bay that bad?

    You might want to ask the Broncos.

  67. Pack is not that bad, hawks are just on another level top to bottom, only injuries can stop that locomotive tearing through the league.

  68. “It’s not that the yelling was out of the ordinary, but it’s a great example of context in the NFL.
    When Rodgers or Tom Brady does it, it’s competitiveness. When Jay Cutler does it, it’s a sign of immaturity. God forbid Cam Newton took the towel off his head and did the same.”

    Personally, I thought this was an excellent point.

  69. The problem with the cheese head fans, is th fact that the last time the Packers played the Seahawks was 2 years ago !!! Allot has changed since then, with Pete Carroll dialing in and fine tuning the defense. The Packers just got a beatin tonte to let them know that they are the SB champs, and the road goes thru Seattle.

    Bennett said in his interview after the game, he notice some famous defensive players who backed-off, they didn’t make the effort to tackle the BEAST MODE, when they had the opportunity to help their team mates, they didn’t want to be punished by the BEAST … LOL

    GO HAWKS !!!!!!!

  70. As a Packer fan, I’d like to congratulate the Seahawks. They showed why they are the best team in the NFL at this time. They dominated that game last night, in every facet, including coaching.
    It’s a long season though, and with injuries always being the great equalizer, anything can happen. It’s going to be tough for anyone to beat the Seahawks in that stadium. If Harvin stays healthy, he adds so much to their offense and special teams.
    Hey Viking fans, what was your team thinking letting him go?
    As for the Packers, they have to put this loss behind them and figure out what to do going forward. They’ve already had some key injuries. It’s not as bad as it looked last night. You’re never as good as you look, or as bad. It’s just one loss and the season is still very long. Anything can happen, and usually does in the NFL.
    I’m still proud of the Packers, the greatest franchise in NFL history.

  71. Seahawks paid 14m a year to Sherman who had zero tackles, caused a teammate to fumble, missed a couple tackles, and covered the Packers 3rd and 4th wr.

    Dude better step up and earn that paycheck against top wrs.

  72. The game was pretty close until the Packers had to put in their #3 RT and #2 TE.

    This team just can’t seem to stay healthy.

  73. Hmmm…kinda funny to continue hearing fans from New Orleans, San Francisco, Denver and now Green Bay claim “it wasn’t that the Seahawks were so good, it’s that the other team was so bad”

    It’s friggin football. When a team “looks” bad, there’s a reason people.

    Take the time and look at what the Seattle’s defense has done to the League’s elite QB’s for the last two years.

  74. Huge Vikes Fan living in Seattle. I went into game cheering for the Hawks because, well they were playing the Packers. By the end of the game I was STILL cheering for the Hawks.

  75. It must be week one because the over reaction has just reached level 10. One game. That’s it. Hardly anyone, no matter how great, looks good playing Seattle in Seattle. The season is a grind. Let’s calm down. Dominant game by Seattle. It sort of what was expected for them playing at home with barely any loss of key players. Poor game by Green bay. Sort of what’s expected given opponents’ track record playing in Seattle.

  76. Niner fan here…but also an NFL football fan first. Man I love watching Lynch run. There’s no quit in those legs. Percy & Russell are dynamic in their own ways but Marshawn is the engine.

  77. I figured the hawks would win because I knew Lynch would run all over them. What I wasn’t expecting was some of the really poor decisions by Rodgers and a few terrible passes he was lucky to not have picked. One of which he had at least 7 seconds before driving it into the ground in front of multiple defenders.

  78. Give credit were credit is due. We all talk about how great our defense is, yet the Packers scored on us at home. We say howmuch improved our O-line is, yet they still sacked Russell.
    We played a good team and dominated. That means WE are THAT good, not all of this demoralyzing crap you are spewing about this team!
    Think about it, if they are so bad, then we’re not as good as our players worked at being. In insulting them, you are insulting our team, so STOP IT!
    I would like to think we handidly beat a potential NFC North Division winner, not a crapy team!
    Think about it! This is one game. We still have a hard schedule to go. Go Hawks!!!

  79. “But it was the variety of plays and playmakers that stood out”

    You don’t seriously mean it was a *team* effort? I scoff…scoff, I say!

  80. That Jet sweep while a good play, will be game planned for in the future.

    That’s how Derek Coleman got his TD. 🙂

  81. On both sides of the ball, the Packers sure looked old and slow against the faster, more talented, and even more disciplined Seahawks who executed their assignments far beyond what Green Bay players could do.

    Unless there is a massive infusion of talent, speed, and improved discipline and execution, it sure looks as if Green Bay’s chances for anymore Super Bowls and post-season success are over.

  82. The Seahawks are better than the Packers and played much better last night. But a question – on that TD to Lockette, shouldn’t that have been illegal man down field? The line is blocking it like a run play, and so I can see why Shield came up to make a play on Wilson.

  83. Somebody should have told the hapless, tasteless Packers to show up last night. The way Shaaron was crying and screaming at his own team, I thought he was going to take his ball and go home. Listening to all the Packer fans on this site, you would have thought Eddie Lacy was going to compete for the rushing title, you know, like Adrian Peterson does every year. Once the game started, reality sunk in.

  84. Disappointing, but completely expected result from a Packers fan. People in Green Bay get annoyed when I say that I don’t believe the Packers are an elite team since they can’t play with the big boys, and last night was proof of that. Until Dom Capers can get a decent defense on the field the Packers are looking at another one and done in the playoffs at best. At worst they make someone on every opposing offense they play into a superstar each week.

  85. You would think a game like this would humble Packers fans or make them worry. Instead, I read a few people still feeling entitled to the NFC North Division. It’s wide open, and you can’t expect the refs to keep bailing you out. With that in mind, good luck to every team this year.

  86. Seattle has the advantage of paying their QB far less than any other contender thereby allowing them to spread that Cap room throughout the roster.

    Seattle will win SBs until Wilson’s contract is renegotiated.

  87. I’m not saying the results would have been different- BUT- the Packers D killed themselves with penalties. Look at key plays:

    1st Q- SEA 4th and 2, GB Penalty (running into kicker)

    2nd Q- SEA 1st and 10 GB SACK Wilson for 11yd loss @ 9yd line, GB Penalty (Brad Jones holding)

    4th Q- SEA 3rd and 6, Wilson pass incomplete, GB Penalty (Brad Jones holding)

    Top that with Rodgers fumble for a safety and his bad pass intercepted resulting in a TD? Packers shot themselves in the foot.

  88. I will say the Packers shot themselves so many times i’m surprised their legs didn’t end at the ankles.

    After the last Packers TD they had the Seahawks go 3 and out except for a defensive holding call away from the play. Then later on the same drive there was a 15 yard personal foul on the defense to extend the drive again. A 3 and out turned into a 7 minute TD drive due to penalties that did not need to be committed.

  89. Seahawks D was very good last night, Packers O looked one sided. And what is this not making a good player play, just because Sherm is on one side that means you only play on the other, SMH! This is just giving him more fuel to talk about why he thinks he the best CB in the NFL.

  90. bigred0021 says:
    Sep 4, 2014 11:52 PM
    One of the takeaways from tonight should be all the defensive holding and pass interference calls against Seattle……oh wait, never mind.


    They did have that one big Pass Interference call but for the most part Rogers just dumped the ball off, to one side of the field.

    The Packers didn’t play to win and the coach should be ashamed.

  91. The Seahawks not only outplayed the Packers, they outsmarted them. Packers had a horrible game plan. Seahawks did what they do. Until someone stops them they ought to just keep on doing it.

  92. Seattle looked good in 2 of the 3 phases of the game.
    Richard Sherman might be the best lockdown corner in the game, but he STINKS on special teams! Zero awareness.

  93. So finally all the talk about the “last game they played’ will be put to rest.

    Seattle started off slowly, and I sat on the edge of my seat for most of the first half. But by the middle of th 3rd quarter Seattle looked to be firing on all cylinders.

    Green Bay got one good drive out of the game for a TD. The only other TD was off the muffed punt on a short field. That being said, Hawks need to figure out the punt return game quickly. Kickoff returns, kickoff coverage and punt coverage looked pretty good, so most of Special teams is okay.

    RW was lucky on a couple of almost interceptions. He owes Miller a steak dinner for that one almost interception that Miller prevented with a second efort. Miller should have been part of the game ball. Harvin was a great decoy. Lynch started slow and ended up crushing them as is his forte.

    Hawks are a really good team. The Packers were tough for most of the game. The last TD for the Hawks came with 3 minutes left in the game so the score was much closer than it would lead you to believe. But Seattle beat a good team, with a soft defense but a good offense.

  94. Carroll didn’t have to worry about his “allocation of resources” as we watched the Packers beat themselves. As for the Seahawks…they make watching football fun again..and they are our biggest competition in the NFC Best:) Now that’s what I’m talking bout! PROPS TO THE CHAMPS!

  95. Ugh… Seattle looked great last night.

    1. Percy Harvin may actually turn out to be the “weapon” touted by Viking fans when he was there.

    2. Darrell Bevell’s play-calling was extremely innovative without being “gimmicky” in the least.

    3. It looks like their defense hasn’t skipped a beat from the end of last year.

    I can’t even be mad. The Seahawks just looked flat-out great on both offense and defense. There are also 15 games to go in the regular season so there’s plenty of time for the Pack to right the ship… hopefully.

    At least I got a chuckle when Russell Wilson introduced himself as being from “A whole pack of Badgers.”

  96. Thanks for calling out Aaron Rodgers, and the center’s mistake was VERY excusable. He called time out at the VERY last second and his arm motions looked like he was looking to receive the pitch.

    What Rodgers did was the QB equivalent of calling the fair catch when the ball is 3 feet from his face.

    This is not the first time Rodgers has thrown a hissy fit but this is the only national media site I’ve seen report one.

  97. The Packers were playing better than the Hawks (7-3) and when Bulaga went down that was all she wrote. Would have been 7-0 if the punter didn’t get run into. Hawks gave up a lot of game tape on the variations of the Harvin sweep.

    Wagner looks like he’ll be the star of the Hawks D this year. Excellent player. Whoever decided to have Thomas returning punts is a tool. Wilson was near perfect. It was a fun game. Looks like no Bulaga again. Also looks like the way to beat the Hawks will be to stack the run and protect the edges. Let the receivers try and beat people in coverage.

  98. Seahawks O looked very good… but this was at home and that was GB “crappy” defense

    Lynch is flat awesome… Harvin is scary…. Wilson is good (not at all great); if Lynch or Harvin go down this becomes an average to below average O pretty quickly…. but they looked damn good last night

  99. Take away the fumbled punt and the Wagner PI and this is an assault. Probably a crime in all 50 states.

    Not only did the Pack fail, the NFL failed because they keep propping up mediocrity. On the scramble in the redzone up the middle, down to the 3 – Wilson is the ONLY QB in the league who can make that play. Not Cam, not Kap, not A-Rod, not Luck, only Wilson. (forget Peyton, Brady, Brees)

    He showed poise, escapability, speed and smarts to get down, all in one play. Nobody else makes that play. I laugh at the refusal to give Wilson credit. Even on his 2 TD passes, they credit the play call, not Russell. You never hear that for other QBs.

  100. It’s never too early in the season for Packer fans to start talking about the past. They looked like a 3-13 team out there. Except I can’t find where the 3 wins will come from on their schedule.

  101. Sigh…I love the lunacy showed by people who think Richard Sherman didn’t have an impact on the game.

    He literally removed half of the field in the Packers passing game. Ask ANY defensive coordinator how would they like to have a player that affords them the luxury of only having to defend half of the field.

    And it’s not like this was against a subpar or even mediocre QB and offense. This was against arguably the most dangerous QB in the League.

    If you don’t realize what a HUGE advantage that is, then you really must not understand football X’s and O’s.

  102. lol

    The “2nd best” team in the league on a neutral field lost to the Seahawks by a score of 43 – 8.

    The Packers lost by 20 in the seahawks house.

    Don’t worry, the Packers will still destroy your teams.

    Bank on it.

  103. It’s impossible to hate on Wilson, what an efficient performance.

    Only week 1 but he didn’t show any sign of regression.

    Lynch played well too for a guy who led the NFL in carries over the last 3 years. Didn’t seem to slow down.

  104. Oddly, there wasn’t a single mention of the fact that NBC pulled itself from DirecTV which caused millions of subscribers to be without much of the game.

    This parent of this site is NBC, which would explain the absence of a mention.

    For some of the menial or off-the-field topics that are covered here, I’m somewhat shocked that this site chose to just pretty much ignore millions of NFL Fans being shut out from the coverage leading up to and including most of the 1st half of the NFL’s coveted season kickoff.

    Was NBC to blame? DirecTV? Who knows, but either way Fans (like myself) were forced to scramble for options to see the game and PFT didn’t even hint at the issue.

  105. jonathandiel says:
    Sep 5, 2014 12:56 AM
    Derek Sherrod is the new Marshall Newhouse.

    Except Richard Sherman and Byron Maxwell weren’t selected 122 and 141 picks after Marshall Newhouse.

  106. Russell Wilson has all the tools to be elite. His quickness and escapability is second to none. When it comes to a QB scrambling, his quickness is deadlier than Kaep’s open field speed.

    This is a joke, right? You seriously can’t believe that if he had to stand in the pocket and make real NFL reads he would be any good. Tyrod Taylor could absolutely run that offense. Michael Vick would be the league MVP with that O line, running game, and game plan. I took two things away last night – first, teh Hawks are physically dominant on both sides of the ball. and second, Russell Wilson is absolutley nothing special.

  107. Far from a perfect game for the Hawks.

    Special teams needs a complete redo, for if you don’t know when to call for a fair catch its time for you to remove that returner….I thought the Thomas returning punts was a dumb move anyway.

    But my take away from last night was that in spite of several obvious missteps, a linebacker covering Cobb 40 yards down the field, a weak game from Thomas (where was he all night?), the offense showed actual promise. Loved the 2 creative scoring plays to Lockett, the one to Coleman, and especially Lynch going in untouched on that end around.

    Thanks G-Bay, for being a class opponent. One down, 15 to go…Playing for the home field advantage again HAWKS – Go Hawks!

  108. Anyone who watches Russell Wilson and seriously thinks he isn’t very good, please please please stop posting, and do yourself a favor and stop watching football, try something simpler, like soccer.

  109. oh and skawh, Wagner runs a 4.5 and he is meant to be covering that far downfield based on the defense they were in and the route ran by his assignment on that play. You will see it happen tons more, and its correct.

  110. The. Packers are one of the most over-rated teams in the NFL . They have been for years. Last night proved once again when playing a physical defense Green Bay has no chance. The gee bay defense looked just as bad if not worse than last years. Clay Matthews is a joke how can he keep making pro bowls when he can’t tackle anyone? Aaron Rodgers is not gonna last the season behind that line. Eddie Lacey better start getting more than 2.7yds per carry . If he thinks he has a prayer of leading the league any way to sum it up looks like the packers are in for a long year 4-12 looks about right.

  111. It looks like the Packers are going to live and die by their superstar QB until a worthy DC is over there.

  112. rohinaz says:
    Sep 5, 2014 2:31 AM
    Seahawks paid 14m a year to Sherman who had zero tackles, caused a teammate to fumble, missed a couple tackles, and covered the Packers 3rd and 4th wr.

    Dude better step up and earn that paycheck against top wrs.

    Hey, I’d pay a CB $14m a year if he can cut the football field in half all by himself. Helps the defense out immensely when they know the QB is only going to throw to one half of the field

  113. The Seahawks always look better than they actually are at that stadium. Just check their record and point totals home and away.

  114. genericuser8888 says:
    Sep 5, 2014 1:44 AM
    Saints and 49ers are the only teams who actually challenged the Seahawks last year.

    Those are the matchups I’m waiting for.


    Didn’t Arizona beat you @ home last year?

  115. seahawks are different away. 9-7 in the last 2 years. hardly unbeatable. But very good at home. If they can get homefield advantage through the playoffs its a good chance they could repeat. Id like to see another NFCC game between the niners and hawks. that game was epic.

    ps. with different refs though. Dont front… they were really bad.

  116. “I predicted in the preseason that the GB Oline couldn’t protect Rodgers and it appears I was right. ”

    The Packers can’t protect Rodgers? If I recall they only allowed two sacks. Yes one resulted in a safety but considering they were up against an several good pass rushers, that isn’t bad.

  117. Seattle beat the snot out of my Packers. While we Pack fans are embarrassed by our team’s performance, even if they had performed their best (and frickn tackled like Seattle does), I still don’t think it would’ve been enough. Seattle is just too good. Kudos Hawks fans. You have a team that plays a tough brand of football–the way it should be played. Wish I could say that about my Packers but I can’t.

  118. Rodgers has been spoiled by success from the get go after having the best possible situation to transition to a starter. That is his problem, and the chip on his shoulder as it is all about him and how he looks on the field and the stats he compiles. That is why he yells at his centre or others if a situation makes him look bad. He has no where near the leadership skills of Favre and likely the reason many players on his team and around the league think he is a spoiled brat and whiner.

    He may have respect for his stats and accomplishments but very little as a player or person. But as another poster says, once you reach elite status to help promote the league (according to sportscasters and reporters), you can do no wrong and will never change because you don’t have to. I’ll bet Favre wishes he was younger and playing in this pass happy, inflated stats league now. Look what he did at 40 in 2009. Too bad he just got old. Aaron learned much from observing Favre but it sure wasn’t about leadership.

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